Human In Contain
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"Let me out! Who are you guys! You have no right to treat me like this!" A hoarse scream resounds in the cell ever since Jon Smith was abducted and imprisoned in the cell.

When the cell door opens, Jon lunged toward it. But only received a hit from a rubber baton and knocked to the ground. Two guards dragged him to the bed and restrained him there.

A middle aged man that had an authoritative look entered the cell. "I heard you had been uncooperative. You need some explanations?"

"Of course I need one! Why are you abducting me? I don't have any money."

"Than allow me to introduce ourselves. I represent an organization named the SCP Foundation. Perhaps you had never heard of us, but that doesn't matter. All you need to know that we are very powerful. "Really" powerful and that would be enough"

"Our organization have a long history, and our duty is to contain all those that are anomalous and to protect the world's normalcy."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"You, Mr. Smith, is unfortunately something we need to contain."

"You must be mistaken, I can't fly, and I can't spit fire or do anything else anomalous."

"Ah, that is the problem." The middle aged man leans toward the man, his face right in front of Jon, he speaks word by word. "You, are the last, human that remains, pure."

"Just because of that? Are you kidding me?" Jons gave an incredulous look.

The middle aged man straightens up, and begin walking back and forth in front of Jons. "For hundreds of years across 30 planets. Countless human had undergo genetic alterations, bio-modification, cybernetic implants. smart-chip implants and consciousness uploads. Our race continues to evolve, yet your line of ancestry had been excluded from these progress due to various reasons. Once or twice maybe coincidence, but an entire seven generation?"

"But that's just my ancestors, what's that to do with me? I want to undergo modifications too, otherwise I can't even get a job. But I just don't have the money?" Jon struggles desperately, but he budged not one bit.

"That's none of our problem. Anomalies are to be contained, as to their causation, that is for a research topic later on. Goodbye, SCP-3████."


The bed had activated its restraining mechanism, Jon had no choice but to watch the guards and the representative leave. In their trail leaves only a row of chalk powder and two rows of neat foot steps.

He will never leave this cell in his life.

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