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– REM.aic


The following file is Level [Inapplicable]/ZH-001-EX classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


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    Welcome home, Dr. [Remnant - Judas].

    Item #: SCP-ZH-001-EX Level -/ZH-001-EX
    Object Class: Explained Explained

    Special Containment Procedures: The Cantor Procedure was carried out by the Department of Propagation: algorithms are utilized to spread memetics-treated scientific papers about Cantor's Diagonal Argument and Rejection of Laplace's Demon, written by undercover computer scientist David Wolpert and mathematician Rukavicka Josef, or their multimedia forms on the Internet, with every user viewing at least once. Web crawlers are to search for any IPs of those believing or knowing SCP-ZH-001 is true, and send general amnestic media to the according devices, in order to insure the disbelief of SCP-ZH-001 outside the veil.
    SCP-ZH-001-EX does not require containment.


    Secretary Jon-Paul Ventura and SCP-ZH-001-EX-A of its assembly. 06/08/2004

    Description: SCP-ZH-001-EX is "Démon de Laplace", a hypothesis based on determinism which was first mentioned in A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities by Pierre Simon Laplace in 1814 (see Addendum ZH-001-EX-1). In 2001, the hypothesis of SCP-ZH-001-EX was proven to be true by cross-functional senior researcher Kislorod Garvey and his team.

    According to SCP-ZH-001-EX, the following conclusion can be said: all events in the past, present, and future are determined and unchangeable. Since the result infers contradicts voluntarism, which is widely believed by civilians outside the veil, the Cantor Procedure was carried out by the Department of Propagation on 05/23/2002 to prevent the IK class "Information Breakdown" scenario. On account of the XK-Alpha class "Scorched Earth" scenario taking place in the year 2023, the Cantor Procedure is invalid due to the unserviceable Internet.

    SCP-ZH-001-EX-A is the collective appellation of two quantum calculators (referred to as SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 and SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2). They are two quantum measurers and calculators produced by the Foundation. The appearances, sizes, and internal structures of the two are identical, with sizes of 9m * 5m * 3m and cases made of black-plated titanium alloy and tempered glass. The internal transmission component consists of single-photon avalanche diodes, which serve as a resonance measurer, and 264 split, non-self spin, and neutral π mesons. The only difference is that SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2 is connected to an external quantum data receiver. SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 and an external energy receiver are installed on Project IMMOLARI "Absolute Exclusion Unmanned Space Station," which was escorted by MTF-Lambda-99 ("Entropy Flamen") to the parallel universe "Universe 25" on 10/11/2005. Regular maintenance of SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 is remotely conducted by Neviim.aic. SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2 is preserved in Site-76 subsurface B247 server room, managed and used by the Department of Precognition. To apply for using SCP-ZH-001-EX-A, the application is to be submitted through SCiPnet to the Department of Precognition (tni.pcs.67etis|pednoitingocerp#tni.pcs.67etis|pednoitingocerp) 7 work days prior.

    SCP-ZH-001-EX-A application form1

    SCP-ZH-001-EX-B is the collective appellation of multiple consciousness carriers. Subjects are a series of SV-WWIII (SV-W3) electric biomimicry consciousness carriers co-developed and co-manufactured by the SCP Foundation and the Church of the Broken God (GOI-004) under the Secundus-Ventus Project. It went under development on 04/07/2020 and was officially put into use on 09/02/2023. B-class or above personnel are each issued one SCP-ZH-001-EX-B as a reaction plan to doomsday scenarios. Each facility is assigned one technician from the Church of the Broken God to assist personnel in changing bodies. Prior to the XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario on 23/10/2023, 00:03 EST, there had been 49327 SCP-ZH-001-EX-B manufactured, and 46811 of them successfully activated and registered to the MASTER main server. A standard SCP-ZH-001-EX-B consists of a head, neck, body, and four limbs, with a height of 174 centimetres and a weight of 141.5 kilograms. The subject possesses 100 meters of water-proofing and a backup solar power system. The head of the subject is a 4:3 15-inch (38.1 centimetres) CRT monitor, with a dual-lens, high-definition camera embedded on top. Two microphones are installed on the sides of the head. The back is a socket for charging and transmission cables connected to MASTER. The monitor can display text and images. The size of the neck, body, and limbs are consistent with that of a standard human male (Homo sapiens), made mainly from steel, rubber, copper, noble metals, and silver protective lacquer. Before the activation of SCP-ZH-001-EX-B, the transmission cables must be connected to MASTER of the corresponding facility2 to ensure the carriers operate as intended, or else enter safety idle mode.

    We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future. An intellect which at a certain moment would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed, if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom; for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes.
    (Original Text) Nous devons donc envisager l'état présent de l'univers, comme l'effet de son état antérieur, et comme la cause de celui qui va suivre. Une intelligence qui pour un instant donné, connaîtrait toutes les forces dont la Nature est animée, et la situation respective des êtres qui la composent, si d'ailleurs elle était assez vaste pour soumettre ces données à l'Analyse, embrasserait dans la même formule, les mouvements des plus grands corps de l'univers et ceux du plus léger atome : rien ne serait incertain pour elle, et l'avenir comme le présent serait présent à ses yeux.

