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History of the Antares Society for the Renewal of the Human Spirit

The Antares Society was founded by Claudine Oparin (1905-19 ??), who was also his first Grand Master. Miss Oparin was the only daughter of an important Austrian hotel entrepreneur, endowed with great intellectual curiosity and interest in esotericism. In her youth she joined the lodge Isis 21, one of the first masonic lodges to admit women among its ranks. Later, during the 1930s she made a series of trips throughout Europe (and probably also the Middle East and South America) where she maintained contact and correspondence with many people linked to different esoteric societies, such as, among others, the Rosicrucians, the Theosophical Society, and the Order Hermetic of the Golden Dawn. But with whom he most closely related was with members of the Thule Society (before and after its dissolution), to the point of drawing the attention of its innermost and exclusive circle, the Vrill Society.

It is not known where her links with such an organization came from, however shortly before World War II she was expelled from such circles, due to her relationship with Freemasonry, considered an entity "essentially Jewish"1, ironically Miss Oparin herself was expelled from Freemasonry for her "irrational beliefs". Little is known of her during World War II, but she apparently made trips throughout South America (there is a photograph of her in the ruins of Tiahuanaco, but the exact date is unknown).

The Antares Society was founded in the 1940s (exact date unknown) and attracted a large number of people interested in mysticism and theories such as Horbiger's eternal ice, which also attracted the Nazis, but rejected the rest of their racist and authoritarian policies and beliefs. However, the society only acquired its current form in 1953, after Miss Oparin made a mysterious visit to Hal-Saflieni's hypogeum, of which details are unknown. It is currently unknown the number of members that compose it and the resources they handle, but they seem to be quite large. In addition it is suspected that, following the model of Freemasonry, they have members at high levels of industry, business and probably politics, who keep their affiliation secret.

The Antares Society, although it can in no way be described as a sect, firmly believes in the existence of so-called "Unknown Superiors" "Foreign Powers" and "Grand Masters". These are superior and extraterrestrial intelligences that seek to influence humanity to take it to a new golden age, an era in which the average man, the mediocre man, the creature with the appearance of a man, awakens from its lethargy and returns to its original state of being a part of the universe capable of interacting with the whole and of influencing the celestial spheres with thought, just as they influence man (What is below is as it is above, and one influences the other, and vice versa) Very general details are known about how the members of the Society imagine this new "golden age", obviously involving the end of wars and poverty, full equality between all men, the end of prejudices based on the race, religion, class or sex, the end of all forms of superstition, including the extinction or abolition of all religions. All this together with a psychic awakening of all humanity, where it will be able to influence the universe as in the ancient times when the giants, the ancient "god-men" of the myths, sent.

The labyrinth is a symbol frequently used by the Antares Society, here we see one made with lighted candles, to perform a "contact ritual" with Higher Intelligences.

According to them, the "External Powers" can be contacted by men and women of special sensitivity, among which they would choose "mediums" through which to communicate with humanity and guide them through the "Golden Way". Hitler would have been one of those "mediums",2 but the message would have been "horribly corrupt" and delivered in an "impure" way, dragging millions of people into error and horror. Hitler himself Miss Oparin said "It is one of those radical spirits who manage to create history, but is crazy and poorly prepared", for years later add: "Without a doubt was a genocidal bastard" and that in particular "his conservative view of the role assigned to women bothered me."

The structure of the Society is vaguely Masonic, with three levels or degrees among its members ("initiate", "comrade" and "teacher"), but also a "Grand Master" as the undisputed leader, a role currently played by Claudine Oparin, granddaughter, apparently, of its founder. Under her would be her "Six Hands", three great teachers who obey her orders and serve as liaisons between her and the rest of the members, her statutes specify that both the Grand Master and the "six hands" must always be women, since "they are less ambitious in terms of material goods" and "they are naturally less inclined towards corruption". That in periods of peace, but if they are in a "state of war" (in conflict with other organizations), decisions of a violent nature must be taken by "The Hammer", a role always assigned to a man, due to "his natural aggressiveness "and" its character that privileges competition and obtain supremacy above all things ". The current Hammer of the society is Marius Kachingwe, of South African origin.

The Foundation is in conflict with the Antares Society - especially after the incident SA-L65235 - because it actively seeks to recruit people of "special sensitivity" who turn out to have very different psychic abilities, in addition, to collect several SCPs, including SCP-48-C.

He has also sought, through negotiation, bribery, extortion, threats, or violent means, to seize several SCP contents as they consider that they are "superior intelligences" imprisoned and repressed by the Foundation, or tools to communicate with such "Foreign Powers". Among them are the attempts to steal SCP-ES-██ and SCP-ES-011, and the attempt to contact SCP-ES-04.3

He is also considered a suspect in the kidnapping of several members of the Foundation, ostensibly to obtain information about it, and who have been released in an unfortunate state of mind, often with both anterograde and retrograde amnesia.

Relationship with others GoI

The Society maintains good relations with the Chaos Insurgency and with Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd., bargaining for different SCP objects, and also has a good relationship with Are We Cool Yet ? It is even suspected that several artists of the collective have gone on to form part of the Society, in its search for "special sensibilities", although in general the members of Are We Cool Yet? they are radical artists with little interest in mysticism. On the other hand, their relationship with the Church of the Broken God can only be described as terrible; intercepted communications have revealed that the Church considers the members of the Society as "heretical", while those of the Society have referred to the members of the Church as "irrational fanatics"

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