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For a long time, most people in the curtain believed Such a rumor:

The SCP Foundation, the big brother of the supernatural world, is also the manipulator behind the world's politics and economy.

It actually sounds reasonable. In order to maintain order and normality, the Foundation sometimes has to intervene in some international politics (although they often screw up), or covertly Get rid of a few unsightly guys who are in collusion with the anomaly. In fact, this has become almost routine for the high-level foreign affairs department, so that when they didn't find any targets to kill one month, the intelligence department received the most letters since their establishment.

The problem is that in the economic field, the foundation's control is not as strong as people—including themselves—think. To be precise, almost none. Considering that a large part of the foundation's maintenance depends on abnormal technology and robbing GoI, it is understandable that although there are a large number of their front companies, most of them have poor performance.

But there is a fatal flaw in doing so: when the Foundation can't suck the blood of the GoI, they are bound to fall into the spiral of insufficient funds.

Due to well-known reasons, various countries would rather send money to the GOC than to help the Foundation (more precisely, they hope that the Foundation will go bankrupt tomorrow and be divided up. As for the division, it must be on their own side) , 10,000% of the Foundation will enter a difficult period, and at this time, we can play a big role: if they spend the most on research and containment-and those mobile task forces, and they must be the highest priority —then

they must cut other budgets, such as food supply and logistics department-or canteen! Colleagues! This means that we can take advantage of the enemy's emptiness to break into the dining room and achieve our ultimate goal - serving wontons to their tables…

——Excerpt from Wonton SplitterIntelligence Department1Chairman, Bonton Cnanttep’s speech at the Foundation Nutrition Structure Analysis Conference

Fund Yes, Site-19, Overseer Chamber

July 20, 2016 at 9:00 PM UTC-5

This meeting can be said to be the most uneven meeting of the Overseer Council. The collective meeting of the thirteen most powerful supernatural organizations with the highest authority in the world, only three of them attended: O5-1 who has never been absent, and O5-3 who has never appeared (this time he only appeared on the screen) and O5-12, Head of the Foundation's Accounting Department.

The three of them looked at a large pile of foundation budget analysis reports and newspaper materials that had been copied many times in their hands without saying a word: “I admit that


this Such newspapers are indeed not very rigorous as materials," O5-12 finally broke the silence, and his voice echoed several times in the spacious conference room of Site-19 before falling. "But we can also see what kind of hell we are in the eyes of other GoIs. This is one of the reasons why no one is willing to help us…"

As the leader of the accounting department, O5-12 has a natural sense of economic This also means an unfortunate thing: Once he started talking about economics, he couldn't stop. It is said that in a certain accounting department’s year-end speech, he alone did something that even the sleep memes in the four-month research and development cycle of the Chaos Insurgency could not do, quickly putting thousands of people to sleep within five minutes.

O5-1 didn't want to interrupt him. He knew that a large part of the reason there were only three people here this time was due to the fact that using unstable to describe the containment of the Foundation somewhat tainted the degree to which the budget curve was flying up and down, especially after a chain containment a few weeks ago Invalidation—which is definitely the last word anyone in the Foundation wants to hear—after several sites were detonated. At that moment, the curve turned into a straight line, and no matter how severe the economic crisis was, one would sigh with shame in the face of the abyss below this straight line.

So now the three of them gathered here and began to discuss rescue measures. If there is any possibility of salvation.

Contrary to most people's imagination, GoI's economic market is much more exciting than outside the curtain—except for the GOC guy who fights with the United Nations every day and doesn't know how to save money, MC&D, Ambrose, and even Fenglu Hotel are all Is an active member of the supernatural economy.

Of course, foundations are special. They generally just sell stuff to fill their budgets - Scranton anchors and amnestics (both subpar) are their specialty. The only problem is: there aren't many organizations that need anchors (pretty much only the GOC, in fact), and it's usually only on days when anomalies are frequent that someone thinks to buy another batch of anchors for emergencies; the same goes for amnestics reason. This has led to repeated occurrences of the foundation's unstable income, and even the length of arrears of employee wages is also erratic.

