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File Overview: There exist places that require close observation due to having anomalous effects or an extradimensional location. The Foundation classifies these as Locations of Interest (LoI) and devotes substantial resources to monitoring them. Many of these places have their own inhabitants, communities, and governments which the Foundation must take great care when coming in contact with. Personnel are to take appropriate actions in accordance with the following LoI files.




Overview: Koigarezaki is an extradimensional location that is accessible from a portal within Shizuoka prefecture, Japan and its community. Koigarezaki is made up of an unending ocean with the only landmasses being a group of islands called Koigarekai. Koigarezaki perpetually undergoes a day/night cycle similar to polar night, only experiencing twilight and night with no daylight.

Koigarezaki as a haven for those in anomalous communities to retire from their Group of Interest, do business for themselves, or simply escape. Many Persons of Interest classified by the Foundation live there, and it has been found that those who have gained experience in anomalous communities tend to establish new GoIs. Koigarezaki contains a number of Persons and Groups of Interest, which has led the Foundation to classify it as LoI-0850 and research the state of affairs within.

Normalcy preservation agencies, including the Foundation, have, so far, failed in infiltrating Koigarezaki, making it difficult to get precise information about it. However, the Special Affairs Division (SAD) of the Public Security Bureau of Metropolitan Police Department has obtained uniquely important information about Koigarezaki and offered some of their documents recording the aforementioned information to the Foundation. Please see the relevant documentation for more information.

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The Republic of Shigastan


Overview: The Republic of Shigastan is an anomalous area located around the eastern Caspian in west central Asia, along with being a community which is centered upon Shiga, the Turkic people in the area. The area where Shigastan appears to be located contains multiple overlapping alternate universes within a range of about 736,000km2, some of which are in conflict with each other. However, they have successfully made a kind of multi-alternate universes port through awareness of and communication with each other.

The alternative universes overlapping the area can be broadly divided into three different Shigastans: Shigastan, a non-anomalous republic state that is known of by the general public; Shigastan with a long and ancient history of developing para-alchemy and which is only known about by the anomalous community; and Shigastan which "came not to exist" by unknown means. These are called "Morning", "Midday", and "Night" respectively.

Records regarding Shigastan tend to have very inconsistent claims as to whether it exists or not, most likely as a result of its anomalous nature. There are several hypotheses about the origin of this phenomenon, including restructuring events and concept altering, although nothing that can be considered conclusive. However, the Foundation continues to exercise maximum caution in regards to Shigastan in order to prevent the leakage of anomalous materials and paratechnology and suppress unpredictable physical spatio-temporal threats that may arise as a result of Shigastan's existence.

The Foundation has additionally encountered a number of references to Shigastan while tracking the activity of GoI-3693 ("Saiga Factions"). Because of the factions' high interest in past-bending phenomena and travel among alternate universes, it is theorized that GoI-3693 may be utilizing and/or perpetuating the anomalous nature of the area, along with being responsible for the origins of Shigastan's anomalous nature. Further research into these possible connections is ongoing.

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The Republic of Samiomalie


Overview: The Republic of Samiomalie ("the ocean of sharks" in the Samoan language) was formerly a state that was located at the bottom of the sea around the Samoa islands which the Foundation became aware of in 19██. "Samiomaliean", the state's main inhabitants, are intelligent humanoid beings which possess physical features resembling Carcharodon carcharias, commonly known as great white sharks. The species was only found in Samiomalie, which itself was located far away from human influence, leaving its existence almost entirely unknown.

In 20██, Samiomalie was destroyed when nearly all of its people were killed by an assault from an organization calling itself the South Pacific Ocean Branch of the GoI "Shark Punching Center". The Foundation found only one surviving Samiomaliean who remains under the Foundation's care now. Information has been discovered suggesting the existence of undiscovered Samiomalieans; tracking surveys investigating this possibility are currently ongoing.

The Foundation Dimension Department has discovered the existence of parallel dimensional isotopes of Samiomalie, confirming that Samiomalieans from an alternate dimension travelled via SCP-1342-JP. As a result, the Foundation keeps an interest and takes caution with Samiomalie even after its destruction.

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Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary


Overview: The Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary is an anomalous area located in a different dimension that is accessible from the Kitakami Mountains on the outskirts of Tōno City and many other places in the Tōhoku region. It is inhabited by anomalous entities commonly referred to as "Yōkai", although there are also a small number of humans and people of mixed-blood. This dimension, known as "Samuto-gou", has been inhabited by a community of divine entities and their worshippers since ancient times.

The sanctuary's level of civilization is on par with a rural district during the beginning of the Syōwa period1, however immigrants from outside have brought modern technology into the sanctuary, leading to it being modernized in patches. Technology that relies on nature energy and anomalous resources is has spread, and within recent years electric power infrastructure using divinity is being prepared to meet sightseeing demands.

The land the sanctuary inhabits is surrounded by freshwater and contains many geographical points of interest. In its center stands Mt. Kakura which is widely believed to be sacred by its residents. The northern area, called "On-ga-dake", is very steep and is dangerous due to its high frequency of anomalous weather change. The eastern area houses Samuto which comprises the largest community within the sanctuary. Samuto can be roughly divided into two districts: the Kami-Samuto district which is busier and more urban; and the Shimo-Samuto district which is more idyllic and rural. The southwestern area connects with a metaphysical region called "Ihatov" which is unstable to the point where even local residents cannot forecast its phenomena.

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