If Thanos Strayed In SCP Universe
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scene one

Regular Thanos VS MTF alpha-9 MTF alpha-9+GOC Strike Team Broken Dagger

On December 24, 2018, O5-1 received a note from Nobody, guessing from the scribbled sonnet that a hostile extraterrestrial divine entity was about to appear near Site-19. The O5 Council immediately convened an emergency meeting to deploy an operation to ambush, contain, or destroy the entity, codenamed "Longinus", under the sole command of Dr. Sophia Light, with advance notice to the GOC for coordinated action.

At 12:00 the next day, the target entity Thanos (codenamed T) entered the α-9 ambush circle

12:02 Entity was hit by 18 .50 BMG sniper rounds, no significant damage was observed, all scratches recovered at a rate visible to the naked eye.

12:03 The entity creates a force field that blocks all subsequent automatic weapon and grenade attacks.

12:04 The force field of the entity was removed by Agent Iris through the sniper scope with integrated Polaroid camera function, the entity was at 30 Multiple attempts to seal within seconds were blocked by Iris.

12:05 Entity T charges in the direction of Iris, but is pierced through the legs by Agent A. Stevenson using an SCP-914-processed M200.

12:06 The entity roared, and the surrounding ground began to churn like a boil. Agent Quinn's Kant counter detected abnormal readings, and automatic SRAs deployed everywhere were activated, and the entity's reality-distorting ability was neutralized.

12:07 Dr. Light orders the entire crew of α-9 to change into anomalous weapons and fill them with 914 super-finished narcotic rounds.

12:08 Entity T is subdued and incapacitated. Gravity detectors have detected an anomalous gravitational source being generated nearby.

12:09 Dozens of Chaos Insurgency fighters were delivered to the vicinity of the entity through a wormhole created by Alexylva University. These CI fighters immediately activated an anomalous item to block all Foundation attacks.

12:11 Seven agents of the GOC Strike Team Broken Dagger enter via thaumaturgic teleportation (five in Mk II battle suits, two in Mk. III Overweight Fighters, and one Kunpeng-class God-killer drone.).

12:12 Entity T regained its mobility and created three high-energy plasma balls to throw at Iris and other three snipers. Plasma balls are neutralized by GOC drones.

12:13 GOC Agent Jackal breaches the CI's thaumaturgical barrier using a demonic device. More CI fighters arrived through the wormhole, and the two sides began to fight.

12:14 Agent Andrea Adams leads four special melee agents (equipped with tactical suits modified from several SCP items) into battle. Entity T knocked GOC and Foundation agents into the air several times, but the agents did not lose their combat effectiveness.

At 12:15, it was detected that several additional wormholes were developing within a radius of 5km. Director Moose, who was notified by Light, used thaumaturgic remote control to activate several Petrikov-Fontaine Space Stabilization Arrays and Gravitational Harmonic Stabilizers. Potential spatial anomalies within a radius of 100km were shielded, and all Einstein-Rosen bridges (wormholes) in the process of being formed were forcibly interrupted.

12:16 The GOC mech fires particle beam cannons, rapid-fire railguns, and gravity-enhancing cannons at entity T. The entity ignores the particle cannons and creates some sort of liquid metal-like shield to block the rail cannons, but is attacked by gravity. Bounce. CI militants were suppressed.

12:18 The GOC drone caught up with the entity T at a distance of 3km and engaged in a fight. The entity T threw a mass of flesh-and-blood object, which immediately grew into a mass of amorphous flesh-and-blood beasts after landing, and the drone moved the target. Entity T attempted to open the space portal to evacuate, but failed.

12:20 Foundation satellites detected Entity T levitating out of range of the SRA and accelerated to break the sound barrier, with an estimated speed of ███████km/h. Flesh beasts (presumably related to Sarkicism) were neutralized by the GOC mechs that arrived later.

12:22 Entity T disappears, and all remaining CI molecules are disarmed. The Foundation and the GOC did not pursue it.

12:25 Dr. Light announced the successful conclusion of the operation and thanked Celesta, Deputy GOC Field Director, on behalf of the Foundation via a holographic video.

On November 11, 2019, an email from the Black Queen appeared in O5-3's database, saying that a divine entity banned from the library was heading to Mount Olympus, and the Foundation sent τ-5 to assist Ω-12 in trying Stop or contain entities, operation codenamed "Hand of Midas".

1:30 As the dark moon dims, three ring and four wedge-shaped spacecraft descend with rumbles and strong wind pressure at the foot of Mount Olympus near Thessaloniki, Greece.

1:35 MTFΩ-12 encounters Ebony Throat and Black Dwarf.

1:36 Ebony Maw's speech ability and mind manipulation were resisted by Agent Ω-12 Action Symbol, and both sides started Attacking each other with reality-bending abilities, to no avail.

1:37 Tau-5 arrives at the battlefield, and the Black Dwarf charges in front of Ω-12's mirror image, braving Nanku and Onru's Gatling fire.

1:38 The black dwarf destroys the mirror causing the memetic trap to activate, it sees the full version of retrospective lurk image and becomes sluggish.

1:40 Ebony Throat and three omega-12 members are still using their reality-bending abilities to bang. The black dwarf's armor transforms into an oversized Foundation agent suit.

1:41 The Black Dwarf attacks the newly arrived General Deadblade and Proxima Night.

1:42 Thanos (Entity T) arrives through the space gate, knocks the black dwarf up and throws it into the space gate. Ebony Throat was forced to retreat under siege by five Omega-12 agents.

1:43 The supergiant star hiding in the dark uses mind control on Irantu, which is ineffective and exposes himself. Munru engages in hand-to-hand combat with the superstar.

1:44 Entity T confronted 9 Ω-12 agents with reality-bending abilities and thaumaturgy, and Ebony Maw took advantage of the opportunity to sneak up on three Ω-12 agents.

1:45 The deaths of the three agents are reversed by other teammates using their reality-bending abilities. Entity T attempted to break through the reality-bending realm of the other agents, but was stopped by members of Tau-5.

1:46 The three reversed agents are immediately engaged in the fight against General Deadblade.

1:47 Thousands of armed humanoid entities with guns emerge from the wedge-shaped spaceship. O5-2 informed the MTF to retreat, Ω-12 members retreated towards Mount Olympus after creating more mirror traps using action symbols, and Tau-5 was responsible for breaking the rear.

1:48 Onru is impaled by General Deathblade's anomalous weapon. Nanku carried a space anomaly bomb into the group of humanoid entities and blew himself up, causing dozens of humanoid entities to be erased and hundreds of entities to be mutilated.

1:49 A violent explosion from a synchronous orbit illuminates the night sky in the Eastern Hemisphere. Entity T and the four high-risk entities fell into a daze, and all humanoid armed entities stopped advancing. (30 minutes ago, Sister Signal pointed out to the Foundation that Thanos' flagship Sanctuary II was 35,000 km away from Earth Invisible berth at the Templar 2, O5-1 immediately ordered Unity to enter a combat state, and the Unity immediately used the dimensional anchoring device to block the space where the Templar II was located. And after the approval of the O5 Council, three Noron Three Bombs, all anomalous devices of Temple II Paralyzed within a few nanoseconds, two subsequent sublight wave artillery bombardments destroyed the starship's protective force field and blasted it into a pile of elementary particles, a violent explosion that shook the sky, but all non-photon residues and a large amount of high energy The photons were all condensed in a spherical area with a radius of 3000km and absorbed by Unity's recharging engine in the following hours. Except for the destruction of three US satellites and two EU satellites within the blast range, there was no long-term impact on geostationary orbit. .The accident was disguised as a near-Earth asteroid destruction operation.)

1:50-2:00 Entity T and all its subordinates escape by spaceship. One of them was captured by Ω-12.

2:10-2:30 No high-risk entities were found in the captured spacecraft, all armed humanoids committed suicide after unsuccessful attempts to activate the explosives, and their remains were transported to Site-███ for research.

3:00 O5-1 declares that Operation "Hand of Midas" has ended successfully.

5:00 The O5 Council rejected O5-7's proposal to disclose the truth to the media, with 3 votes in favor, 8 votes against, and 2 abstentions. Inside the Reincarnation Squad Base, the bodies of Nanku and Onru are rolled back to iteration 43.