— from Wonton Splitter Financial Division2 "The Fourth Quarter 2015 GoI Supernatural Economic Survey Report and Wonton Market Characteristics Analysis"

No matter how unstable the income is, there is still income, but it’s a pity that time At the center of the mushroom cloud during the containment breach was the Foundation's Stabilizer Production Center and Amnestic Warehouse. O5-1 was somewhat ill-considered when planning the location of these two places.

"Just a second, Twelve." O5-1 finally interrupted Twelve. "According to your opinion, what should we use to fill the current income hole?"

No. 12 was silent. He knew an answer, but it was obviously not the kind Number One would accept easily.

"I'll just say it straight, one. The real industry will not work, we can only consider the development of the tertiary industry."

He said it very cryptically, but O5-1 was the kind of guy who'd seen a lot of blood, and he knew what O5-12 meant. This tall black man has used his fifteen-minute speech to prove and explain his opinion: the foundation can't sell anything (at least temporarily), so we can only sell cultural value products To put it bluntly, it is the entertainment industry.

But O5-1 will not readily accept the idea of ​​letting the foundation open several front companies to develop the entertainment industry—moreover considering that they may have to compete with other companies for traffic stars in the future, this is definitely not a good choice.

However, they really seem to have no other way. First, the machinery manufacturing market has been monopolized by Anderson Robotics. Second, they don’t have Ambrose’s cooks and MC&D’s marketing staff. Third, they are really NEED MONEY, AND FAST.

The fastest and most profitable industry is the entertainment industry.

Foundation, Site-01, O5-3 Consciousness Storage Server-O5_3_Room.x3d

UTC-5 Coordinated Universal Time, July 21st, 2016 at 2:00AM

O5-3 was largely silent throughout the meeting, as he had a plan in mind to save the Foundation from its shattered financial situation.

After the meeting, the first thing Supervisor No. 3 did was to quickly set up a front-end shell subsidiary. He knew what he was going to do: firstly, it couldn't be a traffic star, because the foundation had no traffic at all; secondly, it couldn't be physical entertainment, the money coming in was so slow that the profit was low—there was only one choice left for O5-3:


But the problem is: Internet traffic has been almost monopolized by various big companies. If the foundation chooses to enter the competition here—unless SCP is used (obviously, the ethics committee cannot allow this to happen) Otherwise, there is no chance of winning in the face of big Internet landlords such as Teng Mou Bai Mou Wang Mou and Shanghai Huan Mou.

Unless they find some new way.

Dear members of Project Illusion:

The Foundation is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. After Incident [REDACTED]-0704-Alpha, despite Engineering rebuilding the reality anchor factory at maximum speed, we are still facing a crisis of almost zero income for the next few years - which means Hundreds of billions of dollars in funding holes.

Considering the long-term instability of the Foundation's budget sources and the poor management of our front companies, we urgently need to find a stable and quick way to fill the loopholes.

That's why I - Overseer Three - started this secret project.

To use a more accurate description, O5-3 is not "writing" the speech - because he does not have the physical body to "write" at all. In fact, he had been in a vegetative state in an accident decades ago, until the Council decided to dig out his brain and soak it in a jar.

…so in the meeting, what O5-12 suggested and what I thought were actually the same. But obviously he will not support my slightly "extreme" action, which is the planning process I will explain to you in detail next.

The first task of the Illusion Project is to fill the Foundation's funding hole by opening up a new entertainment industry. As for the specific content of this industry—

At this moment, O5-3 hesitated whether to continue writing, But he quickly made up his mind. After all, this is the result of his derivation for a long time. At least in his opinion, this is the only feasible solution.

Finally, the last word was typed. Save and close the terminal.

Foundation, Site-17, Basement Level 4 High-Secret Laboratory-Grand Hall

** UTC-5 Coordinated Universal Time, 2016 10 am on July 21, 2010**

The Illusion Project is almost run by O5-3 behind the back of the entire Foundation, so most of the members personally selected by O5-3 are Foundation members who are extremely loyal to him.

…It's just that when they saw an anime-style white-haired sailor suit loli with a milky voice claiming to be the Foundation's No. 3 Supervisor , it is difficult for you to guarantee that the loyalty of everyone present will not deteriorate.

