Jarrod Nooh's Webinar: Becoming Ordinary
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Good morning everyone. I know some of you are going through jet lag, although this is very uncomfortable, but I need you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

You are here, because your commanders or directors asked you to come. And therefore I would assume that everyone already passed the level 3 credibility test.

Even though you passed the level 3 credibility test, you still don't know who I am. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with that. The agents from the "Storm Butterflies" are always just this, there is no need to know who we are.

Of course, I still need to introduce myself. My name is Jarrod, the commander of the Mobile Task Force "Storm Butterflies".

Yes, you, on the third row. We were on the same bus yesterday, you should remember.

What? You don't remember? Then this is because of your incompetency. You are a special agent, and I am too. I noticed you but you didn't notice me. What if I'm actually a member of a GoI that is hostile to the Foundation? You probably will be dead by now.

You, on the second row, I know you once served in the military, but you don't need to keep alert at all times anymore. I was a soldier too, yet I bet no one could've known before I said something about it.

What? How I can be a MTF commander if I'm only in the twenties? First of all, age is not a limitation, second of all, I just celebrated my 37th birthday a few days ago.

Silent. Now onto the main topic. I am here to talk about how to become ordinary.

I know that everyone here is not ordinary. Some of you fought in wars, some of you are Containment Specialists, some of you are even Reality Benders and have superpowers.

These are your fatal flaws - you all are extraordinary.

I can tell that you are special agents at first sight, and even know what specific training programs you have gone through.

That's why you need to become ordinary to disguise yourselves.

Think about the bad habits that you had before. I know it was hard to quit them, and thus you don't want to pick them back up. But you have to. Your bad habits are what make you who you are. For example, you like shaking your legs while sitting, and you finally corrected it. I know it was hard. But if you were to disguise yourselves as an internet addict, or if you were an internet addict, you know that most of the times, they like to shake their legs while sitting, and there does not exist a person who sits up while gaming.

This is only one example. Again, the formal soldier sitting there, yes, I'm talking about you. I know you liked to put your legs on the table, and now, you should still do so.

Don't take me wrong, I also believe that soldiers should be given the highest honor and respect. But now you are no longer one of them, so you don't have to salute whenever you see your commander.

Try to re-establish your bad habits. It's okay if you are on your phone, and I believe that your training programs had taught you how to act casual. But be careful to not expose your own location by using a mobile device, everyone here knows where the line is.

In order to become ordinary, you also have to observe. You need to know what normal people experience and how they respond to what they see, hear, and feel. The best person to learn from is yourself, you formal self. But you can observe others, but again, do not cross the line.

In short, everyone here is not ordinary. You need to become ordinary, like how you became extraordinary, become ordinary without crossing the line.

Last but not least, I need you to do two things.

First, I hope that when you return to your site or your task force today, you can forget about the "Storm Butterflies" and this 37 years old man. If this is too hard, you can come to me and I will help you.

Second, you probably have received training on how to arrange your memories. Please store your memory about the Foundation's existence in the deepest layer within your memory, and treat the Foundation as merely a collaborative urban fantasy writing website. Manage and arrange your brain well. Again, if this is also too hard, I will help you.

I need to remind you that I put a meme in the website, and this is the reason why you are looking at your computer but feeling like you are in a classroom listening to a lecture. Every personnel who were required to read this page should leave your comment in the discussion page and write down what you've learned today. Give this to your commanders or your site directors to get the meme vaccine.

Remember that the Foundation is only a website.

You probably have heard this countless times, but I'll say it again.


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