KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion
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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion "Nga's Blizzard"

Authorized Response Level:

4 (Severe Threat)


Location of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion.


An ethereal entity inhabiting the continental asthenosphere lithosphere with the ability to induce disturbances such as orographic and climatic anomalies, seismic activity, and modifications to living organisms. These disturbances consist of massive events characterized by the disappearance of local fauna, drastic decreases in climatic temperatures, and boreal eruptions1. The parathreat is located beneath the Anabar Shield, within the Siberian craton, and is currently on its way to the surface.

Progress of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion is neither continuous nor spontaneous; evidence has been found of its synchronization with the glacial periods of the planet. First manifestations of the parathreat appear as strong blizzards and snowfalls coming from caves or mines; such events are capable of modifying the behavior of animals, forcing them to enter these subterranean environments, where they are transformed into parathreats classified as KTE-3770-Goodrick; these entities undergo morphological modifications to facilitate their subterranean movement, as well as acquiring various anomalous capabilities, with their main attribute being that they are linked to cryogenic abilities. These entities are inherently hostile towards humans and other KTE-3770-Goodrick entities.

Upon analysis of its behavior, the entity is highly hostile towards all life forms, aiming for their immediate alteration or destruction. The range of the capabilities of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion becomes larger as it approaches the surface. At the moment, the parathreat is 20 km underground.

Rules of Engagement:

KTE-3770-Goodrick entities must be liquidated using incendiary or explosive weaponry. The liquidation of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion will be carried out through a 4-phase plan. While this plan is being developed, its progress will be slowed via greatly increasing the temperature at the site, detonating magma bombs, and constructing subterranean tunnels with thaumaturgical patterns to prevent the temperature from dropping.

An agreement has been reached with the Russian government to evacuate the villages near the location of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion, and civilians attacked by KTE-3770-Goodrick entities have been admitted to Coalition-designated hospitals, where they are expected to recover. Once the definitive liquidation of the parathreat is confirmed, those affected will receive a standard memory reconstruction to be subsequently returned to their places of origin.

PSYCHE Records

Parathreat Investigation

Special Observer: "Vaal" / (38224517/588)

Overview: Deific entity of non-human origin. Study of the Akiva radiation levels present at the site did not show any significant pattern, however, a study carried out using VERITAS systems has shown aspect radiation with sustained saturation and a Blocked-type texture, thus, considering several options, it has been determined that it is a natural demiurge2, created from a major disturbance on a Sanctuary Ecosystem3 such as the Siberian craton.

This entity is ascending towards the Earth's atmosphere through the Anabar Shield, at approximately 7 km from the surface. Five caverns connecting to the entity have been located and explored, one of which shows appropriate topography for deployment in an early liquidation of the parathreat. Temperatures below -80°C have been detected in the areas near the parathreat, yet the atmospheric pressure remains at 1 atm.

Parathreat Evidence: The parathreat has been documented since 1950, at the time of the progressive melting of the polar ice caps. Since then there have been multiple events of disappearances among the local fauna, the latter being totally or partially converted into new parathreats during the activity periods of the main entity, and attacking nearby villages. The entity has had its peak of activity between the months of June and August, summer time in the Siberian region.

There are no clear folklore records related to the identity of the parathreat, being the closest one the deific entity "Nga". According to the Nenets' myths, Nga is the god of death, sometimes son and sometimes brother of Num, god of the sky, with whom he often depicts a classic dual worldview. While sources differ, one constant is Nga living underground, in the "beneath world", where he controls the winter, opposite to Num, who controls the summer.

It is believed that the similarities between the two entities are the result of a premature contact of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion with the Nenets at some point in the past. Although unconfirmed, the Nenets' festivities, prayers, offerings, etc., to the entity, could suggest possible sapience from the parathreat, implying the potential capability of communicating with it.

Suggested Response/Requests: Due to the cryogenic capabilities of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion, its liquidation has been unfeasible without the development of anti-cryogenic equipment and refined thaumaturgical works for temperature maintenance, which currently exist.

Taking this into account, and due to the large presence of KTE-3770-Goodrick entities, a reasonable liquidation plan must be developed as soon as possible. Projections indicate that, by March 2023, KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion will become a Level 6 Threat.

