か-B-0519 "Retrospective Dream" Sales Catalog
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Rest well, and return to your previous hometown in your dreams.


※ Image shows the hyacinth model in bloom.

Retrospective Dream

Product # Model Quantity Price
か-B-0519 K01-α 10 2
か-B-0519 K01-β 10 3
か-B-0519 K02-α 25 5

※ Further varieties of flower are under research.


  • Effectively alleviates symptoms of insomnia and aids in psychological rehabilitation.
  • The standard variety has been specially bred and can be used as decoration.
  • Planting is convenient, with a short growth period and a long lifespan.
  • Color of flowers can be customized. For further details, please contact us.


  • Suitable for alkaline soil and saline water. Save on precious freshwater reserves.
  • Blooming period can be controlled by varying sunlight exposure. Accurately control symptoms of insomnia.
  • Strong and healthy with no need for fertilizer. Grows in low light, low oxygen, and extreme temperatures.
  • Effective for extended periods of time. A single flower can bloom for over 2000 hours in suitable conditions.
  • Seeds stored dry can be kept for over ten years.

Instructions: か-B-0519 "Retrospective Dream" is a type of decorative flower specially designed for those experiencing psychological or psychiatric issues following the May 19th Incident, produced by the joint efforts of JOICL and Fixed Flowers in 2022.

か-B-0519 operates on the phyto-pathological technology developed by Fixed Flowers and the research done by the Psychology Research Department of JOICL, and is based on common ornamental plants prior to the Incident such as the creeping daisy (Mauranthemum paludosum) and the common hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis). In order to aid sleep and avoid the long-term psychological effects of being at sea, the contents of your dreams will be adjusted to ensure a pleasant rest. In addition, か-B-0519 will alleviate symptoms of delusion, hallucinations, paranoia, and personality fracture caused by the ocean.

  • K01-α: Daisy variety. Default color is white. This variety must be planted in seawater, and can survive in up to 20% salinity. After planting, water should be changed daily. Seeds sprout after approximately one day, and mature after ten days. If blooming is desired, it may be placed in a dark area for eight hours, after which it will bloom upon exposure to light and wither after ten hours. By placing the blooming plant at the head of one's bed, the user will enter sleep after no more than ten minutes, and will experience a night without dreams.
  • K01-β: Hyacinth variety. Default color is purple. When planted in seawater, its growth process and usage are identical to those of K01-α. This variety can also be planted in soil and provided with 50 ml of seawater every day; its growth and blooming process are the same. By placing the blooming plant at the head of one's bed, the user will enter sleep after no more than five minutes, and the user will dream of a field under the starry sky.
  • K02-α: Mixed variety. Comes in sets of five flowers, consisting of one daisy, one hyacinth, one tulip, and two pansies. Plant all five seeds in a single container of soil. Its growth and blooming process are the same as K01-α. By placing the blooming plants at the head of one's bed, the user will enter sleep after no more than five minutes, and will dream of the city they lived in prior to the May 19th Incident. In addition, the user's perception of time within the dream will be altered to give them more time to explore the dream world and free themselves of the effects of the ocean environment.

Regardless of the variety, the aroma of the flowers is able to alleviate the psychological effects of the ocean environment. It is not recommended to use this item alongside other psychiatric medication, as the possible side effects resulting from such use are unknown.

≪About Fixed Flowers≫
Active in China, Fixed Flowers has a storied history of breeding and cultivating anomalous plant varieties, and possesses a strong grasp of the relevant technology. JOICL established a working relationship with Fixed Flowers during rescue works on the anomalous copycat attacks following the Tokyo subway sarin gas attacks. Despite their base of operations being destroyed in the May 19th Incident, several of their members are still active. Under these circumstances, we began a collaborative effort to help humanity affair to the new normal.


Do not use this item to aid sleep continuously for 30 days or more. Doing so may lead to unexpected results. JOICL is not responsible for any harm caused by such misuse.

