Nursery School of the Serpent

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Nursery school of the serpent

D-███1 (by my neighbor); SCP-Lily (by the jailers);
Eden (by the parents); Hui-Tasto-Land (by Lolly)

(Tis was writen by the plai groupp of the Library)


Nursery school of the serpent is a play groundd of the Library where visitors can plaiy, while mommy and dabby read boring books. The Librarians sometimes read something for us and there are meny funny parents. We once made experiments and backed. We sometimes hafe klowns there and funny monsder that give us kandy. And if we're really kind we can even play with The Serpent.


Toyys: It hase a super-dupper long slide, a sandbox with a sand wormm, two swings, a gigampfia, a wood castle and sometimes a combuter with funny ganes.2

Plantß: In the middel there is a huge tree, whose branches are really really wide apart and Cover everything. There is too a taIking plant, but we are not allowed to touch it, becaus otherwise she gets really angry. There are a few fruitß too we can eat if we kindly ask.

Other play groups:
I can play with so nuch kids from alI around the multiverse. And our caregivers are also very funny! - ጠልዪፕዘጎክ

Daddy always says, jailers, all adults without funn, want to take everything from us. But I have never ever seen te jailers. - Leila

Mis Mirabis and her friends often visit us. Candis always hase so much to snack with her. That's super-dupper-fantastico-morph. - Cora

Gema rules: We're allowed to be loud in the nursery school, but we must tip-toe-walk, so the Librarians don't hear us. And we cannot take books from the Libary with us, otherwise mommy and daddy get in trouble. And we're not allowet to play with the komputer games for too long, or else we get dizzy. We must be friendly to the snaces and birds in the tree. Or else thei don't play with us anymor. We shall not give the animals, like chocolate or COOKIES, otherweis they get ouchy-ouchy.345


Kim haß pulled my hair!

S. F.
Has anybody seen a girl that make herself invisible? Around 13 years old.

Does anybody know where my robo arm is? I need him for a minute.

No matter who did that: Do not put any strange plants in the garden. I don't care if it is due to religious purposes, we don't want any weird plants among the children. And no machines or whatever-that-thing-over-there-is!
K. L.
That's my daughter!

Ms M.
Amber needs her arm back really badly. Candis also gives you muffins.
Alison is behind the tree with the robo arm. I want a bluebery-muffin. :D
Ms M.
Can you get, just gotta punch Alison real quick.
OH-YEAH! Hen fight!
W. R.
Not. In front of. The. CHILDREN!

I dont find my dabby…

Kids, don't touch my fox tails please. I get you just want to pet, but they are hard to comb. (¬‸¬)
A. D.
I would like to join. I may be kind, though, I'm still a proud dragon. :|
The same goes for their parents! ヽ(ಠ益ಠ)ノ
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