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Silent Forest - by ikuragunkanikuragunkan
Primary Investigation Report on "Saiga Factions" - by dr_torayadr_toraya and collaborators
Bottom of Town - by fumeinadebaisufumeinadebaisu
A Small Musician - by SeyleaneSeyleane
From the cat - by boatOBboatOB
After Dating - by AoichaAoicha
A Word From The Dominator - byholy_novaholy_nova
People Saving the World - by livingdeadroomlivingdeadroom



Collected Item No. 1080 - by WanazawawwwWanazawawww

Univers'Island Kingdom

Lighthouse of Nil - by fumeinadebaisufumeinadebaisu


Monochrome Artworks - by Hasuma_SHasuma_S
SCP-OS BOOT SCREEN - by Nanimono DemonaiNanimono Demonai
The Devourer - by kotarou611kotarou611
An Artwork of SCP-096 - by mejesunamejesuna
The Sun Eater (SCP-1682) - by shiki0011shiki0011
The Artworks of SCP-2300 Periodic Golems - by matsuri_htmatsuri_ht
"And then become like the stars!" - by KanKanKanKan
LOOKING FOR ███. - by MitanMitan
The Containment Paper of SCP-132-JP-2 - by hedalu244hedalu244
I'll cast you - by Deleted Account
To The Beyond - by AoichaAoicha
Boot of The Broken God - by readmasterreadmaster
dado art - by EdharaaaEdharaaa
Sketch write of SCP-529 and SCP-2952 - by ouka1341ouka1341
Rest In Peace - by AoichaAoicha and ozakitaiiozakitaii
March 6 - by AyaitoAyaito
Prometheus Labs Logo Animation - by ScarabaeusScarabaeus
My beloved daughter - by Nika_NayukiNika_Nayuki
Groups Of Interest Icons - by tsucchii0301tsucchii0301
People Saving the World - by livingdeadroomlivingdeadroom
Maiden on the Floor - by ikuragunkanikuragunkan


We believed that the Foundation attempts to avoid being unnecessarily evil as much as possible. We have described them as people who struggle in the darkness so that mankind can remain dwelling within the light. However, the Foundation in this universe pursues any means to accomplish their purpose, and will sacrifice anything to increase their progress.

The Foundation will break down all of the present nations before long and re-create the entire world in order to allow themselves to do everything as they like. Now they are proceeding with preparations for it.

From "What Has Bent the World" by mary0228mary0228

〈Officer, Doctor, Soldier, Spie

In this narrow Japan, the institutions maintaining normality are milling around.

Do politics and espionages below the surface, create waves only at the end.

From "A temporary work of Administrative Inspection Department of Political Bureau [Latter Part]" by karkaroffkarkaroff

From now, you will see the remnants of the empire that once existed.

Must atone. For that reason, you and I, and that, and this ship will sink.

From "Rough Sea" by shirasutaro-shirasutaro-

The advent of the deity entity in Poland in the early summer of 1998th led to the breaking down of the long-standing veil policy. The incident also gives rise to the next incident — what are the paranormal terrorism at the WTC, the spreading paranormal illnesses, and so on, and so on. Still, they move forward.

Tomorrow, Poland will take a new step ahead of the world. Beyond the veil, for us to confront the darkness. May the future of Poland be.

From "The early summer of 1998th" by islandsmasterislandsmaster

Sushiblade. It is clashing of sushi's souls. Takao is a Class D personel who is aiming to be the best Sushiblader in the world and still in training. He gets caught in a whirlpool named fate, and throw himself into the battle against the Dark Sushi. Can he really defeat the Dark Sushi, and regain peace to the Sushiblade?

3, 2, 1, HEY RASSHAI!

From "SCP-1134-JP - Explosive Nigiri Sushiblade" by bamboonbamboon

This is a shadow of the Foundation, or alternatively an unshakeable archetype. We stand in the darkness called dream, and we continue to maintain the reality by curbing chaos and abnormality scattered in the network of subconsciousness.

Nevertheless, we believe that we stand in the true sense on the reality someday, and we maintain this place.

From "Ave Maria" by amamielamamiel

Absinthe unravels the secret. Whether the secret is true or false, it will be revealed in the dream by wormwood.

Dreams by Absinthe expose the boundaries between memory and record. This is both true and drunken drivel at the same time.

From a cup of alcohol poured on the outskirts of Siberia by karkaroffkarkaroff

One at a time, they vanish. Two choices that are to perform a play or walk off the stage are suffering them. Three actors and audiences meet at the crossroads. Four roads merge now, the curtain of the comedy will rise.‬

Now, something mysterious and independent has to make a tough call between disappearing unnoticed, sticking their head and being shoot through with it, or leaving their past and getting their life.

From "It has been 30 years since the Monstrous Rally Incident in Tokyō Area. Now of something mysterious." by aisurakutoaisurakuto

What can we do in 64 days? We can save the world.

"—You're crazy. It's impossible to put it all back together."
I stopped and turned around, and replied with a laugh.
"Why impossible? We've never done it, we never know until we try, do we?"

From "The ConferenceMachine to SaveMake the World" by meshiochislashmeshiochislash

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