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We are as vast as the sea, we are as small as droplets.


Root Directory

Establishment of Maxwellist Network in China.


Rapid generations iterating of software and hardware in global electronic networks, absorbing almost all the population in the world under the same Internet system. Activities of humanity such as politics, economics and culture would not hold without the Internet.

He stood there for a while, eventually there was only gratitude towards WANGod left in his mind.

Great job, Tang. The sales of Origin Bullets have skyrocketed, bringing us enormous income in just a few weeks.

Even then, after all the prevention measures towards Maxwellist members, the process to terminate threat entities did not go very smoothly.

Internet Threats

Some anomalous events and items online started to spread rapidly via the Internet, and upon investigation, many of them are more or less affiliated with Maxwellism.

Humanity will eventually realise collective consciousness, humanity will eventually become a deity.

"Yes. To Shanghai, leaving tonight."

I, Robot

Android technology are gradually getting more mature, and they have first came into prominence in military areas.

First Stop

The Foundation knows to their hearts that the world is going on an earth-shaking change, and they have prepared for the worst in embracing a whole new era and challenges.

Are we doing charity for this kind of trash?

I suggest we use a more radical containment strategy. But first, we need to buy time.

A Better You!

A breakthrough in medical technology, the usage of genetic engineering, bionic prosthesis and micro electronic implants have made humans faster, stronger, smarter.

Turing Test

AI entering the view of the public, assisting management of areas of human such as industrial manufacturing, logistics, transport, network security.

Deja Vu

Though controversial, the first commercialised human cloning project is published, these humanoids with significant genetic improvement and artificial personality shaping have started to occupy the labor market.

Crossing Paths

Maxwellism, they're back…more chaotic than before the cleansing, but even more deadly.

"I think I'm finally starting to understand a bit of a certain person's choices, just that we each have to face our own reality."

A small step for humanity

On space orbits, Mars and Moon, there have risen large colonial facilities, humanity has first lit the fire of civilisation in places other than their mother planet.


With the development of researches concerning the brain and areas of human-computer interactions, more and more neural connection technology previously deemed anomalous are explained, a total-immersion virtual reality is no longer exclusive to few people.

The modern Internet have become the "Currents Layer" after upgrading.


Through networks, we are connected to one another. But inside and outside the network, anomalies are still threatening the normality. Environmental pollution, wealth gap, conflict of interests, class rigidity, many problems are still waiting to be solved.

The future is still in our hands.

New Era

Related Forces

The Foundation

Since the establishment of the Foundation, it has been executing well its duty of "Secure, Contain, Protect".

Department of Network Security

Other than responding to online anomalies, as the database of the Foundation was completely digitised, protecting the safety and stability of confidential information is also the duty of the Department of Network Security.

To gain the initiative of this smokeless war, the Foundation have been actively developing cutting edge technology related to the web, and both protecting and surveilling both reality and virtuality. There are even rumours that the Foundation had its own AI and biodroids.

Global Occult Coalition

The Global Occult Coalition is formed by 108 member organisations, and have operated steadily under the support of the United Nations, with the five missions as its leading policy. Its behavior is more aggressive and dogmatic.

Servants of the Silicon Nornir

One of the most important member organisations of GOC. Said organisation has led some super-science infotechnologic experiment projects, making the Coalition more comfortable in responding to related threats, and keeping it ahead in related academic fields.

Church of Maxwellism

As a branch of the Church of the Broken God, the Maxwellists believe that their god WAN is broken and separated as data.

Maxwellist Network / Data Layer

Members of the Church of Maxwellism and civillians form the main user group of the Maxwellist Network. Civilian users usually seek for entertainment and amusement experiences for their senses instead of persuing jobs. Other than this, artifical intellegences and anomalous program entities may also disguise as humans and connect to the network.

Writing Guide

“linkAge” is an open collaborative writing project, aiming to depict a Foundationverse under a cyber punk background.

Alright, this is the entire guide. Now close this hub and go fiddle with your sandbox.

If you are still unsure, you are recommended to first read the "Timeline", as the articles listed on it are the most iconic part that are closest to the style of our canon. As more works are published, the list may change. However, the "Timeline" is only a kind of hint in hope of giving you ideas, instead of a requirement.

As you can see, we welcome all kinds of articles. SCP documents, tales, GoI formats, and even artworks.

Another thing, though Church of Maxwellism is an important section of this canon, mentioning it isn't a must. You can also depict stories of the Foundation facing a hacking attempt, or biodroid MTF, etc.

After you have published your work, don't forget to tag it with the canon tag "linkage", this way your work would be automatically updated in the "Articles List" of this page.

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These terms are coined by EN:


  • A space where boundless virtual reality environments and objects can be created. Often the resolution and physics advances beyond realistic/high-definition and into hyper-real, making it difficult to differentiate.


  • Implant in a narrow sense refers to the neural enhancement equipments that members of Church of Maxwellism use to connect to the Maxwellist Network. With implants, the members can access the Network anytime anywhere or connect their consciousness to the virtual space.

<Maxwellist Network>

  • The hierarchical network where Church members congregate, live, work, and worship online. A complete simulation to all senses.

<Basic Layer, Aggregated Layer, Compilation Layer>

  • The tri-layer structure that constructed the Maxwellist Network of AIAD Canon.


  • A visual representation of how one is seen in the virtual world.


  • The variant of the fragmented deity worshiped by the Maxwellists.

These terms often appear in all kinds of Sci-Fi works:

<Artificial Intelligence, AI>

  • A branch of computer science, aiming to understand the essence of intelligence, and to create a kind of intelligent machine that can react in similar ways to human intelligence.


  • Robots manufactured aiming to resemble true humans.


  • Androids with integration of organic tissues, but still robots in essence.


  • The product of transplanting mechanical or electrical equipments onto human body, so as to make up for the shortcomings of human biological functions. Any cyborgs must come from human.


  • Humans bred via cloning technology.


  • A branch of science that conducts research on how humans, animals and machines control and communicate with each other. The basis of control is information, focusing on how anything (electrical, mechanical or biological) processes information, reacts to information, and changes or adapts so as to better complete the former missions.

These terms are exclusive to this canon:

<Data Layer>

  • The Chinese Maxwellist network.

<Currents Layer>

  • Modern Internet after upgrading.

<Type Indigo>

  • GOC's type-naming of cyborgs. Informally called "Type Serenity" among front line personnel before codeword standardisation.
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