Image Use Policy

This image and media use policy applies to all pages posted on the SCP International Wiki.

The image and media use policy applies to every page on the INT Wiki. It doesn't matter if the page is a translation of an article from another language or an original article. This article willl mention "images" as they are by far the most largely used kind of media on the site, but these rules and directions apply for all kinds of media.

Images that are not licensed to be published under CC BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 4.0 or a compatible license may not be used.

These licenses allow images to be shared and used by others as long as proper credit is given to their original creator(s) and any new creations using the images are released under the same license. If an image is not available under one of these licenses or a compatible one, it cannot be used on the wiki.

When using an image in any page you post on the site, please include a statement (typically in the credit box) that the article is available under CC BY-SA 3.0, 4.0 or the relevant license for your case. If you are not sure what license an article was initially available under, please ask licensing staff on its original branch or INT staff.

All articles must include attribution according to the CC license and this policy.

When providing attribution for an image, you must include the following elements:

  • Source: This is where you obtained the image, such as a website or specific location.
  • License: The type of license the image is under, such as CC BY-SA 3.0 or CC BY-SA 4.0.
  • Title: The name or title of the image.
  • Original Author: The person or organization that created the image.
  • Publication Year: The year the image was originally published or created.

If an image in an article violates this policy or is not available, either the contributor (translator or author) or site staff may remove it until proper attribution is provided.

You can directly link images from other branches.

You can include images on your page by linking directly to image sources from other branches. However, this method does not perfectly guarantee the availability of image resources, so contributors are asked to only hotlink files from official branches.

If the original source becomes unavailable but the translation should not be removed from the INT Wiki, you will need to either upload the file to the INT Wiki or delete the image, depending on its availability and the reasons for its original removal. The INT Wiki has limited space for file hosting, so we encourage translators to link files directly from their original branch rather than upload all files. If you do upload images, please keep them under about 100kB whenever possible.

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