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Personnel are reminded that certain files within this hub may be subject to various classifications, and that verified credentials may be necessary to access those files.

The International Branches hub contains lists of translated SCP articles, tales canons and other articles from all the different branches.

Although the SCP Foundation has lots of national branches for decades and even centuries, little is known about them and the SCPs they secure, contain and protect. While every local employee of each branch knows how lots of SCPs from the mother-Foundation are contained, the lack of knowledge of the SCPs each branch contains is not only a major security risk, it prevents the branches from effectively working together.

With this in mind, the International Translation Archive of the SCP Foundation was founded. A storage for translations into English to easily be accessed by English-speakers and to be translated into other languages. For matters of security, information and collaboration.

—Dr. ████

Feel free to contribute and translate Articles from the branches to English. While doing so, please keep the site rules in mind. As most authors from the branches are not perfectly fluent in English, don't hesitate to post your translation here even or especially if you know it needs to be reviewed. Readers are asked to keep this in mind when voting.

If you have questions regarding the translation, you can find contact personnel in each branch hub.

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