Current studies suggest that KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion must be liquidated underground; if it reaches the surface, the thaumaturgic and theurgic works associated with its destruction will not be possible to complete.


The following Liquidation Operation has been approved by the Council of the 108. Below is a summarized description:

Date 15/01/2019 Head of Operations Gen. Randalf Bogdanov
Dictum Approved, with a resolution of 71 in favor, 30 against, and 7 abstentions from the Council of the 108.


The following report is a summary of Operation FROST MIDNIGHT and, as such, briefly details the non-destructive liquidation of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion, due to its imminent threat to the Coalition's Second Mission (Concealment) and future Level 6 threat. Accordingly, a 4-phase plan for the liquidation of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion has been developed.

Strike Team 1909 "Nenet Avengers" has been assembled, consisting of 4 operatives of 10 soldiers each. 5 members will be in charge of carrying out the missions, while the other 5 will act as a backup to replace wounded members. All remaining operatives will remain at close range while the current operative carries out its mission and, if needed, will provide fire support.


Initial area of operation.

Phase I

The 1st phase consists of securing all the entries connecting to the central dome where KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion resides, and liquidating all instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick in situ, by deploying an Operative (Codename: DEER). Once completed, an outpost will be established at the entrance of the Route Prime, from where the strike team will move in.

Specifically, the Route Prime consists of a mineral extraction mine that descends at least 4 km until it reaches a cave extension. This route will be used to approach KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion.

3 operatives will be assigned to the Route Prime, with a total of 7 thaumaturges divided into 2 assets for Phases II and III, and 3 assets for Phase IV, one of which specializes in theurgy and must be protected at all costs. The rest of the assets are composed of assault agents.

Phase II

Once Phase I is completed, the entire extension of the mine will be cleared in a linear manner while looking for instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick where possible. This task will be carried out by the second operative (Codename: WOLF) in order to establish a new outpost at the cliff where the extension of the mine ends.

Phase III

Upon completion of Phase II, the next operative (Codename: LYNX) will have to set up descent equipment for the next operative with the help of WOLF as fire support. The 230m cliff culminates in a frozen subterranean lake, where the next outpost is to be established according to the data analyzed. Any instance of KTE-3770-Goodrick will be neutralized in the process.

Phase IV

Upon completion of the previous phase, the next operative (Codename: BEAR) will replace LYNX, while LYNX and WOLF will remain as fire support. BEAR must clear the final path to KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion. Once the final target is reached, KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion will be subdued through a theurgic ritual specifically instructed to the theurgist.

Since KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion cannot be destroyed, nor should it be, as it would result in a Level 6 environmental disruption event, it has been decided to pursue a long-term negotiation to reverse the effects of the climate change on a global scale, or to make time for its total and secure liquidation.

— Gen. Randalf Bogdanov

AOD (Armaments Used in Destruction) Report. Gen0 equipment has been omitted for brevity.

Quartermasters Division-AOD-3770-2
Item Designation Title Qty.
1 +1Gen-NPUWE Nuclear Powered Underground Warfare Excavators, COG Num 5
Notes: Excavators Num were used for transportation to the area of effect of the parathreat, and to eliminate instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick using conventional and specialized weaponry.
2 GenAlt-SEMTA Subterranean Explosive Mines with Thaumic Activation 40
Notes: Distributed within the current perimeter of the parathreat, as well as areas with high population of KTE-3770-Goodrick instances. Effective.
3 +2Gen-MB Magmatic Bombs 10
Notes: The bombs' detonation causes the temperature in a certain area to reach the melting point of rocks, thus preventing the propagation of the effect caused by KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion. Their use is restricted to events involving an abrupt appearance of KTE-3770-Goodrick, or activity of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion.
4 +2Gen-TDM Thermal Drilling Missiles 30
Notes: Launched from surface sites, for quick response wherever SEMTAs could not be installed. Their functions are identical to those of MBs, but their area of effect is smaller.
5 +2Gen/GenAlt-TISS Thermal Inversion Shield-Suits 1 each
Notes: Thermally isolated suits, resistant to projectile impacts and sudden temperature changes. Powered with Shield-Runes from nearby thaumaturges, they keep the wearer isolated from temperatures ranging from -150 degrees Celsius to 3000 degrees Celsius.


