KTE-7883-Velveteen-Grey - "Ushebti Reanimators"
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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

KTE-7883-Velveteen-Grey — "Ushebti Reanimators"

Authorized Response Level:

3 (Moderate Threat)


Located in 27°38′ N, 30°53′ E, KTE-7883 corresponds to a set of 19 Ushebti statuettes1, located in a previously unknown tomb near El-Hag Kandeel, Egypt. Each instance has a size of 132 cm, and unlike normal Ushebti statuettes, these cannot be removed from the ground. Carbon-14 dating places them approximately in 1340 BCE, with the exception of lapis lazuli traces at the top of the statuettes, which were a relatively recent addition.

The tomb where KTE-7883 is located contains various carvings referring to the god Aten, as well as the mummies of several courtiers who served during the reign of Akhenaten2. The most notorious is the large portion of text in the tomb that has been forcibly removed, with the names of courtiers of Amenhotep III subdued to damnatio memoriae3, and several representations of the god Amun being replaced by Aten in a crude way, as if they had been made hastily. Apparently, the tomb, entrusted to the cult of Amen, was captured and reconverted.

Above the tomb is a ziggurat4, which dates back to 1987. It is built from stone, presenting multiple spatial dissonances; in particular, it is only visible from the angle of incidence of sunlight, being accessible only during dawn and dusk, when the sun is less than 18° above the horizon, and being impossible to see at night. The only way to access the tomb is through the ziggurat, since the instability of the surrounding soil makes an incursion through other routes impossible.

Disappearances of various groups of archaeologists in the vicinity of KTE-7883 have been reported, as well as various local forces dedicated to their investigation. Due to this, the area has been monitored for anomalous activities.

PSYCHE Records

Parathreat Investigation

Special Observer: “Tasherit” 811497322/8NF

Overview: Hyperdimensional structure whose real three-dimensional reflection resembles a square base pyramid, 45 meters high. AKASHA5 scanners have indicated that the interior floor plan follows a non-Euclidean pattern, with numerous corridors and areas under a toroidal topology6.

Drone-based exploration has revealed that there are corridors that allow to cross diverse rooms in a cyclical manner, as well as "windows" that give to a free fall to another floor plane, entrances that lead to a specular image of the interior, and even zones where it is possible to see "copies" of the observers. However, the interior area is finite and it is possible to walk through it and map its access points in a matter of two hours with no more than 10 reconnaissance-grade drones.

When the sun is not visible, the inner structure is subjected to an abrupt restructuring, described by the AKASHA system operatives as "observing the inside of a kaleidoscope rapidly twist". The drones left inside during this restructuring have not been possible to recover, and must be considered MIA.

Parathreat Evidence: In each iteration of the ziggurat structure, it is possible to find certain indications to access the tomb 'below' the structure, which follow a complex pattern but always with at least one feasible solution. Inside this tomb, 19 instances of Ushebti statuettes have been found whose Aspect Radiation7 has yielded unusual measures. Instead of being ARad's reserves, they seem to conduct it, as their autonomous 'operation' has been seen.

Through observations under various optical filters, these statuettes have been observed to reanimate bodies in the tombs towards which they "look". The restoration is complete and shows no anomalies, except for a strong grey/brown pigmentation in their skins and eyes of a markedly blue tone. During the day, they emerge from the tomb to proceed to build structures similar to canals on the ground, in ritual-like geometrically homologous patterns they made water to circulate through, generated in a controlled way from the energetic remnant of the bodies' reanimation. Just like the ziggurat, these subjects and their peripheral constructions can only be seen from certain angles, making their detection by conventional means impossible.

Suggested Response/Requests: While the topological configuration of the structure makes it easier for us to hide it from the public, it is better to resolve the issue of its accidental discovery ex ante to ensure compliance with the Second Mission (Concealment). We can use morning hours to divert roads and flights 1 km W of the structure, and then redirect those routes to the E when the sun sets. This dynamic has the advantage of requiring little personnel and reduced resources.

We haven't been able to discern who built the structure or who built it. The custodians and immanences found do not coincide with thaumaturgical groups in the area. Perhaps we should gather information from sleeper units in Andromeda Sesame8 or maybe go to one of our consultants.

The configuration of the structures generated by KTE-7883 may indicate preparation for some large-scale thaumic ritual. I suggest to keep the observation and record all progress of the constructions with the support of the AKASHA units in the sector. In case of reaching a critical mass, immediately inform the PHYSICS division.


A low-profile reconnaissance operation was conducted on 6 June 2012 to study the interior of the ziggurat and assess its threat levels.


File photo of the ziggurat taken at 1901, before sunset, by the operative "Conhache".

