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Mental Sector Record

March 2, 2018 at A small-to-medium scale reality-bending event occurred in a standard commercial office building in [REDACTED]. Due to the building's remoteness from the city, no civilians were aware of the anomaly. The Global Occult Coalition then dispatched an agent from Assessment Team 762 "Failed Teleportation" to the scene to investigate.

Parathreat Investigation

Special Commissioner: "Gotit" 78873514/762
Description: The object of investigation is a standard commercial office building located in the suburbs of Nanjing. The roadside notice board reads "commercial area, unrelated people avoid". There are a large number of items in the building that are not found in general commercial office buildings, such as: a large number of equipment with abnormal Hume index, unknown use, harmless items with anomalous properties, a Faraday cage, etc. There are also a large number of buildings behind the office building, the purpose of which is also unknown.
Super-Threat Signs:There is almost no one in the building—only one person, to be precise. The man was found in a room in a dormitory-like building at the back of the office building - with a name "Aaron Siegal" on the door, and I found it almost impossible to remember his appearance, conversation with him, or even in I forgot about this man before I wrote down this passage.
Suggestion Request/Response:Suggestion to send more personnel to take mnestics for follow-up investigation. This person is obviously antimemetic, and I think it is possible to bring him back if necessary, so that his anomalous properties can be further studied later.

Physics Department Records

Interview Record Log:

Date: 3/3/2018
Interviewer: "Gotit" 78873514/762
Interviewee: #43R5S441
Foreword:The following day, some members of Assessment Team 762 "Failed Teleportation", were equipped with TSW devices2, go to the abnormal building again, and ask the human individual to get more information.
Gotit enters the room where the parathreat appears, #43R5S44 is in this room. //
Gotit: Hi, uh, maybe first meeting.
#43R5S44: Hi, I, Aaron Siegal.
Gotit: Good, I see a lot of [pause] stuff in this room? You look like you've lived here for a while.
#43R5S44: Yes, as you can see, I've been here. //[Fiddle with the objects on the table]
These weird things are what you call abnormal-of course, it is also for me.
Gotit: Are you sure? From the information I have available, this is not the case.
#43R5S44: Only in some sense yes. I think I've come from another place to this place.
Gotit: I can't understand this. [circling around]What is this Faraday cage?
#43R5S44: That's why you forgot about me, it's amazing, isn't it? In fact, it is difficult to explain the principle in one word. Even if I tell you, you will forget it after you go out.
Gotit: We have recording equipment, the recording can't go wrong.
[? ? ? ]: [DATA CORRUPTED]
Gotit: What sound? !
#43R5S44: Forgot to introduce you, Frederick Williams, my friend - sorry, Fred, I forgot to say this.
A [DATA EXPUNGED] appeared from #43R5S44, then left by unknown means, staying in the room.
[? ? ? ]: [DATA CORRUPTED]
Gotit: This… is not offensive. We just want to get a sense of the situation.
#43R5S44: Fred, I think we can cooperate with the investigation.
Gotit: It seems complicated, I might be in trouble.

Subsequently #43R5S44 and [DATA EXPUNGED] were "homed" by the same attack team 234 and brought back to headquarters, designated LTE-0641-Ragweed. Follow-up investigations and research were carried out immediately. The attack group was then antimemetized, lost contact, and all members were deemed KIA.

threat entity data entry

Threat ID:
LTE- 0641-Ragweed "Companionship"

威胁 ID:
LTE-0641-Ragweed “coompanionship”

Authorized Response Level

0 (unknown threat)4 (Severe threat) N/A(Confirmed Destroyed, Documentation Archived)

LTE-0641-Ragweed consists of LTE-0641-Ragweed-1 and LTE-0641-Ragweed-2 (hereinafter referred to as -1 and -2).

-1 is a humanoid super-threat, calling himself "Aaron Siegel", and echoing the title "O5-5". It has certain antimemetic properties, including but not limited to:

  • The origin of -1 is unknown.

*-1's appearance is unknown, but it is not indescribable or invisible.

  • The documented correctness of -1 is unknown, but not undocumentable.

Notably, -1 causes objects touched by it to have similar antimemetic properties.

Regarding the origin of -1, the most accepted hypothesis is that -1 comes from an organization called "SCP Foundation" in the parallel universe, and serves as an "O5 council member" within the organization.

-2 is a [DATA EXPUNGED], existing internal with -1 in unknown ways. When -1 is in a closed space, -2 will be able to enter the closed space inside via [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the closed space is no longer closed, -2 will return to the inside of -1 by way of [DATA EXPUNGED].

