Institut für menschliche Bildung und Weiterentwicklung
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One of three versions of the Institution's Logo

The Institut für menschliche Bildung und Weiterentwicklung (Institute for Human Education and Development, subsequently abbreviated as "IMBW") is a research institute that, according to recovered data, undertakes experiments and projects working towards the goal of transhumanism. The Institute works in numerous scientific fields, including:

  • Genetic Manipulation
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Psychological influence and conditioning
  • Education and Pedagogy
  • Parabiology
  • Thaumatology

There is abundant evidence that the Institute also works in other scientific disciplines related to the anomalous. Additionally, it known to carry out human experimentation, in part on completely unsuspecting civilians invited through various means to seminars or courses promising to expand physical or mental capabilities, and subsequently monitored for abnormalities in everyday life or through news reports. The majority of experiments are carried out on people who have either been abducted or purchased, and so the IMBW mostly works on the homeless, orphans, illegal immigrants and war refugees. The fate of most of their victims is unknown, but it is assumed that most of the experiments are fatal due to the constant need for new test subjects.

Evidence so far suggests that the Institute specifically seeks out anomalous objects and entities to research them or to utilise their effects, using trained and augmented individuals and/or squads for this purpose. It has already been observed how the anomalous properties of humanoid anomalies have been successfully transferred to ordinary people.

It is known that the IMBW is financed by several financially privileged persons and institutions, including several of the super-wealthy, Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. and Raptor Tec Industries. In return, IMBW manufactures products or devises processes commissioned by its funders while at the same time carrying out its own studies and projects. It is also common for clients to undergo treatment themselves in order to enhance certain physical or mental abilities or even acquire anomalous abilities.

The IMBW is lead by the PoI Professor Alexander Voss, a humanoid anomaly known to have performed many experiments and improvements on himself in order to develop transhumanist procedures.

The Institution and above all Professor Voss praise the Foundation for locating, storing and securing of anomalies for the protection of humanity, but criticise that anomalies are not used for the further development of humans and society. Despite several overtures from the Institute, the Foundation classifies the IMBW as a hostile organisation, not least because several undercover agents have been exposed by the IMBW and used for experimentation.

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