Incident Report 013-A-1
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SCP involved: SCP-013-IT

Date: ██/██/2015

Location: Site-██

Description: During a test to verify its possible reactions to changes in atmospheric conditions SCP-013-IT suddenly strengthened, presumably absorbing all the heat and humidity in the chamber, managing to breach containment and severely damage the site, killing ██ staff members. SCP-013-IT reached an estimated height of 700 meters (2300 ft) on its way to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], causing extensive damage and resulting in the death of one civilian. TIV 2 Foundation vehicles subsequently reached it and started targeting it with ultrasounds. As expected SCP-013-IT initially slowed down until it stopped, gradually weakening until it downgraded to pre-violation size. SCP-013-IT was then trapped and transported to a provisional containment site.

Note from Dr. ███████:

The way SCP-013-IT reacted during the test confirms that its degree of sentience is higher than we thought. Instead of gradually gaining strength as the temperature and humidity were rising, it did that at once when the conditions were favorable, with the clear intent of breaching containment. Considering the significant threat represented by SCP-013-IT I demand it to be upgraded to Keter as soon as possible.

And for God's sake, hurry up studying it. The sooner we start looking for a way to neutralize it, the better it will be for everyone.

Addendum: Request for upgrade to Keter submitted on ██/██/2015, pending confirmation. Upgraded to Keter, ██/██/2015.

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