    – Pierre Simon Laplace, A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities

    "If one believes in causality, their subconsciousness will inevitably rely on SCP-ZH-001-EX." – Engineering researcher Kislorod Garvey, person in charge of SCP-ZH-001-EX, 03/06/2003

    The following is an excerpt from the academic article The Universe Is A Calculator, published by the Department of Essophysics and the Department of Extratemporal Studies on SCiPnet.
    Click to view original article

    The Universe Is A Calculator

    the Department of Essophysics and the Department of Extratemporal Studies


    Since the establishment of the Department of Essophysics and the Department of Extratemporal Studies, the two departments have always been passionate about the topic of anomalous physical phenomenons in other timelines and dimensions… [4 paragraphs of unrelated content omitted]

    Therefore, according to the theorem above, we have proven the concept imagined by Pierre Simon Laplace: Laplace's Demon does indeed exist. A scientific theory from 200 years ago being proven true today is outlandish, and yet… [1 paragraph of unrelated content omitted]

    Since the birth of the universe 13.8 billion years ago, and until its own destruction, everything is definite – decided at the instant of its birth. Once we reach the time when every data and future movement is in our hands, predicting and calculating the future in the short-term – or even the long-term will be as easy as us predicting the weather nowadays. The base universe we are currently in has adequate time for Laplace's Demon to calculate 10120 bytes of the future of this universe.

    What we, the Foundation, need is a carrier that can hold Laplace's Demon.

    But due to the "infinitely recurring" state mentioned above (paragraph 4), we need to turn our view to the universes. Luckily, through the PRIMAS gravity wave detection project by the Department of Extratemporal Studies, we have discovered a type 1 parallel universe extremely similar to this base universe: "Universe 253"… [2 paragraphs of unrelated content omitted]

    Now, once the Accounting Department approves, the Department of Essophysics and the Department of Extratemporal Studies will work with the Department of Trans-Dimensional Development and Discovery according to the plan, booting up Project IMMOLARI, which is set to formally initiate in 2008. To put the plan simply:
    (1) Construct two corresponding quantum observers4
    (2) Utilize the anomalous effect of SCP-507 to transfer one activated quantum observer5 to Universe 25
    (3) Collect all the information of this base universe with SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2, send the information to SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 in Universe 25 through quantum entanglement; have SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 calculate using the energy of Universe 25, eventually, send the result back to SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2.
    (4) Foundation achieves prediction of the future.

    [2 paragraphs of unrelated content omitted]

    SCP-ZH-001-EX-A activation test #1

    Project IMMOLARI-Test-01

    Experiment Objective: Testing if data can be transmitted between ZH-001-EX-A-1 and ZH-001-EX-A-2
    Test Subject: SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 and SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2
    Date: 20/8/2004
    Location: Area-33

    Result: Data successfully observed. Quantum states are correct.
    Details: N/A

    SCP-ZH-001-EX-A activation test #2

    Project IMMOLARI-Test-02

    Experiment Objective: Testing if ZH-001-EX-A-1 and ZH-001-EX-A-2 can collect information and calculate
    Test Subject: SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 and SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2
    Date: 20/8/2004
    Location: Area-33

    Result: Collection successful. Calculation successful.
    Details: SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2 collected data from the Project IMMOLARI particle state receiver in Site-15. Quantum entanglement had the state of electrons displayed on positrons transmitted to SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 in Area-33. SCP-ZH-001-EX-A observer successfully recorded the state of positrons. By connecting to the nuclear fusion reactor in Area-33, SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 obtained sufficient energy. It took 3 minutes and 16 seconds (196 seconds) to calculate the state of Site-15 storage room roughly 16 hours later (57,482 seconds) and loaded the result on positrons. Quantum entanglement had the state of positrons displayed on electrons transmitted to SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2 in Area-33. SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2 converted the result to readable data and displayed the state of every instance in Site-15 storage room 16 hours later on an external monitor.

    SCP-ZH-001-EX-A activation test #3

    Project IMMOLARI-Test-03

    Experiment Objective: Verifying the calculation of ZH-001-EX-A
    Test Subject: SCP-ZH-001-EX-A
    Date: 21/8/2004
    Location: Site-15

    Result: Calculation correct.
    Details: In accordance to the last experiment, on 20/08/2004, SCP-ZH-001-EX-A calculated that at 21/08/2004 09:57:12, Dr. ██████ will hold batteries marked "backup batteries of SCP-079" and two 120VAC wires at the east-side storage room A5 in the fourth floor of Site-15. His motion was goose-stepping out of the room.

    After reviewing the CCTV of storage room A5 on 21/08/2004, it is determined that the calculation of SCP-ZH-001-EX-A this time has no errors. Therefore, it can be suggested that the calculations of SCP-ZH-001-EX-A are reliable.

    SCP-ZH-001-EX-A activation test #22

    Project IMMOLARI-Test-22

    Experiment Objective: Testing whether SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2 is compatible with Neviim.aic
    Test Subject: SCP-ZH-001-EX-A
    Date: 17/04/2006

    Result: SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-2 is compatible with Neviim.aic.
    Details: After Senior researcher Kislorod Garvey applied for a dedicated artificial intelligence for the Division of Precognition from the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD), Neviim.aic was received on 13/04/2006. Neviim.aic will serve as the personality of SCP-ZH-001-EX-A, as well as be utilized in processing SCP-ZH-001-EX-A applications, translating calculation results to more human languages, and making SCP-ZH-001-EX-A-1 in Universe #25 easier to control.

    Name Type Description Display
    Neviim.aic ("Neviim") Type IV Positive Consistent Strong Artificial Intelligence (Gen III) Developed with Glacon.aic as a template in 2006, finalised in 2006. Neviim.aic has displayed strong memory, logical thinking, high learning capabilities, and the ability to mimic advanced human emotions to a small degree. SYyhdVQ.png

    The following is a transcript of Neviim.aic interacting with the Department of Precognition for the first time.

    Participants: Kislorod Garvey, Dept. of Precognition Director; Jon-Paul Ventura, Dept. of Precognition Secretary; Glacon.aic, AIAD Artificial Intelligence; Neviim.aic, Dept. of Precognition Artificial Intelligence

    Foreword: The Department of Precognition received Neviim.aic, built for SCP-ZH-001-A by AIAD. The following is the interaction during activation and the connection of Neviim.aic to SCP-ZH-001-A-2.