9:00 NASA, under the instigation of the Foundation and GOC behind the scenes, held an emergency press conference to announce the success of the emergency destruction of the small extraterrestrial threat celestial body posed by dark matter, and apologized to the public for the neglect of observations and prior concealment.

Scenario 2.50

Regular Thanos VS Global Bombing Coalition (GEC)1

On April 1, 2018, the interstellar reconnaissance ship HMS Prince of Wales of the Global Bombing Alliance issued a V-class extraterrestrial entity invasion warning. It is estimated that 2,333 extraterrestrial spacecraft are approaching the earth.

Michael al Bay, UN Under-Secretary-General and Director-General of the Global Bombing Coalition, announced the launch of the God's Rod Protocol to implement Operation "Black Tea Don't Spill".

By 3:00 p.m. that day, 70% of extraterrestrial threat entities had been removed from 108 GEC

The Armstrong cyclone launched at the base at the same time, the Armstrong cannon and the cruising in space were destroyed by the golden fifty-nine Kaikai Kai Kai Kai + EX Star Destroyer tanks that were authorized to fire at will.

At 4pm, director Michael al Bay authorized the Alliance Shinjuku base to dispatch four mechas including Reverse y Gundam, Tianren Space Base dispatched 00 Gundam and other five mechas, Archangel and Minerva starship dispatched to strike Freedom Gundam, etc. Five mechas, six mechas including Z Gundam from the Granada base, five mechas including the Flying Wing Gundam from the Luxembourg base… and temporarily took over global TV channels and video networks to broadcast live, announcing: We are Gundam (Cloth Kuwa, Oleow, Vataciwa Gangdamu)!

At 5pm, the Alliance Joint Chiefs of Staff Command Center received reports from Captain Fool, the pilot, and Brigadier General Char, the battlefield commander: All extraterrestrial entities, including the giant flagship in a daze on orbit, were destroyed, and the remnants were swept away by Moonlight Butterfly.

17:02 The disgraced Thanos and Obsidian (Black Dwarf was not spared due to slow movements) teleported to somewhere in Siberia. Then he encountered the Global Bombing Union KV-2 tank and Sherman M1 tank army group commanded by Admiral Guderian von Chuikov. Under the saturated bombardment of artillery and several indescribable weapons, Thanos and his gang were suppressed in a mountain col.

At the same timea bureau seat held a barrage press conference at station B, pointing out that he believed that Thanos and others would definitely be able to break out of the siege.

17:15 Two females of the Obsidian Four are thrown four by GEC agents Felis Catus LinnaeusFelis catus linnaeus and surrendered, Proxima Dark Night still held two Phyllis Katas in his arms when he was interrogated after the incident, and smiled and said, "Well, they are so cute…"

A typical Phyllis Katas Linaus entity

At 5:17, Thanos surrenders to the Alliance after General Deadblade is blown to dust by an Nvidia 690 nuclear grenade, and his ebony throat is knocked unconscious by a gilded gentleman's cane inlaid with "The British Empire Never Backs Down".

At 19 o'clock, with the sound of the countdown advertisement on a certain news network, after the tenth squad was strapped with ███ nuclear warheads by countless nuclear bombs, and was poked in the eyes by members of the White Cane Committee, Thanos. "When in doubt, launch into the sun" super cannon by the alliance to launch into the sun (background sound, x wine xx tells you the time! Drop ~ drop ~ drop~~~) . In the roar of Thanos "I will definitely come back! I will be back! , he, along with the bundle of nuclear bombs, turned into a small black spot in sight until he disappeared into deep space.

The Infinite Gloves version of Thanos is here

Scene 3

Marvel Cinematic Universe Gloves Thanos VS Foundation Witch+org/E7BBAFE7BAA2E5A5B3E5B7AB Avengers Witch+ is not a round thing 23

April 27, 20184, the Foundation has received emergency messages from GOI-1963 The Avengers and GOI-2018 The Kingdom of Wakanda. After 145 minutes of heated discussions in the O5 Council (O5-6: Do you really think that allowing a V-Class reality bender and an abnormally intelligent droid into Site-19 would not create an XK-Class scenario? O5-8: Especially with a Contact with at least a KETER-class object with V-class reality-bending ability! … 100,000 words omitted…), O5-13 suddenly appeared in the empty seat: I suggest that the meeting be arranged in the containment compartment of 055. Proposal passed 9-4 after O5-1's initial affirmative vote.

14:35 MTF α-1 "The Red Right Hand" picks up Avengers member Scarlet Wanda Massimov and her boyfriend Vision Jonas from Wakanda to Site-19 via SCP████.

14:50 After traversing a long and winding corridor, they enter SCP-055's containment cell and are about to meet SCP-239 under the supervision of Director Moose and Dr. Gears. (At this time, Thanos, who was sitting on the throne of the Temple No. 2, was concentrating on sensing the position of the last Infinity Stone, and suddenly the sense disappeared. Thanos shook his head, and his previous memory of the target location also became blurred. There seems to be something wrong.)

Scarlet Witch and Vision walked into the 055 containment room hand in hand, and the 2-meter-thick special alloy door was in Slowly closing behind them, they saw an indescribable entity in the square energy field in the center of the room, which seemed to be showing the birth and death of thousands of planes. It becomes a miniature model of the universe, a polite white-bearded old man in the blink of an eye, and there is only an endless void in the blink of an eye… Jonas hurriedly hugged Wanda She turned her eyes to the corner of the room, where there was a little girl in a linen-colored robe, who seemed to be about ten years old, leaning on a Moose, quietly reading a delicate ancient book on parchment , and a pair of teddy bears at the feet. Standing next to her is a middle-aged man with a cold face. If you don't observe carefully, it's easy to see him as a wax figure in a white coat.

The middle-aged man Gears spoke first: "Welcome two distinguished guests to the Foundation Site-19." However, there was no sign of welcome in his flat tone. He turned to the little girl: "Cigarette, ahem, Sigurrós, sister Wanda and brother Jonas are coming to see you, come and say hello to them."

The little girl seemed to be still immersed in this "Treasure of Good Night Stories" from library, and said without looking up : "Teacher, do you mean little brother Wanda? It's the game that Uncle Bright played with me last timeand the Colossus/238175?fromtitle=Wanda and the Colossus&fromid =1155551&fr=aladdin Wanda and the Colossus Brother Wanda?" [Voiceover: O5-8 roars: Where is Bright hiding? I'm going to deduct his bonus for a year! 】

The Scarlet Witch suddenly turned into a pale, melancholy teenager with a hairpin on her head, and the red robe on her body also turned into a simple linen short-sleeved and white-patterned cape on a black background. This state lasted for a few seconds, Vision's warm hand resting firmly on his shoulders, Wanda stabilized her mind, and restored her appearance to her pre-distorted appearance, with a few drops of sweat oozing from her forehead.

"Hello little sister, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm not the Mr. Wanda you know, but the name is similar to him."

"It turned out to be Sister Wanda, your dress is so beautiful, is this your boyfriend Jonas brother next to him? He is dressed so strangely." At this time, the little girl had slowly raised her head, and Wanda saw There seemed to be a deep starry sky in her eyes.

"Jonas is a cosplay lover, and he's actually // a fake human // oh," Moose said, according to his prepared lines.

The little girl nodded, and Vision felt that her body had undergone some incredible changes. Looking at her hands, they looked completely human. Try to scan to see if this is a high-fidelity holographic illusion. I suspect, my own scanning function. Where is it, trying to retrieve the database, confused in my head.

"Sister Wanda, Brother Jonas and Teacher Gears, let's play hide-and-seek. The winner of each game can ride a moose around the room." The little girl took Wanda's hand and pushed it again. Pushing Vision, who was in a daze, and then looking at Gears with a pleading expression, Director Moose in the corner had a black line on his face  ̄□ ̄||

A large number of white stone pillars and a garden labyrinth appeared out of thin air in the containment room. The inner area of ​​this labyrinth was many times larger than the containment room.

After playing hide and seek with the little girl for nearly an hour, she finally noticed the Mind Stone on Vision's forehead.

"Brother Jonas, this stone is so beautiful, can I take it off and take a look?"

