Shrimping Pain

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Despite the presence of the Site PL-69 in the depths of the Baltic Trench, its researchers still have not been able to find an answer to the question "How did the trench appear virtually unnoticed?" In the place where there was a trench about 13 kilometers deep, a good few years ago there was a shallow seabed, until one day, under circumstances unknown to anyone, a 3 kilometers long and almost bottomless pit appeared. It immediately caught the Foundation's attention.

At that moment, one of the drones was swimming between the rocks at the bottom, its operator was safely sitting in the facility, staring at the monitor on which the image from the drone was being transmitted. This operator is the researcher Robert Siwiatło, who looks more like a zombie than a human, dressed in a gray gym-suit, a long-haired brunette with unkempt hair and dark circles under his eyes, took a sip of coffee, returning to observe the drone's camera.

"Another attempt to take the flowers?" a woman's voice said from behind Siwiatło back. The man, frightened by the sudden voice, shook his hand, almost spilling the coffee on himself, then set it down abruptly, and took off the headphones.

"Yes, but please fucking warn me before you enter" Siwiatło replied reassuringly, turning his head towards the voice, the source of which was Doctor Emilia Cis, a short biologist with red hair.

"I've prepared a lunch in the cafeteria for everyone, so when you're done, you can come and eat"

"Thanks, I'd rather warm it up later" Siwiatlo answered quickly, looking back to the drone's camera. It was approaching the rock, from which a strange plant was growing, resembling a flycatcher in appearance, luring its victims with glowing lures. When the unsuspecting fish gets too close to the plant, it immediately catches it with its tentacle-like leaves and begins to take the minerals it needs from it. The drone began to extend the grapple to catch the plant.

"Stop there!" Emilia exclaimed.


"Look there" she replied, pointing to one point of the screen with her finger. Siwiatło put on his glasses and stopped the drone in place. At the point Emilia was showing, there were 4 small points of light. They began to slowly approach the drone.

"How many drones have these overgrown shrimps fucked up?" Siwiatło replied with a bored voice.

"Five. I hope it won't notice this one, because six look much worse" Emilia said, reaching for the console to turn off the lights on the drone, almost dropping the coffee cup.

"You better fucking watch out."

The drone lights went out, and the camera image showed the approaching 4 points of light and the luring carnivorous plant. Even though his life was not in danger, the doctor felt his heartbeat very clearly. Every lost drone pushes it away from completing its research and leaving that goddamn research station.

"Don't you think it's sometimes amazing?" Emilia said after a moment's silence.

"What?" asked Siwiatło, who was still looking at the monitor with dead look.

"This place, we've been here for a while, and we've barely known a part of it, even if not always anomalous, these are new species of animals, organisms that no one has seen before, doesn't it excite you?" She said questioningly.

"No" Siwiatło replied, taking a sip of coffee. "I'm sick of this fuckery, man wants to calmly examine these fucking wonderful creatures, then the shrimp will come and fuck the drone, and fuck your ass. I'm sick of these fucking shrimps in this fucking trench."

On the monitor, he could suddenly see 4 lights approaching the plant, a fraction of a second and the light from the plant disappearing, and the shrimp had already moved away from the image of the drone. A loud sigh filled with internal pissedness and the will to kill himself passed through the room. Doctor Siwiatło turned on the drone's lights again. In the place where there was a plant before, there was already falling sea silt.

"But look at it this way, at least this time the drone has not been damaged." Emilia said trying to comfort her friend by putting her hand on his shoulder. A slight shiver went through his body as he felt the touch, then, with a trembling hand, he took another sip from the cup.

"Now I will have to look for another one. Fucking. Plant. And yes, before you say there are more, but that's not the point."

The silt has already subsided, revealing a cracked stone. As Siwiatło was about to turn the drone back to return it to the facility, Emilia moved abruptly.

"Wait! Swim a little bit closer."

The doctor, resigned, pushed the drone a little closer. He had seen similar ones many times, just cracks like cracks.

"Nice stone? I can buy you one from Wieliczka when I leave this shithole." said Siwiatło.

"No, no, wait. Take a look. It doesn't look like a pattern?"

The researcher moved closer to the monitor, yes, after focusing his attention one hundred percent on the stone, the cracks began to look like patterns, after moving away they began to resemble letters, and the letters formed a sentence. Siwiatło, a bit excited by this, saved a screenshot and began to move the drone away from the stone. After moving the drone away, the stone itself looked like it was part of something bigger, the small cave next to it started to look like a window, he could see stairs, a collapsed wall.

"This writing resembles a bit of runes, I think I have seen a similar one somewhere, maybe I will send it to a friend, and he will judge it…" said Emilia.

"Hush for a moment, you spoil the moment." Robert interrupted her sentence as he ran his fingers over the drone's console.

Before Robert and Emilia's eyes, there were ruins that looked a bit like a building. Siwiatło moved further away and increased the light on the drone. Now, illuminating a larger area of the site, he could see the ruins of several similar to the previous structure, as well as something reminiscent of a palace with soaring towers. At the moment when Siwiatło was about to take another screenshot, he managed to see only a giant shrimp, which, while extending its front limbs resembling scythe, pierced the drone with them.

"Holy. Fuck."

FROM: Doctor Pio, Department of Thaumaturgy
TO: Doctor Emilia, Site PL-69
TOPIC: Runic inscription at the bottom of the Baltic Trench

I got a picture, i was even able to read something, it's really fucked up situation that a stone with an inscription in Fae is at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, but the only thing that says here is "Weabulis was here"

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