Phase I

On 17/01/2019, Operative DEER was dispatched to complete Phase I of Operation FROST MIDNIGHT. All 5 backup members settled within 1 km of the mine. Analysis of KTE-3770-Goodrick instances in the area following the completion of Phase I showed the following specimens:

Designation Base species Description
KTE-3770-SOAR Sorex araneus4 Suffering from albinism, their legs are always covered by a layer of ice, which they leave behind as a trail. Instances of KTE-3770-SOAR release considerable amounts of liquid nitrogen through their pores.
KTE-3770-OCDA Ochotona dauurica5 Suffering from albinism, they have long claws, partially hardened fur, and great flexibility in their hind legs. Instances of KTE-3770-OCDA can burrow quickly, and use their hind legs to propel themselves from the holes created, using this technique to knock out their target due to the speed at which they hit it.
KTE-3770-LYWR Lynx lynx wrangeli6 Fully hardened fur, covered by a thick layer of hard ice as armor. Their tail has several ice spikes of great length. They have the ability to adhere to any type of surface.

Below is the initial transcript of the execution of Phase I:

First transcript of Strike Team 1909 "Nenet Avengers", Operative DEER

0500-0600: Operative DEER is heading towards the mine entrance. Members carry TISSs and MBs, as well as standard flamethrowers. As they approach, 3 instances of KTE-3770-LYWR can be seen, which immediately move towards the DEER vehicle. The assets repel the parathreat with the flamethrowers and descend from the vehicle.

0600-0620: DEER assets attempt to attack the entities directly, but the entities remain at a safe distance from the flamethrowers. The entities, designated KTE-3770-LYWR, can be observed having a spiked tail, which they wag towards the assets to intimidate them.

0620-0700: More instances of KTE-3770-LYWR start arriving from different directions, until they become a group of 6. DEER requests permission from Command to use the MBs, but is denied due to the small quantity of MBs, advising to only use them in emergency situations. D-1 and D-3 begin to develop a plan but are attacked by an instance. D-3 manages to hit the parathreat with the flamethrower, causing it to retreat, whimpering.

The remaining instances lash out at the rest of the team, who likewise retaliate. The left arm of D-1 begins to show signs of cryogenization, near the areas where KTE-3770-LYWR tore its skin. The TISS prevents the rest of the arm from being affected; DEER continues to attack until all entities have succumbed or retreated severely wounded.

0700-0730: The Operative approaches the mine, where they find a colony of altered Ochotona dauurica and Sorex araneus. However, their anomalous characteristics cannot be fully observed due to the small size of the instances. The Operative decides to proceed with the flamethrowers. The entities, designated KTE-3770-OCDA and KTE-3770-SOAR, respectively, gather into small groups as DEER advances.

0730-0810: Instances of KTE-3770-OCDA are ejected from small holes in the ground, knocking down D-2, D-4 and D-5. The team stops to take cover from further impacts. D-3 incinerates multiple instances, buying time for D-5 to get up and continue the offensive. D-1 moves in on D-4, who is covered with instances of KTE-3770-SOAR, which release a substance resembling liquid nitrogen. While attempting to remove the instances without harming D-4, D-1 is attacked by the instances, which enter his suit through the rip made by KTE-3770-LYWR.

D-2 uses an MB to liquidate a large number of entities. The team focuses on D-1; they ferociously kick and shake his suit until all parathreats present have been removed. The TISS is severely damaged, but manages to keep D-1 alive. Extensive freezing can be seen throughout his body, as he expresses pain. D-3 decides to leave along with D-1 to seek medical attention. The rest of the members liquidate the remaining parathreats without further difficulty.

0810-0830: DEER secures the entrance and establishes Outpost Alpha. D-6 and D-7 arrive to replace the incapacitated members. D-4, D-5 and D-7 opt to look for other entrances while D-2 and D-6 guard the Outpost.

