The Lookout
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Her lifeless body floated a trillion days from home, years after whoever knew her had trampled on the earth and not her insides. It was a decayed corpse, now made of coal, now ash, now rust, now steel, now…

She opened her eyes. They were a silver-moon color. They shone with the light of an old night. She did not know it. She floated in the inert void, suddenly aware of her place, of her being, of her greatness. Of her Being.

She turned her gaze to Sauel. She was lost in the vastness of the plains of blinding light. The thunderous noise of the solar wind filled her ears, but now she did not need to hear, nor see, nor feel, because she knew. What did she know? What did she understand? How could the poor aurochs shepherd's daughter describe what the Sun's sister knew, with the plasma of a million days in her veins and the boiling eternity of the stars in her heart?

A world separated her from the skin of her blood brother. Her feet the color of nothingness dangled from her body, and her body silhouetted against Sauel's face. She raised her arms and gazed at the cloak of incandescent fury that hung from her and arose at the contact of her skin with the breath of the Star God. She watched her very long hair spread, sparkle and flame like the wild tail of a comet. And then, following the colorful glow that demanded her attention, she looked at her chest and, upon seeing the beating of her heart, she found the words.

"I'm the lookout of the world."

She crossed her arms. Her mind uncomprehendingly guided the obedient body, which turned in on itself and faced the infinite void, towering with its black feet over the magnificent hell that was Sauel. She searched through the unfeeling telpó and found, with eyes larger than her body and older than any age of people, what she was looking for: Czonuodrev, the home of earth and water. Her place. Her beloved and her protégé. She felt in her celestial iridium heart the million-year-old burning love her brother felt for Czonuodrev and its tiny inhabitants.

Now it was her own love.

She was not afraid.

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