Laser-Projector Series LP-X
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Datasheet: Laser-Projector Series LP-X

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3D-view of an LP-X without attachements

Designation: LP-X

Category: Laser-projector

Ammunition: Nuclear battery RTG-43x65-2/11

Intended use: The laser-projector LP-X is intended to be used to melt or ignite objects by laser beam. The type LP-X is intended for modular use and does not contain an integrated trigger but is to be triggered by a remote trigger which has to be connected to the LP-X before deployment. The grip with the trigger as well as sights can be mounted on STANAG 4694 rails.

Description: The laser-projector LP-X is a compact laser weapon the size of a sub-machine gun. Attachments commercially available and available in Foundations stocks can be mounted on NATO-rails. The NATO-rail is compatible with attachments for picatinny-rails. For greatest compatibility the LP-X neither features a grip nor sights. The LP-X is triggered remotely. The wireless connection between LP-X and grip as well as other wireless attachments is established and encrypted in the armory. With an adapter the LP-X can be mounted as under-barrel-weapon on an assault rifle.

Safety instructions:

WARNING FOR LASER BEAM: The LP-X is a class 4 laser. Do not look directly into the beam! Do not point at people, animals, objects and anomalies that are not explicitly meant to be hit! Hit objects can heat up, ignite and possibly explode! Do not point on reflective surfaces!
WARNING FOR HOT SURFACE: The electrical contacts of the resonator can heat. Do not grab onto the battery compartment without letting the LP-X cool down!
RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES OR IONIZING RADIATION: The nuclear battery contains highly radioactive substances! Damaged RTGs are to be contained in a shielded transport box and are to be brought to the technical department!
HIGH VOLTAGE: The RTG is a battery! Do not short-circuit, do not touch the contacts! Hand RTGs with dirty contacts to the maintenance department, do not try to clean it yourself!
USE PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR: When an LP-X is deployed, all forces must be equipped with protective eyewear suitable for the selected laser beam. Forces are obliged to wear this protection at all times!


3D-section of an LP-X without attachements

The LP-X consists of a preset barrel, a body and the energy source.

Barrel: The barrel is fitted with the resonator and various lenses. The barrel is forming a unified whole that the user does not need to disassemble. The deliberate unauthorized disassembly of the barrel is penalized with disciplinary measures class B. Depending on the intended purpose various resonators featuring different wave-lengths and energy-output are available. The width and focal point of the beam can be adjusted with different lenses. There is no provision for adjustment in the field; the head of the operation must determine and set the parameters before deployment.

The barrel has cooling ribs to prevent it from warping. This cooling ribs must not be covered or cooled artificially, e.g. with a fan or water, so that barrel and body can exchange heat as indented, otherwise the weapon may warp heavily and may become imprecise and unusable for the rest of the assignment.

Body: The barrel is screwed in the body and is centered in the front by a cone. The battery compartment is in the back, in which the battery-compartment-cover with a spring pressing the battery on the contacts is screwed. The upper and lower side feature long, the sides in the front feature short mounting rails for attachments. Old models are featuring picatinny-rails (MIL-STD-1913), newer models are featuring NATO-rails (STANAG 4694). Attachments for Picatinny-rail are fully compatible with the NATO-rail though not vice versa. Bodies with Picatinny-rail are being phased out gradually.


Blueprint of an LP-X

Energy source: By default the LP-X is powered by the nuclear battery RTG-43x65-2/1. It is possible to use longer batteries with Ø43 mm and double-ring-poles with an extended battery-compartment-cover; though a quick change of the battery is not possible then. Instead of the battery the LP-X can be powered with a cable set and an adapter from a vehicle or tactical power armor, or with a battery backpack.
The RTG is still safe with damaged hull, and is protected against cracks and holes. Anyway damaged RTGs must be withdrawn.

Attachments: Basically all attachments for NATO-rails as per STANAG 4694 (limited for older models) and Picatinny-rail (MIL-STD-1913) are compatible with the laser-projector LP-X.

The following attachments are recommended:

  • Wireless pistol grip with extendable shaft
  • Red dot sight
  • Front grip
  • Laser light module (the output of the LP-X can not be reduced to “just” project a point)

All components meant to be removed by the user can be removed either without tools or with an adjustable 2 mm face pin wrench. All components not to be removed by the user require a 1 mm face pin wrench. The deliberate unauthorized removal of these components is punishable by class B disciplinary measures.

No maintenance work is to be performed by the user besides cleaning. To clean the LP-X the user may disassemble the following components:

  • Body
  • Barrel (assembled)
  • Energy source
  • Battery-compartment-cover
  • Protective cover (in the barrel, in front of the protective glass)

CAUTION! The protective glass is not ultimately scratch-resistant! Dirt and sand can be rinsed with water, the assembled barrel is water-tight. Fine dirt can be wiped with a damp soft cloth.


The RTG can not be used as nuclear hand grenade! It does not explode, instead radioactive substances are left lying around and have to removed by the clean-up-commandos. Think of the environment and your colleagues, do not let your nuclear waste lay around in the field!

Whoever encourages new personnel to play fast and loose with an RTG, gets one pushed up their a██ from me personally! This is no joke, ask Corporal Sebastian Dreier from Site-DE7. — O4-4

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