0830-0915: A rusty elevator is located north of the mine, presumably a secondary access. D-4 approaches with caution, but finds no parathreats. She initiates a debate with her teammates as to whether they should go down or just secure the entrance. D-5 examines the structure, putting a foot inside, but the pulleys give way. D-4 manages to pull D-5 back before watching the cabin fall inward.

D-4, D-5 and D-7 look through the hole, surprisingly finding an instance of KTE-3770-LYWR standing vertically on one of the walls. The entity does not try to attack them, and instead roars and then descends down the wall to a location out of view. They wait for a couple of minutes, however the entity does not reappear.

0915-1000: DEER searches the perimeter until they verify that there are no more accesses. They establish Outpost Alpha-II near the elevator, and D-4 returns with D-2 to confirm the end of the mission.

Phase I completed.

Phase II

Upon completion of Phase I, a superficial analysis of the Route Prime was conducted from Outpost Alpha, revealing, in addition to the previously discovered instances, the following species of KTE-3770-Goodrick:

Designation Base species Description
KTE-3770-DEMO Desmana moschata7 Suffering from albinism. They are completely blind; their whiskers have been turned into fine ice crystals which they use to orient themselves. They are capable of forming small structures by intertwining their claws and tails, although the purpose of these formations is undetermined.

Below is the transcript of the execution of Phase II, performed on 18/01/2019:

Second transcript of Strike Team 1909 "Nenet Avengers", Operative WOLF

0500-0540: Operative WOLF moves forward from Outpost Alpha, where backup members are stationed. There are a few instances of KTE-3770-SOAR, which are eliminated using flamethrowers. As they descend to the mine entrance, the team reports light quakes, although nothing remarkable occurs.

0540-0630: More instances of KTE-3770-SOAR are found. However, instead of attacking, they begin to move across the ground to form some kind of pattern using the layer of ice they leave as a trail. WOLF witnesses the scene from a safe distance, until Command urges them to liquidate the entities. When W-5 approaches with the flamethrower, the drawn patterns begin to glow.

W-3, one of the assigned thaumaturges, recognizes the shapes and recommends the Operative to move away while he summons a protection spell. The assets comply. The entities have progressed into creating multiple geometric figures - W-4, the second assigned thaumaturge, notes that this is a spell for a fierce snow blizzard. The weather begins to change accordingly.

W-3 removes one of the protective gloves and then makes a small cut on his palm. He uses the blood to trace various symbols on the rest of his hand. Once he finishes, he exhibits the ability to cast fire from his palm, incinerating the parathreats present. The wind becomes stronger, but the team progresses without further incident.

0630-0730: The Operative arrives at the mine. Some thaumaturgical symbols made by KTE-3770-SOAR can be observed, although W-4 assures that they are not dangerous, and are only to protect the cave from other rituals. WOLF members discuss the possible intelligence of the entities, to which W-2 proposes direct mind control from KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion. W-1 expresses discomfort about this.

07:30-0820: While walking through a wide section, WOLF fails to notice an instance of KTE-3770-LYWR hanging from the ceiling. The entity leaps at W-5 and knocks him to the ground, scratching him while simultaneously attacking with its tail. Although W-1 attempts to incinerate the instance, it shows no signs of pain and continues to attack W-5.

W-2, W-3 and W-4 try to attract the creature's attention with physical attacks. However, KTE-3770-LYWR uses its tail to repel the assets. After several minutes, the entity succumbs to its burns. W-5 lies inert on the site, and is declared KIA. W-1 alerts Command, which replies by sending W-6, and W-7 as reinforcements, while advising the team to await the arrival of these new assets.

0820-0850: Holes begin to form in the ground, from which specimens of KTE-3770-DEMO emerge. These quickly surround the team and climb up the bodies of W-1 and W-3 before they can react. The entities help each other to pull both assets to the ground, where they begin to bury them in the snow.

W-4 and W-2 are also attacked by instances of KTE-3770-OCDA blasting out of holes in the walls. W-2 manages to launch an MB to get rid of numerous entities, although she injures W-4 in the process. She goes to help W-1, but a multitude of KTE-3770-DEMO instances form a wall interlocking with each other.

