A Case of Uxoricide and Dismemberment

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On March 18, 2020, a case of uxoricide occurred in Room 408, Building ██, Street ██, Sanming City in our province. The victim was Ms Cai1 ██, and the murderer was identified her husband Yu2, a level 3 researcher of the SCP Foundation. Suspect Yu has been detained, yet the SCP Foundation has made no comment about the matter. Our correspondent will report the news as it develops.

Interviewee: neighbor Li, neighbor Zhang
Interviewer: our correspondent Zhang Xi
<Begin Log>

Zhang Xi: Hello, Madams.
Li: Oh hello, young man.
Zhang: Hm.
Zhang Xi: Could you please tell us if you know Ms Cai ██ and her husband Yu well?
Li: Of course! The boy really had a warm heart. He often helped us carry things and helped in everything in the community. The girl was a bit delicate and stayed home all the time, but she was so radiant and clever that she was loved by all.
Zhang Xi: To your knowledge, how was their relationship? Did they get on well?
Li: Of course yes! They got on so well that they stayed together all the time when the boy didn't go out. He doted on his wife so much. The girl was weak. The boy didn't mind and brought her some water and medicine. When asked if he was tired, he just replied that he couldn't be tired of helping his wife. Oh he was such a good man. Alas. Who knew that would happen?
Zhang Xi: What do you think is his motive for murder?
Li: Hey don't ask me this. I don't wanna think about that. I can't have a hand in others' family matters, or my tongue will be cursed.
Zhang Xi: So what do you think of it, Auntie Zhang?
Zhang: I think it was just because his wife was too delicate to serve.
Li: How did you talk like this Auntie Zhang? The couple were in such peace. How could it come to murder?
Zhang: You don't understand, Auntie Li. People sometimes do things out of a sudden. Especially he worked hard and dangerously in the daytime and returned to serve his wife in the evening. Who can take it?
Zhang Xi: At the time of the case, did you notice anything unusual?
Li: I didn't notice anything unusual but that the boy hurried out after returning home that night, and hurried back carrying something. He was quite worried when he greeted me and I felt strange about it.
Zhang: Me too. I was in a draught on my balcony when I saw him hurry upstairs. Then I heard something snapping and smelled something delicious from his home. I didn't think about it at that time… Alas.
Zhang Xi: Right, thank you.
<End Log>

High-Grade Housing Estate Where the Suspect Lived

Interviewee: local police Officer Wang Guodong
Interviewer: our correspondent Zhang Xi
<Begin Log>

Zhang Xi: Hello, Officer Wang. Could you tell us the whole thing of the case?
Wang Guodong: Sure. The victim is named Cai ██, female, Brassica oleracea, Brassicaceae, wife of the suspect. On March 18, we received the report that "something terrible is happening". On our arrival we caught Suspect Yu in the act.

Victim Ms Cai ██

Zhang Xi: What happened in the event.
Wang Guodong: According to the analysis of the crime scene and our interrogation, we speculated that at 10:20 that night, Suspect Yu came up behind Cai, who was having the artificial sunbath, cut off her root, and divided her in half, directly causing her instant death.
Zhang Xi: What's the motive of the suspect?
Wang Guodong: We initially speculated that it was due to family conflicts. However, we do not exclude the possibility that the suspect has a strong criminal desire. We are further investigating the specific reason.
Wang Guodong: After our investigation at the crime scene, we did not find Cai's body. Through forensic identification, we found Cai's body composition in a plate of spring rolls the suspect was eating. It is speculated that Yu dismembered Cai and ate her body after the murder to destroy the evidence. The photo found in Yu's mobile album confirmed this.

Photo Found in Yu's Phone

Zhang Xi: We know that the outside has shown great concern for this matter. Do you have anything to say to them?
Wang Guodong: The suspect will be punished accordingly, and we will give the victim, her families and the public an account.