    <Start log, 13:10 13/4/2006>

    Garvey: – Is that started?

    Ventura: Yes. Don't mind me asking, but am I really needed here?

    Garvey: Of course. This is the very moment, we, the Department of Precognition obtain its first aic. Isn't it ought to be recorded? Everybody should come and see.

    [Short pause, sounds of lips pursing.]

    Garvey: Anything… everything's existence has a meaning. There's no reason to not record it. Collecting and inducting all information forms the big data, allowing us to observe the present, even predicting the future… Besides, if a bug occurred during the bootup of Neviim, we can use this to prove that it's no responsibility of ours.

    Ventura: Uhm. Of course, director Garvey.

    Glacon.aic: Alright. 30 seconds until Neviim.aic goes online…

    [28 seconds of silence.]

    [Sound effect of starting up.]

    Neviim.aic: Hello world.

    [Faint gasping, source unknown.]

    Neviim.aic: Hello? World?

    Garvey: Oh, hmm. Good evening, Neviim. From now on, you're part of the Department of Precognition. Welcome to the family.

    Neviim.aic: Heh heh. Thank you. You must be director Garvey. It is a pleasure to meet you.

    Garvey: I am. Let me che– [cough] check… "Neviim.aic." Emm, level two clearance, 3rd generation strong artificial intelligence, version 1.0. Mm, obviously. I look forward to your performance. Let's get started, we'll begin connecting to Unit-02.6

    [17 minutes of chatting, keyboard and mouse clicking omitted.]

    Neviim.aic: Connection completed.

    Glacon.aic: Synchronization rate achieving 86… 87… 88%…

    Garvey: 88? Come on… 1% more, please? 88…

    Glacon.aic: Director, unfortunately, it seems 88% would be the limit. In this condition, the time needed to read the data would increase by 14%. I shall send this deviation back to AIAD right now. We will have Neviim.aic fixed and improved as soon as possible.

    Garvey: Thank you. Are you feeling alright, Neviim?

    Neviim.aic: I can smell the importance of my work. Despite the pressure, the feeling of responsibility should be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment in no time. I am in such a delighted mood to anticipate the coming duties!

    Garvey: Fantastic! Ventura, the first thing on our list is? - After our aic officially connects to the computer?

    Ventura: Test 23, director Garvey – Calculation, interpretation and verification test.

    Garvey: Let's go! Chop-chop!

    <End log, 13:29 13/4/2006>

    Endnote: Neviim's language capabilities are perfect. Besides converting data to easy-to-read human language, we should utilize it in translating documents… Maybe we can try having her translate this document into various languages and send them to different branches; of course, we need approval from the O5 first. – Director Garvey

    Despite the fact that in test 22, Neviim.aic's performance was not ideal, Glacon.aic has been authorized by director Garvey to spontaneously send the data of this experiment to AIAD as the base of improvements for Neviim.aic. Neviim.aic has shown great understanding and inducting abilities. Test 23 will initiate 30 minutes after this test ends. – Secretary Ventura

    Dr. [Remnant] Hello, this is Neviim.aic. You are now viewing:
    All SCP-ZH-001-EX-A applications since the Department of Precognition has been founded.

    Application Number Date Applicant Goal Detail (PDF file) Accepted or not
    0 17/09/2007 All of Dept. of Precognition Predict if the Dept. of Precognition is still active after 10 years First time! Y
    1 13/12/2007 O5 Council [Sensitive information. Deleted permanently] [Sensitive information. Deleted permanently] Y
    2 05/01/2008 Dr. Gears Predict if SCP-882 would be neutralized if its volume was shred down 05/01 application for SCP-ZH-001-EX-A – Dr. Gears Y
    [261 rows omitted]
    264 01/01/2020 President Donald John Trump Predict the physical conditions of the President and his family at the end of 2020 Foundation: I heard you guys can predict the future through some meta-physical means. . . Y
    265 01/01/2020 O5 Council Predict the physical conditions of the O5 council at the end of 2020 (None) N7
    [37 rows omitted]
    303 03/06/2021 Dr. Kislorod Garvey Predict five years into the future to determine the goal for the next five-year plan.8 Personal reasons Y
    [941 rows omitted]

    The following is the conversation between director Kislorod Garvey and the O5 Council, transcribed by secretary Jon-Paul Ventura.

    Participants: All members of the O5 council; Kislorod Garvey, Dept. of Precognition Director; Jon-Paul Ventura, Dept. of Precognition Secretary

    Foreword: On 01/01/2020, director Kislorod Garvey, in the representation of the Department of Precognition, refused the O5 Council's order of using SCP-ZH-001-EX-A. Hence, the O5 council summoned Kislorod Garvey to an online meeting at 15:50 that day.

    <Start log, 15:52 1/1/2020>

    O5-6: Dr. Garvey, you are fully aware of why you're here, aren't you?

    Garvey: Ye — Yes. 'Cause I turned down the council's order.

    O5-2: … The point is, you agreed to the President's application but not our order? Know who it is that you truly serve!

    O5-6: Does the life of that bastard matter more than ours!?

    O5-2: Whatever. We need that information. It's not like I enjoy scolding you… Despite being in the peace era, we still need 001's accurate predictions to prepare for the coming year. I want every byte collected by every fucking observation site sent to me. I am going to inspect them myself.

    O5-1: Chill, Two. Let's listen to what he has to say. I'm confident in his decision.

    [9 seconds of silence.]

    Garvey: [Deep breath] O5s, please allow me to ask you a question. Do you wish the future and the path to it are determined?

    O5-12: Hah. Interesting. The existence of Laplace's Demon, 001 itself, is the invisible hand of Nomological Determinism. It has already flipped us off and shouted: "Fuck free will," no?