0850-1000: W-4 stands up and conjures a fire spell similar to the one seen earlier. He liquidates a huge number of parathreats before falling due to exhaustion and his wounds. W-2 takes the opportunity to approach W-3, kicking the nearby entities. Once back on his feet, W-3 uses the flamethrower to protect W-1.

KTE-3770-DEMO rearranges itself into a configuration similar to that of a 2-meter tall specimen of Desmana moschata. Due to this, the instances release W-1, who roughly straightens up. WOLF attacks the para-threat directly with a flamethrower, to no avail. W-2 opts to move away and attract the entity's attention by making noise. KTE-3770-DEMO follows at high speed. W-1 urges the rest of WOLF to retreat.

Once KTE-3770-DEMO is a few steps away from W-2, she activates an MB, sacrificing herself and liquidating the entity. The rest of the team exits the mine to meet W-6 and W-7. After a brief discussion, the Operative re-enters the mine. They progress until they find the remains of W-5 and W-2, and pick up their respective dog tags. They continue along the Route Prime until they reach a cliff. The instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick that were present are considered totally liquidated.

Phase II completed.

Phase III

Upon completion of Phase II, Operative LYNX met at the outpost established by WOLF, thus conducting a survey of the KTE-3770-Goodrick entities present at the descent site, encountering the following instances:

Designation Base species Description
KTE-3770-PRCY Prosopium cylindraceum8 Their bodies have been transformed into snowflakes with different geometries, covered in scales. Separately they are not usually a threat due to their small mass, although they are found in shoals capable of breaking resistant structures. One of these shoals was found on the roof of the descent site..
KTE-3770-CAPT Calidris ptilocnemis9 They have partially hardened fur, and each wing has hard, sharp ice. The peaks of the instances have been modified to resemble a cannon, although its exact use is unknown..
KTE-3770-PUSI Pusa sibirica10 No observations.

It should be noted that during the late night of 18/01/2019, the Route Prime's entrance was attacked by multiple instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick which were quickly repelled without major incident. Additionally, no incendiary weaponry was used during this Phase due to the position of the assets being considered high risk.

Below is the transcript of the execution of Phase III, performed on 19/01/2019:

Third transcript of Strike Team 1909 "Nenet Avengers", Operative LYNX

0800-0900: Operative LYNX prepares for their incursion, WOLF is following behind as fire support.

0900-0915: Operative LYNX arrives at the cliff where they will descend. A frozen lake can be seen below. The estimated altitude is 230m. There are multiple holes in the sides of the cavern where LYNX will descend, and a thick layer of snow hanging on the roof and walls of the cavern.

0915-0930 (230m): Climbing harnesses prepared, the descent begins. Thaumaturge assets descend last. WOLF remains alert at the top.

0930-0945 (190m): Starts to snow, the assets complain of multiple hits and punctures all over their bodies, the cover of the TISSs can be seen tearing. Thaumaturge assets begin to cast heat spells, managing to soothe the attack.

0945-0955: Thaumaturge assets of Operative WOLF begin to invoke a shield at the top of the cliff to prevent the fall of more KTE-3770-PRCY instances.

0955-1005 (145m): The noise from one KTE-3770-CAPT instance alerts the others, thus creating a flock. Assault assets succeed in eliminating multiple instances of KTE-3770-CAPT, but the killed instances explode, releasing instances of KTE-3770-PRCY with greater force. Assets complain of multiple painful hits. One of the assets suffers a transverse cut at the knee from a KTE-3770-CAPT instance, the asset suggests that his leg is partially frozen. He is advised to ascend but refuses. His TISS keeps his leg stable.

1005-1015 (130m): Launching of an MB on the wall in front of the descending LYNX assets. It manages to neutralize a large number of KTE-3770-CAPT instances, also preventing the dispersion of KTE-3770-PRCY due to this. LYNX notices the presence of KTE-3770-PUSI in the lake, however, they do not constitute any risk. The effects caused by the MB disperse after 4 minutes.

1015-1030 (90m): Instances of KTE-3770-CAPT ascend, piercing the shield of Operative WOLF and sucking some of the snow on the cavern roof with their mouths. LYNX is warned of this behavior.

