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First, we sincerely congratulate you on the assignment. I'm very happy that a promising person like you will succeed me.

Now, I'd like to give a brief description of the work, but it seems that you have a little lack of knowledge about this matter. Therefore, please read the material below first. In some places my comments have been inserted, so be sure to read them too. Think of this as a replacement handover report.

Item #: SCP-001-JP

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-JP is to be supervised by the O5 Council and must be continuously supplied with electricity for immediate use. Use of SCP-001-JP is only to be approved by a majority vote of O5 council members who are available for discussion. If no O5 council members are available to discuss, this report will be made available to all personnel, and all people will be allowed to use SCP-001-JP.

Description: SCP-001-JP is an anomalous electronic device that looks like a laptop computer. There is no product of the type that matches SCP-001-JP, but it does have basic input devices such as keyboard layout and power button like other laptops.

SCP-001-JP activates when the included outlet is connected to a power source. After startup, the monitor will display a balanced dot illustration of a balance scale, with two text entry boxes arranged vertically below the illustration.

In the upper text box you can enter text only when the balance scale is horizontal. When the character string is written in a language that the input user can understand and expresses a specific situation, object, or desire, a dot illustration that looks like a human hand appears from the upper left of the monitor and pushes the left side of the balance. As a result, the balance scale tilts to the left.

The lower text box is usually not enter able, but becomes available when the balance is tilted to the left. If you enter a character string that represents something in a language that the input user can understand, a large emoticon “:)” may be displayed in the center of the screen. In this case, the situation entered the upper text box is realized, the appearance of goods and fulfillment of the desire are brought about, and the existence entered the lower text box (hereinafter, affected) is affected by some negative effect. You. There is no function to enter multiple affected entities, but entering the name of a group affects all entities belonging to that group (hereinafter this event is simply referred to as “achievement of desire”). When the achievement of the desire occurs, the dot illustration shaped like a human hand disappears from the screen, the balance quickly tilts to the right, and then returns to a horizontal state in about a week.

Some information has been removed from this document. I deleted it. The deleted part is not understandable even if read, and it is meaningless to understand.

You may want to leave it up to your choice whether to read, but to do a better job more efficiently, it's important to omit the useless options beforehand. Please remember this firmly.

About “achievement of desire”: In order for fulfillment of a desire to occur, the affected entity must have an appropriate value on some scale for the desire typed in the upper text box. Although the “value-determining scale” and the “criteria considered appropriate” are not exactly known, one strong hypothesis states that the sum of the affected and / or affected sufferers / damages is: Significantly outweigh the benefits to the operator. “

The benefits of fulfilling the aspirations are written and predictable, but the damage to the affected entity is very difficult to predict. This damage was not completely random, instead of a desire, for example, the desire to “repair dysphoria” affected 15 D-class personnel designated as affected. “pheasant dove(Streptopelia orientalis) emerges through the vocal cords.”

Use of SCP-001-JP will cause unpredictable damage as described above, and may involve the emergence of new anomalies. In fact, Site-██ was catastrophically damaged by the desire to “move a single person 50 meters.“ These results indicate that the use of SCP-001-JP is to be limited only in emergencies and to be closely monitored. The history of the last five uses of SCP-001-JP will be automatically added to this document.

You may have doubts about several things. Why did I hide this takeover document in such a confusing place? Why did you imitate such a treasure hunt? But this makes sense. Before reading this hand-over document, you would have read several reports, where you would know how the “Foundation” personnel had struggled to protect the world. This is very important knowledge.
Now, the next sentence I read is different from the previous report. This is an excerpt from a message sent to all personnel of the “Fund” one day, but omits unnecessary parts by the way of example. If you don't read this, you won't understand the rest of the report, so be sure to understand what happened.


Notification to all staffs. A series of containment breaches, beginning with SCP-███-JP's containment breach, have spread throughout the country and have been deemed impossible to recover. Due to the plurality of objects that are in violation of containment, it is predicted that all objects will come out of containment. Thus, the O5 Council declares the occurrence of a UK-class scenario(Unclassified K-Class Scenario)with this notice.
The decision-making power at each facility is fully delegated to each facility site director. In addition, any information will be declassified at this time. Individuals responsible for each Thaumiel object should execute their own protocol to end the situation.
Notify all staff again. Mankind is in danger of extinction. We must be a shield, a light that illuminates the darkness. Now is the time to burn your life and save the world. Even if the body and the soul are destroyed, our male figure will be told forever. Thank you for your cooperation. Secure, contain, protect.

Oh, was it a story you already knew? Well it would be so. Everyone learns at school. or maybe not anymore. You probably know best about that. Now you may have realized that I am about to tell you. The next part is the last part of the report.