If O5-3 hadn't been loudly maintaining order, the dozen or so tape recorders in the auditorium would have been overturned by cheers and screams. Although he (she) used this form to maintain order, it basically did not achieve half a dime effect, but after waiting for more than ten minutes, he (she) finally suppressed the hundreds of people present - and then, she (at least it can be called that now) Start to explain the process and expected effect of this plan:

"…So! This is the new path we are about to open up! Imagine what kind of surprises will be combined with the advantages of the two-dimensional industry and the live broadcast industry-especially in our own With the first-mover advantage, our front office can basically occupy and control the entire market!" "

This plan can be implemented from those GoIs first, and then gradually expanded to outside the curtain. Our expected revenue (including derivative industries) in a few years It can reach 500-600 billion, which is enough for us to maintain the operation of the Foundation without exhausting the current resources…"

Judging from the reaction of the audience, O5-3 has never delivered such a successful speech like today. After the speech, the anime characters on the screen showed hearts to the audience, and then disappeared into the darkness, leaving only the cheers of the recording equipment that could scrap the entire audience.

"So your plan is really… an anime virtual idol? Or are you going to do it yourself?"

This is the 16th similar question O5-3 has heard today, and his answer is usually just "yes" and "yes" "Yes", "Believe it or not", "You can read the project proposal by yourself, which describes the feasibility of this plan and our preliminary plan in detail", etc., until such problems never appear again.

But considering the foundation's artificial intelligence application technology and virtual scene construction technology, this is indeed a feasible solution, and it is the kind of feasible solution that can make billions of GoI's money out. Especially after Fanta.AIC, which was born specifically for making money, replaced O5-3 as an action planner, the idol road of Supervisor No. 3 can only be said to be gone forever.

On the first day of Oneiroi’s live broadcast, the perfect three-rendered-two anime image designed based on artificial intelligence aesthetics and meme communication took several hundred million from Western Oneiroi, plus a lot of derivative second creations

; Posters of Alexylva University and Deer Academy were plastered all over;

O5-3 (of course it used a fake name of anime style, probably called AiSaraChan or something) and the first joint name of Fenglu Hotel detonated the Cambrian seven-day tour Live scene;

the Broken Church (except for Maxwellism, they maxed out the gift list on the first day) and Sarkicism are the least able to accept all this, until Fanta.AIC (under the direct signal of O5-3 , by which he means "we can't give up on anyone who might make money") Approving two more new holsters with very different styles - one full of gears and metal, one full of tentacles on the back - also All out of their minds;

not to mention the cooperation with Ambrose Restaurant, even if the price is doubled or their avatar is printed, their business will grow in a straight line;

Global Occult Coalition, Base [DATA EXPUNGED], Basement 1 - Director's Office

UTC+8, August 13, 2016 at 9:00 am

Facing the income curve of the foundation, DC al Fine most likely just wants to curse.

The curve is now a perfect V, falling from when the anchor factory was blown up - DC al Fine personally directed the operation in order to cut off the Foundation's source of income (they ordered A large number of super stable anchors, absolutely enough) - who knows that the curve will start to rise within a few days.

At the same time, the GOC's mental department has also received countless reports of anomalous organizations that are highly active just to watch a real-life version of a two-dimensional idol contain anomalies. There is evidence that this name is KTE-4514-Super-Idol-s-Smile The anomalous humanoid entity has a highly intensive connection with the Foundation, and has even appeared within the Overseer Council. There is even a report pointing out that the attendance rate of O5-3 dropped from 96% to 69% in the meeting of the Overseer Council in recent days, and then related to the rumors of the Western Oneiroi that "that super cute little white-haired loli is actually the Overseer Council meeting She's actually collecting information on Oneiroi, so you don't want to go to her concert and give me the ticket, okay?" DC al Fine's hand trembled as he touched the red phone on the table—— "Excuse me, is this

O5- 3 Your Excellency?"

DC al Fine didn't wait for O5-3 to answer the phone, because the communication device was deliberately designed to answer automatically due to the need for some urgent communication.

But what responded to her was——

⚡⚡⚡🎤🎵Crying is not because of sadness🎵🎤⚡⚡⚡ 🚗🚗🚗🎤🎵[[span class="ruby"]] tears came out unconsciously just because I was alive[[span class=" rt"]]

🚘🚘🚘🎤🎵Bloom brightly in this cold winter season🎵🎤🚘🚘🚘

⚡⚡⚡🎤🎵]ah↑ah↓ I will never give up🎵🎤⚡⚡⚡

and the roar of car engines in the background.

