Kwana's Proposal
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Photograph of recovered SCP-001

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The phase modulated area surrounding SCP-001 (7km radius) is designated as Reliquary Area-81αβ. Only authorized personnel may enter SCP-001 and Reliquary Area-81αβ, and any unauthorized personnel, including all high-functioning organisms must be stopped from entering. If any unauthorized intrusion occurs, the subject must be promptly eliminated. Information about SCP-001 and Reliquary Area-81αβ must only be shared with authorized personnel, and must not be known by anyone else. If a data breach is detected, the target (And any related parties, if necessary) are to be eliminated immediately. Those who deliberately cause data breaches will be severely punished. No actions need to be taken if Reliquary Area-81αβ is perceived uncertainly, with amnestic treatment or termination only to be carried out if its presence is suspected or if actions that could lead to a containment breach occur.

All parties involved with SCP-001 have the duty of dealing with the procedures mentioned above, and must do so to the best of their abilities. No new permissions to access SCP-001 have been granted at this time. In the case of overload and positive load anomalous pollution, mi-rank suppression protocol-BC10K is to be applied.

Description: SCP-001 is a structure built at latitude35.185, longitude 136.899. It has a cylindrical shape, it’s 10,000km long above and below ground, and has a diameter of approximately 1.3km. SCP-001 is located with a phase modulated area with an effective radius of 7km around itself (Designated Reliquary Area-81αβ), so it’s not normally observed by the public or accessed by others. However, given the nature of phase modulation, note that its presence may rarely be seen, and it may lead to people trespassing in extremely rare cases.1 The former is not a major issue, and can be dealt with easily, but the latter will always require it to be dealt with specially. All parties have agreed to keep SCP-001’s information under the strictest confidentiality.

Inside of SCP-001, gravity is set so that it’s perpendicular, towards the sides. It consists of 9 sections, currently consisting of: Underground control section, underground engine section, underground residence section, aboveground entrance, aboveground multi-purpose section, aboveground engine section, aboveground control section, aboveground air control section, and the top observation section. Replacement of sections isn’t currently necessary. Multiple phase controls exist to expand the plot of sections, but are also not currently necessary. Please contact section control for any allegation regarding section management.

Currently, SCP-001 is engaged in operational duties for staging projects. As the majority of its output is devoted to this duty, as a principle, it’s not allowed to use the existing allotment of surplus output. For any allegation, please contact resource management. Operational duties are secure and confidential. The one in charge of observation is in charge of checking everyday that the unified coordinates move in the right orientation (the horizontal orientation of SCP-001). If a new unidentifiable object is detected at the event horizon, it is to be reported to the control committee. The ones in charge of concealment conceal the unidentifiable object so that it cannot be observed by any high-functioning lifeform. It is allowed to divert output for this purpose. Depending on the nature of the unidentifiable object, wave probability concealment is effective in most cases. Whatever the case, the general public is not to learn of this operation.

SCP-001’s aboveground entrance section through the ground entrance. Upon entering, they are greeted by a humanoid terminal with the position of “captain” (Hereafter referred to as SCP-001-1). As SCP-001-1 is designed to be ignorant of all external regions, the same general class response is given for any human or high-functioning organism. The general class response disallows SCP-001-1 to be able to receive any orders that would interfere with a staging project. This alone is a huge data breach, and merely setting foot on the aboveground entrance is a massive burden on the subject, who must be immediately eliminated.

Ontological burning is an effective erasure procedure. Remains are dealt with by eliminating disposal staff after load tuning. If anomalous pollution of overload and regular load are left unattended, it could lead to a “load explosion” phenomenon. For this same reason, it’s not allowed to touch the corresponding overloaded or regularly loaded objects, or to put together a critical amount of loaded objects.

Video Log-い: On 2010/10/08, Foundation researcher Nako discovered SCP-001. He somehow accessed Reliquary Area-81αβ, and took a photo of SCP-001 (attached image). He also move from the entrance to the aboveground entrance section and interacted with SCP-001-1. Contents are the following:

<Dr. Nako is in a large space. The background is enveloped in white light, and details of the surroundings are blurry. In front of him stands SCP-001-1.>

Dr. Nako: Who are you? What is this structure?

