International Collaboration Contest 2023
Banner Art by Al_W0onder

The 2023 SCP-INT Contest:

International Collaboration

The SCP Wiki has numerous branches, all writing in their own languages about their own slightly different version of the SCP Foundation.

What happens when those stories intersect?

All entries to this contest had to be INT Series SCP articles. The theme was International Collaboration - both in-universe, and between the authors that participate.

The Contest has now finished. Submitted articles are listed below, in order of their final ranking. Thanks to everyone for taking part!

Congratulations to our top three (with a tie for 3rd place!):

1. SCP-057-INT - Detective Marw and the Case of the Extra Facility - by Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini (ES), HarryBlankHarryBlank (EN), and RounderhouseRounderhouse (PL) (+42)

2. SCP-045-INT - D-Class - by hitsujikaiphitsujikaip (JP), vomitervomiter (ZH-TR), MigueludeomMigueludeom (KO), fluxmanfluxman (KO), igangsuigangsu (KO), and ting129ting129 (ZH-TR) (+36)

3. SCP-099-INT - Duality of Heavens - by Luis GmLuis Gm (ES) and AmonesAmones (CN) (+24)

3. SCP-097-INT - The Radiomancer's Curse - by jtdnjtdn (FR) and LechugaNinjaLechugaNinja (ES) (+24)

And well done to all the runners up:

4. SCP-042-INT - Shattered Glass - by SYTYCFanonSYTYCFanon (EN) and PerdohPerdoh (PT) (+20)

5. SCP-050-INT - Keep Calm and Babble On - by Sobek109Sobek109 (EN), J T K CJ T K C (EN), Crow-CatCrow-Cat (EN), EeveellectorEeveellector (EN), and GuaireGuaire (ES) (+19)

5. SCP-015-INT - A hound of war - by StrangerSwingStrangerSwing (EN) and DrJohannesDrJohannes (FR) (+19)

6. SCP-021-INT - The Courier - by Luke mcDonutLuke mcDonut (IT) and CauchynambourCauchynambour (FR) (+18)

6. SCP-075-INT - The Grand Esoteric Cooking Tournament (WITH MECHAS) - by ReyasReyas (FR), Einer von RabeEiner von Rabe (DE) and KilerpoyoKilerpoyo (EN) (+18)

7. SCP-012-INT - Magical Catgirls - by slashannemooslashannemoo (PT) and Dr OreDr Ore (DE) (+11)

8. SCP-013-INT - Matté's Village - by 22o9L22o9L (PT) and OreobananeOreobanane (IT) (+6)

8. SCP-014-INT - A Net of Amnestics - by Civil WesternCivil Western (IT) and EthagonEthagon (EN) (+6)

9. SCP-055-INT - An Empty Bliss - by FelixouFelixou (FR) and basirskipreaderbasirskipreader (EN) (+3)

10. SCP-001-INT - Doorway to the Non-Anomalous - by Agent TruthAgent Truth (EN-IR), Dr NieliuxDr Nieliux (DE) and Agent DaalAgent Daal (IR) (-4)

Additional thanks to all reviewers:

22o9L22o9L, agente alanagente alan, Cassandra_Prime does not match any existing user name,DarkStuffDarkStuff, Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko, Dr LekterDr Lekter, GuaireGuaire, LAN 2DLAN 2D, LonLangLinLonLangLin, Luis GmLuis Gm, NavlaNavla, slashannemooslashannemoo, SYTYCFanonSYTYCFanon, Vintner2Vintner2

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