Initiative for the Restoration of Humanity
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The Initiative for the Restoration of Humanity was founded in 2058 and pursues the goal to resurrect humanity by other means than simple cloning.

The members of the Initiative are dissatified with the attempts of the Foundation to resurrect humanity and thought of alternative methods to reach that goal. The Foundation, however, viewed these approaches as insufficient or wrong and forced the Initiative into hiding. While on the retreat, the Initiative stole numerous ASPs it thought were useful for its agenda, and meanwhile, has learned how to use and produce anomalies.

The Initiative for the Restoration of Humanity resides in areas that are neglected by the Foundation because of their low priority, for example desert cities, wastelands, forests, and as of late, pocket dimensions. It uses different methods for communication purposes, ranging from smoke signals over carrier pigeons up to untrackable e-mails.

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