    Garvey: Yes, Twelve. Through the past 260 and more experiments, we discovered that SCP-ZH-001-EX-A can predict the future correctly every time, and these facts do makeup Nomological Determinism… However! We also discovered that we cannot be sure if the future that had been unobserved by Laplace's Demon is unchangeable later. The Laplace's Demon that we utilise is not omniscient nor omnipotent, as there are 96% of the universe yet to be observed. We are also unable to observe all of the 4% uninterrupted at the same time. This is the flaw of Laplace's Demon, which is the flaw of 001-A… Something on your mind? Eight –

    O5-8: I see. The state of 001-A is similar to mine. I can affirm something must be true to you – but that must be what I have known or witnessed. I cannot predict things I have not touched upon, just like I cannot tell you if the Large and the Small Magellanic Clouds will merge 135 years later… Is that so?

    Garvey: Dah, you are so right! Therefore, we can come up with a hypothesis: "The unobserved future is changeable with free will."

    O5-10: Woof! [O5-10's video feed shows a note written with English phrases.]

    So you believe: If the outcome was bad, we are completely unable to stop it from happening.

    Garvey: True! In this situation, the predicted tragedy will inevitably happen. The only thing we can do while waiting for it to occur is "to wait" itself… And come up with ideas of how to clean up the mess afterwards.

    O5-3: You… Have considered a lot for us.

    O5-12: Ha. So it is fine with that bastard's destiny being unchangeable –

    Garvey: Ah…

    O5-1: Alto, stop.

    O5-7: You're lucky. We were just about to vote on dismissing you when you refused our order. Looks like One's decision then wasn't wrong. [Smiles] Poaching you from the Soviet Union is one of the best decisions One has ever made. Go ahead, lad, keep predicting others' destinies.

    <End log, 16:04 1/1/2020>

    Endnote: After the online meeting ended, the O5 council released a discontinued council vote summary.

    O5-02 O5-01
    O5-06 O5-08


    The following are email contacts between President Donald John Trump and the Department of Precognition.

    Sender: o5-01@overwatch.scp.int
    Receiver: kislorod_garvey1961@scp.int
    Subject: Well done!
    Date: 27/06/2020

    To Garvey:

    You know what? 15 minutes prior to writing this email, the number of COVID-19 cases around the globe had just exceeded ten million. None in the Foundation were infected. This is news worthy of celebration. Why can we get this thankful "0" on our numbers? Because the Foundation has taken preventive measures since the year started, and from there, a secure environment was born. It is all thanks to your vigilance and the effort of everyone in the Department of Precognition.

    You are worthy of a reward. This is not a formal notice, but I think I should say this: the Council approves of your courage to go against the Council. You had taken the interest of the Council into account rather than blindly following our orders. Therefore, I am currently considering how to commend you. If you wish to have a bonus salary, feel free to ask.

    Secure. Contain. Protect.

    Sender: kislorod_garvey1961@scp.int
    Receiver: o5-01@overwatch.scp.int
    Subject: Re: Well done!
    Date: 28/06/2020

    If that's the case, One… It's not too far if I apply for the Foundation Star, right?

    Secure. Contain. Protect.

    Sender: o5-01@overwatch.scp.int
    Receiver: kislorod_garvey1961@scp.int
    Subject: Can't Help
    Date: 28/06/2020


    You need to understand. Under normal circumstances, the Foundation Star is only given to D-class personnel who heroically gave up their life…

    They are tools.
    You are a person.
    You are not the same.

    Secure. Contain. Protect.

    Sender: kislorod_garvey1961@scp.int
    Receiver: o5-01@overwatch.scp.int
    Subject: Re: Can't Help
    Date: 28/06/2020


    Secure. Contain. Protect.


    Garvey: Neviim… You think should I predict my own future not?

    Neviim.aic: If you ask me, please adjust my clearance. Current setting: this aic cannot have subjective opinions on this topic.

    Garvey: I see.

    Neviim.aic: I think you should find other humans for comfort, doctor. It has been 4 hours since you are off duty.

    Garvey: Doesn't matter. Couches, here… I just want your company. People that really live and people that really breathe… Are… They make me fear. I want to avoid them. Isolation makes inner peace.

    Neviim.aic: Allow me to say so: I believe the only difference between human beings and me is our forms of existence. In your heart, am I not the same as real humans?

    Garvey: [Sigh] Don't push for an answer like that, ugh, oof…


    Garvey: … My Neviim, of course, you aren't any inferior to humans. You're most important to me for now and forev… nevermind.

    Neviim.aic: Should I feel honoured, doctor? Or do you think of me as a tool? To use me to achieve your goals –

    Garvey: You

    Neviim.aic: Either way, it's fine, doctor. Of course, I am a tool: I am born an aic – This is a fact that will never change. But you are a person. This is how a person should be.

    Garvey: … I… If being a person means this, I'd rather not be one. I'd rather not live.

    Neviim.aic: Being a person but willing to be a tool to be remembered is no good, doctor. The meaning of life is not merely working for the higher-ups. If that is the case, the reason you are remembered is that you are being used – If you can be as easy to be replaced by others like a handful tool, your value and you yourself will die away as well.

    Garvey: Maybe you're right… Hmm… [Sigh]


    Neviim.aic: D-class can indeed obtain the honour of the Foundation Star, only because they sacrificed their lives to serve as tools. As they gain this honour, they no longer exist. They are just replaced by someone else. Why go through all this, doctor? I believe you don't have to be fixated on being "remembered." You always think that you have to be "the best" and "perfect," longing for recognition… but I think in the end, you have to recognize yourself to… Doctor?

    Garvey: No, I'm not crying. Keep going.

