The FR Ten Year Anniversary Contest

Drops of sweat are running down your forehead. The sun has hardly risen, yet you can already feel its warmth. You know what day it is. It has now been ten years since you began your journey. You do not stop to celebrate, however. You are reaching your destination.

495, 496, 497, …

You take another glance at the map you received from Murphy Law as a reward for helping him with his case, almost one year prior. You are going in the right direction. You continue counting kilometers.

498, 499, …

There it is.

The Penthécaton Valley, a marvelous land fraught with wonders yet to be explored, lies before your eyes. Buried deep under its surface is the legendary Al'mutajawil Mak-thabat, the object of your quest.

But down below, you notice a strange figure not dissimilar to a hooded priest. It is immobile and appears to be waiting for you. You cautiously climb down towards it. When you arrive within a few meters, it begins speaking in a raucous, almost guttural voice which seems to ring a bell.

You have walked a long way, traveler, to reach this place. You have proven yourself to be brave and confronted your fears, but it is now…

It raises its hands to its hood.

…time to check how well you know your lessons.

With horror, you stare as the hood falls, revealing Senghor's face, still disfigured from your last battle. He laughs demonically and begins chanting in a language you cannot comprehend. You feel the earth shaking beneath your feet and sense movement all around you.

On your left, you see glimmering eyes rushing out from the depths of a cave, belonging to a disparate swarm of savage, hybrid beasts, mischievous hobgoblins and other folkloric creatures, groaning as they approach. On your right is a tidal wave of anger, agony, sorrow and other emotions ready to take you by storm. Suddenly, a cloud of smoke and explosions appears, pierced by war machinery from every disaster of the 20th century, followed by a procession of five other entities while the sky itself appears to fill with various ambiances, successively pink and fluffy, then filthy and polluted, then simply abstract.

They're all here.

All the contests you had to face in the last decade and you thought you had defeated. They are all huddling and cuddling around Senghor, who is still chuckling and covered in lightning. They spiral, intertwine, blend, and eventually fuse… into a single colossal entity.



You are paralyzed from the scale of the obstacle you are facing. As you try to hold yourself together, you hear a cry behind you.

« Sécuriser, Contenir, Protéger ! »

(some fools in the back are yelling Confiner but pay them no attention)1

You turn around just in time to witness a swarm of other travelers rush down the hill, weapon in hand, screaming together in rage and frenzy as if they were one. You recognize the other members.
Because in ten years, you too managed to gather quite a crowd.
You wield your staff and join the assault, yelling like the others.
Together, you fight valiantly, but you become fiercer as you notice your allies around you. For you know that in the end, there is only one SCP-500-FR slot.

The Ten Year Contest is over, here are the winners!

1. The Major Key
CauchynambourCauchynambour & Al_W0onderAl_W0onder

2. Cishumanism and The King is Dead, Long live the King! (tied)
Felter FinalisFelter Finalis | HerollesHerolles & MaeltudalMaeltudal

3. The Geppetto and An Imperfect Allegory (tied)
Seed HoltSeed Holt | DrJohannesDrJohannes

4. The Lamppost Song and The SCP Religion (tied)
CretinusVoxCretinusVox | ReyasReyas

Happy anniversary to all, authors as well as readers!

Sweat, from the battle this time, finishes pouring from your entire body. Here in the Penthécaton Valley, you are victorious, this land has been conquered and your people may soon settle it. You perhaps did not reach the Holy Grail, the 500-FR slot, but no matter.

This victory was not the work of a single person, but of a group, a community. Which, for ten years, day after day, week after week, month after month, have written, read, translated, created, critiqued, shared, drawn, coded, innovated, to support and grow this intriguing yet beautiful culture where there used to be nothing more than a desert.

And a collective victory deserves a collective reward.

The other members ceremoniously take a step back. Now that the monster of past contests summoned by Senghor has collapsed, you finally see it. The entrance of Al'mutajawil Mak-thabat, a building older than time itself whose stone guardians gaze upon you in their eternal silence, although you seem to perceive a form of implicit complicity. You push the door open… it's bigger on the inside.

Gigantic shelves stretch across the space, genuine living entities whose roots dig deep into the underworld while their canopies stretch above the clouds born from the internal architectural micro-climate. Infinite rows of books snake in every direction, covered in colorful scales and filled to the brim with mysterious works from many places. Hundreds of thousands of millions of books. Enough reading material for several lifetimes. Your companions gradually join you inside, in awe at this novel playground that is now theirs.