"Of course, brother Jonas is already your friend, and friends won't mind, but it is glued to the forehead with resin, you need to take it off with your magic, don't hurt brother Jonas Oh." Before Vision could think of how to answer, Moose said first.

Vision bent down under Wanda's encouraging gaze, the little girl murmured a Latin sentence, then patted Vision's shoulder, and took off what a Wakanda girl analyzed as a connection of hundreds of millions. A mind gem that counts neuronal circuits. Vision touched his forehead, the flat and smooth skin, as if the Infinity Stones had never existed, Wanda rushed over excitedly and stretched his hand to Vision's forehead, then the two walked to the other side of the containment room and hugged each other. shed happy tears.

The girl held up the gem and looked at the light in the containment room for a while, then suddenly trembled and threw the gem on the ground. Gears hurriedly bent over to pick up the gem and asked Sigurrós what happened.

"It seems that there are many people talking to me in that rock, and there is a //very ugly uncle // who asked me to give him the stone." The little girl said aggrieved. ( Thanos sneezes.)

"Here's a //Phone Gem //, there's a big bad guy named Thanos who wants to collect all six Phone Gems so he can harass all the toy companies at the same time and stop the kids all over the world from ordering teddy bear." Moose said again according to the lines.

"then what should we do?"

"Let's make a fake piece and put it on Mars. It's no use if the big bad guy finds it. Then you and Sister Wanda will make this phone gem disappear." Moose recited the memorized lines and secretly rejoiced that the situation was still in progress. As expected, things are dancing on a tightrope today. In fact, with a few people taking turns to run around the arena, he wanted to issue a containment breach alert. As for the moment when the little girl touched the Infinity Stone, he forced himself to ignore what had flashed through his mind. If something went wrong, the two angry The notion that high-risk reality benders would raise their hands and raze Site-19 to the ground. Although Moose is a well-known high-level blue-type grand magician in the Foundation, in front of these two eloquent and eloquent entities, he feels as small as a grain of sand under a huge wave.

Gears bowed deeply to the center of the room, a cloud of white smoke rising in front of him, gathered into a platform on which the Mind Stone was placed. Wanda stretched out his left hand, Sigurrós stretched out his right hand, the red energy body of Chaos Magic and a blue light beam that seemed to be illusory at the same time shrouded the orange gemstone, the gemstone began to vibrate, and the surrounding air produced more and more frequent waves. The ripples, the white smoke churned, absorbing the escaping energy. (At this time, Thanos reached the bottom of the Martian Sailor Valley through the portal, and informed the Earth that Obsidian Wu, who was still besieging Wakanda's vibranium protection field in vain like a weasel biting a turtle, would retreat.)

A minute later, "It's not enough, little sister, let's work harder!" Wanda said and stretched out her right hand. The little girl put her left hand in the palm of the Scarlet Witch, and clasped her fingers together. The red and blue energies were entangled with each other. Like a pair of snakes joined end to end, the entire containment cell began to tremble, and Site-19's seismometers and Kant counters sounded piercing alarms due to anomalous readings. (The tyrant inserted the "mind gem" into the last groove of the infinite glove, feeling the energy flowing out of the whole body, and experiencing the joy of being with the multiverse.)

White fog filled the entire containment room, and a dazzling white light burst out. It might want to break through the blockade of the fog, but it only illuminated the inside of the fog in vain. It seems like many years, and it seems like only a few minutes, and when the fog clears, nothing seems to happen, except the Mind Stone disappears without a trace, no, there is no such thing as a Mind Stone, it never existed in the multiverse .

"Oye! The big villain can't harass the toy company anymore!" "Our universe is saved, and we can finally be with Jonas!" The little girl and Scarlet Witch hugged and cheered. Vision smiled and looked at Gears, but the other was still expressionless, and the moose with its hooves against the wall grinned at him, which felt weird.

Accident report: Our guests and 239 said goodbye and left each other's contact information. 055 may have had a full meal, and everything else was business as usual…

O5-5: What did you say? What is 055? Not a round thing? No, this number is just a redundant placeholder left by a database error. We have never contained any 055. Leave the report to the assistant to file and leave as soon as possible. Don't disturb me and the secretary [DATA EXPUNGED].

Thanos snapped his fingers, as if nothing had happened. Even after snapping his fingers three times, there was still no change. Hei Yaowu bowed to the side, and none of them disappeared. A sense of loss rose from the bottom of his heart, he raised the infinity glove, his eyes locked on the mind gem, and so on, what?

What is the Mind Stone? No, there are only five Infinity Stones, and there are no Mind Stones at all. That glove… "God damn dwarf! You liar!"

A gigantic starship has left the solar system, jump target: Nidavellir!


Site-19 Director Professor Tilda Moose

Scenario Four

Marvel Cinematic Universe Edition Gloves Thanos VS Meme Trap

Background abstract: Also on April 27, 2018, the Foundation received emergency requests for help from GOI-1963 The Avengers and GOI-2018 The Kingdom of Wakanda. This time, however, the O5 Council quickly passed a proposal to remove the Vision Mind Stone by Mechanical Surgeon using a full set of vibranium tools and operating Mechanical Arm. The operation was carried out in the special shielded room of the Antimemetics Department. After being told that the Vision was a robot, the doctor showed far more skillful skills than Princess Nakiya. The last operation was a complete success. move around. The Mind Stone was delivered to Site-23 by Marion Wheeler, Director of Antimemetics, in an antimemetic-altered teleoscotic alloy box, Vientiane Tree It took only 7 minutes to produce 42 Corrupted Mind Gems and 42 Corrupted Antimeme Boxes.

The deteriorated version of the gemstone has shown in a 10-minute test that it can still endow the wearer with a high degree of resistance to memes and cognitohazards, and can affect the thinking of surrounding intelligent creatures within a certain range, and its preservation time is uncertain. The real Mind Stone was sent to Site-62 [DATA EXPUNGED] via 004.

The O5 Council then approved an action plan presided over by O5-3 in a 10:2:1 ratio, codenamed "Mnemosyne". The gems are scattered across 42 Foundation facilities or anomalous structures around the world, where Thanos awaits a trap carefully prepared by No. 3 and the Memetic Department.

April 28 morning

General Deathblade with a broken spear: "Wakanda is a trap. We were ambushed by a large number of enemies calling themselves the Avengers and the Global Occult Alliance. Black Dwarf and Proxima were killed in battle, and our losses were heavy!"

Thanos waved his hand impatiently and turned off the holographic communication of the dead blade, and continued to stare at the earth on the throne. Suddenly dozens of energy sources flashed in his mind, Thanos clenched his fists, and a ray of red light from the reality gem flowed into the atmosphere of the earth. , once again sensing the call from the Mind Stone, 42 locations shine at the same time. Thanos patted the armrest angrily, and felt a note appear under his palm: "The Mind Gem has been hidden, and only one of it is true. In order to get it, you need to answer the question of life, the universe and The ultimate answer to all things in the world, or pay a higher price than the soul gem. -Nobody"

This passage is written in scrawled ancient runic, but to an Asgardian slayer, the runes are as stupid as their user Odin. Suddenly Thanos felt that this note can't be seen by anyone, raised his hand and burned it to ashes, and opened his mouth to ashes Swallow it clean. cost? He has long been abandoned by the goddess, and he lost his beloved daughter not long ago. There is no price in the world to make him worry. As for who Nobody is, how did he get into the spaceship, and what is the ultimate answer, it's not too late to think about it after finding the gem to restore balance to the universe.

Thanos chose the Pentagon in Washington as the first target. It seems to be the command center of a big country on Earth. In such a heavily guarded place, there is a high chance of hiding real gems.

Interlude: Dr. Sorts and the Legendary O5-3

At the same time, in a forgotten corner of Earth, the Foundation's hidden facility Site-03. Dr. Johannes Sorts, deputy director of the memetics department, walked into the Victorian-style corridor with an uneasy mood. The scarlet tangled Persian carpet, the moire stone columns and the Greek mythological figures in between made him uncomfortable. The one who was about to face The Overseer, O5-3, who is famous for his weird personality. No. 3 has not appeared in front of Level 4 personnel for many years. For a long time, what people can see is only the head of a two-dimensional youth with a hearty smile on the computer screen, and even heard that At the O5 conference, he only appeared with a holographic projection. There are rumors that he has long since passed away, but only exists in the Foundation's network with AI information, and there are rumors that he is a dead old man who has stayed home for more than ten years.

