Groups of Interest in germanophone regions

The Fourth Reich


Overview: The Fourth Reich (4R) is an organisation lead by an occultist and scientist that calls himself "Mister Rass". According to information found by the Foundation, Rass worked for the Third Reich from 1941 to 1943, until the SS considered him to great a threat and tried to assassinate him. Mister Rass has since secretly worked on the creation of a successor organisation named the Fourth Reich.

Besides Rass, the Fourth Reich mostly consists of people that were recruited by Rass and obtained anomalous abilities through a mix of rituals and experiments. (for example, SCP-077-DE and SCP-097-DE) This was done to enable them to destroy the "Unclean" and, in the future, take control of the biggest political Factions. Mister Rass also created and/or modified various machines through rituals and experiments, such as SCP-084-DE.

Mister Rass knows about the Foundation but by his own accord doesn't consider it a threat, rather as "insignificant annoyance". Though he has also expressed his admiration for the Foundation and described it as the "guardian of this world".

Raptor Tec. Industries


Overview: Raptor Tec. Industries is a corporation for research and development. As of yet, the only known site is located at the border between Germany and Austria. Raptor Tec. specializes in weapons, vehicles, drones and artificial intelligence, though their main focus is on drones and AI.

Originally, Raptor Tec. Industries was a supplier for the Foundation in Germany. When the Foundation realized that the delivered equipment had anomalous properties, it tried to gain control over Raptor Tec. by force. It failed, and the only known site was destroyed.

Years later, new products of Raptor Tec. have appeared on the black market, and Foundation-sites within Germany have been repeatedly attacked. It is assumed that Raptor Tec. is testing its products during these attacks.

Section XXV


Overview: Section XXV was a secret department of the Ministry of State Security of the GDR. It was tasked with the research into anomalies for utilization by the state to achieve its own goals. Their main focus was, among other things, anomalous applications of espionage, sabotage and control of the populace.

Section XXV existed from 1956 until 1989 and was closed down, so that the staff members of the department would not face persecution. Whilst Department XXV might not exist anymore, the anomalies created by it were left behind unsupervised.

Using the remaining documentation describing Section XXV, the Foundation is devoting its efforts to try to locate and recover the remains of the Section, however, they discovered on multiple occasions that they weren't fast enough to do so. The whereabouts of a large portion of the anomalies are still unknown.

Caecus Carneliana-Collective


Overview: The Caecus Carneliana-Collective is an active organisation, hostile to the Foundation, that wants to achieve the release of sentient SCPs contained by the German branch of the Foundation. The Collective attacks sites of the German branch and frees sentient SCPs. The Caecus Carneliana-Collective is led by so-called 'branches' and a 'stem'.

Caecus Carneliana has existed for quite some time, but revealed itself to the 'public' only after the DE/B33-incident on the ██.██.19██. Since then, the Caecus Carneliana-Collective has sabotaged several Foundation Sites. It is known that the Collective has contacts with other groups of interest.

The Foundation is aware of the Collective and is trying to contain the members of Caecus Carneliana. It is not known where the members of C.C. currently are located. The possibility of a static site of residence of for the members is being considered. The origin of the members, as well as the Collective, is not known.

The Mages Academy


Overview: The Mages Academy is a group with locations in several European countries, headquartered in Germany, whose mission is to explore and teach the safe use of anomalous skills in the form of "magic". While the Foundation considers anomalies to be a danger and tries to control them by all means, the Academy sees anomalies as a natural part of the world and tries to achieve a harmonious coexistence by dealing with anomalies in a largely non-violent and scientific way.

The Academy has covert agents in most of the major locations of the German-speaking Foundation, and some in Europe, who observe the Foundation's work, exert influence here and there, and coordinate secret support or countermeasures through the Academy. Since its exposure by an Akoylten of 4R, the Academy has kept a low profile, but has recently taken the initiative and is now trying to work with the Foundation.



Overview: Founded in 1993 as a Berlin research institution, the Institut für menschliche Bildung und Weiterentwicklung describes an institution of scientists, researchers and professors who have made it their mission to collect anomalies all over the world for the use and benefit of the human species. Once it became clear that the Institute was in possession of anomalous artifacts, the Foundation became aware of them. For inexplicable reasons, no anomalous objects, entities, or information about them were found in the institution during searches. Days after the search, the institution disappeared without a trace.

In 2004, an incident occurred within the Foundation in which a Level 3 staff member turned out to be a member of the IMBW. According to him, he decided to join the IMBW during his career at the Foundation and has acted as a spy in the Foundation since his membership in 2002. According to discovered information, the institution has continued to exist since its inception, with the primary approach being to salvage and use the use of anomalous objects to maintain, develop and enhance human education and the human being.

The institution has not always been a major issue for the Foundation, and attempts have rarely been made to steal SCPs from the Foundation. Even though the Institute has a great interest in some SCP objects, it has sufficient respect for the power of the Foundation.

Sonderkommando für Paranormales


Overview: The Sonderkommando for the Paranormal is an organization of the Third Reich for the investigation of anomalies, which in our reality was dissolved after the fall of the Third Reich.

In Incident #028-DE/I2, the SKP attempted to invade our reality from reality R-3378-DE, which could only be narrowly averted by a concatenation of happy circumstances. The SKP must be seen as absolutely hostile. It is known that they will try again to invade our reality, and then will be much better prepared. If they fail to ward off their invasion at an early stage, it is to be assumed that they can no longer be stopped.

Due to a data leak numerous data from R-3378-DE could be tapped.

Das Wunderkabinett


Overview: The group of interest known as "Das Wunderkabinett" is a relatively small organization with an unknown agenda that sells anomalous everyday goods and custom-made products. Despite several attempts to contain anomalies made by the group, the cabinet has never shown signs of hostility towards the Foundation.

Miss Mirabilis first came into contact with the SCP Foundation in 1995 with the discovery of SCP-124-DE-1. Since then, the german branch of the Foundation has documented an increasing number of incidents in which other persons have revealed themselves as members of the group of interest "Das Wunderkabinett", which apparently has Miss Mirabilis as its leader.

Even though the cabinet has shown several attempts to help the Foundation, the group is seen as a threat to normality, as the improper handling of products has often led to personal injury, property damage and/or even cover-ups. Members are also cooperative with many other groups of interest, which has increasingly led to global action. The complete arrest of the group is further hampered by the fact that they operate from a shop with a spatial anomaly, have other anomalies and even support from larger groups of interest.

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