The Woman And Her Dolls
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Krong Samraong, near the Thai border.

pressed against her motorcycle’s saddle, near her suitcase, Sorya yawned: the night was shorter than expected. A little further, Sarak was looking at the road, stoic. Each vehicles passing by were submitted at the inquisitor look of the man; but no one had satisfied the tattooed colossus yet. She stretched her neck in a unhidden will to stay awake.

That was a fact, that was boring.

After the adrenaline rush of a complete night preparing the material in urgency for what was and will probably stay her biggest command, the present lull was looking quite incipide, giving her the perfect mood to release the pressure, in the time she needed to keep it. She closed her eyes a shot moment, enjoying despite all this moment of will’s failure.

"That was the target."


The man came back quickly while a white van was moving away on the road. She jumped up and started to open the locks of her suitcase one by one. He took a photograph and a pen out of his jacket. Perfectly aligned, mens in uniform where posing, stoïc. Upon each face, someone had annonted a name in black. He marked two of them and before she could open the suitcase, he gave her the piece of paper.

"Just end with those two guys. First deaths will create a mess on their headquarters, and we should be good with our guys. "

She opened the suitcase, unveiling several clay dolls stored in individual cells. Around each one's necks, a label had been placed. Sorya began to wander frantically through them in search of the two names surrounded and finally set aside two of them. She took bunch of nails out of a bag and methodically began to stick them one by one into each doll.

"Are you sure you don’t want to follow them now? You could easily lose them, she asked, worried.

- Don’t worry."

As usual, the tone was cold, sure.She shrugged her shoulders and focused back on her work.

" You are lucky I got enough stuff for…

- And you are lucky enough to pay the rest of your debt in one time.

- Fair enough ."

Once the last nail driven in, she closed the suitcase and got up again, dusting herself off.

"You still have to explain to me how you did to succeed the job like that….

- All you have to do is to dig a little deeper, find the right man, the one affiliated with all your problem,s and put pressure on him," replied the man, distant.

- The officier?

- No, the unit's hairdresser. Father for the first time in a few days he said, riding his bike back.

They drove about ten kilometers, before the man asked to change direction. They set out on a small dirt road, before finding the white van, stopped on the lower side. Once the crutch was put down, the man took a Walther PPK out of his jacket and approached the van. Two unconscious men were visible in the cabin: he fired two bullets through the window, breaking the glass and killing the two poor men.

"Safety first", he said while passing his hand through the broke window.

Within seconds, the doors were all unlocked and Sorya rushed into the back. Several boxes were hung by straps, which she quickly removed and spread out outside the vehicle. Soon, the colossus joined her, with the keys of the padlocks, probably recovered from one of the two dead. Together, they quickly opened the entire cargo, looking for what motivated them to set up this operation. After taking the opportunity to set aside one or two particularly promising objects, the two friends smiled. Well packaged, a large black book with a sinister look was finally unveiled. The man took a cloth and picked it up, taking great care not to touch the grimoire directly. He examined it for a few seconds, before handing it to her.

"Cursed. I will not try to open it like that, I don’t know all the runes on it. Do you know them?"

She took a quick look.

"a bit.

- And how do you open it? Can you do it?

- No, I can’t.

-What do you need to do it?

- The first son of the old asshole, apparently. Does he have one?

- No. Any other propositions?

- No.

- Realy? Nothing else?

- Nothing else.

- And what do I risk if I open it?

- The loss of the book’s content and at least one of your arm, if you're lucky."

A silence passed. He covered the book with a cloth and headed back to his motorcycle.

"You will notify the association, for the recovery of my debt? she asked.

- I'll take care of it, don't panic.

- And what are you going to do about the book?

- Not your problem.

- No idea yet, am I right?

- True. But it's like everything else, you just have to search… And find the right man.

Incident n° 058-2019

Date : 04/01/2019

Staff member(s) involved : 4th unit of the Sasna MTF.

Description: At 11:04 a.m., Major Kirtikawa arrived at the infirmary with severe stomach aches. Within minutes, the entire intervention group also present themself, all with the same symptoms. A scan showed the presence of several stomach perforations in all oscillated subjects. After emergency surgery, only thirteen of the twenty-four members were rescued, two of them are still in serious condition.

Consequences: Death of eleven of our agents,unavailability of the infirmary and the operating room for 48 hours. In addition, two members of the unit were on a transport mission during the incident to reach Site-36BM, with several occult objects seized during the "Flashlight" operation. Their cover vehicle was found looted, both agents shot down by a small caliber bullet in addition to the stomach perforations. The investigation is ongoing. Probable involvement of the group of interest the “Association of Black Magic Power Users".

Additional note: For security reasons, please favour armoured convoys over those under civil cover for the duration of the investigation. -Dr. ███████.

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