The Cave between Dimensions
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Black Queen Hunter of the Dead

Black Queen Mistress of Darkness, Lady of the Forbidden, Maiden of Evil…

Black Green Queen… I have to think of a better name


The cave has not a single location, as it is connected to alternate dimensions. Both the extent and the depth of the caves vary depending on the universe, in some realities it is used as a mine, while in others it is owned by Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.


Ideal conditions for the natural formation of the cave.


The cave can be used to facilitate communication and contact between multiple sisters.

That's how I got here with Sister Hunter of the Dead.

As soon as we discover the secret to travel safely between the dimensions and timelines of the cave, I'll be able to join the other sisters.


Not to be formed by the passing of millennia, natural landslides, being occupied by the Foundation/GOC. My mistake, in some universes the fact that the Foundation occupies the cave doesn't mean its destruction.

Instance: Timeline Y-833

Dynamited, the GOC found the cave and, upon realizing its anomaly, dynamited the entrance and provoked an unexpected internal collapse. They never get tired of blowing things up. You also like to blow things up with a variety of explosives. But I do it with style.

Instance: Timeline M-041

The group of interest known as Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. currently owns the cave and uses it to finance tours through different dimensions or timelines. Neither the GOC nor the Foundation is aware of its existence at this time. Thanks to those tours I got to meet Sister Hunter of the Dead. And thanks to those guys at Carter and Dark, I have no shortage of resources. It's a shame that in my timeline the cave isn't owned by any group of interest.

Instance: Timeline L-765

The cave doesn't suffer any interference from local people or any group of interest. This version of the cave presents more dimensional activity than others, the effect of changing between dimensions begins at the entrance. This is one of the most boring versions. I also think the same. We all agree on that.

Instance: Timeline T-409

The group known as the Shark Punching Center uses the cave as a training area, due to the discovery of a harmless species of shark that evolved to live in caves. As a weak creature, it was deemed suitable for new recruits to practice their shark punching methods. The idiots couldn't restrain themselves and ended up punching all the specimens to death, instead of reproducing them to continue training new recruits. I won't deny it, it was an epic fight. You should've filmed it. Of course I did, I'll send it to you girls in a bit. Then I'll go get some popcorn.

Instance: Timeline F-406

The cave was turned into a mine. It can only transport one person at a time and at certain times. The miners have been disappearing or changing realities one by one. I hope nothing happens to that guy Christian, he's very handsome. You know he has a wife, don't you? I'll have to push her aside then, I must live up to my titles of evil and darkness as black as my soul. Those pink kitten socks say otherwise. Aww, the evil queen of darkness has a soft side. Shut up, or I will use my arcane magic on you. Will you turn us into pink kitten socks? Maybe she'll turn us into teddy bears. Would you please move to the next timeline?

Instance: Timeline Z-038

The cave is undisturbed, because in this reality an unknown virus similar to SCP-008 was unexpectedly unleashed, wiping out most of the world's population and killing approximately 73% of all Foundation operatives within 28 days. Weeks, it was weeks. NO, in 28 days the virus wiped out the Foundation and the general population. Within 28 weeks Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd took over that universe. Aren't 28 days and 28 weeks titles of zombie movies? I don't know, in my timeline there's a zombie movie called 38 days later. Let's continue the record, and then we'll discuss the differences between our respective timelines.

Due to the state of this reality, multiple versions of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd got their hands on SCP-2000 in order to create "prey" by cloning people and deliberately infecting them with the strange virus, so as to transport them to the timelines where they organize hunting activities inside the cave. After a while, hunts become boring.

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