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- For O5 Council Eyes Only -

The following file contains information

regarding Pantocratōr class anomalous artifacts.

Unauthorized access is restrictedly forbidden.




A secret facility of the Japan Institute of Biological Sciences where SCP-001-JP was first confirmed.
It was disguised as a private house, and the passage to the underground space was hidden.

Archiving Procedure: This file designated as SCP-001-JP is stored in multiple Decoy-001-JP archives. Access to this file is possible only when the encryption code is sent from Site-01, Site-8100, and Area-81T1 at the same time, and if access by other means is confirmed, this file will be accessed for 72 hours. Will be impossible. Information regarding SCP-001-JP will be disclosed to personnel recruited at the time of the announcement of Divine Abortion.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-JP is roughly divided into three types, each of which is contained in a different containment area.

SCP-001-JP body stopped operating after removing SCP-183-JP-S and SCP-1435-JP-S, and the 87th basement layer of Area-81T1 "Confidential Object Containment Area-Ω" Will be housed in. Access to this area for testing and inspection purposes requires the approval of a majority of the O5 Council.

SCP-1435-JP-S will be contained in Area-81T1's 21st basement floor "Confidential Object Containment Aquarium-Σ". Access to this area for experiments and inspections requires the approval of a majority of the O5 Council. When SCP-1435-JP-S is newly contained, SCP-1435-JP-S should be anomalously affected by male D-class personnel, sperm should be collected, and genetic information to be replaced should be identified.

SCP-183-JP-S will be contained in Area-81T1 in the 53rd basement layer "Confidential Object Containment Area-ε". Access to this area for experiments and inspections requires the approval of a majority of the O5 Council.

If a new SCP-001-JP is discovered, please report it to the O5 Council via the superior of the Foundation department to which the reporter belongs. Containment operations, etc. are planned by the O5 Council, and the order to carry out the preparation is directly given by the O5 Council to the Containment Specialist with a cover story. In addition, the persons involved in the detention will be amnesticized as necessary at the discretion of the O5 Council.

When a victim of SCP-001-JP is secured, SCP-1435-JP-S is surgically removed from the body only when the victim is likely to survive, and is treated with Class A amnestics before being released. please give me. If the victim is unlikely to survive, use a memetic killing agent to terminate the victim.



Description: SCP-001-JP is a special equipment confirmed at the secret facility of GoI-8101 ("Nippon Seimei Soken"). It is composed of an unknown alloy and has appearance characteristics similar to a distillation tank with a diameter of 2 m and a height of about 1.8 m. The power supply can be operated by operating the control panel, but it does not require a power source such as electric power for operation. So far, ███ secret facilities of the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology, where SCP-001-JP has been installed, have been confirmed, and a total of ██, ███ aircraft have been housed in the SCP-001-JP group.

SCP-001-JP is filled with liquid (SCP-1435-JP-S) inside, and restraints for two humans are installed (hereinafter, humans restrained inside are referred to as victims. ). This restraint has a mechanism that automatically moves up and down when SCP-001-JP is in operation. Lighting (SCP-183-JP-S) is installed on the inner bottom surface.

SCP-1435-JP-S is a liquid with anomalies similar to SCP-1435-JP, and is believed to be a modified version of SCP-1435-JP. The differences between SCP-1435-JP-S and conventional SCP-1435-JP are as follows.

  • It invades through the oral cavity, not the genitals, and stays in the stomach.
  • See Mr. Hyosuke Yamaka1, but contains different genetic information for each secret facility where SCP-001-JP was discovered. What they have in common is that they are genetic information that makes it easy for individuals with excellent abilities to produce something.

SCP-183-JP-S is a lighting that causes victims to develop anomalies similar to SCP-183-JP. Its basic properties are similar to SCP-183-JP, but it is conventional in that the anomaly does not manifest itself in the victim's children and that it is also given anomalous durability to males during sexual intercourse. Is different. Since this anomaly does not fall under any of the three types of SCP-183-JP shown in Japanese Society of Biological Sciences Raid Operation-183 Loot Document, SCP-183-JP -S is also considered to be a modification of a traditional object.