Usage history(Auto updating)
Date: 19██/█/█
Upper text box: Disappearance of all anomalies
Lower text box: D-Class
Details: None

Date: 19██/█/█
Upper text box: Disappearance of all anomalies
Lower text box: All Contained criminals
Details: None

Date: 19██/█/█
Upper text box: Disappearance of all anomalies
Lower text box: All the Foundation's economic resources
Details: :(

Date: 19██/█/█
Upper text box: Disappearance of all anomalies
Lower text box: O5
Details: :-P

Date: 19██/█/█
Upper text box: Disappearance of all anomalies
Lower text box: All Foundation personnel
Details: :)

Well, this is it. this how “they" got born. you know of so.
There is no evidence to prove that they have saved the world, except in the heads of them, this database, and some great men who knew the secret. Because They have really erased the anomaly. Except for themselves.
By the way, you may know the facilities about “they,” that is, the “foundation,” which exist in various places, but do not know what is going on in them. Here's a short report for you.

It was terrible. They wandered around the facility, performing, “as usual” duties. They dress in tight equipment and enter a tightly locked room—even though the room is empty.
At one point, one of them in the room suddenly moaned. He hit his body many times against the wall, shouting his throat, biting his finger, digging his eyes and falling. But there was nothing they called, “anomaly.” He was killed by imaginary anomalies that existed only in their heads.
His body was taken to the mortuary. But soon he escaped from the mortuary as if nothing had happened. The torn eyes and torn fingers were also restored. He then began trained as a separate “new employee.” Then beside him, his colleagues, before dying, were weeping at his death──
They are repeating all the time. Hell of their daily life, with a body that does not rot. And that suffering may last forever. Even now, fancy monsters continue to be added to their database as real existence to hurt them. From with their hands──

With the will of the United Nations and nations, the existence of the Foundation was publicized to the world. Announcement of the Foundation's existence is no longer harmful. Because there can be no other than them, such as unusual beings.

Thus, countries have taken steps to protect them. As you can see from the report above, they are almost immortal. In addition, you cannot leave the facility. However, it has the feeling of a normal human being. For example, if they determine that they have not eaten for a long time, they will suffer severe hunger and suffer. And die. When he dies, he wakes up again, is re-employed as a new employee, and starves again. The same goes for other equipment. If the equipment is malfunctioning, the fantasy monster escapes, and the personnel suffer, die, and resurrect. Repeat it endlessly. That is why, to show respect for the heroes, nations have maintained facilities and provided supplies to them, referred to as protection.

The problem was that this aid was quite expensive.

The government of ██、Denies the Foundation

President████ of ██,claims that the “SCP Foundation” once existed and saved the world from paranormal beings, “without any grounds, a kind of religion or superstition,” and declared the destruction of all “SCP Foundation” facilities. In response, criticized statements have been received from various countries, but some of them have agreed.
At ██,Demonstration campaigns accusing the “SCP Foundation” of assistance are gaining momentum, especially among young people. Participants of the protest at square██ insisted that they should “fund the money to the younger generation is better then does crazy groups.”

Do you think it's barbaric? I guess so. That's why you've been selected for this job.

By the way, you may have been worried about what kind of work you are going to take. What a job is easy. From this page, you can see the demands for supplies have made (they should think you are a member of the Foundation's accounting department). Then choose “Approve” if you want to supply the goods, otherwise choose, “Reject.” If you choose to approve, the request will reach the top and will be considered further. If you get an OK then you will be paid, and vice versa you just change “approved” to “rejected.“

Really solid system right? At least you can be proud that your country pays tribute to the “foundation,” the so-called gold maggot hero, and continues to provide appropriate support after careful discussion. I am proud of it. When I started this job, I was seriously annoyed and selected the supplies needed for them.

Well, I think there is an application just arrived there. Let's do the actual work here.

    • _

    ▶ Choose Approve or Reject。

    Apply for supplies

    Applicant: Site Director Kurota

    Application article:

    • food(include water)
    • medical supplies

    Has this application arrived? This site is currently catastrophic due to a lack of supplies. Several objects have breached containment and hunger and anxiety are rampant. Miraculously, the object is still contained within the facility, but many employees are killed on a daily basis. Earlier, the Deputy Director fell in front of me. Dehydration. We do not have enough water or food to live. If you have received this request, request a quick rescue and supply. This place is hell. please, Why does this happen to us.


    It is not equipment failure. The only button, you need to press is, “Reject.” That's exactly what I said first. “It's important to eliminate unnecessary options in advance.” I tried a lot. But it's useless. All approved applications are played above. So, I omitted it. That way you don't have to get lost. I'm not wrong I have no choice. The balance scales are gone.

    Apologize for the first irony. You are not a “promising human resource.” This place is a graveyard. It's a trash bin for unnecessary people. Hello, troublesome newcomer And welcome. This place is, “hell” to.


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