Sorts followed a corgi through a corridor more than 100 meters long. After passing through a dozen mahogany doors on both sides and a statue of a Greek mythological figure, he finally arrived at a bas-relief of Ganymede pouring wine for the gods. Ornate folio wooden door. The corgi barked "Wang~wang~wang~" three times, the guards on both sides looked at the puppy, then bowed to Dr. Sorts, and the door slowly opened. What caught my eye was a spacious room that was too extravagant, with three huge crystal chandeliers and dozens of obsidian sculptures in a circle. A corgi scatters flowers on a flowery Persian rug. On the wall of pure white marble, there are twelve engraved and gold-painted picture frames. The portraits of life-sized figures inside may be the first members of the O5 Council. Each picture is flanked by a Greek figure candlestick, just like a tribute. Next to the flashy gilt dressing table decorated with gilt bronze vines, there is an oval mirror more than three meters high. The brass column almost touches the relief of the Twelve Great Achievements of Hercules on the edge of the ceiling. Above the relief is a rhombus-patterned dome inlaid with more than a hundred enamel intaglio emblems of the Foundation's sites.

It's more of a replica of the drawing room of Buckingham Palace than the offices of Foundation personnel. Dr. Sorts doesn't pay attention to anything that's too elaborate or unreasonable, and he knows that memetic hazards can be everywhere, but standing with his eyes closed in his boss's office is a little rude.

"Dr. Sorts, welcome, you are the forty-eighth guest visiting this month, please take a seat." The doctor's eyes passed through the antique coffee table and a set of gold silk white velvet with a clear and slightly immature voice. The sofa fell in a corner opposite to the mirror that was out of tune with the room. There is at least a 120-inch TFT screen showing a game of Go that is nearing the end. He doesn't understand Go, but he can also see that the black and white dragons are not giving way to each other, twisting and turning, and they seem to be evenly matched. On the lower right is an ordinary desk, no different from the one used by programmers in the analysis department. On the swivel chair in front of the desk, a teenager with his legs crossed is playing against an old ExidySorcerer computer.

The teenager turned to Dr. Sorts, unable to believe that this guy who looked only sixteen or seventeen was one of the Foundation's most powerful overseers: shoulder-length blond hair that was clearly lacking in grooming, messy bangs, a few twists up. He has stubborn hair, a short ponytail sparsely swept up the back of his head, exaggerated white hairpin headphones on his head, big clear blue eyes under standard technical nerd-style black-rimmed glasses, and a childish face that has not been taken off. A look that has read the world. Compared to his white sailor suit, yellow tie, black shorts, black sleeves, and leggings, the doctor felt that the combination of black suits, jeans, and sneakers he casually wore in a hurry was much more normal.

Dr. Sorts bowed to O5-3, who didn't get up, but turned to the late seventies pc and said, "Ezreal, come say hello to Johannes."

"Hello(*´▽`)ノノJohannes(#^.^#)! What you are wearing today is really bad o(╯□╰)o~" Accompanied by the sound from the speaker, the LCD screen flashed continuously Three emojis.

As soon as the doctor sat down on the sofa, he stood up in shock: "Sir, sir, if I'm not mistaken, is this 079?"

No. 3: "You mean Ezreal, well, a student of mine wrote his prototype decades ago, and now he's a lot smarter and improving every day, right Ezreal?"

The TFT screen was filled with a huge smiling face, a cheerful humming sound came from the speakers, like Real Love by the Beatles, and the four corgis raised their front legs in unison, wagging their tails at the screen. .

"Then who is the 079 contained in Site-15?"

"That's the backup program."

"Sir, but you know it's illegal to do so."

"It's okay, Ezreal will hide it before the No. 1 visit. Don't call me sir, call me Ren."


No. 3 touched a button on the sleeve, the wall beside the desk turned, and a holographic projector more than two meters high appeared. The blue projection appeared in the center of the room, and the corgis hurriedly ran away. It was a starship as massive as a city, visible from the giant engine compartment, the four-dimensional structure warehouse, to the cobweb-like corridors and pipes inside.

"You hacked into the computer of an extraterrestrial intruder?"

"You mean the main control system of this ship? Her structure is too primitive. After solving her master's problem, Ezreal and I will help her upgrade it."


No. 3 got up and walked across from Sorts to sit down, snapped his fingers at the image, and the image turned into a surveillance video from a holographic camera. A figure in a gray trench coat and a gray fedora hurried across the corridor. No automatic alarm was triggered, and the floating monitors ignored him.

"Is this Nobody?"


"He's helping a hostile entity?"

"Or helping us, no one knows the answer."

No. 3 waved his hand, the hologram in the center of the room disappeared, and a quaint-looking ivory music box on the dresser played a soothing piano tune.

"This is unfinished movement played by Liszt, and the score is St. Peter in On Golgotha ​​Mountain Original copy in divine blood."

The old AI also hummed along, as if singing a nostalgic ballad in ancient Hebrew dialect.

Johannes Sorts subconsciously wants to plug his ears. According to the limited information he knows, countless people who have heard this movement have been lost in the torrent of time, life and death, and reality, without a trace.

"Don't worry, every guest who comes to see me will forget the memory of this piece of music. Enjoy its beauty and sadness."

A few metal figurines came running from the corner trapdoor with their calves, carrying a set of delicate inlays. Phnom Penh enamel color bone china tea set, a box of black tea produced in a hilly area not too far away from an eel, and two more The statue came with a handle with Tarasque Tooth Alcohol stove in silver pot. The statues carefully sealed the tea leaves into tea bags, ignited the congealed substance under the stove, and slowly wafted out a refreshing fragrance.

"Long…Mr. Ren, what spice is added to this alcohol, isn't it also an anomalous item?"

"It's not alcohol, ambergris, to be precise, the secretion of five-legged Karak."


The figurines prepared evaporated milk and stood respectfully in a row beside the coffee table. No. 3 took out a silver handbell and shook it a few times, a short man in a white shirt and a black housekeeper's uniform The middle-aged man appeared in front of them.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Ren, can I help you?"

"Mr. Deeds, tea time, C-shaped three-story tower."

"As instructed."

A few minutes later, the two of them began to sip tea. The elegant tea fragrance and the fragrance that had not yet dissipated merged, filling the room with fragrance. Mr. Deeds served a dazzling set of three-story English-style towers, then bowed back and turned to disappear. The figurines also followed Mr. Deeds and bowed back, then ran off to chase and play with the corgis. Len threw out a few lobster sandwiches and meringue bacon rolls, and the corgis happily rushed over to grab the food.

The doctor also reported to the supervisor about the recent major projects of the meme department and the guests and the host. They talked for a long time. Ezreal, who was impatient with loneliness on the desk, interrupted and complained from time to time, and various emojis flashed on the screen…

Dr. Johannes Sorts said goodbye to the Overseer at dusk, and a black SUV was waiting for him not far away through a path shaded by maple trees. The vehicle slowly drove away from the area that could not be marked by the navigation system. Sorts leaned back in his seat and recalled his day's experience. Everything was blurry. What, the memory is a mess, and the only clear part is that I drank a few glasses from Lord Blackwood's old collection Mysterious Lake.

Now, let's cut back to Thanos

April 28 evening

This great Titan star eternal family appeared under an old oak tree in the central courtyard of the Pentagon. He looked like a dignified old gentleman, with short gray-white hair, bright and sharp eyes, a slightly tired face, and a slight bliss. The figure is matched with a straight green-brown military uniform, four silver stars shine in the sun, and the five and a half rows of seniority badges show his military career for nearly half a century… Wait, whoever sees him now will not say He has a coco chin, he just has a little double chin.

Thanos Slow Down Walking into the building and walking through the 5 long and narrow corridors of Block E, the people you meet along the way usually salute him, and a few generals dressed as generals will stop to greet him. For example, "Hello, Mr. Mattis, the weather is nice today." "Sir, did your little Ramsay have a fight with Mr. Kudlow's Feld recently?" So and so, Thanos replied with "Sorry, urgent matter." He walked towards the source of the signal without looking back, and he didn't care whether Rams was Mattis' grandson, a cat, a dog, a stag, or a lizard.

