The Great Group of Interest Matching Test
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Your place as a Foundation employee is not permanently guaranteed: one day, you might have to join one of the numerous other organisations that thrive in the anomalous world. Choices abound: esoteric religious orders, retailers of anomalous artifacts, pseudo-scientific occultist leagues… then, how can you be certain to have chosen the right option? Rest assured: this questionnaire is here to help you.

This test consists of 32 questions and uses cutting-edge telepathic technology to determine with certainty which Group of Interest fits you best among a list of 83 groups from 11 branches of the SCP Foundation.1 Once you have been informed of your preferred GoI, you are encouraged to contribute to its documentation in order to expand the International database.

For each question, choose the answer that is closest to your personal point of view. Try to leave as few "Don't know's" as possible.

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