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╣ Threat entity database entries ╠

Threat ID:

KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset "Sunset"

Authorization response level:

5 (emergency threat) 6(Pizzicato)


A scene video of the KTE-3930 process happening

KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset is a global apocalyptic "sunset" scenario recorded in the Global Occult Coalition and SCP Foundation databases that must occur in 2050. When KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset occurs , the world will encounter an unknown Vertex-like pluripotent, Black-type, Abraham-type1, Colorless2, aqua-type full-scale invasion, and large-scale anomalous entity explosion events.

This event has more than 65% probability of causing the complete collapse of the existing social order, more than 25% probability of causing the destruction of human civilization, 5% probability of irreversible extinction of human beings, and no less than 1% probability of completely destroying this plane.

After joint observation and research by the Science Department of the Global Occult Alliance, the Department of Mysteries, the Multiverse Affairs Department of the SCP Foundation, the Central Group of the Triple Moon Initiative, the PCS Xenodivision Agency, and the Non-Exhaustive Co-conference Union, it has been proved that KTE-3930- Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset is a phenomenon that exists widely in multiple universes, and there are obvious differences in the manifestations of KTE-3930 corresponding to different planes, but most of them are abnormal existence/phenomenon/entity that can cause huge damage. in the perimeter of the earth. The existence of similar phenomena of this entity has not been observed in extraterrestrial extra-dimensional locations such as Corbenic, the Lost City of Alakata, the Library of the Banished, and Ganglios.

Therefore, in order to check and balance KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset and prevent or weaken its harm, the Alliance has now implemented Project Morning Star and acted according to the deployment of this plan.

Engage/Clear Rules:
All departments of the Global Occult Coalition should do their best to understand the existing anomalous science and technology during the KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset invasion period and apply the research results to the super generation/peak of the GOC paranormal armament department High-level weapons, devices, and facilities are manufactured to deal with the invasion of KTE-3930 in 2050. The Alliance & Foundation joint paranormal observation department will continue to confirm the KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset in other planes and try to terminate the latter. Existence, GOC and various cooperative GOIs will form the Global Occult Joint Defense Force to block the invasion of "Sunset", AOD-Ω-013 will continue to be used for liaison work with other planes.

╣ Mental Sector Records ╠

Super Threat Threat Investigation

Commissioner: GOC Mobile Investigation Team Markes.D
Description:KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset occurred at a roughly fixed time, January 1, 2050 at 0:00, when the KTE_3930 invasion began, an unknown entity and a large number of high-risk level 4 Or level 5 threat anomalous humanoids will randomly appear in a certain area of ​​the earth or even the solar system and invade the area of ​​human existence. At the same time, a large number of hostile hazard anomalies will be generated around the world and attack human settlements.
It has been confirmed that the form of KTE-3930 is roughly a process type. There are five processes in total. About 200~300 kinds of anomalies will occur in the first wave of processes, and the average threat is about 3. When the first wave of processes is attacked Back off, the second wave of the process will happen immediately and the level of abnormal threat and the number of output types will increase significantly during the process, and so on for the next three processes.
Super Threat Signs:The occurrence of the process is usually time-influenced and enforced as "sunset hour", in short, a consistent indication of the sun's imminent setting on the horizon regardless of location around the world under dusk landscape. However, during this period, there will be uninterrupted Class I~V essential activation effects and the release of a large number of mentally disturbing cognitohazards. The GOC and the Foundation's containment mechanism for abnormal entities will most likely fail. High-intensity EVE energy Storms will occur frequently in high Hume regions of the world and create a realistic collapse scenario.
Suggested Request: Immediately start the "Pizzicato" program, take over the global reserve of abnormal armaments, mobilize all available assets to block and minimize damage to KTE-3930, disarm the CBRNS (Bio-Chemical- The use of intrinsic weapons such as nuclear-abnormal) is locked, and each military region of the alliance needs to enter the first-level combat readiness to wait for the deployment of operations.

