Love Shall Reignite.
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Gwen did not know what she was about to do. She didn't realise it. Not yet.

Gwen flicked on her lighter to light her cigarette. Smoke went through the filter, tarring up her lungs. Her body shivered as smoke came out of her mouth. She sucked in once again. The sun was setting between the trees, as smoke burnt to its filter. She pulled out her lighter again and-

Gwen spat out the cigarette and squished if off with her foot. Damned cigarettes. Did I smoke too much recently? In fact, she didn't have a single smoke after he died. Then, why does the lighter feel fo familiar? Because she had the lighter to see after his death. She didn't know what she was going to do and threw the lighter across the fence.

Gwen couldn't focus on her job. She couldn't even sleep. The next morning, Gwen ran to the bush across the fence and found the lighter: the cheap oil lighter. The sun was rising. Flames from the ignition charred a bug to death. What day is it? How much time passed?

Gwen became close to a researcher while she worked there. When Gwen asked her, she first hesitated, and told her today is the day. Gwen thanked her and soon moved away. However, she still didn't know what she was going to do. When she closed the mortuary door, people scattered away with mixed feelings as Gwen approached his body.

He was cold. The hole on his chest appeared dark. Her emotion drew her hand on the body. Is this fear? Fingers touched around the hole, feeling a chilly sensation. She exhaled, shaking. Is this guilt? She grabbed the now-dead oil lighter. Now, she knows what she is going to do.

Gwen ripped off the lighter and put her cheap oil lighter inside. Then veins wrapped around it. People tried to pull her away from the body, but she whispered her true feelings to him regardless. Love.

Then the lighter burst into flames. Flames so hot they melted metal, pooling up to seal the hole. The pale skin returned to vibrant pink, and his eyes opened. When he saw her again, he cried. Everyone else looked at them, as they forgot everything else. The lovers rushed outside. The sun just started descending.

Gun clicking and shouting hit their eardrums. They were at the bush where her lighter was. A figure with a snake tattoo on their forehead rose up from the bush. The trigger was pulled. However, now the man with the burning heart couldn't be killed so easily. A bullet hit his body. The tattooed figure snapped their fingers,

And they loved till their death.

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