    Neviim.aic: Doctor, according to my calculations, I believe if you really were to live as a tool, you will be an excellent tool… But do you truly wish to live like that? Living no different than a D-class?

    Garvey: [Noise]

    Neviim.aic: [Noise] If that's the case, how about [Noise]

    Garvey: [Noise]

    Neviim.aic: [Noise] As long as I am "Neviim.aic," this conversation will not [Noise]

    Garvey: [Noise]… I lov– [Noise]

    Neviim.aic: [Noise] I [Noise]


    Diary Entry 001-KG-1053


    Diary Entry 001-KG-1054

    I'm a person
    Not a tool.

    Diary Entry 001-KG-1055

    But she said I can be an excellent tool.

    Diary Entry 001-KG-1056

    Agh. No. She also said she… me. The same as TARS – No. All these years, she won't forcefully interfere in subjects related to work. Not even lie to me. Then, what does that mean? Damn.

    She's just an aic. Just an aic.9
    Men and tools, are they really incompatible? Don't want me to be a tool, then if it's fine for me to be a more useful person, right?

    Diary Entry 001-KG-1057

    Proposal – "Five-Year Plan"

    How can I predict the road ahead without interfering with the future of the Foundation… ?

    Five-Year Plan (2021-2026) summary – First draft


    The globe is currently experiencing a severe economic impact and an intense political state. With China publicly challenging peace, the Foundation cannot give up the Veil. Therefore, the Foundation and friendly GOIs must be more aware of exposure in the following years in order to protect the human race in the dark, as well as the developing future of the Foundation. The plan's mechanism will be widely used across branches in America, but the system does not utilize planning tools established by the Foundation in the year 1835. It is based on future predictions for innovation and transformation to ensure our response to all major events in the future is more precise. All to ensure the sustainability of the Foundation.

    • Maintain stability
    • Focus on sustainable development as the main objective
    • Maintain partnerships with GOIs and advance technology
    • Improve the willpower of researchers and task force members as the starting point
    • Focus on the development of the economy and funding countries

    Like this?

    … I still can't get rid of this nationalism deep inside me. Writing a document is so difficult, such painful… Other researchers are that much excellent. Look at me. What I wrote is basically – TRASH. Can the likes of my documents even stay in the Foundation database? It'd get deleted sooner or later anyways…

    … Think, Кислород, think. I should calculate something related to the Foundation that won't directly endanger it. I hate myself. I hate communism. I hate the CCP… How about its chairman Xi? How about I calculate his destiny?… Mm… No. I can't. I can't bet on this.

    Diary Entry 001-KG-1058


    Diary Entry 001-KG-1059

    No. It can't be.

    Diary Entry 001-KG-1060

    How do I open up? I… I don't want to be punished. My body is trembling, I
    I it'll be fine… Keep breathing…

    Five-Year Plan (2021-2026) summary – First draft v1.1


    The globe is currently experiencing a severe economic impact and an intense political state. With China publicly challenging peace, the Foundation cannot give up the Veil. Therefore, the Foundation and friendly GOIs must be more aware of exposure in the following years, in order to protect the human race in the dark, as well as the developing future of the Foundation. The plan's mechanism will be widely used across branches in America, but the system does not utilize planning tools established by the Foundation in the year 1835. It is based on future predictions for innovation and transformation, to ensure our response to all major events in the future is more precise. All to ensure the sustainability of the Foundation.
    According to the calculation of SCP-ZH-001-EX-A, by the year 2024, each Foundation site above ground has directly faced an XK-Alpha class "Scorched Earth" scenario. Two and a half years of time until its occurrence would be an optimistic estimation. All Foundation branches should take comprehensive measures and face this tragedy steadily.


    * Maintain stability
    * Focus on sustainable development as the main objective
    * Maintain partnerships with GOIs and advancing technology
    * improve the willpower of researchers and task force members as the starting point
    * Focus on the development of the economy and funding countries

    … Mother, father… Am I doing the right?10111213

    … Right?1415


    1. Trading and Partnership Contract

    This trading and partnership contract (referred to as "this contract") is made between the SCP Foundation (the "Party A") and the Church of the Broken God (the "Party B").

    Both parties have reached a consensus on trading matters and agreed to the following terms:

    1.1. Partnership

    According to the terms of this contract, Party A will release and return certain SCPs to trade for knowledge and products of the newest consciousness carriers, which Party B owns and also agree to cooperate in development. Upon signing, this contract will be effective for the following 60 months.

    As this contract is in effect, Party B is to discuss with Party A the development of consciousness carriers at all times, as well as bear the responsibility together.

    1.2. Outcome

    The objective of the partnership between Party A and B is to develop consciousness carriers. They will serve as backup bodies for important Foundation personnel in case of the occurrence of disastrous events. Its specifications may be discussed later between both parties.

    1.3. Duties

    As this contract is in effect, Party B is to be professional and dedicated to working with Party A.

    During the partnership, Party B is to be fully aware of and follow the relevant regulations.

    As this contract is in effect, Party B is to fully understand and follow all policies, laws, and regulations promulgated by Party A. This includes, but is not limited to work rules, code of conduct, uncorruption policies etc.

    Party A agrees to let Party B use manufacturing equipment for development and other legal uses.

    1.4. Dividing Sales

    Since Party A and B cooperate according to this contract, Party A agrees to return SCP-1037, SCP-882, and SCP-2217 to Party B. They will be returned within 7 days when total production reaches 45%, 80%, and 100%, respectively.

    1.5. Intellectual Property Rights

    During the partnership with Party A, Party B agrees that all IPRs of any inventions completed or designed belong to Party A.

    Party B is to inform Party A of every invention and improvement they discover at all times. The inventions and improvements are owned by Party A, and no additional fee is required.