╣ Mystery Sector Records ╠


AOD (Arms Used in Operation Destruction) report from the Horrace Wallace documentation. Quartermaster-Loures

Quartermaster Department-AOD
Serial number Designation Title Quantity
1 AOD-X-1 Silver Suit4 +∞
|NOTE: This suit is widely distributed to all Alliance zone commandos and garrison equipment to protect against possible extreme psychic effects and memetic hazards associated with KTE-3930 and its derived entities and other anomalous effects.
2 AOD-X-2 Reality Obliteration Warhead +∞
Remarks: Attack warheads with Tier VI reality-bending disintegration effects are allocated to the GOC Military Region's bulk stockpile. It is mostly used in the execution of weak reality resistance level 4~5 threats, but before using it, you should pay attention to the maximum impact radius of the warhead and whether your party has carried and activated the reality stabilization equipment.
3 AOD-X-3 Kunpeng Series God Killing Drone Modification Allocated according to the vehicle assembly restrictions of each military region
|Remarks:A heavy-duty combat drone in the shape of a falcon. It is equipped with many super-generation weapon modules, and uses the heavy firepower of mythical entities above level 4 to destroy work.
4 AOD-X-4 Viscous Space Adhesive +∞
Remarks:Apply to blockade area space to weaken the hyperspace effect of KTE-3930.
5 AOD-X-5 Space Thaumaturgical Thunder Depending on the equipment required for the task
Remarks:Thaumic guided mines with extreme space distortion effects are assigned to the detachment garrison equipment to deal with the abnormal threat of weaker space resistance.
6 AOD-X-6 Scranton & Kalinin Anchor +∞
Remarks: A modified SRA device that can reverse the neutralization of essential phenomena and weaken the anomalous properties of anomalous targets through the same level of essence activation.

See file KTE-DOC#48495894 for more listings

See file KTE-DOC#35455574 for information on other theaters

╣ Super Armament Sector Records ╠

#Global Military Defense Force Deployment File 01

See [#documentGOC#ARMY0213] for more information

  • Combat Military District (excerpt)

Taihang Mountains Military Region:The main theater in China is stationed with the Second Army of the Global Occult Alliance Joint Detachment Garrison. The military region has built a large number of underground fortifications and reality stabilization devices based on the original third-line construction project, which can accommodate the maximum amount of space. The population can reach 30 million people. A large number of defensive plant anomalies produced by the cooperative organization fixed flowers are deployed in the military area, as well as battles built by the doctor and the global super-health organization. The special medical center is responsible for responding to the threat of KTE-3930 in China.

Pacific Military Region:The main theater of eastern Asia and the Pacific region, relying on GOC to build a large mobile military port and fortress stationed with the first, second, fourth, and eighth mixed brigades of the GOC detachment garrison and more than 15 extraordinary aircraft carrier battle groups , there are medium, long and near triple anti-sea ballistic missiles and replaceable psionic warheads5 with reality warping warheads. Mainly responsible for responding to the threat of KTE-3930 in the ocean.

Io Military Region:The main space theater of the solar system, relying on a large space air port"fortress"fortress The extraterrestrial combined combat fleet, SCPF Solidarity, "Destroyer", 2000 stellar-class battleships and 120 heavy command and transport ships, are stationed on Saturn A space-based monitoring system and an exoplanet Great Wall are deployed in orbit to defend against threats in outer space.

Ganzir Military District:An Atlantic fortress city designed to perform a "reboot" procedure for the preservation of human survivors and living Alliance combat forces in the event of KTE-3930, for the Alliance Command headquarters station, deployed with Xyank/Anastasakos continuous time slot and "flower".

  • Ultra-Gen/Next-Gen eigenweapon deployment (excerpt)

"Rod of God" Space-Based Kinetic Weapon:Deployed in low-Earth orbit, it is used to destroy large entities and entities with weak physical resistance.

"Golden Crow" High Energy Synchronous Orbital Railgun (HECOR):Extra-atmospheric pure-energy weapon that destroys any target, powered by a thaumaturgical essence-activated engine. Used for targeted destruction of entities.

Life Energy Radiation Fission Bomb (EVEAB):Relying on the large-scale fission of EVE energy and ether energy stored in the interior, it is a destructive weapon that triggers the VIII-level essence activation and Akiva radiation burst, and is used to destroy the 6th-level vertex-type multi-energy body. threaten.

"Henuraun's Spear": A combination of apexized "Hammer Anvil" and anomalous weaponization related to Makhane, the Broken God, which can release directional EMP kill designation Entities that can crush regional dimension space when the energy is sufficient.

** "Aleph-Type" Longinus Real Gun:** A hyper-narrative integrated from narrative-related anomalies such as SCP-3309, Spear of the Unbeliever, Alpha's Gun, SCP-2719, etc. Strike device, capable of penetrating narrative echelons when the restriction is lifted, is used to destroy V-class colorless threats.

"Screaming Echo" Non-Existent Cannon:Weaponized a product of "Wowutu" related anomalies, which can obliterate the existence of the target and banish its conception.

