Ikkeby-V's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-001-JP

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: No special measures to contain or conceal the main body of SCP-001-JP are required, as it is theoretically impossible to recognize SCP-001-JP itself. In order to prevent SCP-001-JP from ceasing to function, and the consequent occurrence of any anticipated K-class scenario, the structural details of SCP-001-JP and its development and operational history are to be strictly kept secret from all sapient entities.

Description: SCP-001-JP is an abstract, conceptual device or system driven by Type 4 macroscopic quantum phenomena and controlled anthropic principles that was constructed by the Foundation through the use of theories outside of mainstream science and is functioning to the present day. SCP-001-JP currently exists as a widespread intangible device without the need to rely on hardware, with no physical entities included among its components.

The function of SCP-001-JP is specialized to extend the "strong superposition" of conditions1 in the modified Copenhagen interpretation to phenomena far more macroscopic than quantum, and is utilized solely to form a state in which the perception of the "whole picture of the Foundation" does not converge to a single way of being.

Unlike normal superposition, in "strong superposition" the convergence of the wavefunction remains limited when only a part of the subject is observed, allowing several different outcomes to spread simultaneously. To maintain this state of affairs, SCP-001-JP uses an abstract prototype of the Absolute Possibility Drive, which is an illogical paratech that aims at forcibly overlaying all possible layered universes into the baseline universe successively, thus permanently generating a state immediately after the connection of mutually isolated systems.

The function of SCP-001-JP keeps the Foundation itself, its history, personnel, assets, and other elements in a form of indeterminacy, with multiple possible conditions existing simultaneously, although this is a side effect; its primary purpose is to add indeterminacy to the scale of the Foundation.

SCP-001-JP functions to place the Foundation in the aforementioned state of "strong superposition" and, by not allowing the scale of the Foundation to be determined, to extend its existential potential to a theoretical infinity. Only with the functioning of SCP-001-JP, the Foundation is provided with all possible capacities, from the smallest, which can maintain a virtually nonexistent secrecy, to the largest, which can address all of the vast number of anomalies.

Due to the nature of subjecting the entire Foundation to the influence of anomalous effects, the structure of SCP-001-JP and its development history contained substantial information that could lead to the comprehension of the overall "whole picture of the Foundation" that SCP-001-JP has made indeterminable. It was expected that the recognition of such information by any sapient entity would result in the loss of the indeterminacy maintained by SCP-001-JP, which would cause the Foundation to become dysfunctional, as well as massive containment breaches due to insufficient capacity and the resulting K-Class scenarios. For this reason, said information has been completely erased from the baseline universe and any parallel, possible universes in which the Foundation exists.

It should be noted that the above description contains several false statements including academic information that cannot be realized or contradict each other in order to assist in maintaining the functionality of SCP-001-JP.

Addendum 001-JP-01: The following measures have been taken for all Foundation personnel in order to prevent a comprehensive "whole picture of the Foundation" from being understood and to maintain the functionality of SCP-001-JP.

For Foundation personnel up to Clearance Level 4, specific total numbers of SCP objects, Foundation facilities, personnel, equipment, or other resources are not disclosed; the information in the Foundation database they have access to is limited, and they are presented with only the fact that there is non-accessible information. In addition, multiple inconsistencies are deliberately included even within the available information, leading them to doubt their own knowledge of the status of the Foundation and ultimately to conclude that it is impossible to have a " whole picture of the Foundation." The granting of an unclear impression to the "whole picture of the Foundation" by these measures is reinforced by the constant amnesticization conducted in their duties.

For those with Clearance Level 5 or equivalent privileges — such as O5 Council members and directors of individual blocks with limited supervisory authority — the following two measures have been implemented in addition to those for personnel up to Clearance Level 4, due to the nature of their duties requiring access to virtually all Foundation-related information.

The first is called the "Proposal-001" protocol. Under this protocol, "SCP-001" and its equivalent slots in the Foundation database contain multiple, mutually conflicting "001 Proposal" reports that are fundamental to the past, present, or future of the Foundation. The authenticity of these reports is kept secret at all times, even for Level 5 Clearance holders. Each Level 5 Clearance holder has access to only a few of the "001 Proposals", which makes it impossible for them to understand the whole picture of "SCP-001" and the Foundation itself.

The second is the establishment of the concept of "the Administrator." While the name of "the Administrator" and related records can be found in various documents in the Foundation's database, including the speech about the Foundation's philosophy, information about their authority and identity is not intended to be revealed, even to the O5 Council members. In fact, "the Administrator" is a nonexistent person or position; its purpose is to create the impression of obscurity about the "whole picture of the Foundation" by reminding Level 5 Clearance holders of the existence of a higher level of management and personnel than they are, information not disclosed even to them, and a clearance level beyond what they have.

Addendum 001-JP-02: The performance of SCP-001-JP is significantly weakened compared to the maximum planned performance in the first proposal due to the restrictions placed on it during construction based on the guidance of the Ethics Committee. This is mainly due to the fact that the total number of entities on which SCP-001-JP relies — i.e., the Foundation personnel — is relatively small compared to the total population of humanity, which results in disturbance to the functional state of SCP-001-JP caused by uncontrolled occurrence of Type 3 or higher macroscopic quantum phenomena originating from non-Foundation sapient entities.

While countermeasures to address this issue are currently included within the normal information control operations for the general public, their effectiveness has been limited. A more radical plan, based on the first proposal, has been preliminarily studied as the "Minitrue" Protocol2. The progression of the "Minitrue" Protocol beyond the preliminary studies has been suspended by the Ethics Committee decision, although the suspension will be lifted if it is determined to be the only option necessary for the survival of the human society and the Foundation itself, and SCP-001-JP will perform its maximum planned performance to establish a state in which the Foundation is maintained in its optimal form each occasion.

The viewer, O5-1, does not have the emergency activation privilege for the "Minitrue" Protocol. Emergency activation of the "Minitrue" Protocol requires Level 6 Clearance, which is "the Administrator" privilege.

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