From the state at the time of discovery, it has been found that SCP-001-JP is used by restraining and using two men and women of the victim in a face-to-face sitting position. When SCP-001-JP is operated with two men and women restrained, the small intestine and large intestine of both men and women mutate into the uterus, and the anus mutates into the vaginal opening. At this time, the victim's duodenum is occluded and separated from the mutated uterus. After that, for the mutated uterus, the affected male has a tube that goes directly from the testis to the uterus, and the victim female has the vagina directly through the new uterus after the original uterus has degenerated. This process was completed within 24 hours of SCP-001-JP's operation, and no victim has recovered by any means other than surgery.

Even if the victim has lost fertility due to SCP-183-JP-S, it will regain fertility and will be forced into a state of strong sexual arousal. After that, the operation of SCP-001-JP forces sexual intercourse, and the victim will be pregnant and give birth intermittently. Due to the influence of SCP-1435-JP-S, the child born at this time possesses a gene containing certain genetic information. This process can be interrupted by suspending the operation of SCP-001-JP, but if the victim is already pregnant, due to SCP-183-JP-S's anomaly, it will be terminated in the normal manner and SCP- Surgical operation to remove 1435-JP-S is impossible. For this reason, rescue of victims must be done in the early stages of operation.


Consideration of Dr. Tenyo

One of the characteristics of children originating from SCP-001-JP, which was first discovered, is their high learning ability. Simply put, almost everyone is "smart". This is believed to be the result of the action of genetic information incorporated by SCP-1435-JP-S.

It is believed that these "smart" children were selectively produced in an inhumane way at the secret facility of the Japan Institute of Biological Sciences, but there are many mysterious points. As far as the Foundation confirms, it has been confirmed that the Institute of Biosciences in Japan possesses complete human cloning technology as of 1984. It is possible that we are selecting competent genes by repeating passages, but if we just want to produce humans who are good at specific things, there is no need to take such a method. Should be。

Another concern is the whereabouts of the children produced by the time the Foundation recognized the secret facility. Was it after all of them were collected by the Japan Institute of Biological Sciences? Where and what are the talented children, perhaps innumerable, produced now? This is not a problem that can be ignored at all.

In any case, further investigation will be needed.

Addendum 001-JP-A: Special case record-001-JP-1


The entrance to the discovered secret facility. There was a hidden door inside.

On June 5, 2014, the 31st secret facility of the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology was discovered in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, where SCP-001-JP was installed. When the MTF rushed in, it was hit by the resistance of a hostile humanoid entity wearing multiple heavy equipment, resulting in three deaths and six injuries.

Examination of hostile humanoid instances contained after suppression revealed common genetic information believed to be the effect of SCP-1435-JP-S. By analyzing the common part of this genetic information, 87 people with the relevant genetic information were found all over the world, and we succeeded in identifying up to 34 people in Japan. Notably, the 34 individuals include Agent ██, who is missing, and is similar in appearance and behavioral patterns to Agent ██ in hostile humanoid entities. Multiple points have been pointed out in the briefing records.

In addition, SCP-044-JP was discovered in this secret facility. Since there are traces of harvesting SCP-044-JP-2, it is believed that the hostile humanoid entity was SCP-044-JP-3, and SCP-001-JP and SCP-044-JP were located inside the facility. It is believed that a defense mechanism that combined the characteristics was built. After securing this SCP-044-JP, it has been transferred to Site-8147 and placed in containment.

Addendum 001-JP-B: Special case record-001-JP-2


Evacuation camp. There was a passage to a secret facility in the temporary tent.

On June 27, 2014, a secret facility of the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology, where SCP-001-JP was installed, was discovered at an evacuation camp in northern Eritria. This is the first discovery outside Japan, and it has become possible that SCP-001-JP has spread beyond the expectations of the Foundation.

The discovery of this secret facility was due to information provided by Mr. Shi Haoran, an executive of the Mana Charity Foundation. Information was provided through multiple cutouts, and more than one was planned to be provided in addition to information about the secret facility, but he was found dead on June 29 at MCF Lotti in Warsaw. Therefore, no further information is available. The person who killed him has not been identified to date.