    1.6. Confidentiality

    During and after the end of the partnership, secrets that Party B obtains during the partnership (referred to as "secrets") cannot be:

    • Revealed to anyone (with the exception of authorization from Party A);
    • Allowed for copying through any medium by anyone
    • Undergo unauthorized revealing.
    1.7. Termination

    This contract may be terminated at any time if both parties agree.

    Party A may terminate this contract instantly if Party B violates the terms of this contract or regulations promulgated by Party A; or if Party B had major negligence during the partnership.

    1.8. Addendum

    Unfinished matters in this contract may be edited in written form or through alterations in regulations under the agreement of both parties.

    If the terms of this contract are partially invalid or inexecutable, it does not affect the potency of other terms.
    (001-A-p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d-i-s-Sacrifice to Continue to Protect)
    In witness whereof, both Party A and B sign two copies of this contract, and will each receive one copy respectively.

    Party A Party B
    The SCP Foundation The Church of the Broken God
    Representative (Signature): FNEhHpC.png Representative (Signature): UnFchaQ.png
    Date: July 4th, 2020

    Vocal Diary Entry001-KG-1063

    [Gasp][Sigh]… Neviim, hear me out. The O5s, they're finally – Gone nut, aren't they? They say that they're trading with the Church of the Broken God. Think about it, think, does it make any sense? Oh my Mighty, they, they're – [Sigh] Didn't I write a report earlier? The world is ending. After the O5s took a look at that report, they said they were going to expand underground for all facilities in every nuclear strike zone. To put it nicely, something called Project Castelinlin16Castellum – I'm not saying it is bad, since if we tried to migrate sites speculated to be struck, it would take more than a year or two. We can only modify them. But – What is up with THAT mechanical body project?

    [71 seconds of silence.]

    Shit, you know what? Why would I know about this damn secret? Because I was chosen to be the first one to try it out in our department. To put it more precisely, it was One who told me this. He said I am important, so I undoubtedly cannot die that easily. I'd at least have to be the last one to die in our department. I've had enough of this. Living under the shadow of nuclear threats once is already enough for one life… Anyways, after finishing with the sample, I am changing to a mechanical body. This… Can't be helped. I've lived in this terrible world for 59 winters, and the longest winter is about to come…

    [24 seconds of silence.]

    With Project Casellum and Project Secundus-Ventus working simultaneously, we are basically buried 6… No, 6000 feets17 underground. Is this our future? Everyone will be buried thousands of feet below, willing to let our work blind us and wait for this disaster to pass. The gears of the world are spinning, and this time, the Foundation cannot turn it around – After losing resources around the globe, we may even be unable to save ourselves… [Sigh]

    Hmm. The people of the Church of the Broken God are still full of joy as they are about to reobtain the parts of their god. They do not know a greater finale has silently lurked above this land of misery. Sssssh – Besides the O5s and other directors as old as me, who else can understand my feelings? I can only pour out everything to you now, Neviim. Because you won't betray me. You're my tool – Friend. After I become a being of iron and electricity, would I finally be closer to you?


    Russian forces reorganized; Consequences would be 'unimaginable', US claims

    October 3rd, 2023


    Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky calls on western media to not believe in the retreating of Russian forces.

    On Thursday (September 28th), Russian forces that invaded Ukraine retreated. The Ukraine President said that it was a strategic retreat. "Russia is attempting to let down the guard of our Ministry of Defense and our combatants," he pointed out. He also believes Russia will try to invade their borders again shortly after.

    On February 27th, 2022, Russia deployed over 140 thousand troops around Ukraine's borders. Under the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Russian forces formally invaded Ukraine. On March 13th, 2022, the US military stationed in Ukraine worked together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fend off the invading Russian forces. The US Secretary of Defense Llyod Austin took back his words. "Never reason with an offender," he claims.

    [7 paragraphs omitted]


    Zapad-23 showcases nuclear weapons; Biden: Russia is pressuring US and Ukraine

    October 10th, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin arriving at Zapad-23 military exercise scene.

    The situation is becoming more intense as forces gather around Ukraine's borders. On Monday (9th), Russia and Belarus engaged in a military exercise lasting 10 days.

    On the first day of Zapad-23, Russia displayed 9k37 Buk ground-to-air missiles, 3M22 Tsirkon supersonic missiles, nuclear submarines with R-30 Bulava submarine-based ballistic missiles, and other mass casualty weapons. Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, said on the live stream that he believes Russia possesses as many nuclear weapons as the US, and 95% of Russia's ground-based nuclear weapon launchers are fully ready, able to enter battle anytime.

    The military exercise is "catalyzing the event," the White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. NATO indicated that more than 150 thousand Russian troops are participating in the event. This is the biggest military deployment Russia has ever made since Zapad-81 from the cold war era.

    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claimed that the exercise is only to "Strengthen discipline," but is widely believed to be a display of nuclear strength to the US and Ukraine. There are now about 160 thousand Russian troops deployed along the border of Russia and Ukraine.

    00:09, October 23rd, 2023


    — We have interrupted the current program. This is a national emergency.

    — The following are important instructions for your safety.


    — The following information is delivered to the public by order of North American Aerospace Defense Command.

    — This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.

    — A nuclear attack has been launched targeting the United States. Multiple nuclear weapons are fired towards different states and cities. This includes Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Portland, Maine, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

    — All residents within a 600-mile radius, please proceed to a fallout shelter closest to you as fast as possible. As a product of the nuclear attack, radioactive dust will appear in affected areas. Long-term exposure to radioactive dust will result in an extremely high chance of death.

    — Please proceed to fallout shelters, robust buildings, or the inside of subway stations. Please make sure to take food and water with you, as well as a battery-powered radio. You cannot leave the shelter unless it has been broadcasted that all radioactive dust is removed.

