Pigeon House


Pioneers of the Branches

Branch Language Oldest SCP Alive
SCP-EN English SCP-173
SCP-RU Russian SCP-1002-RU
SCP-KO Korean SCP-173-KO
SCP-CN Chinese SCP-CN-289
SCP-FR French SCP-003-FR
SCP-PL Polish SCP-PL-047-ARC
SCP-ES Spanish SCP-ES-099
SCP-TH Thai SCP-087-TH
SCP-JP Japanese SCP-094-JP
SCP-DE German SCP-034-DE
SCP-IT Italian SCP-003-IT
SCP-UA Ukrainian SCP-069-UA
SCP-PT-BR Portuguese SCP-013-PT
SCP-CS Czech SCP-054-CS
SCP-ZH/TR Traditional Chinese SCP-ZH-002-ARC

Branch Language Oldest SCP Alive
SCP-INT English SCP-002-INT

Branch Language Oldest SCP Alive
SCP-EL Greek SCP-010-EL
SCP-IDN Indonesian SCP- -J-ID
SCP-ND Danish, Faroese, Norwegian, Swedish SCP-002-ND
SCP-TR Turkish SCP-TR-049
SCP-VN Vietnamese SCP-002-VN

Branch Language Oldest SCP Alive
SCP-AR Arabic SCP-AR-001
SCP-CY Welsh Fashisuto's Proposal
SCP-EO Esperanto SCP-EO-416
SCP-EU Basque SCP-EU-001
SCP-HU Hungarian SCP-002-HU
SCP-IE Interlingue SCP-262-IE
SCP-IS Icelandic SCP-010-IS
SCP-LA Latin SCP-LA-002
SCP-RO Romanian SCP-RO-004
SCP-SH Serbo-Croatian SCP-001-SH-J
SCP-SK Slovak SCP-025-SK
SCP-SL Slovenian SCP-012-SL
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