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Hunter Industries

It is 1989. Adam Hunter, after several years of door-to-door sales, to obtain money for treatment for his sister, who suffers from ALS, buys a small production hall in the small village of Cyców, where he and his twin, Amanda Hunter, move permanently. The collapse of the Polish People's Republic significantly helped them to open the Cyców Armaments Factory. Initially, the business was going with some difficulty, the market was dominated by larger companies that did not allow new ones to enter.

However, this changed when in 1998 Prometheus Labs collapsed, symbolically passing its fire on to the rest of humanity. Cyców Armaments Factory quickly changed its name to Hunter Industries, for the convenience of potential foreign customers. There has been a gap in the anomalous technology and arms industry that many companies around the world have started trying to fill, including the siblings of Adam and Amanda Hunter. After just a few years, Hunter Industries has become one of the largest producers of anomalous technology and weapons in Poland, and is slowly becoming a significant player on the international arena.

However, despite building many buildings in Poland, Hunter Industries does not forget about its roots. We care for our employees and try to fix the problems of the community around us. Last year alone, Hunter Industries donated 30 million PLN for the renovation of hospitals in the Lubelskie Voivodeship. In addition, the company offers numerous programs for its employees and training.

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GoI-PL-079 ("Hunter Industries") is an organization dedicated to the production of anomalous technology and weapons. They can create both applications for general use and automatic rifles. The seemingly unrelated fields, however, share a feature that distinguishes Hunter Industries from other organizations: using mainly demonic entities or things similar to create their products.

Hunter Industries was established in 1989 under the name "Cyców Armaments Factory", 100% focused on the production of weapons. In 1998, CAF changes its name to Hunter Industries, and taking advantage of the collapse of GoI-211 ("Prometheus Labs"), it begins to buy equipment that has practically flooded the market, also trying to introduce its own products internationally. The years 1989-2005 are the years of the most dynamic development of organization in which new factories and laboratories are created. In 2003, Hunter Industries began to expand its offer, not only by offering weapons. Now they have started selling computers, tools and vehicles. Initially with different effects, they became skilled over time.

The management board of Hunter Industries is also worth mentioning. The company has two owners, siblings Amanda and Adam Hunter.1 Not much is known about them, Adam Hunter before establishing CAF dealt with minor trade in various things, including anomalous ones, in communist Poland. At Hunter Industries, he mainly deals with contacts with external customers and personalities. He has an anomaly that has not been investigated by the Foundation, which allows him to bend the will of the person with whom he maintains eye contact to some extent.

Amanda Hunter practically never leaves the Hunter Industries headquarters. Due to her childhood illness, her body is almost completely paralyzed and inert. Her life is sustained by numerous devices built by Hunter Industries. Just like her brother, she has a strong mental anomaly that has not been investigated in detail by the Foundation. She makes up for his inability to speak by communicating through telepathy. Often referred to as the heart of the company.

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