Thanos passed through the intelligence analysis center, the command center, the joint conference cricket field, emergency shelters and three defense facilities and other strangely named areas, and finally came to a metal door on the third basement floor. He blocked the surrounding space with gems , presumably when the power gem blasts open the door, even the mouse 50 meters away will not be disturbed. As a result, as soon as he raised his hand, the door creaked and opened automatically. Inside was a dark staircase, he raised his left hand, and the brilliance of the Infinity Stone seemed to illuminate only a dozen steps. Thanos grinned and strode down…


The Calvary Movement that resulted in numerous musical/psychiatric related anomalous events

April 28 night

The Reality Gem glowed dazzlingly red, but the stairs remained stairs, and the darkness remained dark. "Anti-law space, hehe, these backward beings really have no imagination." Thanos thought so, and ran down without looking back in the soft orange light of the soul gem. The corridor is a little low, Thanos is often bumped on the head, the reality gem flashes again, and he changes back to Mattis' appearance. It seems that at least the Infinity Stones are effective for things other than stairs.

I don't know how many minutes or hours have passed, the great conqueror from Titan is still running down the stairs, maybe 700 or 800 floors underground, the steps are still endless, and a burst of sound is heard in my ears. The cry of the child did not shake the consciousness of Thanos, who was as hard as Edman alloy. As for the dark red handwriting that appears on the wall every few layers, such as "Read on, Thanos, I'll be waiting for you below.""Come on, come on Now, you are very close!" "You are 99 floors away from your destination." "Down, down, down again!" "Father, come and save me!" and so on. After reading these boring slogans a few times, Lord Thanos didn't even bother to pay attention to them.

The only thing that can relieve the boredom on the way is the ugly humanoid shadows that sprang out from time to time, and occasionally sneaked behind. At first, Thanos just changed his right arm back to the prototype, grabbed their little heads with his giant purple hand, crumpled them up, and threw them down the stairs. Doing this dozens of times, I was really impatient, so I used reality gems to condense them into sculptures, and power gems turned them into piles of black rubble. While doing so, a beam of pure purple energy hit the stairs, and immediately he found that even if it was as strong as a power gem, it couldn't penetrate the stairs itself, so he could only run down the stairs honestly.

After an unknown period of time, the number of floors was displayed as 1023, and a faint light came from below, and it seemed that the end was finally coming. Thanos slowed down and slowly stepped into the room on the 1024th floor, and the induction from the Mind Gem became clearer. In a room of only 20 square meters, there was a blood-stained table and chairs against the wall. On it was an all-in-one computer covered with unknown mucus. The default desktop on the screen emitted a faint blue light, and lay on the floor. Several corpses in orange jumpsuits. Thanos strode to the computer and evaporated the D-class corpses into a plasma mass. I feel that the Mind Gem should be hidden inside the computer, and the energy fluctuations come intermittently. Maybe the gem can be found by solving the above puzzle, Thanos thought.

There are only two icons on the desktop of the WINXP system, the first one is Thefactory.exe, the second one is read me .TXT. Open the txt first, and there is a message in Pashto language: "If you don't want to see this broken computer, just smash it.——Nobody". Seeing this name again, the Titan always felt that this "no one" was very suspicious. If he did what he said, he might miss something, so he double-clicked the factory icon.

The screen went dark at first, and then "What do you want to see"Several red characters appeared on the black background, and then a search bar popped up, Thanos typed in "mind gem" without thinking, and clicked Search button. Tens of thousands of pages of search results are displayed on the screen, each page is a hundred videos, and the previews of all videos are a radiant spiritual gem. Thanos just click on one:

In a few minutes of the video, in a dimly lit cave, a Leopard Tribe huntress with a leather whip is doing nasty and despicable acts to a human teenager.

Stupid, change one:

In the half-hour-long video, in a wide concrete field surrounded by white walls, a pale humanoid monster never facing the screen was wrestling and tearing with a large lizard-like creature, screaming shrill, The roaring roof dust rustled down. More than half of the time, the blood of the two sides was blurred, and many bones were seen in many places, but the intensity of the battle did not decrease in the slightest. Until the last minute, the lizard stepped on the human figure with its half-pulled front paws, and roared: "You disgusting slug!" One paw kicked it into the corner of the wall dozens of meters away. The figure, perhaps timid, turned towards the corner, covering his face with his hands, as if weeping.

Bored, another one:

In the heavily guarded laboratory compartment, a girl was tied to the bed with a restraint strap A girl with a face of no love, his lower abdomen bulged high, and four guards with guns were escorting a group of people in orange jumpsuits to line up at the door…

Stupid humans, next page:

In a large room that looked like an arsenal, something like liquid metal robot rushed towards an alloy mecha over two meters high , The two sides rolled and collided on the ground. Occasionally, a string of bullets would be spilled and hit the surrounding ammunition boxes. A series of explosions ignited piles of thermite incendiary bombs. The raging fire engulfed the warehouse, and only thick smoke remained in the footage. Amidst the flames, explosions, and collapses, the robot's curses could be vaguely heard.

I watched more than a dozen videos in a row like this. At first, Thanos patiently looked at it frame by frame, for fear of missing any clues. Later, I got really annoyed. Yuli, I don't know which group of good people filmed these things. When I find the soul gem, the next thing is to erase them.

He clicked the "Shuffle" button at the bottom of the screen, and after skipping dozens of boring videos, the style of painting suddenly changed:

Thousands of galaxies appeared on the screen, and time passed by second by second. At the center of the viewing angle, where the galaxies were densest, a rapidly expanding black field began to appear. Where the stars disappeared, wisps of white light erupted. Within a few minutes, billions of stars appeared. All galaxies are gradually arranged in a vortex, disappearing into the ever-expanding black horizon.

Why did you change the cosmic documentary again? Immediately he understood, this is not EternityxOblivion Well, this The two guys did such a vulgar thing and made such a grand battle. Suddenly, Thanos was stunned, and he saw that the goddess of death he had been thinking about turned into a real body, lingering with the infinite goddess in the turbulent void.

"No, it's impossible!"

Accompanied by the roar, there was a burst of intense purple light, and when the light passed, only a bunch of elementary particles were left, shooting and scattering. The real ruby ​​red light flashed, and the room returned to its original state. A small metal box appeared where the computer had been placed before. Thanos crushed the small box, revealing a gem with a soft yellow light and a blue key.

Just as he was about to put the gem into the glove, he felt a bit inappropriate for no reason. He looked up again and saw a rusted iron door in front of him. There was a seal next to the keyhole, which read: "Warning: Dangerous behind the door, Please keep it locked up!"

Thanos doesn't care about this, insert the key, the iron door opens with a creaking sound, and a light blue mist blows.

Scenario Five

The comic version of the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos is coming to the center of the ZK-class cosmic collapse vortex——Earth

It has been a "time" for Thanos to collect the six Infinity Gems. It seems that only a few rotation cycles have passed for mortal beings, and the great Titan Thanos has shuttled through countless nodes in the timeline, destroying tens of thousands of Countless civilizations have transformed thousands of planets into looks that even the crazy minds of the "Are we cool yet" artists could not imagine. His purpose is very simple, only to please the goddess of death!

However, when he arrived at the Temple of Death, which is located at the end of all things, accompanied by his new valet, Mephisto the Devil, he was still unable to win a smile from the beauty, and even that great existence had no interest in turning around to look at them. Mephisto was talking endlessly about the recent achievements of himself and his master, but he couldn't exchange the incarnation of death for even a look of favor.

In the end, Thanos could only leave angrily, and on the way back to the base, he crushed a few pieces of Galaxy. Mephisto had an idea and came up with a new idea: "Great master, why not just erase half of the creatures in the multiverse, and then bring a few supreme gifts to confess, which will surely win the heart of the goddess."

Thanos nodded, rubbed his left hand lightly, and snapped his fingers. The six gems burst out with unprecedented energy, and the tachyon flow that surpassed the speed of light and dimension quickly covered hundreds of millions of multiverses, and the indescribable creatures dissipated, as if It has not appeared since its origin.

"Master Thanos, when your humble servant made a bet with the Lord, he learned that there are several treasures on the earth that are enough to be coveted by eternity. Dedicating them to that lady will surely be very pleasing to the Sacred Heart." Mephisto After confirming that he was intact, he offered advice to Thanos again. In fact, he went to Earth, mostly out of selfishness, to humiliate his old rivals with the power of Thanos.