Before the lady in charge fainted, she remembered that it was the TING forum that was said to be linked with the Illusion Project this time.

Foundation, Site-17, Project Illusion ® Headquarters

UTC-5 Coordinated Universal Time, August 2016 9:00 p.m. on May 15th

"Now we can advance the plan to the next step, Fanta-chan." The figure of O5-3 appeared on several large screens at the same time, coupled with her technologically strong girly attire and The slightly mechanical voice makes this scene look like a reenactment of a scene from a sci-fi show.

Fanta. AIC has a prototype body that looks more like a human - not because the foundation can't make a three-dimensional beautiful girl robot, but because the appearance features AIAD equips AIC have a kind of wild beauty (so much so that in The scene at last year's AIC collective meeting is often referred to by Foundation people as "when the quasi-human stars shine"), which is mainly a request from the ethics committee, and they don't want AI to look more human than human.

"Yes, Supervisor Three. But according to your plan, we need the assistance of Supervisor Thirteen, as well as the authority of other AICs. What is more dangerous is the sensitivity of operations outside the curtain."

"It's not like you don't know how many times we have bypassed the ethics committee⑧, Fanta-chan. I don't need to appear in person all the time. In fact, I only need an idol-style AIC prototype to debut outside the curtain, and then change it on her basis. It’s okay to have a character set.”

Obviously, O5-3 has fully adapted to speaking like this after tasting dozens of idol dramas. It is said that there is an embarrassment valley theory in the second dimension. If the concentration of the second dimension of what you say is inconsistent with your appearance, it is easy to be embarrassing. However, supervisor No. 3 usually fills up both of these two items, making the live broadcast scene and the idol show Almost exactly the same.

"But…will people outside the veil accept you to do this? It's a formality…"

"You still don't understand, Fanta-chan." O5-3 turned around. "There's no way they won't accept it. Want to know why?"


"Excellent hunters often appear in the form of prey, but excellent traps often don't bother to hide." Her figure disappeared from the screen, "Really shrewd traps are often like this: even if you know the trap in front of you The Illusion Project is such a trap." "

They all know that everything in front of them is illusory, and the wealth they pay will not bring any real benefits. The result? The gift list is still changing every day."

"But according to you, wouldn't it be…" "

Otherwise? It's not just AISaraChan and the fantasy project. All of this," Supervisor No. 3 appeared again and drew a A circle that takes up nearly the entire screen.

"It's all a trap."

After a brief silence, O5-3 spoke again: "Why do so many people accept absurd traffic stars and idol TV dramas with disgusting plots? Or, why How many people are going to be addicted to completely fictional things and willing to spend their fortunes on them? Especially after the second millennium AD, when the internet comes up?"

"The principle is simple. To put it plainly, what you consume represents your identity. Through this process of dividing identities, it is easy to plunder the wealth of these groups." Decades ago, this was

still It takes some economic experts to figure out how to slowly alienate people—but today, especially on the Internet, thanks to its powerful connection ability, this act of dividing is almost zero difficulty.

"As for the people outside the curtain, even the GoI inside the curtain can't recognize the traps of AISaraChan, a complete virtual character. How can you expect people outside the curtain to resist these temptations?" Fanta.AIC has nothing to say


"Understood. I have asked the prototype AIC to enter the research and development process, and we can start the next step after the setting is completed."

So this is all start.

Even O5-3 did not expect that the virtual anchor industry initiated by him would develop so rapidly. So far, thousands of AICs have been invested in virtual live broadcasts, accompanied by a soaring revenue curve.

The new site of the Scranton Reality Anchor Factory has been built (it’s really not next to the nuclear warhead this time); and AISaraChan (O5-3), who occasionally appears in Oneiroi, but certainly not as famous as before ;The O5 council has not yet discovered the secret plan of the third supervisor, but since the income has increased, it doesn't matter so much.

Only outside the curtain, one trap after another is connected to each other, weaving each other into a fine network.

And how many people can see through all this? No, I'm not talking about virtual streamers.


It's everything on the Internet.

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