SCP-001-1: Welcome home, dear crew member. I am the “captain” of the humanoid terminal stationed on this bridge. And this here is this warship’s bridge.

Dr. Nako:

SCP-001-1: What can I do for you, dear crew member?

Dr. Nako: Hey, I can’t understand the words you’re saying. How come I can understand the meaning of what you’re saying?

SCP-001-1: Ah, that’s obvious. Why would we need to use words to exchange meaning?

Dr. Nako: Eh…?

SCP-001-1: If you want, I can explain it to you.

Dr. Nako: Alright, but make it quick. [Takes out recording device]

SCP-001-1: Excuse me, but currently, the general representative has prohibited the use and carrying of recording devices. The punishment will make our dear crew member unhappy.

Dr. Nako: A warning, huh. Ah, alright then, maybe not today. It’s a fine explanation. Good enough for now.

SCP-001-1: I’m glad you understand.

Dr. Nako: Now, a different question. You said ‘warship’s bridge’, so is this stupidly gigantic tower a ship?

SCP-001-1: Incorrect. This tower is the bridge.

Dr. Nako: Then where’s the ship? You’re not gonna tell me the ship’s Earth now, right?

SCP-001-1: It’s the universe.

Dr. Nako: That’s stupid.

SCP-001-1: This ship is the limited universe you can perceive. More information is necessary to understand the staging project. Do you wish for an explanation?

Dr. Nako: … N-no, I’m good.

<Portion ommitted. Dr. Nako asks about the bridge’s secrets, and is guided by SCP-001-1 to a laboratory sub-section of the multi-purpose section.>

SCP-001-1: Here is what we can present to the general class crew. One of the machines that shows the environmental load of the staging subproject is the K55DN.

Dr. Nako: Don’t see anything beyond the window.

SCP-001-1: Tell me your favorite number. We will reproduce the overloaded object corresponding to that number.

Dr. Nako: I see… Well, how about 173?

SCP-001-1: Understood. 173.

<The screen shakes for a moment, then a scraping noise is heard. After a moment, Dr. Nako points at something on the other side of the window glass. There’s dismay in his voice.>

Dr. Nako: Hey, what’s the meaning of this! Why is that thing over there?! Why is that fucking skip here!

SCP-001-1: That over there is overloaded object 173.

Dr. Nako: No, that’s SCP-173! Is that the real one?

SCP-001-1: That is one I just created. It’s not the real one use for the subproject. Of course, its nature is the same.

Dr. Nako: Fuck! What do you mean ‘the same’?! So that thing’s gonna come over here the second we take our eyes off it!

SCP-001-1: Be at peace. It’s impossible for this laboratory to be destroyed. If you wish to, I can lead you to it.

Dr. Nako: No, no, this is all a lie, this can’t be happening…

SCP-001-1: Would you like to see other numbers?

Dr. Nako: 682… No, how about 354! All of 1048! 023-JP should be impossible!

SCP-001-1: It’s not impossible.

Dr. Nako: [At a loss for words]

SCP-001-1: How was it, dear crew member?

Dr. Nako: … How about 001?

SCP-001-1: I’m sorry, that is not possible. That number is not assigned to any subproject.

Dr. Nako: What… What is that, anyway?

SCP-001-1: This bridge is 001.

Addendum-ろ: The data breach during Video Log-い was obtained by the person in charge of the third experiment. For some time he has been inviting normal people to the bridge, and in doing so wants to know about regular loads and pure subject reactions. This was executed despite constant warnings by the control committee. If the intrusion hadn’t been noticed, and Dr. Nako had been contacted from the outside, it would have been necessary to eliminate all or almost all Foundation staff, excepting those working on 001. The experiment director was punished as stipulated. The vacant director post will be managed by the general representative.

Note: This article is pretty much a joke, the kind of writing expected of a low-ranking staff member, but it’s also a warning against this data breach. This is to be kept a secret only visible to other directors. As the bridge’s general representative, I ask you all to remember this, and devote yourself to your assigned staging projects. - Japanese Branch Director "Shishi"

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