Jochoi's Personnel File

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    Name: Jolt Choi

    Age: between 18 and late 20s

    Languages: Chinese {zh-yue/yue(N), zh(N)} / English {en(2)}

    History: Once a student from St. Christina College, Jolt was merged with his multiversal counterpart from Hong Shing Hang Tan College anomalously. He had since become the joint school student of both schools, and has mainly been active in Asian regions to receive as much education as possible from different schools, regardless of anomalous or not. It was said that during that period Jolt has joined the joint-schools anomalous society C12 under the code name "Musician".

    Jolt was recruited as a level 2 consultant for Thaumuseology and Thaumcantology Response Team of Site-CN-71, in exchange for gaining access to the internal learning resources of the Foundation. Due to Jolt's fluency in Chinese and English, he was later appointed as a translator for the Chinese Branch.

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    Well, I'm just an average Hong Kong student. I natively speak Cantonese, but I'm also capable of communicating in Chinese (Putonghua) and English.

    The reason why I start translating is that I saw there was far not enough Chinese to English translators in the INT branch, and not much work of the Chinese Branch that has been translated. I'd like to present my branch's work to the rest of the world. On the other hand, translating also enhances my English skills.

    I am more interested in writing tales and GoI formats than writing scips, and you may find my original works in the Chinese Branch.

    I am currently learning Pascal (I highly doubt if anyone still uses it) for my school studies, html and CSS for my own leisure.

    I also like to make mashups, and here are some of them:

    There is also a strange hobby of mine, to make waveform art:

    Also, if you want to get in contact with me, please do so either through Wikidot PM or discord. My discord is Joch#6879.

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      名稱: 蔡梓灝 Choi Tze Ho Jolt

      年齡: 約為18歲至20多歲

      性別: 已知宇宙中多數倒影為男。

      使用語言 中文 {粵語 zh-yue(N) / 普通話 zh(N)} / 英文 en(2)


      基金會前台公司 舒緩聲波製作組(Sonic Chill Producers):簽約音樂製作人





      因為其相對較矮的身高,其常常被各種玩弄 友善對待。



      Hello darkness my old friend
      I've come to talk with you again

      Never gonna give you up
      Never gonna let you down
      Never gonna run around and desert you

      Dancin' is what to do
      Dancin' when I think of you
      Dancin' is what clears my soul
      Dancin' is what makes me whole

      沒人接我玩的梗,O O F


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