1030-1045 (75m): Instances of KTE-3770-CAPT begin a rapid descent, aiming their peaks at Operative LYNX. Instances of KTE-3770-CAPT begin to spew KTE-3770-PRCY-based soft hail at high speeds towards LYNX. Assault assets liquidate a quarter of the remaining instances, while the thaumaturge assets cast heat spells, but only succeed in turning the hail into snowflakes. A few soft hail projectiles manage to hit multiple Assault assets, which report acute pain but no TISS penetration.

1045-1055 (50m): Assault assets destroy 90% of the KTE-3770-CAPT instances, and the remaining ones dissipate. An instance of KTE-3770-PUSI is seen penetrating the ice of the frozen lake, with no signs of hostility.

1055-1110 (35m): One of the KTE-3770-PUSI instances is propelled at high speed from one of the holes made, managing to ascend up to 50m high and passing near Operative LYNX, when it explodes into a snow blizzard. One of the assets is violently hit by one of the gusts of wind which tears his TISS at the chest level, also managing to remove part of the exposed epidermis. Accelerated freezing of the exposed section, the asset is withdrawn. The thaumaturgie assets begin to use heat talismans, and Assault launches another MB, which dissipates the effects of the KTE-3770-PUSI instance. Assets report hits similar to those caused by KTE-3770-PRCY.

1110-1130 (25m): Two more instances of KTE-3770-PUSI are observed penetrating the ice lake. LYNX manages to reach a dome-shaped cavern which is inhabited by a large number of KTE-3770-PUSI instances. LYNX is ordered to liqudate most of the instances on the ice and also to shoot at the instances that are submerged in the lake with ammunition reinforced with counter-thermal spells.

1130-1210: Several of the KTE-3770-PUSI instances on the ice lake, when dying, become strong snow blizzards that eliminate other KTE-3770-PUSI instances, creating a chain effect that becomes dangerous for LYNX members in situ, causing them to retreat to a safe height. It is possible to see how the frozen lake turns completely white, probably due to a chain effect caused by one of the counter-thermal bullets hitting one of the submerged instances, freezing the water in the area.

1210-1230: Safe descent is achieved, no trace of new KTE-3770-Goodrick instances. Beta Outpost is secured.

Phase III completed.

Phase IV

Following the completion of Phase III, a final remote survey of the area was conducted, showing the following KTE-3770-Goodrick instances:

Designation Base species Description
KTE-3770-OVNI Ovis nivicola11 Their fur has been replaced by several light blue crystals, thin but sturdy. Their limbs have been reduced one third, and their hooves have a concave shape to facilitate their underground movement. Their horns are made of a pure and perfect ideal crystal12, lowering the temperature of any object they hit to temperatures between -120 °C and -200 °C.
KTE-3770-CLA Canis lupus albus13 Their limbs are metamorphic, and can manifest mouths at the end of their limbs. The howl of 3 or more instances together is capable of provoking a snowstorm at a range of 50 m2. It is possible to appreciate a rhomboid indigo crystal on the chest.
KTE-3770-URMA Ursus maritimus14 Thick black fur, they have no eyes and from their eye sockets comes out a gas with crystal particles. They are capable of manifesting crystals from the ground to attack. Their ears have increased in size and have a pointy shape, their tails have also enlarged, ending in a small mouth, which can spit cryogenic rocks or crystals.

Below is the transcript of the execution of Phase IV, carried out immediately after the completion of Phase III:

Fourth transcript of Strike Team 1909 "Nenet Avengers", Operative BEAR

1300-1315: Operative BEAR arrives at Outpost Beta. Before proceeding, TDMs are calibrated and set up on the surface in case they are needed.

1315-1330: Operatives BEAR and WOLF begin to move forward, however, from their rear, 3 instances of KTE-3770-OVNI appear from the walls of the cave. The attack of the parathreat is unsuccessful as they are easily dispatched by the incendiary equipment of Operative BEAR, but when they are liquidated, the horns of the instances expand throughout the cave, closing the way back to the outpost. Num excavators begin to be deployed for extraction once Phase IV is concluded.