Researcher Comment

"Whether my eyes are open or closed, all I can see is the ocean and nothing but the ocean." "I hear the sound of waves ringing in my ears every hour of my life." I think we've heard enough of such comments. More than enough, in fact. If we keep on going like this, the mere existence of the ocean might be a greater threat than the fact that it is rising. We had to think of something to solve these problems. So we started collaborating with Fixed Flowers to make this product. It would be good enough if we could help even a single person, and our own researchers have benefited greatly from this. — Psychology Research Department, Oceanic Countermeasures Laboratory Head Fukamizu Sachi

≪About Dr. Fukamizu≫
2017 - Graduated from Hokkaido University and joined JOICL.
2018 - Assigned to the Psychology Research Department as an assistant researcher. Later promoted to a full researcher.
2019 - During investigation into an anomalous psychological disorder, JOICL established working relations with Fixed Flowers. Dr. Fukamizu was assigned to the liaison team.
2020 - At the time of the May 19th Incident, Dr. Fukamizu was on fieldwork in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Following the incident, he returned to Japan aboard the 12th East Asia Ark and established the Oceanic Countermeasures Laboratory.
2022 - Successful production of "Retrospective Dream". Became head of the Oceanic Countermeasures Laboratory.

Customer's Voice:

  • This year, I've really just been unable to sleep and it's getting worse. I really couldn't take it any more, so I searched online and found this product. I bought the first model, and the night the flowers bloomed I slept like a log all through the night. When I woke up, the sun was already high in the sky. This is the first time in years I've slept through the sunrise. Much thanks to this overseas company. — 55-year-old male, 2nd East Asia Ark
  • Bought K01-β. It's not because of any particular mental issue, I just wanted it for decoration. The flowers are well selected. I'm happy to finally see hyacinths after so long without seeing any of the usual flowers. — 23-year-old female, 1st Pacific Ark
  • I bought the hyacinth variety for my kids. They're still young, and I don't want them to forget the memories of the ground by the time they're all grown up. Now, I can tell them the old children's stories. The youngest one told me he dreamed of playing in the park and smelling the grass. What a great product! I suggest adding one that makes you dream of daytime in an open field, or more scenes of nature. I'm looking forward to it. — 30-year-old female, 3rd North Asia Ark
  • K02-α was a great help in writing my novels. It wonderfully brought me back to a world where there were still cities, especially the places I used to visit. — 37-year-old male, 9th East Asia Ark
  • I bought K02-α for my wife who was depressed and often wanted to drown herself. The blooming flowers made her very happy. The day after she first used it, she told me she'd dreamed about the old house we used to live in. In the dream, she cleaned up the house and made food. She uses it three times a week, and though she's stopped her meds, she's gotten a lot better after using it for a while. Now, even without the flowers, she doesn't dream of the sea. She told me lately she wants to go visit what little land is left. I'm glad to be able to see my wife smile again. Very grateful to the folks at JOICL. — 45-year-old male, 4th East Asia Ark



Overuse Warning
The product's mode of operation is based on conceptual replacement and memory recall theory. Long-term use may lead to severe side effects. If you have unknowingly used this product for a long period of time, or alongside psychiatric medication, and experienced unexpected side effects, immediately stop all psychiatric medication and contact your nearest psychological service as soon as possible. The situation will be explained by the local authorities.

Special reminder from the Greater China sales department: Customers from the 1st through 8th East Asia Arks (China Arks) should contact the base of the Anomalous Psychological Countermeasures 14th Floating Site on your vessel. They will be able to provide support.

Purchase Method Information Confirmation

Recently, there have been some misunderstandings about the process of ordering products from JOICL.

While it has been more than two years since the sea level rise incident, a complete monetary system has not yet been reestablished. As such, we are not accepting payment in standard currency. When such a system is successfully reestablished, a separate announcement will be made.

The numbers in the pricing table represent the number of biological sample units required. One unit is one healthy organism. This includes animals and plants you have raised or captured, as long as you can ensure that they are healthy. We will use these organisms to continue our research and development.

Do not give us money.

For personnel not aboard the 10th through 12th East Asia Arks (Japan Arks), please contact your local JOICL office.

Special reminder from the Greater China sales department: Customers from the 1st through 8th East Asia Arks (China Arks) should contact the "Renmaru-gō". The contact number can be found at JOICL's official website.

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