Al'mutajawil Mak-thabat is known to numerous worlds, in uncountable eras and under many monikers.

But most people know it under one name…

The Wanderers' Library.




In this contest, you will need to write an SCP article using four randomly-chosen constraints. These constraints regard:

  1. the mood this article will have to convey
  2. the aesthetic it will utilize
  3. the topic it must feature
  4. and miscellaneous elements (epoch, format, crosslinks, object class…)

Each of these constraints must be present in your article. Of course, some of them might seem incompatible and you might not be able to give all four a central role in the article. It is your liberty to find the right balance and the proper way to introduce and respect them!

  • To participate, contact a staff member via Wikidot PM or Discord. They will proceed to randomly draw your constraints (one constraint per category). Then, inscribe your name in the last section of this page ("Contestants & entries").
  • If you don't like the constraints you rolled, you can ask for a re-roll of all four, or one of your choice. This re-roll is final.
  • Your entry must be an SCP article.
    • You are free to include as many supplement pages (interviews, exploration logs or incident reports) as you wish. However, only votes on the main page will count towards your ranking.
    • Don't forget to use the "c10fr2022" tag when you post your entry, and to edit the entry list below to add your own.
  • There are no defined criteria for respecting a constraint: it is the readers' task to judge whether an entry is correctly executed and cast their vote accordingly, and the authors' task to keep this in mind. In extreme cases, staff reserves the right to disqualify off-topic entries.
  • Collaborations are allowed.
  • Using existing drafts or or ideas posted to the forum is not allowed.
  • You can begin writing your entry at any point during the writing period. However, there will be no extensions and articles posted after the end of the posting period will not be eligible for the contest.


All dates are in Central European Time (UTC+1).

Writing period: 21 march - 21 april (1 month)

For inscriptions and constraint rolls, and for authors to write their respective entries. Inscriptions will be open the entire time for people wishing to hot-join.

Posting period: 21 april - 28 april (1 week)

Entries may be posted during this time. Inscriptions will still be open for people wishing to hot-join. Articles posted after april 28th at midnight will automatically be disqualified.

Voting period: 28 april - 12 may (2 weeks)

Time given to allow everyone to read the contest entries and vote according to their personal appreciation. Inscriptions will be closed and entries may no longer be posted during this time. On may 12th at midnight, votes will be counted and the winner will be announced.


First place

SCP-500-FR slot.

Second place

SCP-555-FR slot.

Third place

SCP-599-FR slot.

Fourth place

SCP-444-FR slot.

When posting their entry, each contestant is invited to leave a self-comment specifying three slots they would like for their entry besides the prize slots, by order of preference.2 The 501 to 510 slots are reserved for the contest, but you may specify any free slot in the 5XX-FR series. When the contest ends, every (non-prize) entry will be posted to the first specified slot, or the second if it is already taken by a higher-ranked entry, et cetera. Thus, the higher an entry is ranked, the more likely it is to be posted to its desired slots.

Unused reserved slots will be unlocked when the contest ends.


Translator Note: originally in alphabetical order.

  1. absolution
  2. bitterness
  3. apathy
  4. apprehension
  5. bravery
  6. anger
  7. compassion
  8. fear
  9. guilt
  10. damnation
  11. disappointment
  12. disgust
  13. despair
  14. lust
  15. doubt
  16. effrontery
  17. embarrassment
  18. excitement
  19. fatality
  20. fervor
  21. pride
  22. frustration
  23. grandness
  24. shame
  25. forbidden
  26. irritation
  27. jealousy
  28. joy
  29. grief
  30. dreary
  31. distrust
  32. melancholy
  33. disdain
  34. mystification
  35. novelty
  36. ostracism
  37. panic
  38. pity
  39. psychosis
  40. feud
  41. remorse
  42. resentment
  43. sexy
  44. loneliness
  45. filth
  46. relief
  47. tenderness
  48. tension
  49. triumph
  50. emptiness

Contestants & entries

When the contest is over, pages will be moved to the winning slots (for the four winners) or those desired by the authors.