1330-1345: A few howls can be heard in the distance, and the temperature begins to slowly drop. The operatives hurry their pace until they encounter a herd of 7 KTE-3770-CLA instances, two of which were fighting. After spotting the operatives, they move quickly towards the first member, using their metamorphic limbs to attack him, killing him in the attack. Three BEAR members take the opportunity to liquidate 5 KTE-3770-CLA instances that were ripping apart the corpse. The other 2 parathreats flee the scene; the temperature stops dropping.

1345-1415: Over the next 10 minutes no more KTE-3770-Goodrick instances are found. On the way, several remains of other animals, both modified and normal, can be seen. The presence of snow on the walls, ceiling and floor of the cave begins to intensify. Furthermore, ice patterns begin to appear on the floor. The thaumaturgists suggest stopping to analyze these patterns; the other members of the operatives get into position to protect them in case of a sudden attack. Photographs of this are sent to the teams on the surface.

1415-1500: The Operatives are unsuccessfully attacked several times by instances of KTE-3770-OVNI and KTE-3770-CLA, only causing delays along the way. At 3 km from the area, several small boreal eruptions are detected in other subterranean systems. KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion ascended 500 meters, the planned route is significantly shortened.

1500-1520: Thirty meters away from the point for the theurgical rite, they find an instance of KTE-3770-URMA, which is attacked on sight with flamethrowers and conventional ammunition. Although considerable damage was done, the crystalline parts regenerate. KTE-3770-URMA stands upright and then drops its two forelimbs to the ground, manifesting several pointed crystals where the Operative was located; two members WOLF are lost in this attack. Three members of Operative WOLF draw the attention of the parathreat attacking it at a safe distance while ordering the launch of a TDM, which arrive after 2 minutes and impact directly. The head of KTE-3770-URMA tries to regenerate, but is liquidated with the use of two MBs.


Final path to KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion.

1520-1530: Upon reaching the area marked to perform the theurgical rite, KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion can be observed having an avatar of at least 250m, which is a whitish and shiny amorphous substance. Around it, at intervals of up to almost 1.5 km, a large cluster of ice crystals of different geometry, with an apparent pattern in its stratification.

1530-1545: Operatives WOLF and BEAR prepare to deploy SEMTAs in previous sections of the cave to destroy instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick that may be approaching. The theurgical ritual begins with 5-minute preparations, proceeding as planned. Boreal eruptions cease to occur and the temperature begins to rise in the upper levels, this confirmed by the Outposts.

1545-1601: Instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick begin to melt until they disappear into the ground; KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion maintains its position. Measurements indicate aspect radiation of 1 kiloCaspers, Topaz, Sharp, Tight. Five excavators Num are heading for extraction of the operatives.

1601-1625: An abrupt change in aspect radiation is detected, showing 3 kiloCaspers, Ebony, Double-Sharp, Locked. Two Num excavators are suddenly attacked by different KTE-3770-Goodrick instances, being destroyed in the process. The three surviving excavators manage to get into formation to successfully repel the attack. All SEMTAs in the area are detonated, buying a few minutes for the Operatives. The thaumaturges mention that it is impossible to finish the ritual without causing a major modification in the history of the most recent ice age, moreover, KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion stopped responding to the theurgic work.

1625-1640: Command proposes a new strategy based on the patterns found previously, by using a Spiritual Sacrifice work15. The specifics of such a work are sent while 5 TDMs are launched to gain more time. Excavators Num arrive at the Operatives and assist them with their weapons.

This new thaumaturgical work consists of the Spiritual Sacrifice of the theurgic asset16, an action that will pacify KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion, allowing to use this situation to canalize high temperatures with thaumaturgical properties to numb KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion, leaving it inactive, according to estimations, for a decade. For its realization, large amounts of thermal energy are needed, as well as the drawing of an inverse pattern in the area.

1640-1700: Two instances of KTE-3770-URMA attack an excavator Num, rendering it useless. Its operators detonate an explosive charge and manage to liquidate those two instances. The reverse pattern is completed and the remaining TDMs are sent to the area. The order is given to return to an excavator Num along with as many non-thaumaturgical WOLF and BEAR Operatives as possible. 4 members in total are able to leave.