"Reverse Timeline":** A causal and time-driven device composed of [insufficient authority] and [insufficient authority], applied to reverse the destruction of KTE-3930 and rewind the timeline to 2025 , is the crux of the "finale" program.

╣ Physics Department Records ╠

KTE-3930 Intrusion Phase Confirmation List:

Documented here is a confirmed list of documented progress of the Coalition and the Foundation's collaborative containment/combat team since the joint response to KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset.

The table will continue to be updated until KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset is destroyed.

  • First KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset Process List
Hyperthreat Occurrences Average Threat Level Successful Containment Times Successful Destroys
3920 3/Medium Threat 0 3920
Remarks: The number of abnormal threats produced by the first wave of KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset process is mostly concentrated in the range of 3000~4000, and the threat level is low, but the occurrence areas are scattered and scattered Therefore, the local armed forces should quickly execute abnormal targets under the premise of ensuring the third mission: protection.
  • Second KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset Process List
Hyperthreat Occurrences Average Threat Level Successful Containment Times Successful Destroys
8100 4/Severe Threats 1070 7030
Remarks: The second wave of KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset has significantly increased the number of super-threats and the degree of threat compared with the first wave, and conventional armed forces have been unable to effectively deal with them. The impact of KTE-3930, this process will lead to at least 150-300 million casualties in the world under average conditions. In order to reduce the loss of living force, when the process starts, the detached garrison troops in various places need to be dispatched immediately.
  • Third KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset Process List
Hyperthreat Occurrences Average Threat Level Successful Containment Times Successful Destroys
16240 5/emergency threat 290 15950
Remarks: The third wave of KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset process will lead to the complete extinction of human beings except in areas where the GOC deploys military areas, shelters, fortresses, etc. to defend against doomsday scenarios. The level 5 threat anomaly will be fully generated and attack the human station, the global supernatural military force needs to be mobilized, use the super-generation and peak-level weapons to destroy the target under the acceptable premise of 60% population loss, and allow small-scale use of intrinsic weapons to quickly terminate the process.
  • Fourth KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset Process List
Hyperthreat Occurrences Average Threat Level Successful Containment Times Successful Destroys
32900 6/Pizzicato 0 2800
Remarks: KTE-3930-Ex MaThe fourth invasion of china-Bosch-Sunset will inevitably lead to the destruction of human civilization. During this process, the "Pizzicato" program will be activated, and the Global Occult Alliance will fully activate the global super-arms power, eigenweapons, CBRNS (Bio-Chemical-Nuclear-Anomalous) weapons to destroy level 6 hostile threats generated within the solar system, collateral damage to 99% of the entire solar system population will be considered acceptable, "Reverse Timeline", "Flower", "The square cone can't fit into the round hole" will be prepared to reverse this timeline.
  • 5th KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset Process List
Hyperthreat Occurrences Average Threat Level Successful Containment Times Successful Destroys
1 7/Final 0 0
Note: The last process of KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset is known to be the arrival of a vertex-type pluripotent body. GOC will abandon the response and terminate the "Pizzicato" program, and instead start the "Final Song" program, fully deploy all available resources to implement the "Homeland" Treaty6, allowing 100% of the population with a loss condition, activation [#“AOD-Ω-055”] and various causal/time-driven devices in place before the target causes irreversible human extinction The timeline is reversed to 2025, after which execution of Project Morning Star will resume.

Assessment/Assault Team Inspection Report)

Assessment/Assault Squads Involved:
GOC Commando "Hermes", "Secret House", "Uklele of Clef" and other 30 elite units in total
Archive Operator:
"Keep Charming" 94336797/7593
Mission (Location/Objective):
Block 5th KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset Threat Entity Level 7 and confirm its nature as much as possible.
Enemy Encounter Report/Enemy Description:
KTE-3930-Ω is the most threatening apex pluripotent in the process identified by the GOC to date. Target exhibits Tier VIII reality-bending abilities, space-time distortion, psychic influence, paramateriality, narrative hazard, tikka actuation7 actuation, paranormal transmission, cognitive influence Such extreme hazards, all conventional physical strike methods have been confirmed to be ineffective, and the entity has a high sensitivity to thaumaturgical weapons.
KTE-3930-Ω is highly hostile and aggressive towards all forms of life, and it is impossible to confirm whether the entity possesses intelligence.
Except for the Ganzir fortress, all alliance military strongholds and solar system human-like shelters have been completely occupied. The multi-channel control measures and containment mechanisms deployed by the GOC and the Foundation have completely failed under the influence of the nature of KTE-3930-Ω, resulting in multiple Occurrence of a Level 5 Secondary Threat Event.
All members of the 30 GOC elite troops participating in the operation were killed, the direct loss of the global population reached 98%, the global supernormal combat force dropped by about 10%, and the related organization "Horizon Initiative" disintegrated.
The invasion of KTE-3930-Ω has far exceeded the current upper limit of the extraordinary military processing level of human beings. According to the unanimous decision of the joint meeting of the Union 108 Secret Council and the Foundation Supervisory Council to abandon this timeline and perform the "Final Song" "Procedure, the global paramilitary force will finally be mobilized to test where the upper limit of the level of KTE-3930-Ω lies.

