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The heartbeat of the last human being has stopped.

Bright’s vision plunged into darkness, but lightened soon afterward. He found himself lying on the floor of Site-19, surveying the empty room through the ruby.

Soon after, the cement load-bearing columns weathered, the windows shattered, and the originally solid walls collapsed. Sunlight came down on to the imperishable amulet; the sky darkened, lightened, and darkened again.

He saw the crazy growing weeds covered him, which were soon burnt up by the wildfire. He was carried to distant places in heavy rain, and was swallowed by an unknown mutated creature. This lucky creature came to the end of its life shortly after. Its remains were washed away by the tides; even feathers were decomposing quickly.

The tide took away the skeletons, and Bright sank into the sea.

He saw coral reefs along with flickering sunlight spilling down from the surface of the sea. He saw tremendous fish.

The atmospheric temperature went up and down; the ice cap melted and froze. Volcanoes erupted, comets stroke the earth, and the nuclear waste leaked. Bright felt there were less and less things moving in around him, and finally realized that all life forms vanished. He was submerged by quicksand, and washed up to the coast of another continent by the ocean currents.

Long time gone, the sea had evaporated. The sun evolved from a main sequence star to a red giant, resulting in a sharp rise of the surface temperature. The aged star continued to expand, reached the orbits of Mercury and Venus, and eventually devoured the earth. As the sun's fuel burnt out, it began to collapse inwards. The amulet with ruby was ejected by the supernova explosion, and began drifting in the universe.

That was the brightest scene that Bright had ever seen. After that, he was captured by the gravity of an asteroid, and was brought to an unknown galaxy. The galaxy soon collapsed as well. Bright began drifting again.

It's cold around here.

Stars and galaxies were no longer forming while existing stars extinguished one by one after running out of fuel. As the gravitational field changes, the wreckage of the stars gradually deviated from their original orbit, disappearing at last.

All lights went out. All heat sources vanished.

The universe began to cool down, and fell into a uniform darkness. Once was researcher named Jack Bright, the only low-entropy object floating in the quiet darkness admired the death of the world.

All of a sudden, the memory about a little blue planet ran through his mind.

He remembered his transient dream about human civilization. He remembered the doomsday he tried to prevent. He remembered a liar with three eyes.

The kindly psychologist. The flourishing but estranged family. The girl he left behind.

He remembered the rolling hills of Nebraska.

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