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The world is cruel. No, the whole universe actually. We didn't choose to be born here, nor would anyone in their right mind. Humanity is constantly whipped by the yoke of a reality that wants to see us dead. Hunger, plagues, natural disasters, beasts, wars. A reality that does not stop shooting bullets after bullets of death and suffering, one after the other, without apparent end.

And when we thought it couldn't get any worse, they came.

Anomalies are nothing more than the result of years of study and military evidence of reality for creating the perfect weapon to destroy us. And what did we do? We called them Gods and Demons. We prayed for their mercy and kissed their feet in search of salvation.

Eventually, the United States began to come out of their cave and observe around it. Slowly, we made the world start to make more sense. But the anomalies never left, as if the universe demanded the existence of the absurd and the impossible.

We don't agree with the universe.

Humanity doesn't have to hide in fear again. No one but us can protect you, but we need you to help us in this campaign.

For the rest of humanity to enjoy a life free from darkness, we have to leave the light behind us, fight, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that people can have freedom. Freedom to choose to live in a healthy and normal world.

Secure. Contain. Protect.

These are the missions that will define us from now on. We welcome you, Latin America.

— O5-2
— Regional Director of the United States
— Member of the International Regional Committee

The Foundation is a fraudulent and weak organization in every way imaginable.

They promise Safety, but they house monsters that could easily devour our children at any moment.

They guarantee Containment, but I still see criminals using knives that make people forget their horrible crimes on the street.

They swear Protection, but they let Thailand happen.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm tired of living in fear because of a weak organization. If we want to offer real hope and safety for our planet and its future, we will have to take the bull by the horns and do the work ourselves.

Education. Destruction. Protection. Concealment. Survival.

That is what this world needs, and from now on we will be governed by those rules. The sins of The Foundation will never be repeated.

From today onward, we are the Global Occult Coalition.

— D. C. al Fine
— Director of the Global Occult Coalition

There was the story of a little boy,

Who slept in a crib without an owner,

He grew up to be an enviable man,

Unable to be wounded by the voice of a sword,

He left the cradle tried to fulfill his dream,

Fate decided to frown,

His little favorite leaving them,

Ira broke the chains by tying them,

Enclosed within four walls for eternity,

His dreams diminished his eyes burn,

Inert trophy of others will,

He could never enjoy peace again,

He laughs.

The world is rough. Let's try our best to make it better.

— DC H. F. Andry
— Ex Facility-57 Director
— Ex-Director of the Latin American Regional Council

Season 1

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Andes Mountains, location of I-57

Facility-57 is an alternative history canon of The SCP Foundation, named after the largest Containment Facility in Latin America.

In I-57, the history of The Foundation differs from some of the most widely accepted general headcanons throughout the Wiki, starting from its roots, through its organization on the planet, and even through the relationships and attitudes of Groups, People and Locations of Interest.

Among the more general aspects that the canon handles are its administration of the world in Regions and how closely it works with governments, however, the mission of The Foundation remains the same; Security. Containment. Protection, so the Veil remains intact.

Another important point is how close the Foundation works to some of the world's governments. Outside the canon The Foundation is autonomous and does not need to ask anyone anything. Here you need to keep in mind not only the interests of The Foundation but also those of the governments. There will be times when not acting will be healthier for the Veil than doing something.

If you want to write for the canon, please read all the tabs. If you still have doubts, please write a comment below in the discussion or contact Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko.

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