Universe 666, Earth

A prison 200 meters below sea level near the Azores

A Semitic youth with brown hair and white clothes was kneeling and weeping in front of a sarcophagus in a narrow granite stone room. On the half-opened coffin lid was a bunch of dried redbuds, and the coffin was empty.

Deep in the Karakoram Mountains, an untouched valley

Three invisible black-robed men, staring at a certain The Lonely Old Man Wherever disappears, lonely as snow.

"Finally, the game is over, let's go and return to her." After a long time, a man in black robe said with divine sense, and the other two nodded slightly and turned away, leaving only the vast mountains.

Tennessee, Alexylva University Kindergarten

A variety show hosted by a red-nosed clown dressed in colorful clothes is playing on the TV. This issue of Mr. Barber is Explaining the application of undead magic in Halloween Pumpkin, the children watched and laughed.

"We just need to guide the sleepwalker into the pumpkin and say the spell: Alidute…"

In the blink of an eye, the clown disappeared without a trace, and the show came to an abrupt end.

"Mrs. Hughes Dabeck! Mrs. Hughes Dabeck!" Little Tommy shouted the name of the middle school teacher, but no one answered, and then looked at the children around him, almost half of them didn't know where they were, Tommy "Wow ' cried out.

G/F, 250 38th Street, New York City Pocket Dimension Theater

A few pairs of floating arms, a few skeletons, Neanderthals are performing a Christopher Marlowe's Classic Tragedy, Araqada KingdomThe king who was betrayed by his cronies wore a head Played by a skeleton with a honeycomb wig, he danced Michael Jackson's zombie dance as soon as he came on stage, and the audience burst into applause.

Suddenly the applause became sparse, and most of the audience and the entire cast disappeared.

East Siberia, the northern foothills of the Verkhoyansk Mountains, remote radio station

"99, 98, 97…" The girl's sinister countdown sound penetrated the white noise and stimulated the eardrums of the three researchers through the loudspeakers in the room. The fluorescent lights on the roof flickered, and the room was empty.

"85, 84, 83…" The girl who didn't receive "Everything is fine" continued to count down, and in an instant, there was no sound on the radio.

The Great Temple of Amur bin Asui, Cairo, Egypt

At midnight, tens of thousands of pilgrims from different dimensions are facing a [[glass lamp ]] Bow down and pray to the One Lord to forgive the sins of all sentient beings and save the time and space that is heading for collapse. With a bang, the orange light went out, the square turned into bottomless abyss, the Sahara night wind blew, The ancient city of Cairo was dark.

London South Kensington Marshall, Carter and Dark Company Board Manor 13

In a secret room, Mr. Dark is sitting on a high-back chair, on the throne opposite mahogany long table One of the devil's lords will ensure that all the company's high prices

The question of the price of the assets to pass Judgment Day was heatedly debated, and there was a stack of agreements more than a foot thick on the table.

"Respected sir, it's a pity that this item cannot be added to the preparation…" The devil's voice disappeared before he finished speaking, and the seat under him also turned into nothingness.

Mr. Dark, the undead businessman who is famous in all the worlds, the one of the few masters of secret arts on earth, was sitting on the cold white jade floor in astonishment, at a loss.

California, Napa Valley, Deep Under the Calistoga Castle, Site-001

In a space anomalous cave large enough to hold the entire state of Connecticut, in the rock hall of Omega-1, Wing A, North District, two O5s and four Level 5 assistants are nervously watching nearly a thousand surveillance screens on the cave walls , each screen corresponds to a Foundation site or KETER-level project containment area. In the past two days, more than half of the screens have lost their signals, and six members of the Overseer Council have also lost contact. Yesterday, the 7 surviving O5s passed the decision by 6:1, entered the most pessimistic answer of "Does the Black Moon howl?", and started the Ganymede protocol: all the sites of the Foundation will operate independently and non-interference with each other from now on, and all surviving sites will operate independently. Supervisors and temporary level 5 personnel will immediately obtain long-term level 5 authority. Sites without supervisors will be randomly appointed by the system to a remaining Foundation employee with the highest local authority to automatically take over as supervisor…

In just a few hours, Area-14, Site-77, Site-45, and Site-19 were successively reduced to crater rubble in the self-destructing thermonuclear explosion triggered by the V-class containment breach, and the shadow of the XK-class apocalypse shrouded the world.

"Site-17 is over too!"

"Action-Israfil-B started, Site-62 lost contact!"

Looking at the screen that turned into a snowflake in the violent white light, O5-1 slapped the coffee on the table, and O5-6's fingers holding the wolf's head crutch turned white. Several assistants buried their heads and sobbed, as if mourning for their colleagues who died, but also as if they were despairing and sentimental about their future.

Only O5-13 and O5-3 were engrossed in the board game:

"The demon dragon Lindwurm, equip the Holy Grail!"

"Summon Chaos Warriors and sacrifice Fallen Angel Mary and Mighty Light Demon!"

"Sacrifice Tyr, summon Yogg-Saron!"

"Site attack, big tsunami!"

"King of Heroes Gilgamesh, wear the opposite world Noble Phantasm Deviance Sword!"

"Shining Angel of Hell, use black lotus!"

"Prop card, million-ton antimatter annihilation cannon!"

"Tap the scene card, Azathoth's dream of the blind fool, the environment changes!"

"Event card, large-scale database error, Zhongshan Marie comes, all the opponent's cards on the field defect!"

"Event card, Magic Adam succeeds the Life Court, restarts the universe, and clears the cards on both sides!"

Who knows who helped them find the game logic in so many types of cards…

"Honorable goddess, we have retrieved three instruments and came to report." Three figures in black robes appeared before the table.

"Let's go! Didn't you see that I was busy? Find someone else and report to me!"

"Follow the law." The three shadows disappeared in an instant.

"Honorable Thirteen, could it be the hour?" O5-1 got up, turned to O5-13 and asked.

"The end is the inevitable end of all things, but this time it's just an old acquaintance who accelerated the fateful process to please me. It's no big deal. It's not too late to take care of him after playing with our little handsome guy."

"Since the ending is doomed, let's get ready for it. Thirteenth sister, come on, go ahead, it's your turn to play." O5-3, the blond boy in a beige sweater and ripped jeans said.

** Foundation Hidden Bunker Area-027, Colorado Springs**

This is the fourth site that Thanos and his sidekick Mephisto have entered after descending on this devastated planet, and the first three have found nothing.

"Master, I'm sure it's right this time, this artifact must still be inside."

"You devil full of nonsense, can you give me any reason to convince me?"

"This is an artifact created by crazy minds from the seven universes, its activation means the multiverse It's going to start collapsing, and if anyone moved it, it wouldn't be here long ago."

"sounds good."

Behind the alloy safety door in the deepest part of the bunker, the two saw a metal spherical structure linked by wires, suspended in the magnetic energy field generated by a circle of accelerators. Thanos strode forward, penetrated into the energy field, and took off the metal ball. With a grasp of the right palm, the metal shell dissipated, leaving only a small transparent ball in his hand. In the center of the three metal rings inside the sphere is an energy body that emits blue-white light.

"Don't, Master!" Mephisto wanted to say something to stop it, and Thanos squeezed the ball, and instantly there was only a pure white void around him, looking up to the end, looking down at the bottom.

A force almost pulled the Infinite Gloves away, and Thanos was horrified. He grabbed with his left hand in the void with all his strength, and a head with a twisted face appeared in his palm. The mouth and eyes of the head seemed to contain endless void. Thanos opened his mouth and patted the back of his head: "Lord of Chaos, it's time to eat!"

After a while, everything returned to its original state, and the half-open mouth of the more distorted head seemed to contain an indefinite bluish-white light spot. Thanos threw the monster head into the pocket dimension of the space gem, and took Mephisto on the road to find the next artifact.

