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It was a beautiful summer evening over the capital city of Warsaw. The skyscrapers of this two-million-strong metropolis illuminated it beautifully at this time of the day. In the sky, where the full moon towered, single stars sparkled here and there. Despite late hour, the city was still bustling with life, from all corners of the city you can hear the sounds of various music, loud conversations and laughter.

"Fuck, fuck fuck" screamed the practically naked man wearing only a hastily made robe as he pushed his way through the side streets of the Warsaw city center in a panicked flight from apparently some kind of chase.

In fear, he ran along side alleys and alleys filled with garbage cans, back entrances and occasional lighting, so as not to get caught by the chase after him, whose footsteps were already heard in the distance. The man in appearance was a middle-aged person with medium-length hair and a fairly abundant facial hair. Both his hands were wounded and there was a small trickle of blood on them.

While his appearance might confuse the uninitiated observer, the fugitive was not really human. His numerous thaumaturgic and ontokinetic abilities masked his narrowed ears, paler skin and black eyes, characteristic of the Fae species to which he belonged. Most of the public were too stupid to notice, which helped him blend in with theirs, it was as clear as the sun to the trained eyes of the people pursuing him.

This representative of this species was heading towards the surrounding park, where there was a thaumaturgic passage leading to an interdimensional library known as the Wanderer's Library, which he had specially prepared as an escape route in case of just such a circumstance.

"Freeze! Put your hands in the air!" Screamed a blond-haired man with blue eyes pointing at him with a rifle, who, together with two other people, unexpectedly jumped around a corner on the road followed by the fugitive. Their uniforms showed that they were some type of secret service agents whose symbol was apparently a small logo on their chests consisting of a circle intersected by three arrows pointing inwards.

The fugitive, however, had no intention of handing himself over to his pursuers.

"Jailors" he growled in anger, pausing a few yards ahead of them, then quickly as if in a natural reflex, before any of the agents however managed to react, incanting a spell in the ancient Fae language. The blood on his right hand aimed at his opponents lit up and flickered, turning into a powerful flame in front of him, which then fired at the agents, forcing him to hide around the corner from which they jumped.

It had given him ample time to take a detour along another alley before any of the agents could pull themselves together.


The evening landscape of the ever-crowded Warsaw, visible in the distance in the blackness of the surrounding park, was filled with multicolored lights.

Tired of running, the fugitive would finally stop to breathe for a moment. He was exhausted and pissed off with the whole situation, and to make matters worse, he apparently had a cold. Maybe it was summer, but running naked and barefoot around a big city was generally not very good for health.

He looked around to see with relief that there was apparently no one else in the park except for him, the trees and the lanterns illuminating the paths. The chase had already been lost some time ago, but still, to be sure, he decided to remain alert if they could not find him. So he decided not to waste any more time and moved along the main park alley no longer running, but only at a quick pace to the place where the passage to the Library was supposed to be.

After a long time of walking along the park alley surrounded by dark forest dotted with lanterns here and there, he finally managed to reach a small passage under the embankment, over which there was another path, under which there was a hidden path that allowed him to get to the Library. The man breathed a sigh of relief

"Hands behind your neck and get down on the ground" Suddenly he heard the same harsh voice behind him that had blocked his way earlier in his escape through the streets of the city. Before he could turn around and cast a spell as he had done in the previous confrontation, he only heard a shot.

He fell onto the paved path.

While the shot really hurt him, it wasn't really a serious threat to his life; for it was filled with an anesthetic instead of lead, which did its job very well indeed.

With the remnants of his sober consciousness, he saw and heard only the muffled conversation between the other agents arriving at the scene and the man who surprised him.


On the evening of July 21, 2020, MTF Omega-45 ("White Bats") raided an apartment in Warsaw associated with various anomalous anartistic activities, in which a homosexual orgy was taking place. The main purpose of the raid was to catch PoI-744 ("Jozue Szeòras") taking part in it and being one of the leading activists and leaders of GoI-120 ("Triumviraté").1

PoI-744 escaped through the window and ran down the gutter from the apartment, injuring himself, however MTF Omega-45 under the command of Capt. Jeremy Cornwell managed to catch him in a local park. PoI-744 is currently held in the Foundation's arrest in Site-120; GoI-120 has not made any official statement on this matter.

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