Experiment Log 327-FR
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Experiment of 08-02-2016:

Subject: D-3212

Procedure: The post transmitting the images recorded by SCP-327-FR-A is placed below it. D-3212 is standing towards SCP-327-FR-A and the post. He is instructed to not reproduce what he sees in the broadcast. The experiment is supervised by the Dr. L█████.

Result: D-3212 identically reproduced what was visible in the broadcast. However, when he was interrogated, he claimed that all his actions completely differed from what he could see in the broadcast. When it was presented a second time to D-3212, who was submitted to a lie detector, he continued to claim that the actions visible in the broadcast differed from what he did. The recorded results suggested that D-3212 was honest. The researchers in charge of the experiment speculated that SCP-327-FR cameras could have the ability to modify the reality in their field of vision.

Experiment of 08-04-2016:

Subject: D-2170

Procedure: D-2170 is standing towards SCP-327-FR-A and the corresponding post. He is instructed to not reproduce what he sees in the broadcast. Kant-counters are placed in the testing room. The experiment is supervised by the Dr. L█████.

Result: From the beginning of the experiment, the subject claimed to see nothing else than static and glitches. Dr. L█████ did not note any problem of this kind. The Hume readings only showed a slight fluctuation in the area where the D-Class was posted.

Experiment of 08-05-2016:

Subject: D-2389

Procedure: D-2389 is standing towards SCP-327-FR-E and the corresponding post. He is instructed to not reproduce what he sees in the broadcast. It is to be noted that D-2389 is advised of the effects of SCP-327-FR-E. Kant-counters are placed in the testing room. The experiment is supervised by the Dr. L█████.

Result: As soon as he looked at the post, D-2389 saw himself falling to the ground and convulsing in the broadcast. The subject had a panic attack, asking Dr. L█████ multiple times what was going to happen to him. Dr. L█████ tried to calm down D-2389 by specifying to him that he was not certain whether the displayed images were representations of the near future or not. As the moment presented by SCP-327-FR approached, the subject was more and more agitated. 55 seconds after seeing the images that put him in a state of panic, he suffered from a heart attack. D-2389 was revived. No Kant-counter reported any abnormal rates of Humes.

(Note: Following the results obtained, experiments based on this model have been interrupted.)

Experiment of 09-23-2016:

Procedure: SCP-327-FR-D was set up facing towards the cell of SCP-870. The corresponding viewing post was monitored by D-2155, also in charge of the cell oversight.

Result: The only noticeable event happened 10 days after SCP-327-FR-D was set up. Between 10:20 AM and 10:22 AM, the movement sensors in the cell alarmed, and multiple particularly violent crashes against the door were heard, but this did not actually worry the personnel, being accustomed to the agitation of SCP-870. At 10:23 AM and 11 seconds, D-2155 reported seeing the personnel posted around the cell hurriedly leave on the broadcasted images of SCP-327-FR-D. At 10:23 AM and 27 seconds, D-2155 reported seeing the door to SCP-870’s cell open while a task force scurried in situ. Therefore, the evacuation order was issued and a task force was immediately sent. At 10:24 AM and 09 seconds, the task force arrived in situ while SCP-870’s cell began to open. Thanks to the anticipated reaction of the task force, SCP-870 was quickly brought under control and recontained.

Investigation result: It appears that the opening of the door was caused by a disruption of the locking circuitry of the cell due to the significant shocks paired with a maintenance defect of the sector's electrical system.

(Note of Pr Mura: The idea of using the object to improve the containment security of some dangerous SCP has borne fruit. Therefore, I advocate more experiments to test the cameras' potential, and the use of this system exclusively for the containment of Euclid and Keter Class anomalies)

Experiment of 10-11-2016:

Procedure: Several cameras of SCP-327-FR have been set end-to-end, each camera facing the video broadcast of the next camera in order to verify if their offsets are summables.

Result: Whereas the last broadcast can display footage several minutes in advance, their quality is judged "deplorable" by the personnel in charge of the experiment. Moreover, the setup requires the use of several cameras to film only one point of view. Therefore, the result of the experiment is regarded as "uninteresting".

Experiment of 10-18-2016:

Procedure: A request has been addressed to the Dr. ███████, supervisor in charge of SCP-379, to study the potential effects of the liquid on SCP-327-FR. Request granted.

Result: When SCP-327-FR is near a sporting of SCP-379, the offset of the video broadcasts become more significant. Hence, the 5 video broadcasts with a delay have an even greater delay, whereas the 6 advancing broadcasts advance more. No offset is to be noted in the 9 broadcasts in real time. However, all of the videos have an important loss of fluidity and can occasionally endure some distortions. The observable offset percentage on a viewing post seems inversely proportional to the distance between the sporting of SCP-379 and the corresponding camera. Thus, the closer a sporting SCP-379 is to a camera, the more significant the temporal offset is.

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