Recovered Document-8113: "Self-Monumentation Consultation Available"
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Self-Monumentation Consultation Available.

A Proposal for a Reliable Life

"A biological body is vulnerable to diseases and lifespan!" "I'm still uneasy about cryonics!"
FOREVER+LIFE solves your worries by making a monument of YOU.
It is SAFE because we use genuine materials, and SECURE because you are visible to the public.
From advice to planning, we make your dream of "a break in life" come true.

The procedure takes only 30 minutes with specialized equipment (patent pending). Unlike conventional methods, there is no need to worry about the necessity of awakening surgery. Let our exclusive monument planners take care of everything from design, to construction, to maintenance.

Optional products worth 7% of your contracted price included! Please note that available options are limited.


  • On-site treatment service
  • Delivery to your preferred installation site
  • Regenerative surgery available at any time

If you bring the flyer and fill out the survey, you can experience the Bronze Course at a special price only for the first time!


Please feel free to contact your nearest office.
Tou-Hei Heavy Industries, FOREVER+LIFE Division, Self-Monumentation Section

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