Patrol Report AT/ST (Debrief)

Assessment/Strike Team(s) involved:

AT-717 - "Aegean Clodhoppers"

File Agent:

"Conhache"9 41661314/717

Mission (Location/Objective):

Recognition of the ziggurat's surroundings at 1640. Mission to the ziggurat's interior programmed between 1742 and 1906, at which time it would be impossible to leave the area because of the angular position of the sun. Dimensional analysis of the interior with tangential technology. Thaumic analysis of artifacts and operative energy.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:

The interior shows the typical architecture of the buildings of the New Empire10, although it often seems that they were several structures forcibly linked to each other. VERITAS scanners allowed us to see copies of us through some walls. I could even see my back in a straight corridor. Using Dijkstra's dimensional gauges we were able to come up with a route to the "base" where a tomb is located. It looks profaned, with pieces of hieroglyphics removed and sarcophagi open and empty. Some images were painted over others, and the presence of a solar disk is ubiquitous in all of them.

Near the sarcophagi, we found some statuettes that emitted a strong Aspect Radiation. 1.1 kiloCaspers, Topaz, Sharp, Tight. We tried to extract samples, but it was impossible. The tools broke down, so we did a detailed spectrographic analysis for the lab, plus photographs using several filters. We left some wisp beacons in several places to monitor their location when we left. Fortunately, the way back was no different that the original, and we were able to extract the entire unit before the sun sets.

The ziggurat disappeared from view at dusk, but we observed at a distance with the aethereal optical filters. Several humanoid entities emerged from the apparently empty place, to work on a structure at ground level. Operative "Dan" fired a tranq projectile with the idea of capturing one of the subjects, but this one passed through his head without causing him apparent damage. Their aethereal fields revealed that they share the same consciousness and have no will of their own. It is not known if they are hostile. One of them, apparently by chance, looked at us closely for a few seconds. His eyes were blue; they reminded me of those little pieces of lapis lazuli on the statuettes.


Beacon readings became erratic during the night, often showing abnormal values on the dimensional gauges until dawn, when they indicated different positions from the original ones. We were able to recover a sample of the water circulating through the structures for analysis. Due to its apparent incorporeal character, no additional attempts were made to neutralize the entities.

Personnel Condition:



We sent the evidence to the lab. Given the historical importance linked to the threat, we asked the High Command for consultancy from the member organization Pr-Ankh-n-Ab for possible courses of action. We also need information on possible thaumaturgical groups on file, from the ICSUT or obtained by rival agencies. Whatever they are doing, they have had plenty of time to prepare.

PSYCHE Records

Analysis and comments by Harun Khnum, Heka11 member of Pr-Ankh-n-Ab, on the findings in KTE-7883.


Much has been said about the life and work of Akhenaten; about his bold and dangerous reform movement, one which, if successful, would have changed the history of Ancient Egypt and the civilizations that followed it radically. Modern Egyptologists still wonder why all this took place.

The truth is that the adoption of Aten as a single deity affected not only religious practices, but all aspects of Egyptian society in ways that we are just beginning to glimpse. It was not only the open temples that allowed the passage of the sun rays, but it was a set of practices to let pass a form of thaumic energy, represented under the image of the goddess Ma'at.

Maat is a variety of Aspect Radiation that used to represent the concepts of cosmic truth and justice, but it is a rigid and structured form that orders the Isfet12 and turns it into a building force. We have discovered that maat is a well-defined form of aethereal energy, which is naturally found in the sun rays, and is harmless if it is not "refined" in a temple or similar.

However, maat responds to a complex relationship between its structure and the cognition of the thaumaturge who employs it. We believe that a very wide diversity of gods in a culture and, therefore, in a human mind, makes it difficult to handle, due to the myriad interpretations of reality that this entails. With a single deity, the management of the maat becomes more centralized in a single aspect, being in the case of Aten, the solar disk. This could explain the seasoned reform of Akhenaten and also why this particular deity.

What is most striking is the thaumic reaction between the 'monolatric maat' and various mineral forms. We discovered that when a beam of maatic light interacts with lapis lazuli, interesting molecular alterations are generated that, observed with the appropriate microscopic equipment, produce 'clusters' of particles that are very similar to the Ankh hieroglyphic, always in the direction of organic matter. These clusters have the potential to recompose the lost Ka of dead creatures and reanimate them, although not entirely "bring them back to life".

Being linked to the sun, maat is strongly affected by the terrestrial magnetosphere, however, AKASHA has revealed that it concentrates very well on KTE-7883. The ziggurat should act as an antenna, adjusting for solar and geomagnetic wind patterns to allow for unprecedented conduction.

Although maat is a constructive energy, nothing prevents its use for other forms. We have already tested maat locally and it is possible to subvert its properties into properly measured counter-strokes and sinks. One of our acolytes is presenting his master thesis at the ICSUT on the subject. We have talked with other members of the Coalition and it was concluded that KTE-7883 is an excellent place for the study of this thaumic energy source.


Council of 108 voting report re: capture of KTE-7883 site for use in the study of thaumaturgy and tangential physics.

Voting Report, K-7883-01
Headed by: Pr-Ankh-n-Ab
Approve Reject Abstain
84 11 13
77,78% 10,19% 12,03%
Conclusion: A non-destructive operation is approved at KTE-7883, recovering the structure as it is for employment by member organizations that stipulate it.