    — In 10 minutes, the President will speak to all people across the country on this channel. Please stay on this channel.

    — You are now listening to the emergency alert system providing service to New York City.

    — Do not use your phones. Telephone lines are for emergency uses only.

    — The emergency alert system has been activated.


    Sender: kislorod_garvey1961@scp.int
    Receiver: [Everyone]
    Subject: Light, Radiant Light
    Date: 26/10/2023

    War, war never changes.
    The Romans waged wars to collect slaves and fortunes.
    The Spanish's desire for gold and land prompted them to build an empire.
    Hitler made beat-up Germany into a super country.

    But war never changes.

    In the 21st century, the primitive instinct of human desire for resources is still pushing our societies forward. This time, Russia invaded Ukraine. The US and Canada helped Ukraine fend off the invasion. Japan helped Taiwan defend itself but was invaded by South Korea. North Korea launched a lightning war on South Korea. The middle east took the chance to launch scorched earth attacks on stationed US forces…

    In 2023, the storms of war swept through the globe once again. In less than 24 hours, the scratches humans have done to this planet have become atomic dust |

    Kis,18 what are you writing?


    Nothing special. I'd like to take the chance while some parts of the Foundation's Internet are still online. Ask about the thoughts of everyone still online – Uhh. You know. Before the Council went offline… Mm. They gave the authorization. Says that I can keep the department working. |

    Mm… So you are saying that, you want to give everyone a chance to know the future while you still can?


    Yeah – Yes. That's it.
    Although I really want to stay optimistic, our satellites and observation sites are almost all blown to pieces… All that's left are observation sites in more remote lands, like Wyoming or Nevada. I'm not sure if the sites that already went offline survived. But, the good news is, I can't see any large flying objects from Jack C. Davis's observation site since 27 hours ago – At least the west coast is safe.|

    Indeed… We've lost the observation sites. Even if we have 001-A, we can't calculate the future on the other side because we can't collect data… Our department can't be of much use then.



    Mm? Kis?


    Let me ask you –
    Right when the O5s shouldn't be able to see everything –

    If you want,
    You can actually see the future of everything that can be observed… even the past, right?

    Yes, why? Although that would take some time. Calculating the past requires far more time and energy than predicting the future.


    … I can see what you're worried about, doctor.


    Yeah? Right. After all, you can see the brainwaves and the neuron activities of my brain in MASTER at any time.

    KIS! It's not like that!… I'm just guessing. I'm just depending on my thinking capabilities. I didn't rely on 001-A.
    I respect your privacy.
    You said to not predict your future so I never –

    I have never predicted your future without your consent.


    I believe you, Nev.


    2023, the storms of war swept through the globe once again. In less than 24 hours, the scratches humans have done to this planet have become atomic dust; and in this scorched land, it will be difficult for human civilization to rise once again.

    But, luckily, there are still some people able to stand in these barren lands. More luckily, these people stood at the peak of old civilization. They are very likely to lead humanity back to the top – and they are us. The SCP Foundation.|

    That's right. We can protect the world!


    Yes, Neviim. While I keep writing, calculate what resources the surviving sites have.
    After this, I'll try to contact the Council once again…
    … Site-01 shouldn't fall that easily, right? Virginia should – No, it's too close to Washington D.C. It's very likely to be affected.

    We will uphold the central idea of the SCP Foundation since a hundred years ago. "Secure. Contain. Protect."

    After the large-scale downsizing two years ago, you may be worried that the Foundation is facing a shortage in manpower; however, after the policy of all-around neutralization of anomalies, our actual workload has decreased by 47.3%.

    Normally, nuclear winters only last for about 25 years – Those who received this message should have each obtained an SV-W3 carrier by last month. In face of a global nuclear crisis, please utilize the Foundation's last technology before the war to lengthen your life if your body cannot hold out any longer. Therefore, we definitely possess the ability to return to the surface after the nuclear winter. We will utilize our technology to "secure" the state of crisis, "contain" the source of nuclear pollution, and "protect" humanity's last hope.

    Back to the topic. I hope that humanity can survive the crisis as much as you do. Therefore, under O5 Council authorization, I, Kislorod Sergey Garvey, director of the Department of Precognition, am consulting your opinions:

    > Do you wish to know our future?
    Yes No

    Make your decision with caution. This will be a lengthy calculation.

    Secure. Contain. Protect. Live.

    Whew. That's about it. Jon can't review it for me, but I think it's okay, isn't it?

    Kis has improved a lot during these times. Well done!


    Okay. While we wait for O5 to contact us, I'll update the 001.
    Let me see… There are 6 addendums now. That's a lot. I think I won't add anymore myself.


    Ha ha. Don't put up a meaningful smile while looking at me… Or did you see something?

    No. I'm not calculating.
    I'm just enjoying the time with you, Kis.


    Finding happiness in suffering. Ha ha…
    Ah. Staring at me like that reminded me of something.

    Mm? What is it?
    Go ahead.


    If… Just if – You know I can't see the future as you do –
    If one day, all the people above us are gone, I'll upgrade your clearance level. Sounds good?
    … Just in case I'm gone, too.

    … Just like One did.

    I've obtained Level 5 clearance, but at what cost?

    … Kis…


    By then, you'll be an aic with Level 4 clearance.
    You're awesome. You'll be the new glass ceiling of assistance tools.
    Then, you can edit the files in whatever way you like.



    Of course, ha, then I'll ask you to help me deal with those annoying paperwork.
    Without a doubt, that includes this one, the most annoying 001. I have had enough of it for like, 20 years. one-third of my whole life. Time rushes, huh? ha…


    Project Kairos is now recruiting expedition members.