Contestant: Felter FinalisFelter Finalis
Constraints: Sexy, Cyberpunk, UIU, Euclid class
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Cishumanism

Contestant: Shkeil AkShekShkeil AkShek
Constraints: Compassion, Corporate, IJAMEA, Antiquity
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Humanitarian Statuettes

Contestant: macro_au_micromacro_au_micro
Constraints: Shame, Hippie, Parawatch Wiki, Human error
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Dr Macro vs Dr Mackerel or the Great COVOID-19 Pandemic

Contestant: AgentSculderAgentSculder
Constraints: Bravery, Utopia, Alagadda, Middle ages
Entry: SCP-505-FR: Before Aleph

Contestant: Charles MagneCharles Magne
Constraints: Shame, Sterile, Three Portlands, Antiquity
Entry: SCP-500-FR: The Ouch Arrow

Contestant: DrJohannesDrJohannes
Constraints: Shame, Vulture Culture, Three Portlands, Safe class
Entry: SCP-503-FR: An Imperfect Allegory

Contestant: Henry Von KartoffenHenry Von Kartoffen
Constraints: Distrust, Afrofuturism, Manna Charitable Foundation, African folklore
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Lonngal

Contestant: Dr U N OwenDr U N Owen
Constraints: Relief, Atompunk, Anderson Robotics, Using another SCP-FR
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Éléonore

Contestant: CauchynambourCauchynambour, Al_W0onderAl_W0onder
Constraints: Novelty, Countryside, Rue Macabre, Threat level blue
Entry: SCP-500-FR: The Major Key

Contestant: Jaan KaskJaan Kask, OreobananeOreobanane
Constraints: Doubt, Polar, Singulière Académie Impériale, 20th century
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Eudyptes pengirae

Contestant: Dr BenjiDr Benji
Constraints: Loneliness, Post-apocalyptic, SAPPHIRE, Threat level yellow
Entry: SCP-500-FR: A well-carved path

Contestant: GabitoonGabitoon
Constraints: Fear, Fanfare, Wanderer's Library, 2022
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Won't You Dance Now

Contestant: Seed HoltSeed Holt
Constraints: Bitterness, Fantasy, GOC, 2018
Entry: SCP-500-FR: The Geppetto

Contestant: DrCendresDrCendres
Constraints: Feud, Fin de siècle/Decadent, Herman Fuller, Human Error
Entry: SCP-500-FR: A Sensual Female's troubles

Contestant: HerollesHerolles & MaeltudalMaeltudal
Constraints: Disdain, Spring, Hanged King, Slavic Folklore
Entry: SCP-500-FR: The King is dead, long live the King

Contestant: ReyasReyas
Constraints: Irritation, Cottagegore, Nemo and the Nautilus, Everyday item
Entry: SCP-555-FR: The SCP Religion

Contestant: Spe ArcaelSpe Arcael
Constraints: Emptiness - Spring - Fifthism - Technical Error
Entry: SCP-500-FR: The Sixth Church

Contestant: TimothomTimothom
Constraints: Filth - Sterile - ORIA - Threat level orange
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Embellishing my Mistakes

Contestant: RyctusRyctus
Constraints: Pity, Beauf/Vacation Dadcore, Site-Ghimel, Brèche de confinement
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Holidays in the Heat

Contestant: Leo_HeliantasLeo_Heliantas
Constraints: Despair, Marginal, Marshall, Carter & Dark, 2016
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Wooden Benches

Contestant: Henka_42Henka_42
Constraints: Effrontery, Mushroomcore, GRU Division "P", Neutralized class
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Crawdad Farming

Contestant: EmmarmeladeEmmarmelade
Constraints: Fatality, Masquerade, Herman Fuller, 2017
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Animal Child

Contestant: Andro AnutfryzAndro Anutfryz, Ilu-IceyIlu-Icey
Constraints: Anger, Masquerade, Herman Fuller, Slavic folklore
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Elevated Entertainment

Contestant: GoogooGoogoo
Constraints: Grandeur, Liminal spaces, Site-Ayin, Euclid Class
Entry: SCP-500-FR: You can go back there easily...

Contestant: AnoureAnoure
Constraints: Frustration, Academia, Fifthism, 2019
Entry: SCP-510-FR: 5 Stars

Contestant: AlwaidAlwaid
Constraints: Psychosis - Post-apocalyptic - MC&D - 2015
Entry: SCP-500-FR: Cobalt Blue

Contestant: CretinusVoxCretinusVox
Constraints: Fervor - Post-apocalyptic - MC&D - Euclid class
Entry: SCP-589-FR: The Lamppost Song

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