International Collaboration Contest 2023
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The 2023 SCP-INT Contest:

International Collaboration

The SCP Wiki has numerous branches, all writing in their own languages about their own slightly different version of the SCP Foundation.

What happens when those stories intersect?

All entries to this contest must be INT Series SCP articles. The theme is International Collaboration - both in-universe, and between the authors that participate.

Contest Entries

Submitted articles should be listed below. Since we're still on the first block of INT SCPs, you're free to chose any number below 100 that hasn't already been taken by an existing INT SCP.

Add each new submission to the bottom of the list below in the following format, listing all coauthors that contributed and the branch or branches that they're affiliated with:

* [[[SCP-0XX-INT]]] - Title of SCP - by [[*coauthor]] (Branch) and [[*coauthor]] (Branch)

Basic Rules

Submission of entries to the contest opened on the 30th January 2023 at 00:01 UTC, and will close a week later at 23:59 UTC on the 6th February 2023.

This contest is being run by JerdenJerden, with help from CauchynambourCauchynambour. If you have any questions or potential issues, read this page first, and if that doesn't answer them feel free to message JerdenJerden.

All articles submitted to this contest should be:

  • An INT Series SCP;
  • Written in English by two or more co-authors from different branches;
  • Describing different International Branches of the SCP Foundation collaborating in some way to contain the anomaly.
  • Submissions should be tagged with intcon2023, and be linked from both the INT Hub and from this contest page.

Voting will end two weeks later on February 20th, at which point the winners will be announced.
The winners will be the three articles with the highest number of votes, and these articles will be featured on the main page of the International Translation Archive.

Posting translations of the article onto other branches is not only permitted, but encouraged! You can even post a copy of your work on the English language wiki. However, only votes on the version of the article posted on the International Translation Archive will be counted when determining the winners, so if people enjoy the translation, encourage them to become a member of the International Translation Archive, and vote on it here as well.

Other Rules

  • You're free to post your article in any available INT series slot below 100 - we'd like to fill up the first block before opening up higher numbers.
  • There's no limit on the number of coauthors, as long as more than one branch is represented.
  • People who are a member of multiple branches can represent any of them for the purpose of this contest - a collaboration between EN/DE and EN/ES members could be counted as an EN/DE, EN/ES or ES/DE collaboration.
  • Any branch can be included, even unofficial ones. If you speak a language that doesn't have it's own official branch yet (such as the languages on this list), you can list that as your branch.
  • Feel free to let people know about your contest submissions on social media. However, mass PMs or directly asking for votes (upvotes or downvotes) on any article in this contest will result in you being immediately disqualified.


The scope of the contest (and the definition of a "branch") is deliberately broad, and we encourage you to be creative with the theme of "International Collaboration", and use it to explore how international borders or language barriers might complicate the Foundation's work. Different people will have different ideas about how the Foundation is organised in-universe (including whether the Foundation is organised by language, nationality or geographic region), and the exact details are entirely up to you and your co-authors, as the writers of your own article.

If you want some inspiration, any of the following could be interesting ways to explore the theme:

  • An anomaly that spans or crosses international borders.
  • A Group of Interest operating outside of its usual geographic region.
  • A crossover between canons from different branches.
  • A Site calling in an expert from another branch of the SCP Foundation.

Feel free to explore the working relationship between characters from different branches. While your article could focus on a successful collaboration between professionals, articles featuring competition, rivalry and confusion are also within the scope of the theme, since collaboration doesn't always go smoothly!

If you're looking for coauthors, feel free to post in the discussion page for this contest, or ask on the INT Discord, in the #int-contest channel. We also have a list of people looking for coauthors on a sandbox page. When looking for collaborators, it'll help if you already have some ideas for what you'd like to write about, so that potential coauthors can let you know if that's something they're also interested in.

Additionally, the #feedback channel of the Discord should give you the opportunity to get critique on your drafts.

Article Review and Translation

We're conscious that not everyone participating in this contest will be a native English speaker, and may need some help with the spelling, grammar and phrasing. All assistance from English speakers with reviewing articles would be appreciated. If you're happy for contest entrants to contact you, you can write down your information (wikidot and discord details and availability hours) so that participants can contact you for review and corrections. All people who participated in these reviews, for one or multiple articles, will be displayed on a special thanks section on the INT hub, including all the articles they have worked on.

Additionally, we also intend to give special acknowledgement to anyone that translates contest entries into other languages during the contest. We understand there's limited time to do this, but we'd appreciate anyone who helps bring this contest to a wider audience.

Put your contact information here if you wish to be contacted for reviews!

* [[*user Your Wikidot username]] - Discord full name and # - days or hours you are available
  • Polaris_WritesPolaris_Writes - GreenKeldeo2#3024 - Available 24/7, although you'll only get quick responses between 8AM CST and Midnight CST.
  • ParallelPotatoesParallelPotatoes - ParallelPotatoes#0502 - I am free MWF 11AM-5PM EST. I’m also free Saturdays and Sundays.
  • BitOddInnitBitOddInnit - OddInnit#4339 - Usually active on Discord from 4/5pm GMT weekdays, maybe earlier during the weekend. Ping/DM me, and I'll try get back to you within 24-48 hours.
  • StrangerSwingStrangerSwing - StrangerSwing#8741- Usually seven days a week, between 10am-5pm AEST.
  • EthagonEthagon - Ethagon#9284 - More or less seven days a week, between 11 am and pm CET.
  • DrScaramoucheDrScaramouche Beerswain#9348 - Let's say 9am to 9pm, EST, all week. Can I mention I love doing this stuff?

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