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The world is cruel. No, the whole universe actually. We didn't choose to be born here, nor would anyone in their right mind. Humanity is constantly whipped by the yoke of a reality that wants to see us dead. Hunger, plagues, natural disasters, beasts, wars. A reality that does not stop shooting bullets after bullets of death and suffering, one after the other, without apparent end.

And when we thought it couldn't get any worse, they came.

Anomalies are nothing more than the result of years of study and military evidence of reality for creating the perfect weapon to destroy us. And what did we do? We called them Gods and Demons. We prayed for their mercy and kissed their feet in search of salvation.

Eventually, the United States began to come out of their cave and observe around it. Slowly, we made the world start to make more sense. But the anomalies never left, as if the universe demanded the existence of the absurd and the impossible.

We don't agree with the universe.

Humanity doesn't have to hide in fear again. No one but us can protect you, but we need you to help us in this campaign.

For the rest of humanity to enjoy a life free from darkness, we have to leave the light behind us, fight, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that people can have freedom. Freedom to choose to live in a healthy and normal world.

Secure. Contain. Protect.

These are the missions that will define us from now on. We welcome you, Latin America.

— O5-2
— Regional Director of the United States
— Member of the International Regional Committee

The Foundation is a fraudulent and weak organization in every way imaginable.

They promise Safety, but they house monsters that could easily devour our children at any moment.

They guarantee Containment, but I still see criminals using knives that make people forget their horrible crimes on the street.

They swear Protection, but they let Thailand happen.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm tired of living in fear because of a weak organization. If we want to offer real hope and safety for our planet and its future, we will have to take the bull by the horns and do the work ourselves.

Education. Destruction. Protection. Concealment. Survival.

That is what this world needs, and from now on we will be governed by those rules. The sins of The Foundation will never be repeated.

From today onward, we are the Global Occult Coalition.

— D. C. al Fine
— Director of the Global Occult Coalition

Devastated by recent events, we can only hope that in the remains of our homes some glimmer of hope will illuminate our path from now on.

The food ran out two days ago, the government radio signal stopped repeating its message of tranquility a few hours ago, and I have the last bottle of clean water in my hands.

I can hear the noises outside the house, footsteps, bumps and gunshots. Cries for help, gasps in pain, and broken bones. The sky is red, blood red, and I can't help but think that soon my blood will taint the sky as well.

All we have is each other, and uncertainty. All we can do is wait, and hope for the best.

Whatever happens, never forget that I love you, Mom. I love you very much.

— Remains of a note found on the body of a disfigured messenger girl outside a home compound in what used to be Bangkok, Thailand, after the Incident TAI-A003. The sender and recipient are unknown.

The world is rough. Let's try our best to make it better.

— DC H. F. Andry
— Ex Facility-57 Director
— Ex-Director of the Latin American Regional Council



The articles of the canon are separated into three different categories, each explained within its own tab. Everyone can write for Heart and Body, but Season is for the exclusive use of Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko. If you are interested in writing within a Season, you will have to talk to him first.

If you are interested in creating your own series of stories within the canon, you can start now! But it will not be "officialized" until it has a minimum of 5 articles, or, in the case of a series smaller than 5 articles, with 55% of the total. But what is a "series of stories"? Any series of articles that together tell a larger story. You can see Season as examples of it if you wish. What does it mean to be Officialized? That you will appear in the Series tab, which would be inaugurated by yourself.

If you wish to write for the canon, please scroll down to the Information section. There you will find everything you will need to write.



Facility-57 is an alternative history canon, the answer to a series of questions: "what if the Foundation had not been clandestine, what if it had been politicized, what if it had been organized in regions, what good and what bad would governments do by mixing their interests with those of the Foundation," among many others

All of this clearly has great consequences throughout the history of your organization. Many things did not happen, many others did not happen exactly the same, and many more have happened that would not happen in a normal scenario.

Facility-57 is the setting for a series of stories in which many things are different. Groups of Interest, Persons of Interest, Doctors, Departments, and sometimes even SCPs. In this new world, what was once impossible is now possible. Welcome to Facility- 57.

Throughout the tabs of this section you will find a lot of information pertaining to many unique aspects of the canon. If something is not said here, you can check it out with Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko either in the discussion on this page or by communicating with him via direct message from Wikidot or Discord.



As the name suggests, these are all those facilities used by the Latin-American Region of the SCP Foundation. They can range from small outposts with a handful of members, to large containment and research complexes with thousands of members.

Before continuing, a reminder: each region uses its own name, with Facility being the one used by the Latin-American Regional Council. For a brief list of the different denominations, click below. To find out more about the Regions, go to the Information section, Regions tab, above.

Each Facility has its own purposes and functions within the organization. If you ever want to specify which Facility contains your anomaly, please first check the ones in these tabs and read the one you think works best for you according to its Function.

Despite the small number of important Installations you will find here, there are many more out there, waiting for you to write them down! Feel free to use an unused number whenever you want, but please remember to maintain some consistency, i.e. if we already have a Facility-57 as the Region's main administration site, why would we want another one?

If you want your Facility to be among the views in these tabs, it must have a minimum of 3 items where the Facility is the main one in charge of its containment. These articles can be written by you or by someone else. When you have fulfilled this requirement, please contact Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko.

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