  • List of attack records against KTE-3930-Ω

Main attack plan

For more information see KTE-DOC#4856845775

The Broken Plan

Code Name: No Faith Target: Attack KTE-3930-Ω
|Summary: The GOC Foehn-class super-generation battleship "Pentagon" carries Spear of the Unbelievers Approached KTE-3930-Ω and threw the spear, which exploded on impact with a Tier VIII reality distortion effect and resulted in a regional ZK-level reality collapse, However, KTE-3930-Ω does not appear to be affected by the spear's "deity-breaking" nature. The Pentagram was then destroyed, and the spears of the unbelievers were broken.
Code Name: Forget River Target: Define KTE-3930-Ω as "Death"
|Summary: The KTE-3930-Ω perimeter seems to generate an anti-metaphysical force field, The concept additional effect of the sword Infidar in the book was blocked and replaced with the concept of "survival", which caused the KTE-3930-Ω ontology concept to be strengthened and completely immune to Infi Dar's attack, the operation was halted.
Codename: Holy Lance Target: Erase the existence of the concept of KTE-3930-Ω
|Summary: "Gungnir" via Dr.Alice fired at KTE-3930-Ω, Gungnir’s properties were then triggered, KTE-3930-Ω’s The concept of "survival" was wiped out by antimemetic effects, but its knock-on effect also led to book sword in Fidar concept was erased. However, the entity then constructed a multi-layered anti-conceptual hazard barrier8, preventing further loss of its concept and failure to act, Gungnir was terminated.

Hammer Drop Plan

Code name: Gemini Assets mobilization: Gemini
|Abstract: After the activation of the "Gemini of Gods", the huge force guided from extraterrestrial space was transferred by KTE-3930-Ω's extreme hyperspace hyperdimensional effect and exerted on the device itself, resulting in The "Twin of God" device was erased by molecular decomposition at the quantum level, and the operation failed.
Code name: Volley project Assets mobilized: Various types of apex weapons
|Abstract: The super-generation warship is a vertex-oriented super-generation warship made by the GOC Godkiller-class super-generation warship "Chingming"9 carrying/mounting ”deep Red Fury "Missiles, "Henuraun's Gun", Thaumaturgical Reality Exile Mine10, "Blood of Chaos" deformed explosion mine11, Xuanyuan Sword, Tesla Death Light and other vertex-type weapons and attacked KTE-3930- Ω launches a saturated salvo strike. The huge amount of Aliva radiation and ether energy released by this strike completely tore apart pocket space A17902 and ███ adjacent dimensions as the battle site. KTE-3930-Ω was observed to be damaged and weakened to a certain extent, proving that Theological and apexological strike measures are feasible for the destruction of KTE-3930-Ω.

God Slaying Project

Code name: Deconstruction Assets mobilization: "Aleph-type" Longinus real gun
|Abstract: Deconstructing the concept of this layer of KTE-3930-Ω in this narrative layer to erase its physical existence.

Backtracking plan

Code name: Timeline Assets mobilization: "Reverse Time Line", "Flower", "Square Cone Can't Hit the Round Hole", etc.
Summary: Reverse this timeline.

//In any case, the Global Occult Coalition will always take the protection of human civilization as its creed
Humanity will win, and normalcy will win. //

╣ Multiverse Sector Records ╠

  • Attachment 1: Copies of documents exchanged with Abandoned Universe 25610-B regarding KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset

Executive Departments:Global Occult Coalition Multiverse Department, Science Department, Foundation Multiverse Affairs Department
Interview subject:Dr.Lourts.K (Former SCP Foundation Chief Director of KTE-3930 Research)
Interviewer:General Morrison, Deputy Commander of the Global Occult Coalition
Remarks: This document is shared by the SCP Foundation of the Destroyed Universe after the execution of Project Aidita To this world line, due to the high degree of confidentiality of the authorized content of this document, only authorized persons can view it

