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A Parapolitical Compass for These Difficult Times

By Alice Sharp (⁂ASharp)
Published 13/04/2025, 20:29


Values taken into account in the test.

It's not a far stretch to say we live in hard times. If the 2021 collapse of the Veil wasn't enough of a shock to our planet, each successive year in this new world has proven to be increasingly harder. From the reunification of Ireland to the wave of recent incidents involving New Zealand, anyone who wasn't part of the shadow world the day the Veil fell may have no small amount of trouble understanding the craziness that has engulfed them since.

The passage of time is relentless. It may even seem to many of us that understanding most current events borders on the impossible. After all, not everyone is a mage, capable of providing a point in a debate about thaumaturgy, nor is everyone a reality bender, a cyborg, a medium, or a demigod, whose sole existence practically assures their relevance in the 2025 public debate. What's worse, many of us don't know what to do about any of this.

In a world where there are more groups active on the international parapolitical arena than ever before, it is not easy to find someone who is well-positioned to represent the values we hold dear. Is the Serpent's Hand really what the conservative media labels it as? What factions exist in the Global Occult Coalition's Council of 108? What exactly are the values that differentiate Vanguard from PENTAGRAM? And — most importantly — with which group do you agree most?

To answer all these questions, unVeiled would like to present a political test consisting of 24 different questions, with topics that include Society, the System, Authority, and the Economy. Anyone who is still unsure on which side they stand can answer this short test to finally find out which organization holds views closest to theirs.

Each of the aforementioned axes presented in the test has two values that correspond to two different ends of the opinion spectrum.

Regressivism is an attitude representing an aversion to change and a desire to return, at least partially, to the old system. Progressivism on the other hand represents a favorable view of social and cultural changes that normalize the existence of formerly-unusual phenomena.

Those who believe in Working in the System will advocate for relying on already existing political and legal structures, such as the Global Occult Coalition. Supporters of Creating a New System will reject these structures, partially or completely, seeking to create new ones.

Centralization is a sign of a desire to have strong power focused around specific institutions, which would implement change centrally. Decentralization is characterized by wanting to give power and the ability to implement changes to a wider number of individuals.

Those who support the Market favor an unregulated free market and believe that the state should not interfere with the activities of private companies. In contrast, those who support economic Control believe that the free market should be, more or less, regulated to ensure the prosperity of society as a whole.

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