Incident Log-113-KO-1
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Related SCP: SCP-113-KO

Related Personnel: Researcher Namgoong ██, D-████

Date: ██/██ 2017, Wednesday

Location: Nuclear testing ground, Poonggye-ri, Gilju-gun, Hamgyeongbuk-do, North Korea


Researcher Namgoong ██ was a newcomer researcher who worked for the foundation for 2 years, and was highly interested in 'Defense mechanism about Thursday' of the personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1, which was described in 'Experiment Log-113-C', and wanted to do an experiment about how to maximize the pressure towards such defense mechanism.

Thus, researcher Namgoong ██ requested backup about his experiment to the foundation under the procedure, however it was declined because of the lack of personnel in site 48 and the risk based on 'Experiment Log-113-C'. However, the researcher proceeded his experiment individually and without authorization, avoiding the guard of the foundation. The researcher took out a D-Class personnel by tampering the document, and gave that personnel 1-Class amnesiac, the range of which was the entire memory of such personnel.

Then, the researcher reeducated the D-class personnel 'in one's own way' in the closed ████ in the ██ storage chamber, the course of the education was the 'absolute compliance towards the researcher' and basic level of social knowledge and language. The reeducation was especially focused on the //'day of the week', D-Class personnel was educated a week was 6 days:'Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday' instead of 7 days, and appears to be 'breeded' in the ██ storage room, having brainwashed and living the 6-days-for-a-week cycle.

The researcher confessed the purpose of the reeducation was the total ignorance about the existence of 'Thursday', and guessed it will maximize the pressure against so-called 'defense mechanism about Thursday' in SCP-113-KO-1. After the D-Class personnel secret 'reeducation' for about a week, the researcher Namgoong ██ and the personnel infiltrated nuclear test facility in Poonggye-ri, Gilju-gun, Hamgyeongbuk-do, North Korea in ██/██ 2017, Wednesday, which was Wednesday for both the original 7-day cycle and artificially educated 6-day cycle.

The researcher explained the situation as 'I just walked into the door, and walked out of it', however these claim highly lacks credibility considering the fact that the D-Class personnel arrived exactly at the center of the nuclear explosion test field of the facility. While the researcher used some of the SCP tools unauthorized, the solid evidence was not found. However, the researcher admitted taking a glass of SCP-113-KO-1 without due notice.

The following is the instruction the researcher gave the D-class personnel after the personnel was brought to the random location in the nuclear test facility.

1. Repeat murmuring 'Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday'.
2. After the given wristwatch rings, immediately drink the milk(SCP-113-KO-1).
3. And say 'It's Wednesday!', since today is Wednesday.

The result of the instruction was a large explosion with the scale of ██-██Kt and simultaneous █.█ magnitude of earthquake. While the nuclear facility barely survived the impact, it appears to be abandoned by the North Korean authorities because the facility wasn't able to be used again. At the same time, ███ civilians and ██ core researchers were killed on the site.

Immediately after the artificial earthquake was observed, the international society was highly shocked. Nations such as U.S.A. and China misunderstood this as a North Korean nuclear examination, and various regulations against North Korean grandees and industries were unprecedentedly increased to the maximum level. According to the American internal document of high ranking officials at the moment, America had an emergency conference considering the magnitude of the artificial earthquake could be interpreted as 'North Korean nuclear technology suddenly made at least a 10 year advance'. The majority of the U.S. Department of defense personnel who was responsible for North Korea was expelled, and American policy against North Korean nuclear has changed from military pressure to the diplomatic conversation.

After the incident, North Korean grandees had a 9 hour long conference, and the next day the statement 'the latest nuclear experiment succeeded'. It seems North Korean authority could not discover the exact cause of the incident and appears to concluded the International Society will not believe the explanation in the internal conference. At that time the nuclear facility was not prepared at all, and North Korean grandees were going to settle the opinion to discard the nuclear weapons and start extensively opening the nation. However, because of the incident, North Korean Society was
semi-forced to be isolated in the global society even more.

The researcher Namgoong ██ was very excited about the result and immediately returned to site 48 for the voluntary report of the experiment result. The researcher stated that the result could be predicted to at least two scenario(Either D-Class personnel turns into a hideous monster or cause massive explosion), and thought the latter is more likely if the pressure against 'defense mechanism about Thursday' is high enough. The researcher chose the location by searching for the location with relatively loose security that can endure the energy discharge.

The senior administration of the foundation was astounded by the result and taking this matter seriously. O5 council was enraged, stating the purpose of the foundation is to keep the world's normal state, not to satisfy an individual researcher's curiosity and intelligence. Not only such incident almost reveal the existence of the foundation, it affected international circumstances directly or indirectly, which was the exact opposite of the foundation's policy.

After the incident, a suggestion to permanently expel the research Namgoong ██ including 1-Class amnesiac was made, and expulsion procedure will be proceed once it is authorized by the director of site 48. Also demoting the director of site 48 for taking the responsibility of the site management is also under discussion.

While increasing the classification of SCP-113-KO from 'safe' class to above was considered, this was rejected due to SCP-113-KO is not so hard to contain, SCP-113-KO-1 decays like regular milk once it is outside SCP-113-KO, and not many personnel will cause this trouble with avoiding the entire guard of the foundation like the researcher Namgoong ██.

However it is agreed that after the case of Exploiting SCP-113-KO-1 or the document itself is leaked, SCP-113-KO will immediately get its object class increased and additional containment procedure will be added.

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