<recording start>
Dr. Dean:…debugged, contacted target universe 25610-B, no signs of cognitohazard related to KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset, General Morrison, you can Started safely.
Morrison:Well, thank you, Doctor.
General Morrison is connected to the communication channel
Morrison:Hello, this is the GOC and SCP Foundation Alliance of Universe 296910-A, I am General Morrison, Deputy Commander of the Alliance, and it is a pleasure to get in touch with Your Excellency.
Lourts: This is the group of SCP Foundation remnants of Universe 25610-B, I'm Director Lourts.K, the lead research director for "The Sunset Process", which is what you call KTE-3930 -Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset.
Morrison:I'm sorry, but you said you were "a remnant of the SCP Foundation"? Has something changed in your world?
Lourts keep silent
Lourts: It's "Sunset", 5 years ago, our world was destroyed by what you call "KTE-3930", almost all humans and GOIs were destroyed in an instant, including GOC.
Morrison:Wait, you said "sunset" destroyed your world? But as far as we know, the KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset "sunset" should have first occurred on our world line in 2050, which seems a bit contrary to what you said.
Lourts:No, that's your illusion. I have read the description of "KTE-3930" that you have shared. You call "sunset" "an unstoppable process" because of the apparent periodicity and regularity of its descent on your world line, right?
Morrison:Is there something wrong with that?
Lourts: But for us: Sunset is never a process.
General Morrison was a little shocked but didn't show it
Morrison:You mean: KTE-3930 manifests differently across multiverses.
Lourts: Exactly. Based on the extensive data of other universes we obtained through Project Aidita before the annihilation, we have reason to believe that this conclusion. For example, in the universe [REDACTED], "sunset" appears in the form of "anomalous invasion of the universe in 2300 years", which is what we call CN-1000 "choking" process, you should also be able to perceive its resemblance to the "sunset" you experienced.
Morrison:There are indeed similarities… If KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset has invaded other universes in other forms, are we doing nothing but in vain?
Lourts:(sighs) Maybe, according to you, KTE-3930 is a combination of forced k-class doomsday and "choking" in your worldlines, with occasional serenity, which we The observed sunset is also one of the most destructive forms of existence, but since you can block its impact tens of thousands of times, there should be a chance for other sunsets to defend or even end.
Morrison:But it takes so many forms, how do we prepare for it?
Lourts: United.
Morrison:Joint? United with other universes?
Lourts:Yes, share your Daylight Project with other universes. Now that you have taken the first step, only by uniting all the forces that can fight against KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset will it be possible to find the fire in tens of thousands of reincarnations. "Sunset" may bring long nights , but as long as there is fire, there is hope to get through this long and silent night.
Morrison:I see, thank you very much for the suggestion, may I ask one more question? What exactly is the essence of KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset?
Lourts: A "sunset" can be anything or nothing, like that chair, but it's distinct from it. It could be a supreme entity above the realms, or it could be a massive K-class scenario, or even a world-destroying trash post. But from what I can see, "sunset" may be a being shaped by the hostility of the world that we can't really know, with one purpose and one purpose forever.
Lourts:"Bringing Twilight to Civilization", that's all.
<end of record>

  • Attachment 2: List of Observed Existence Form Records of KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset

#Observation record file list

For more information see file watch log ALKHO0991

Observation Record 1 Coordinates: World Line No. 61203-B

Form Description: KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset at World Line 61203-B appears to transform a star into an anomalous entity that emits visible light that will melt any form of organic matter that comes into contact with the light into a semi-fluid A hostile anomalous creature with status and immortality, but unable to penetrate inorganic materials, the existence was later confirmed as a "break of dawn" scenario. The world line was first invaded and nearly destroyed by this scenario in 2██, with less than 15,000 surviving and approximately 2/3 Foundation personnel.

Processing method: Carry out the "Blowing Lights and Self-extinguishing" operation. After rescuing more than 1/2 of the survivors, the unnecessary extra-dimensional channel with the world line is actively destroyed. After that, relying on the GOC anti-gravity battleship "Heritage" to the entity SUN- A12 fires a Runic Augmented Reality Obliteration Missile to destroy [REDACTED] and extinguish it, this world line KTE-3930 is terminated .

Observation Record 2 Coordinates: World Line No. 25610-B

Formal Description: KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset manifested in Universe 25610 as a cosmic scale reality collapse and reality reorganization scenario. Reaching Level VIII's essence activating effect caused Earth's civilization to be wiped out of its essence in an instant, and all GOIs were confirmed to be incapacitated, but there are still very few Foundation personnel who rely on time-continuous slots and emergency-type one-time demonology time confinement devices Survive and share their research data to this world via Project Atita.

