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In this world

Humanity had nothing but their intelligence
They cautiously explored what was around them
And discovered that what lay below their feet
Was far more dangerous than they imagined

But they used their intelligence
Lit their torches
Fabricated tools
Brought thunder down from the clouds
And conquered the world in the name of

They hid dangers and powers beyond imagination
In the name of normalcy
Calling them anomalous
Calling them thaumaturgy

In the autonomous region called Hong Kong
It saw its thaumaturgical self on the other side

Humanity was born from the embers of the gods
They gained favors handed down from their gods
And a divine talent
That they could use as they pleased

And so they used this power
Illuminated the darkest nights
Rebuilt their civilization
Built themselves up
And stood on their earth in the name of
"divine energy"

They unearthed dangers and powers
From what was left behind by the gods
Calling them anomalous
Calling them magic

On the islands known as Hong Gong
It saw its magical self on the other side

And in a city known as Hong Shing

They met


One city, two phases, three faces.
Hong Kong - Hong Shing - Hong Gong

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