It was decided to send the Strike Team 4101 - "Akhenaten's Escorts", led by two members of Pr-Ankh-n-Ab (code names Anedjhib and Buneb) and divided into two squadrons. Based on controlled experiments with lapis lazuli, it was discovered that concentrated pulses of psionic energy generated interference in the monolatric maat, reversing the reanimation. 4101-Able, the psionic squadron, would provide long-distance support, while 4101-Baker would enter the ziggurat with Heka Buneb to neutralize KTE-7883.

AOD (Armaments Used in Destruction) report from the files of Dagoberto Querétaro, Quartermaster Seargent-Sector 77

Quartermasters Division-AOD-7883-2
Item Designation Title Qty
1 0Gen/GenAlt-CHIΨ CheyTac Intervention mod.33/Ψ.408 CheyTac ammo 12
Notes: The 4101-Able unit had a PTAH13 device with which supported 4101-Baker unit.
2 +1Gen-WSN3 Wide Spectrum Nil-Invasive Neurological Neutralizer 1
Notes: Anedhjib and Buneb successfully inoculated AT-4101.
3 GenAlt-MRPT Multi-purpose Reusable Portable Talisman 20
Notes: All of AT-4101 carried them in the form of amulets, carved with the names of Amun and Isfet in hieroglyphics. The presence of the name of other deities generated the decoherence in the monolatric maat required to make visible certain zones around.
4 +1Gen-WSH2SG Wide Spread Hydrogen Sulphide Grenade 8
Notes: Used to neutralize the thaumaturges, mostly effective.
5 Gen0/GenAlt-SCIHW Spontaneous Combustion Inductor Hypodermic Weapon 8
Notes: Used to neutralize the taumaturges, effective.
6 +2Gen/GenAlt-DUAT Dual-Ucronic Apportation Tool 8
Notes: Employed by 4101-Baker as a last resort evac. No complications.


Post-operation report on KTE-7883


We had trusted that the agnostic talismans would give us the necessary stability to enter the ziggurat. While 4101-Able was dealing with the reanimated ones out there, we entered the structure. We didn't have time to study its architecture when the thaumaturges found us.

The place made the operation difficult for us. No coverage was adequate, because projectiles could come out from all sides. I saw one of those guys shoot into a narrow corridor just to see that same bullet fall from the ceiling and hit Bernard. There were windows that led to smaller versions of other rooms; there were no secret movements, you could see everything they planned, but unfortunately that also applied to us. We were at a numerical disadvantage, in a confusing space where everything could happen. So we threw the gas.

No coverage was secure, so the strategy was to move fast and stay in a room until we cleared it. Slowly we made our way through the confusing inner labyrinth. I was following the slight trails of maat, imperceptible to the rest, while neutralizing one thaumaturge after another. We soon realized that we could take advantage of the chaotic space inside. I still remember that thaumaturge shooting Jak, not hitting him, and seeing that same bullet hit himself in the neck from behind.

It took us a few hours to get to the grave. How much desecration in such a small space. There were strong concentrations of maat both in the statuettes and in anything that represented Aten, names or carvings from the solar disk. There were empty sarcophagi, and those that were not contained no mummies. They were bodies, covered in linen and with no organs except the heart. Contorted faces. People reported missing from time to time in nearby villages.

On a receptacle, three thaumaturges performed a rite on another body while they wrapped it. A mutation of the "opening-of-the-mouth" ceremony14. The body was already dead, but you could see his face contorting. His senses were not awakened to contemplate the Hereafter, but to follow a scheme. They wanted to bring Aten; to use the solar seal built around, and through its waters, charged with the Ka of the previously living bodies, to obtain solar maat for their ends.

We interrupt the ritual with precise discharges. There was no need for a display of spells, only the aim of our operatives. We attempted to destroy the Ushebtis, but they proved indestructible, the hammers bounced off of them. We left our talismans around them to undo the maat and avoid further resuscitation. 4101-Able informed us that they had eliminated the reanimated ones and the seal, but we did not manage to evacuate. Over the tomb, the ziggurat twisted in ways that caused us headaches only at the thought of it. We requested permission to make an Apportation, and after 15 minutes, we had evac'd the area.

History repeats itself over and over again. Akhenaten, a seasoned thaumaturgist, tried to do this during his reign, and the gods punished him. Plagues fell on his city and its people. Now we intervene, not with plagues, but with fire and acid.

- Operative "Buneb" - Strike Team 4101 - "Akhenaten's Escorts".

17 days after the operation, the ziggurat was dematerialized from the location of KTE-7883, to reappear on another tomb 22 km to the N.


Threat Entity Database Entry Update

Threat ID:

UTE-7883-L'Engle-Bosch-Black -- "Solar Deity Aten"

Authorized Response Level:

3 5 (Moderate Threat Immediate Response)

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