By the time Thanos flew over Site-19, the cloud of smoke and radiation from the hydrogen bomb had dissipated. In front of the eyes is an endless sea of ​​cakes. Under the waves of cakes floating on the surface, there is a mixture of high-density crumbs and cream with a thickness of hundreds of meters. A rocky hill is slowly moving in the sea. Looking closely, it is a lizard-like creature several hundred meters long, greedily devouring the sea of ​​cakes, and from time to time it emits a vague low roar, which turns into a spiritual scream. The barely recognizable words that passed into the minds of Thanos and Mephisto were: "I'm a toaster!" "I want toast!" "You filthy cake crumbs!" "I want Bake you all into bread!" "Death to the cakes! Long live the toast!" But the cakes kept growing like self-replication.

"What is this?"

"Report to Master, The Exiled Ancient God is struggling with An artifact that could overwhelm the multiverse confrontation."

Thanos slowly landed on the lizard's head and patted its nose: "Old man, let me help you."

The Infinity Glove once again swiped into the conceptual realm and pulled out a bald head with a serious expression.

"Lord of Order, it's your turn to eat!" The bald man struggled hard, about to escape into the void.

"In order to maintain your so-called cosmic order? Open your mouth obediently, come on, don't you like sweets?"

The Lord of Order was forced to open his mouth and close his eyes tightly, as if he was about to be injected with poison, his expression was indescribably funny.

The door to another dimension opened, and the hundreds of miles of cake sea were suddenly swallowed up by whales.

In the end, there was only one brownie left, lying quietly in the palm of Thanos, "Time multiplies? Then deprive you of your time." Thanos threw it into the cage of the Time Stone. The lizard also returned to its original size: "You two guys, aren't so disgusting, let's go with my toaster and bake everything into bread!"

at the same time

O5-1 hiccupped, spat out a piece of cake paper, and said angrily: "Ge Lao Tzu! Another melon baby has stuffed Lao Tzu's mouth! Immortal board dripping!"

a few days later

Thanos finally collected six artifacts. Besides Mephisto, he also had a big lizard who could eat whatever he saw (Mephisto: By the way, the toast it baked was delicious) , a little girl, a self-proclaimed Redd, one almost put [https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E8%A1%8C %E6%98%9F%E5%90%9E%E5%99%AC%E8%80%85 The Rabbit and a swarm of gelatinous creatures that like to tickle at them in turn.

The group (and the beast) walked through the ruins of Site-17 full of radioactive dust without hesitation. Among the craters with a diameter of more than a thousand meters and a depth of hundreds of meters, only the deepest underground floors barely left ruins. Near the center, they actually saw a well-preserved cubicle. The door of the cubicle opened automatically. Inside was a spacious Victorian-style luxury suite. By the fireplace, a kind old man was sipping a cup of black tea.

"Welcome, my guests, I knew you would come." The old man exuded an irresistible affinity.

"You are the God of human belief?"

"Yes, I am Alpha, I am Omega, I am the Lord of Armies."

"I heard that you have a clue of a supreme artifact."

"Jehovah, we have a surprise for you today!" Mephisto interrupted suddenly, and was immediately thrown back by Thanos.

"Why do you have to be impatient, Mr. Thanos, I'm waiting for you here, just to take you to see him." The Lord's eyes instantly became majestic and swept over the rest of the crowd: "King of Scarlet, Lord of Blindness, Lord of Night, The family members of the king and Nuwa are not qualified to contact him! Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, stay and accompany the guests." Three handsome, dream-like white-winged youths appeared in the room, showing Redd, Lizard, Mephisto, Bunny and Thanos are separated. Redd wanted to pounce, but was teased by a ball of bright yellow glue in his arms and laughed.

"Mr. Thanos and this lady, please come with me." The old man held the little girl with his right hand and led Thanos with his left, and took a step into the metaphysical realm.

The realm beyond comprehension

This is a hall that is difficult to describe in mortal language. Thanos saw countless himself, countless old people and little girls, and countless familiar faces in the past, the future, and even the time branches generated by different choices. Ra, Nebula, Galatus, Eradicator, Surveyor, Odin, Loki, Zeus, Artemis, Isis, Anubis, Vishnu, Buddha, Eisenhardt, Doom, Stark, Hulk, Johnny, Carroll, Rogers, Wanda, Peter… Everyone has countless states, some are broken, some seem to be fighting with each other, and he even sees a lot of them. Unclear eternity, annihilation, infinity, and even the goddess of death deity and the court of life… The endless reality is intertwined here, and the infinite possibilities are interpreted here. Mustard seeds can contain Xumi, and dust contains the universe.

"great existence ah, please show your ordinary side!" The old man folded his hands together and recited aloud in divine language.

The sight of countless numbers is no longer there, and there is only a hall made of crystalline material, but Thanos can still feel a kind of majesty that is infinite and endless. The floor under his feet is as transparent as he can see the endless abyss. Glancing around, the crystal walls are invisible, and there are compartments between them. There are two, three, and four figures playing some kind of game beside the crystal tables of different shapes. In the last few cubicles, he saw old foes Odin and Zeus, Shiva and Brahma, Amon-Ra and Apophis, Quizakot and Viracocha, all playing chess with all their concentration The game, completely unaware of his arrival.

"Excuse me, everyone welcomes our old friend Mr. Thanos!" Jehovah clapped his hands and said loudly.

All the gods paused the chess and cards, got up one after another, and looked here, Thanos felt that countless sharp eyes seemed to want to burn him to ashes, he raised his left hand, and six rays of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple converged. A blazing beam of light hit the wall, but the crystal barrier didn't even leave a scorch mark.

"Forget it, Mr. Thanos, any power that can be understood by him will not work here." The Lord patted Thanos on the shoulder and invited him to take a seat opposite.

"Everyone, the welcome ceremony is over, let's continue the chess game." The old man bowed to Bafang at the same time.

During the wave of his hand, a pair of chess appeared on the table, with black stones on the old man's side and white stones on Thanos' side.

The little girl took out a box of crayons out of nowhere and concentrated on drawing Peppa Pig's graffiti on the crystal barrier.

"Zhibai takes the lead, please."

"Why play human games?"

"This is just an appearance. If you want, you can turn it into an ancient beast chess for the Titans."

"What's the point of fighting for the insignificant power of the Nine Realms like those ridiculous gods?"

"It's just a ritual, to communicate with some indescribable being, if we are grains of sand, that one exists It's the entire universe." This time the answer came directly in his head.

"Mr. Sam Howell, good afternoon. It's a nice day."
"Who are you?"
"I'm your neighbor, can I come into your garden to chat?"
"Come in and watch your feet."

At the same time, the old man was using the power of the space he was in to talk to a blind and ignorant being that was above all things. Thanos and the gods in the hall were unaware of this.

"Bafu B5." Thanos randomly launched a son.

"Graduated into A4."

"Odin's spear never misses, he says that sooner or later it will pierce you and hang over the gates of Asgard."
"Odin? Asgard? The myth of putting children to sleep, it doesn't exist."
Thanos' Buff beast automatically ate the black pawn, he was startled at first, and then heard the old man's voice: "Mr. Thanos, please sit here just to comply with his rules, someone will help you walk. , just let it go and watch."

Odin, who was contemplating the next step next door, disappeared silently. Zeus patted his forehead, got up and laughed wildly: "Hahaha, old man, if you abstain from voting, I will win, haha!".

At the same time, Odin and the Asa gods, who were as many as the sands of the Ganges in the infinite universe, died at the same time.

"It really works." The old man secretly chuckled. "The castle enters the A6."

"Have you seen the recent Kansas Morning News? The front page said that the Tianshen group and more

The Metaverse Stewardship Council is voting to clear Earth, and we'll be homeless by then! "

"The Celestials? Just a fake joke. The Multiverse Council? Let them disappear with the useless property."

A shoggoth engulfed Castle Black, reducing the number of chess players in the hall by tens of thousands.

"The knight enters A3."

"You must have read the comics published by Marvel when you were a child. What should you do if a lot of superheroes fight at your door one day?"
"Comic heroes? They are all used to make money for children. How can any of them be real? All of them don't exist."

Cell A3 turned into water, and the knights were swallowed by Dagon the Deep.

Thousands of idols worshipped and imitated by children have been erased from all parallel universes, and not even a single poster has been left.

"Graduated into B4."

"When I was a kid, I was often woken up by nightmares, what if the heroes were fake but the monsters were real?"
"It's all tricks from fairy tales, there are no monsters."