Processing method: After evaluation, it is confirmed that the world line KTE-3930 is a one-shot process, so after the transfer of survivors is completed, this universe will be abandoned and used for Hume extraction and large-scale destructive vertex armament tests.

Observation Record 3 Coordinates: World Line No. 700273-A

Form description: KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset manifested as giant monsters in World Line No. 700273, also known as LSA (Large Invaders) entities appeared in large numbers and completely destroyed human society, crushing and trampling all life. The world line Global Occult Coalition and the SCP Foundation responded with force immediately after the phenomenon and temporarily slowed down the invasion speed of the LSA targets, but during the observation period, the size and size of the LSA entities invading the world line were confirmed. The threat level is constantly increasing and is about to exceed the upper limit of the normality maintenance organization of this world line.

Processing method: This universe world line has communicated and reached cooperation with No. 700273, and the alliance has delivered "Dragon Slayer" Super Heavy Mecha, Kunpeng Series God Killer UAV Modification, Unit-77-C-Giant Guided Burrowing Bomb, 100-gigaton-equivalent compressed nuclear fusion device and other super-generational weapons that threaten giant entities to help this world line end this scenario.

Observation Record 4 Coordinates: World Line No. 200011-C

Form description: KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset manifested as "death" concept in world line 200011, breaking containment control and acting on all living organisms and intelligent non-living organisms on a cosmic scale within a single universe The "death" scenario where the function stopped occurred, which was later confirmed by the SCP Foundation of this universe to be highly consistent with the manifestation of SCP-2935, which was obtained by AOD-Ω-01 integrated from the [REDACTED] Worldline Records , Due to the anomalous nature of this existence, World Line No. 200011 has been destroyed.

Approach: The Alliance is currently attempting to prevent the proliferation and conceptual hazard of this worldline KTE-3930 through reverse engineering of Infidar using concept additions.

The following documents were written and published by the Global Occult Coalition with the unanimous agreement of the Deputy Secretary General and the Secret Council of 108

All interpretation rights belong to UNNGOC

To everyone who sees this document:

If you can see this document, it means that you have learned about KTE-3930-Ex Machina-Bosch-Sunset, otherwise known as the "Sunset Process", a nightmare that brings twilight and doom to civilization, except Other than that, nothing else.

Before reading this physical archive in its entirety, you may still be convinced that your time is 2025, that the world is still the norm, that the Global Occult Coalition is still in control, that this era will be business as usual continue……

But I can tell you responsibly that you are wrong. It is neither 2025 nor the world is really "normal" anymore. You said that the cognitive world has been reshaped in the dark, and all of this - all stems from the "sunset".

When KTE-3930 invaded for the first time in 2050, the world was caught off guard. The veil is broken, the raging rampage, the loss of all combatants, the failure of the "Pizzicato"… The line of defense we were proud of was easily crushed by its powerful offensive, all our efforts Under the oppression of it exceeding the rules, it is like a man's arm as a car, only to watch civilization go out like a candle.

But fortunately, we still have a silver lining.

We finally reversed the timeline through a series of means and brought human civilization back to 2025. However, the "sunset" has not been eliminated. As long as civilization exists, it will be unstoppable. It will still return 25 years later to descend to destruction. Therefore, the world chose "Unity", and the Morning Star project aimed at fighting against "Sunset" was born.

Under the guidance of the plan, GOC human beings have completed the worldwide plan to replace the real normality with abnormal culture. We have established a global abnormal development and military system and built a new line of defense based on this. Countless timeline restarts and reincarnations are looking for even one in ten thousand possibilities to try to end this long dark night.

We blocked it in our world, 13,428 times.

Use human wisdom and strength to restart the collapsed civilization and start a new round of games. In the end, in retrospect again and again, we finally saw a faint but still palpable light in the long night. It was the light of the morning star, and it was also the dawn of the dawn.

The battle against the sunset continues, but the road to the end is about to become clear. Finally, you are welcome to join the Global Occult Coalition, which is the last dwelling place for human beings and the last barrier and hope against the "sunset".

// We hereby solemnly declare that the Global Occult Coalition stands ready to protect humanity from all anomalous threats, whether it wants to or not.

And we will also stand on the front line of the boundary between normality and abnormality, and realize the eternal inheritance of human fire

———— try my best.//


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