1700-1710: The remaining members prepare to detonate their remaining MBs and SEMTAs, while waiting for the arrival of the TDMs. KTE-3770-Goodrick instances succeed in destroying the last remaining Num excavator. At the same time, approximately 56 KTE-3770-Goodrick instances are detected. The TDMs arrive on site and the final thaumaturgical move is given to end the ritual. This liquidates all instances of KTE-3770-Goodrick and both Operatives that remained in place.

1710-1715: The different cameras of the Outposts, as well as the operatives on the surface can observe changes in the local reality, appearing several corpses of extinct animals and unknown KTE-3770-Goodrick instances, such as Mammuthus, Ursus spelaus17, and Coelodonta antiquitatis18. Large ice crystals of various geometric shapes can be seen in the landscape. Also, the occurrence of large boreal eruptions and snowstorms can also be seen. Such manifestation is intermittent, although each time the span is longer.

1715-1718: From the largest borealic eruption appears an appendage with various glyphs and patterns, flashing dark blue hues. This grows into a rough and thin body of several hundred meters, presenting several prominent crystals of different sizes, with several thinner extremities, ending in different types of hands, some with pointed fingers and others with tentacles. The entity's head presents a dissociative anomaly grounded in platonic solids and degenerate variations thereof, overlapping with multiple sentient and panicking heads of animal and non-animal entities, both known and unknown, presumably all inhabitants of icy climates or related to the concept of cold.

1718-1722: All the thermal and thaumic energy is correctly canalized to KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion, sending it back to the limits of the lithosphere. The retreating excavator Num managed to reach the surface without difficulty. All effects of the parathreat gradually disappeared over the next 24 hours.

Phase IV completed.

The result of Operation FROST MIDNIGHT was partially successful. As part of the backlash caused by KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion and thaumaturgical assets, the following anomalies were detected:

  • Creation of large extensions of caverns with boreal deposits, noble gases, and other types of gases that would normally be found in outer space or laboratory environments.
  • Partial physiological alteration of several endemic species, and appearance of large extensions of forests of endemic flora.
  • The enhancement of the Sanctuary Ecosystem properties of the Siberian Craton, hence expecting a rise in anomalies in it, as well as an increased strength of KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion.
  • The alteration of the Akiva radiation of the local population, causing a rise in beliefs and rituals around KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion and the deification of the concept of winter.

The theurgical asset used for the sacrificial rite is kept secure in a top secret facility, guaranteeing the life of the asset for a long period of time.


The following is a message received after the events that occurred on 19/01/2019. It is unknown where said message came from and the method used to obtain information on KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion, as well as the liquidation operation.

Intercepted Message Post-Phase IV KTE-3770-Ex Machina-Pygmalion
Sender Unknown Recipient General Randalf Bogdanov
Subject After the battle against that subterranean frost
Nga, the one sent to end the warm eras of the Earth, and with a rather chaotic desire, manifested in his magnificent encounter with your forces. Its true origin or nature remains unknown, while the threat against the beauty of a random manifestation, life, is too evident. In the past it was impossible to stop its advance to the surface, and for millions of years great losses were suffered across the globe, stories buried by its selfish snow.

It was different in those times, where gods and mythological heroes fought for supremacy while leaving their traces to those fortunate enough to survive, or merely the scars left by their actions told such events. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the point of view, the era of the gods ended some time ago, their work on Earth ended as they saw the rise of beings capable of fighting their battles. A price to pay for the right to exist in some way.

No matter where we come from - from the depths of the ground in the great rock layers of the Earth, or from the surface - we are the standard in the face of various threats: we contain, we destroy, we learn, we create… We survive in one way or another. My question is, how much longer can we deal with these monstrosities individually? A part of solving the problems is to recognize them in time. The rise of these "paranormal threats" is undeniable, alongside the information I have been gathering throughout my life, it indicates a point of no return, a battle which, under our current conditions, we will not be able to win.

Perhaps my words are bold towards you and your organization, I must apologize if that is the case. But my concern for the subject is greater than my sorrow, and for you it should be too. An invitation to a more elaborate dialogue is open. We must not let our nightmares and memories bury all our wonders.

From a place lost in the depths, Norvelio Medatia.
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