A canine-like space fold, no, it's a bulldog, pounced on it and killed the pawn. Hundreds of millions of light-years away, the mortals who fought against dragons, scorpions, chickens, chimeras, and cyclops found that their opponents were gone, and their arrows fell into the air.

Calistoga, CA, Site-001

"According to the report sent back by the L1 space station, hundreds of objects with breach of containment suddenly lost their signals, and no new abnormal pulses were found within three hours, which is presumed to be Neutralized." In the California base, the assistant reported the latest situation to the four supervisors.

"God bless!" O5-6 shouted excitedly, throwing down his cane and getting up.

"I have an ominous premonition." No. 1 said lightly.

The card game of No. 3 and No. 13 has also been heated up:

"Sacrificing annihilation and four scene cards, summoning the original transcendence and transcendence of the gods, clearing the field, cross-narrative attack, deducting 10,000 HP."

"Sacrificing all the divine hand cards, summoning the infinite transcendence, ignoring the rules of the game, emptying all the cards in the tomb and the opponent's hand, 13 sister, discard the cards!"

The Origin Hall in the Heart of the Universe

The old man's chess pieces have been reduced by more than half, and it seems that Thanos can be a general at any time, but he just spreads his hands, and the situation is completely out of his control.

"The bishop goes to C5."

"Have you heard of the concept of eternity, it is the collection of endless time, the time lines are intertwined with each other, just like the fabric of the three goddesses of Noron, not only us, but also the world will eventually be submerged by the eternal torrent."
"Eternity? This is a false proposition. High school students know that time is linear. The time line is only imagined by the author of the novel. Nothing in the universe can be eternal."
Bishop was scratched by a kitten and immediately died of scratching fever. The figurative god of the sum of all time and space in the multiverse dissipates from all time nodes, however, time itself is still flowing.

"The castle enters F4."

"Because there is no eternity, the destination of all things is annihilation.
"Oblivion? Stop being so abstract, okay? It's just dead silence. How can there be annihilation?"
"Yes, annihilation means non-existence."
"Change the subject, the concept of annihilation is unnecessary!"

A group of elephants ran out of the zoo and razed the castle to the ground. The great god who was silently waiting for the end of the multiverse with the plane of non-existence does not exist this time.

"The queen enters D6." A golden chess piece with three faces picked up the kitten, put it in his arms, and coaxed it to fall asleep.

"Then have you ever wondered where people go when they die? I read a book of Gandalf's Tome, and it said that all living beings will face judgment day wiki/Living_Tribunal_(Multiverse) Tribunal of Life."
"The court of life, it's a fairy tale made up by some third-rate writer. There is no court at all."

The majestic queen was hit by a bicycle and rolled into a roadside sewer and was swept away by sewage. Not only did the omnipotent cosmic steward named the Court of Life disappear, but all the things in every corner of the trillion universe that called themselves "courts" vanished into nothing.

"The king moves right to E1."

"Then have you ever thought about who created these characters, and who created you and me?"
"Beyond and Beyond Protoss?"
"They don't exist!"

"Who else could that be?"
"…" There was a long silence.

Calistoga, CA, Site-001

"Little Zhengtai, you won, next time you go to Taco Bell, my sister will treat you!" On the 13th, he got up and brushed off his dark black robe.

Suddenly, she felt that something strange happened. Could it be that the purple-skinned fool really inspired the ignorant "it"?

"Everyone, maybe the worst has happened, and I feel like [http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Infinity], eternity, oblivion, the notions of annihilation, the Court of Life, and I'm afraid that's all the universe."

"What happened? I don't understand what you're talking about. Maybe it's an illusion. Look here, the Petrikov-Fontaine array is still running steadily, and Desmet has not yet breached the containment." Reluctant to accept this fact, even though he knew that No. 13 could never feel wrong with his brothers, when he couldn't understand the three words she uttered, he knew that these three concepts were erased.

"It's 3812! The tachyon field in the South Pacific has disappeared. Perhaps he has reached a higher narrative level, perhaps already above our creator!" the blond boy shouted.

"Alas, ten layers of hell! One thought of the creation of the world, one thought of the Lord of the world's destruction! It seems that the final judgment is really coming!" No. 6 sighed.

"I propose to lift all suppression measures and release Dr. Desmet." O5-2, The face of the kind grandmother appeared on a monitor screen.

"Number 2, are you crazy? He can wipe out the reality we live in with the touch of a finger!"

"There is no other way, I agree." Thirteen said.

"Sister, I also agree." No. 3 raised his hand and said.

"I'm abstaining, you can do whatever you want." No. 6 was holding on to the wolf's head crutches, and he didn't even have the strength to stand up straight.

"3:1:1, the proposal passed!"

O5-1 took out a tickling rusted metal box from under the console, took out a brass key, and slowly Insert the keyhole, turn it slowly, and there seems to be a heavy weight between the two fingers.

With a click, the lock opened, and above the still ticking white box was a red plastic button that anyone who saw it couldn't help but want to press.

"Thirteen, come on, this is your duty."

The black-robed woman stepped forward solemnly, and just as she was about to press it, she also disappeared.

Thanos also seemed to have noticed something, and he burst into tears for no reason. He punched the chessboard, the pieces didn't move, only the white emperor was hit by E8.

After witnessing O5-1 also turning into a puff of blue smoke, No. 3 finally made up his mind and snapped the big red button, and some kind of signal turned into a neutrino and spread around the world. The already independent surviving site ceased operation, and all the remaining containment devices of the Foundation were dismantled instantly!

big red button symbolizing the end of control, containment, protection

Sam Howell's Little Garden

"I get it, I get it!"

"What do you mean?"

"Everything is just a story written by a little boy in a novel." A book appeared out of thin air in Mr. Sam Howell's hand. The title of the book was "Pink Boy's Star Volunteer", and the cover was a A beautiful teenager in a pink hoodie sitting on the lap of a long-haired intellectual young woman, as if smiling to the reader.

"Look at Chapter 16 of this book, it says that in a building called Security Century Plaza in Shanghai, China, there lives a The little boy raised by his sister, he decided to write a novel when he was 15 years old. In the novel, a little girl from St. Christina College reads a story to her classmates in French class. Wei's comic company, in order to avoid the fate of being acquired by Disney, a senior artist named Stan Lee organized a group of authors to carry out brainstorming and created a large number of heroes and super villains, the ones you mentioned before are just them It's just characters."

"This…impossible…Damn it! What you see is not true! Seventh heaven!" Jehovah was already incoherent.

"As for your old man, you are not my neighbor, you are just the old magician mentioned in the story written by Stan Lee who likes to force believers to sacrifice their children!"

"Don't! Shut up…" The old man's voice was still trembling in the air, and his existence was gone forever.

A bright beam of light ripped apart space like a newspaper, and a human-shaped singularity appeared in front of Mr. Howell.

"In view of your threat to the almighty universe and even the entire narrative layer, you must be erased." The singularity raised its hand and pointed to Howell.

"Dr. Desmet, you're just a cactus project, but I'm beyond him!"

"I think you may have never been created before." The humanoid singularity gradually melted away, and the air in the small courtyard returned to its usual calm.

Thanos was still immersed in the pain of losing the goddess and couldn't extricate himself. He watched the old man across from him with grief, and there was nothing left in the universe that could make waves in his heart. Suddenly, a voice resounded throughout the crystal hall:

"I saw it, I saw the billions of worlds in the small pond under my feet, no, that's something more subtle, those glass beads are the hearts of billions of universes gathered by countless universes, the world in the original story can also be transformed into Entity, interesting, interesting."

The Crystal Hall collapsed in this American English with a strong Texas dialect, and countless scenes of the world overlapped and shattered in an instant.

A man in plain clothes leaned over, picked up a "Heart of the Universe" from the shallow water, and shone into the light. Inside was a man with a purple potato-headed frown sitting on a transparent high-back chair. Next to him was a man who was still The little girl of "Peppa Pig and his friends" is carefully painted on the wall. Flip it a few times, as if you can glimpse an infinite starry sky that is more magnificent than a kaleidoscope.

"Hey, it's Christmas tomorrow. This toy is just a Christmas present for my little niece. It's more fun than a crystal snowball. She will definitely like it." Far.

Merry Christmas to everyone Merry Christmas\(^o^)/~

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