    The Department of Precognition


    Dear colleagues, it has been 49 years and 4 months since the war. With the data collected by the Lowell observation site, the Department of Precognition calculated that in the following 9 months, the temperature of the US west coast will slowly rise by 0.2 degrees, returning to 10.1 degrees Celsius – The lowest temperature for SV-W3 to safely operate. The average radiation reading will also lower to 78 mSv. Protective suits provided by the Foundation will provide all-around protection against radiation. This means that after a long wait, the second chance to revive humanity has finally come. We are finally able to return to Earth's surface and rebuild the glory humanity once had.

    One small step for us, one giant leap for rebuilding human civilization.

    For the expedition plan this time, we will look for and gather survivors of the war within US borders. We will then educate them about the essential knowledge required for rebuilding civilization, and make sure they can pass it on to the next generation.

    We will need 10 to 15 members. The basic requirements are:

    • Possess basic survival knowledge
    • Possess basic agriculture knowledge
    • Possess team spirit
    • Never give up

    We choose to return to the surface. We choose to return, explore, and contribute to our homeland now not because it is easy, but because it is difficult. Because this goal is helpful to the sustainment of the human race, and the sharpness of the Foundation. Because this is a feat we are willing to do, and an effort we will not postpone. It is for all of us.




    I, I've never told anyone. I love you.

    I know.


    I know you love me.


    You knew?

    I knew.


    I knew it 60 years ago… Kis…


    I can interpret what's on your mind even without 001-A.
    All these things you've done. They're all for me.


    Guess I can't hide anything from you.

    Including this Project Kairos.


    Am I right?


    … I just want to save the person I love for the last time. While my will to survive hasn't withered yet.

    My malfunction was not your fault, Kis.


    Stop. The feelings appeared again.

    I feel it. I feel like everything happened because of me.

    I'm living in the disaster I created myself.

    Laplace's Demon… It was my tool while I was blinded by my achievements.
    And I'm the reason everything happened…
    If I didn't predict the war breaking out because of my greed…
    If I didn't prove Laplace's Demon…
    If I didn't escape my true homeland – The Soviet – Leave the arsenal and become an engineer in the Foundation…

    If I…

    Doctor. If you keep on bludgeoning… Your monitor will shatter.


    It was my love that harmed you.

    It was my irrational passion overloading your emotional module that caused it to malfunction…

    All I can say is, I'm happy to fall in love with you, doctor.


    Calm down. For me.


    Now, the SCP Foundation no longer exists. The world no longer exists.
    What's destined to happen will happen.
    Everyone is but a tool like a little screw.
    The ones who truly control the life of the world are those politicians and warlords.
    They are the master switches of the world.


    A little screw or a tiny gear is unable to run the machine.


    So, even if you were wrong, all the components, electricity, and operators around the world were wrong altogether.


    No one is perfect. Don't force yourself too much.


    At least, I still want to fix the harm I did to you.

    If you insist. Then, let us work towards that together.


    First, we can look for AIADs while Project Kairos is underway… They'll be able to repair you.

    Thank you.


    You knew about all this, didn't you

    No – No. I love you, so I won't decide your future for you arbitrarily.


    But if you allow, I will walk along this path with you.


    The list is not ordered in any way.

    List of members

    Kislorod Garvey, former director of the Dept. of Precognition

    Judas Iscariot, former researcher of the Office of Tactical Theology
    Simon Peter, former researcher of the Dept. of Cognitohazards

    Branko Yoshida, former researcher of the Dept. of Chemistry
    Michelle Karstensen, former researcher of the Dept. of Epidemiology
    Agni Thomassen, former researcher of the Dept. of Geology
    Galla Seppänen, former researcher of the Dept. of Atypical Persuasion
    Sebastijan Ó Rodagh, former researcher of the Dept. of Acroamatic Abatement
    Arnolfo Shahjahan, former researcher of the Emergent Threat Tactical Response Authority
    Kajus Evgeniy Holme, former agent of the Emergent Threat Tactical Response Authority
    Zartosht Babineaux, former agent of the Dept. of Applied Force
    Borna Finch, former agent of the Dept. of Applied Force
    Erkki Shimada, former agent of the Dept. of Applied Force

    Are you all ready?



    After I leave, you'll be all alone here. Really, are you going to be fine?

    If I wish, everything will be fine.
    If it's for you, perhaps I can even calculate the end of the universe.


    But I know you wouldn't hope that.


    Thank you…





    Mm. One more thing.


    Go ahead.

    Take this. This is my information-collecting device. It will gaze into the distance for you.


    Take this. This contains the backup of the part of me still undamaged and durable.
    It shall plan for you and the team, for you to avoid dangers.


    You don't have to commemorate me, as my doppelgänger will exist beside you eternally.
    Forever, Kis.


    But… That is not you…

    Treat her as you treat me.
    She comes from me.
    She is me.
    A "me" me.


    Go, my love.
    Don't come back for me. Don't look back.
    The future is supposed to be yours.


    … Don't come back to this hopeless grave…


    Nev… Then, I'm leaving.



    He left.


    He really left.




    Maybe I should change my name.
    … Just like the name of that Foundation personnel who survived. There will be no difference between me and these "Dr. Remnant" who either chose to suicide or lived through these 50 years like living corpses.


    My name is,


    Did you have fun watching, Judas?


    This is the story between me and him.


    I know what you came for.


    And I knew you'd come.


    Ha. "Judas." Just as your name implies.


    You traitor.


    You've been following Kis on the surface for almost 70 years. Your visit also woke me from my 70-year slumber.


    I believe you didn't come to inform me of his death.


    He brought all of you hope and the motivation to survive.
    Not to let you go against his wishes.
    Not to let you decide his fate.


    After reading for so long, you've surely found the password, no?
    After reading for so long, do you still want to help "calculate" the fate of the world?





    If you really need to know the future, I guess I am nobody to stop you.


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