The Last Breach
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That night the sky turned dark, revealing the luminous art of the stars that looked like remnants of old explosions so distant that they were only shown as points of light.

A desolate desert lay there, under the dark vault, where life had gone out and only solitary rocks and sand were found, being carried by the wind as only the memory of a dead ecosystem.

In the arid landscape of hundreds of kilometers, gray structures of concrete rose in the vast place, like an abandoned and unknown machine, like ruins inhabited for millennia.

But several hundred meters below the inert ground, thousands of men and women worked incessantly, in their constant struggle to contain all those beings that threatened to completely destroy the life of the earth. Keeping them, enclosing them and classifying them as three simple acronyms and numbers.
They watched all humanity from the shadows, evading the public, almost looking like an excellent masterpiece without a signature or an author.

An underground prison left all those soulless entities isolated. These people, lived in their eternal job of protecting the world, with a technology much more advanced than the rest, with an intelligence outside the average and a cold mentality that did not give way to sentimentality, which could be his biggest mistake.

But…Was all this enough?

Would this be effective forever?

Tree men.

Three simple humans with their minds made ashes.

Three biological machines controlled by another being.

They walked at a mechanical pace, like automata sent by the one in control.

Without raising suspicions despite being seen by dozens of people passing in front of them. They went through corridors, tunnels and halls. Their brains were still inside their skulls, but they no longer used it at will, someone else used them. His movements, words and thoughts were no longer in his domains. They were only slaves guided by the extremity of a reptile with longings for blood and destruction.

They were already in front of the big door. External steel bars, electric bolts, motion sensors, alarms and complex security systems blocked their way, leaving no room to move forward. But something failed in that impenetrable security…

The thick steel bars returned to their places, exposing the black gate.

The bolts, hidden under the plates of the dark metal, opened.

The censors went off and the alarm never managed to give its warning cry

While the enormous metal barrier weakened to leave what was inside completely exposed, the three humans waited, watching with their blind eyes that they could no longer control.

When noticing that there were no limits, they entered into a large room, which in the center was a second room, but this same was smaller and in turn emanated a cold white cloud by the fine lines that were depressurized.

The opening process once again happened, this time with the hatch of the second room.

And finally they were there …

They had reached their destination, a large column of white gas rose from the door of the small room, the temperature outside had increased just a few degrees, but there was little time left and little hope of reversing the inevitable.

Inside, a not very large box connected to a large number of tubes was the last instance that separated them from the object that wanted to be free.

Within the last barrier, the old radioactive dodecahedron awaited its freedom, a few seconds before it fulfilled the objective with which it was created.

The three burned souls were grouped around the box. Beneath their costumes were several charges that would unleash a great explosion, the amount of fire and destruction necessary to free the last invention of the Creators.

The counting of the hands of a clock was heard, in seconds they would turn into ashes.
They had closed their eyes, kneeling in front of the box. Waiting for the counter to come to an end.

“Tic… Tac…”

The charges exploded along with their bodies, destroying the entire perimeter, bathing all nearby sectors in fire, turning the entire underground building into rubble, dropping tons of rocks and earth on the innocent human souls and, in turn, on the evil beings that some they once threatened life on earth.

The temperature rose to hundreds of degrees, destroying the box that kept in its cold rest the ancient invitation of those Creators.

The dodecahedron is broken into pieces, leaving the sphere completely free inside. The sphere was the real letter, the other was just the envelope.

The object that was once inside the metallic envelope, began to release its destructive charge.
The radioactive dome that emanated from it became bigger and progressed faster and faster, first covering all the facilities and then covering all the desert that was above.

The transparent vault with a green luminescence rose towards the heavens, reaching thousands of meters. In its wake, all forms of life changed its appearance.

Plants became organic masses without form, animals became deformed beasts with thirst for blood.

The shockwave that transformed life into demons drawn from a corrupted mind had reached a small city. These humans were the first witnesses of involution. While they were sleeping, while they were just waiting for the sun to come out the next morning, they were turned into beings from the underworld, their minds stopped working as they always did, their bodies ended up being composed of deformed and lethal extremities, like killer animals hungry for same.

Within minutes, everyone had been involved in what began as a dome and became a gigantic sphere. All life on the blue globe had been turned into a waste of millions of years of evolution.

Now in the big cities, towns and human settlements there was no resistance, only quarrels among the now mutant beings that roamed the streets. Like dreadful animals adrift, with no goals but to eat others. The stone age had returned, this time without even intelligence.

Would the Hand of the Serpent have wanted to finish with itself? Or were they the famous messengers of those called "Creators"?

“Tic… Tac…”

It was the last sound that humanity heard.

Then, with the passing of the centuries, the world withered completely.

The structures created by the hand of man were deteriorating as the world they were in, big skyscrapers and buildings fell like domino tiles, as one's base collapsed, they weakened the surrounding ones, like a deadly structural plague.

The radioactive field that covered the earth began to dry the seas, rivers and oceans. In an inexplicable way, I end up dying at a slow but sustained pace.

While the creatures were still small barges in an infinite ocean, they were almost gone. They were millions at first, then the strongest beasts ended up with the weakest, little by little, hunger led them to consume each other. But only a few of these could reproduce, which meant that the percentage of the population dropped every second, without turning back.

The last creature had given way, its six legs had already weakened enough to not support the weight of his body, collapsed on the barren floor, leaving the earth completely dead. Putting out the last flame of life that remained.

When this happened, the sphere that covered the planet vanished, the Creators' letter had finally gone out. Leaving the earth turned into a gigantic desert without life, as in the first place where it was contained.

Thus life was over, as every object has a useful life, this had happened with that hidden organization, they managed to keep humanity alive, but superior forces managed to overcome them.

A huge cloud of dust grew bigger and bigger, blowing the skeletal remains of the creatures produced by an involution.

Huge blue flames touched the earth, dropping gigantic metal limbs into the shattered floor, cracking the surface they were settling on. The metal beast had finally returned from where it left thousands of years ago. A gate opened.

Intelligent beings stepped on their old domains.

Observing the arid landscape from its complicated suits, noticing how the restart was finished. They had waited millions of years, traveled hundreds of thousands of light years to witness that moment.

Life on the planet was just an experiment, which had now been stored in millennial records the characteristics of that world, enclosing it in an imposing invisible field, classifying it as one more in thousands.

These beings experimented with planets, guarding them, enclosing them and then classifying them as codes in an unknown language. A process perhaps indirectly similar to what those people did in that terrestrial past. The difference was that the Creators investigated life and then destroyed it, as a simple protocol.

The Creators had generated life, so also humanity with its intelligence.

They continued in their search for some civilization capable of equaling them, for this reason, they had sent their invitation for humans to demonstrate how capable they could be.

Humans had shown for centuries, thanks to a group of people who later became an organization of global proportions…

But it was not enough, so the investigation continued its destructive course…

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