Postscript (2014/07/02): Inside the cerebrum of Shi Haoran's body, a small folded document was found, despite no evidence of surgery. The content is a document left by him to the Foundation, and contains a statement suggesting that PoI-81-031 ("Freezing Fog") is involved in SCP-001-JP. There are traces of mysterious tampering in some parts, and the intention is under investigation.


Note of Sea Haoran

I failed. Mr. Itegiri realized that he was trying to provide you with information. Despite going through such a cutout, he easily spotted it.

In the wake of an event, I personally pursued the Institute of Biological Sciences and Mr. Itegiri apart from the activities of the Charity Foundation by Mana. And I got the fact that they have multiple bases in Central America and the continent of Africa, where they produce humans. As I continued my research, I succeeded in identifying and contacting adolescents produced in Eritrea 20 years ago by the Institute for Biological Sciences of Japan.

He was an educator. A scholarly scholar, he was a teacher at a village school. While implementing a very natural educational curriculum in Eritrea, he was educating in admiration for genetic selection. Of course he is not malicious, he himself was only educated by someone else. And all the children he teaches were produced by the Japan Institute of Biosciences, and most of them were excellent in academics.

They do not know that they were produced. They believe they were born by natural childbirth. And their parents do not doubt that a child who should not have been born is a child who had a stomachache and gave birth. What kind of means are you using to create this environment? I couldn't identify until the end.

The work that Mr. Itegiri is trying to do is approaching the realm of God. I will accuse you of his deeds and entrust my will. But soon, by their hands, I will erase all the information they were supposed to give to you. Therefore, I hope that this leftover will remain as a warning to you at least.

They, he doesn't underestimate me .


Consideration of Dr. Yunogawa

Since the case of Eritrea, secret facilities of the Japan Institute of Biological Sciences have been discovered all over the world. As of January 30, 2015, the total number was ███, and the number of SCP-001-JP groups contained was ██, ███. The impact of SCP-001-JP seems to be much greater than initially expected by the Foundation.

How many humans have been produced from a large amount of SCP-001-JP just by being contained, and where and what are they doing now? And what is the purpose of using SCP-001-JP? Discussions on this question are held every day and night. Various thoughts have been scattered and opinions have not been gathered, but with the outbreak of Incident-001-JP-1 and the memorandum of Mr. Shi Haoran, the opinions within me are being gathered.

I was familiar with Agent ██ before he went missing. And the hostile humanoid entity found in the secret facility of Sagae is very similar to him. Their faces and appearances are just like vestiges, but their sophisticated fighting style was just right for him in the past. Is it possible to reproduce not only physical abilities but also behavioral patterns of human beings?

It is difficult to make a copy of the "finished product" by cloning. This is because the elements that form human beings include not only genes but also many surrounding environments such as food, clothing, shelter, religion, morals, and norms. However, it is also human beings that form the surrounding environment. Forming the surrounding environment requires a huge number of humans and proper education, but cloning causes labor and lack of diversity in the reproduction speed of these humans. In that respect, with SCP-001-JP, SCP-183-JP-S works just by packing humans in the equipment, and it is possible to easily produce excellent children at a tremendous speed. The fact that the lack of diversity is not so serious is also superior to cloning. After that, it seems that it is just a matter of waiting for the formation of a group and dropping education from above.

Perhaps the children produced are released to the world as a matter of course. The world is flooded with humans who have genes pruned by the Japanese Institute of Biomedical Sciences and have been educated by the Institute of Japanese Biomedical Sciences, and the excellent human beings create the world. This may be the purpose of the Japanese Institute of Biological Sciences to use SCP-001-JP, and by extension, the purpose of the Institute of Japanese Biomedical Sciences. I just hope that it is a melancholy.

Circular from O5 Council: SK-Class: Issue a state of emergency by predicting a dominance shift scenario. At the time of this announcement, this object will be designated as SCP-001-JP. Stop the work of the Japan Institute of Biological Sciences and avoid the K-class scenario as a top priority. - O5-1

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