The Last Night Before the Beginning
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A sour night is the beginning of our tragedy, it shatters the peace of her existence like glass cracking under the weight of her actions. The cracks spread as Sechud tries to regain her sanity; bad omen in sight, she destroys the pieces, forgets about them and the scene ends.

The dark room is filled with lifeless lights, the peace and simplicity is almost perfect, but nevertheless an external force contaminated such a beautiful blank canvas. The painter let a drop of black ink fall, and at the same time noticed the beauty of the chaos and decided to continue with the work; brushstroke after brushstroke, touch after touch and thought after thought.

"I pour a dark drop, to trace beauty hidden in chaos; Observe, mortal existence! My gift to a raw lifeless world."

Could it be that this was actually worth it? Never did she think that this would be the beginning of yet another endless suffering; she cried out to eternity looking for a reason to enjoy her lonely stay.

"Because I want to see dreams of peace and happiness, to show the joy of my existence, hence I will throw myself into the abyss. May every part of my essence be necessary in this act and thus complete an apotheosic motion. 'Life' is what I have, and that same life will be what I shall give for a new beginning. This is my last brushstroke."

Falling into the center of the universe, catalyzing a sublime and beautiful, delicate and complex, in vain and tragic process. Life was formed in the virgin worlds, yet within them was still the selfish desire coming from the creator and therefore, from the very beginning, her work was doomed. The first ones to rise were so greedy, they had no solidarity among themselves. In their eyes there was only envy and they decided that everything belonged to them.

They lived on an almost perfect planet, they inhabited a red and almost eternal star. They developed their ideals and beliefs over time, they stripped the weakest of their right to live. They progressed far enough to be able to touch the dark sky, to venture into the depths of a virgin universe. Yet with the advancement of knowledge their, hatred for each other grew; the ideas that once helped them on their way to the top were turning against them.

"Death is the price we pay for the future, only we will be worthy to reign on the horizon. Even if that means fighting with our brothers of blood, breaking all our promises and forgetting our tragedies."

Words spoken by one of the greatest leaders of that species, known as the Vidnepas. In those times he was known only as Nihal. The majority supported him in his warlike and pretentious speech; the few against decided to look for a way to stop his advance, no matter the price of victory.

And so the first crusade began, they broke the Mother's soul, forged it to their convenience and used it to bend to a supposed, but non-existent evil. While the strong fought and killed each other, the weakest found a way to bring the culprit back. Although they were weaker, they were not innocent, they were not worthy, they showed hatred and ingratitude to others; they hid their plans for rebirth and isolated themselves from the cosmos.

Beings born in a failed portion of the universe, lacking some warmth capable of enlightening their souls. They should not even have made an appearance according to the Creator's plans, but they knew best of all about their history. They looked with hatred at the war of the Vidnepas and, in an act of desperation, decided that there was only one way to resolve the situation.

They were able to forge a single key, stabbed the lifeless body and achieved their goal. The act done, they recited their prayers:

"Mother of ours, we are sorry to have to call you and involve you in such banal matters for you. Life perishes and the brightness of existence is tainted with death and war; end the pain and save what little is left, please," the beings said to Sechud.

"Could my existence seriously think that your false words would fool me? Your desires are no different from those of the enemy," Sechud replied as she finished getting back on her feet.

They thought that the key would allow them to control her, they ignored her capabilities and underestimated her power. Thus, they were the first to fall at the beginning of the end. Not only that, she was empty, she was not the same as before, most of her being had been taken away from her.

"I have stood in this wasteland to observe and feel the state of my precious creation… the fields are completely empty in all my worlds… their skies are completely overshadowed…"

"Where are all my stars that were meant to serve as beacons to stop any threats in this universe? Why are my worlds full of wonders destroyed and forgotten? Now there is only rubble left behind. Now I see only death hovering all over my canvas."

Sechud traveled to one of the many worlds designed by her; one full of beings capable of creating excellent musical pieces without the need of instruments. They were quadrupeds, hairy and possessed 4 horns with which they were able to make an infinity of different sounds.

Her presence loomed over the horizon, seeing all ecosystems replaced by a desert of red sand.

"I see that there isn't any kind of complex structure, but that's okay, that was not their purpose. But…"

As she wondered what could have happened, one of these beings appeared. It could barely stand and walk towards Sechud. When it approached her, the being tried to produce a melody as a welcome, and for a moment the silence was broken by the mournful tune of the sick animal. Then it coughed several times and collapsed on the ground.

After several minutes, she watched as the red sand covered the corpse, then Sechud decided to leave that world. And so, she traveled to several worlds only to find similar or even worse situations. Although she noticed something among so many dead worlds. She realized that there was a war spreading across a large part of her creation.

"The survivors are at war. At this rate, collapse is inevitable and their extinction is fast approaching. There is a rip in the canvas, cluttering and corrupting this universe even more."

Crushed and in pain, she fell to the ground. Her body emanated a dark aura. She would not just watch and see everything she had built fall apart, but she no longer possessed the ability to change everything so easily. She brought almost the entire universe to their knees, her weeping extinguished countless stars and her scream silenced prayers for forgiveness. She still engaged in a crusade to end the suffering. She did her best, but at the end she failed and lost control of her aura.

Thus in her fall she left a deep wound in those who dared to harm her, those very ones who had tried to kill her. Though unable to finish such a task, they could only erase most of her name. The dark legacy remained dormant and stretched through time, waiting for the right moment to end it all. For this is a failed existence that does not deserve to be remembered.

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