Interviewee: Suspect Yu
Interviewer: Officer Wang Guodong
<Begin Log>

Wang Guodong: Suspect Yu, I will interrogate you about some details of the case. You have the right to remain silent, but anything you say can be used in the court. Do you understand?
Yu: Yes.
Wang Guodong: Good. First, do you admit to murdering your wife Cai ██?
Yu: Yes, I do.
Wang Guodong: We've learned that your relationship with your wife had been harmonious before. Is it true?
Yu: Yes. Before that, I got on well with her.
Wang Guodong: But from March 14 to March 17, you had small friction with her. Is it true?
Yu: Yes. During that time, for some reasons at work, I had some minor conflicts with her.
Wang Guodong: Please be specific.
Yu: Those days were especially bad. You know, there are always disobedient newbies in a company who are not good at anything but arrogance. I was responsible for more newbies in those days. Although they were soon dismissed for a variety of mistakes, I still had to deal with all the mess left. Every day I bowed and scraped, cleaned up their mess and dealt with a variety of external interference, which made me tired physically and mentally. When I got home, it made me really angry to see my wife just lying there doing nothing, and then we often quarreled.
Wang Guodong: But you know it's not her fault.
Yu: Yes, you're right. I regretted it every time after quarreling, and then ran to calm her down, apologize to her, water her and loosen her soil. We are relatively peaceful.
Wang Guodong: So the conflicts between you and your wife intensified on March 18, right?
Yu: Yes. There was a containment breach of an object my staff was in charge of, so I cleaned up their mess for the whole day, dealing with the aftermath everywhere, filing a variety of reports. On my way home, I forgot to oil my car and it broke down halfway. I had to cram onto a bus and twisted my ankle, and a woman forced me to offer my seat. When I got off the bus, it happened to rain and I had to ran home without an umbrella. On my way, because of the dark sky and my hurry, I tripped and got wet all over. I chose to walk home slowly, but I found my wallet gone at the door.
Yu: I opened the door and went in. At a glance, I saw her sunbathing there, with music on the side. I thought I had been busy all day, while she enjoyed the day without even saying "welcome home" or "thank you for your work" when I came home. On impulse, I went to the kitchen and chopped her with a knife.
Wang Guodong: You should know that your wife couldn't do those things. When you married her, you should have the psychological expectation to bear all this, which is written in the Botanic Marriage Law (1.3.0 Revision).
Yu: Yes. I was actually regretful when I calmed down.
Wang Guodong: Why did you dismember your wife and eat her?
Yu: It's hard to say. When I calmed down and regretted it, since I still loved her so much, my first idea was to bury her and gave myself up. But later I thought that I shouldn't leave her alone here and I wanted to be with her forever. Then I had the idea to eat her.
Yu: I'm a ritualistic person, and I wanted to make a point for her. I took her to the kitchen and simply blanched her. After I found out the dough, I found that there was no cooking oil. Then I ran out to buy it. When I came back, I was seen by my neighbor. I wrapped her and other synthetic ingredients in egg liquid, spread them on the dough, roll it up, and then fried them—
Wang Guodong: OK, stop. I think I don't wanna hear more.
Yu: Oh sorry I won't.
Wang Guodong: Didn't you feel any discomfort or guilt when you were doing these things?
Yu: Oh, of course. But…
Wang Guodong: But what?
Yu: I knew, but when being fried… she became really delicious.
Wang Guodong: Enough.
<End Log>

Latest Report: Without any objection from the SCP Foundation, by ███████ Intermediate People's Court, Suspect Yu was sentenced to a two-year suspension of execution with deprivation of political rights for life, due to his violation of Article 45, Page 16 of the Botanic Marriage Law (1.3.0 Revision) and Article 15, Page 56 of the Botanic Right Law (1.3.0 Revision), committing intentional botanicide in flagrant circumstances, with serious influence on social security.
Once again, the government reminds the general public that it is our duty and obligation to respect the basic rights of every plant. To protect it is to love it. Plants are fragile. If you cannot, please don't force yourself to marry it, causing irreparable damage to the two families.

███████ No.3 Neighborhood Committee reminds you:
Love is countless, Reason is foremost;
Unharmonious marriage, Loved ones end up in tears.

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