-1 refers to -2 as "Frederick Williams", or possibly related to a fictional character named "Fred" who appears in the Wanderer's library books. The relationship between -1 and -2 is presumed to be friends.

History and Clearance:

LTE-0641-Ragweed was first discovered in a standard commercial office building, and the item was recovered during subsequent investigation. Both -1 and -2 claimed in interviews to be from an organization named "SCP Foundation", but there is no information about this in the alliance database.

Multiple audio recordings obtained from LTE-0641-Ragweed's containment chamber show that it is about to carry out "a huge project", and this "project" is heavily related to the "SCP Foundation", and the purpose of this action is unknown. But in a subsequent large-scale accident, LTE-0641-Ragweed revealed the purpose of this "project": to rebuild the "SCP Foundation" in this universe, of which LTE-0641-Ragweed is speculated to be the mastermind.

LTE-0641-Ragweed has been deemed a significant threat to the Alliance and its threat level has been raised. The next day, a reality bender appeared in LTE-0641-Ragweed's containment chamber through unknown means, and killed LTE-0641-Ragweed-1. At this point, LTE-0641-Ragweed is believed to be completely destroyed.

Previously, LTE-0641-Ragweed's anomalous properties resulted in archives with varying degrees of antimemetic properties and data corruption, so portions of the file were edited and unusable during research. After it was destroyed, some of the affected files returned to normal, but some files were still severely damaged.

Psychic Sector Logs

The following diary was recovered from the building where LTE-0641-Ragweed emerged, and is believed to be related to LTE-0641-Ragweed's previous experiences. (Part of the content has been selected)


Since we contained the first anomaly, our work has gradually been on the right track.

I'm also trying to accept that the convention exists, maybe it's not such a bad thing? Although we are bundled with abnormalities, we also grow stronger with the increase. By the way, the occurrence of abnormalities has not yet decreased.

I heard that the convention has some new things that we need to do, so let’s watch it when we negotiate tomorrow.

This time the convention first showed me some information, perhaps it was an anomaly discovered recently. The people on the side of the convention discovered these anomalies in other parallel universes, and some of them threatened multiple universes. This time, they want us to establish foundations in other universes as well.

It's not going to be easy, it might be thankless, or even wasted effort, but the convention says they have a way.

I noticed that Calvin is also here, but he seems to be signing something different from us, probably related.


Dear diary,

Please forgive me for not keeping a diary these days, the covenant cooperates with us and needs to complete some experiments, spend A lot of time.

Fred actually came to participate in the experiment. We were asked to do some strange things, and as a result, partial CK occurred, and the laboratory almost disappeared.

Convention says this is the way to go, and it is true. But I'm still a little worried, the style of the convention…it's hard to describe.


We tried again to enter that Opel Astra car , and then… Fred got inside me?

It's a miracle that I'm fine. There will be a side effect of [indistinct], this anomalous effect occurs frequently, [indistinct], it affects me too much.

It's pretty much ready now, [indistinct], everything is ready, the wind is the only thing left.

I met Calvin again, he is also preparing his own things, and it looks like he is going to go, but why doesn't he go with us? [indistinct], it always feels a bit flimsy.

cross finger…

Departure today.

The leading hypothesis at the moment for "Convention" is that it refers to the "Earth Benefit Convention". The connection between the Covenant in LTE-0641-Ragweed's parallel universe and the Earth Benefit Covenant in this universe is still under investigation.

Psychic Sector Log

The following video log was recovered from LTE-0641-Ragweed's containment cell.

Video Log:

Date: 12/3/2018

LTE-0641-Ragweed-1 pacing the room. //
-1: Now, there are indeed some problems. Our mission is still going on, but now we can't get away…
LTE-0641-Ragweed-2 moved out of the interior of -1 and appeared in the room.
-1: Yes, I understand. You are not ignorant of the importance of this matter.

-1: Maybe you're right, but we're stuck. This is like a big gamble, win or lose.
-1: This is also a method, but a bad idea.
-1: I think you still don't fully understand.
LTE-0641-Ragweed-1 stops pacing and leans against the wall of the room, thinking. silence. //
-1: This is due to our situation, we can only try to fight.
-1: Try it then.

Physics Department Records

Assessment/Assault Team Inspection Report (Situation Report)

Assessment/Assault Team Participated:
Assessment Team-984
Archive Operator:
“Keed” 2575801/984
Mission (Location/Target):
LTE-0641-Ragweed left the room he was in without permission, attacked the alliance database, A large amount of data has been tampered with. Meanwhile, [DATA EXPUNGED], most of the staff is lost. The team was ordered to regain control of LTE-0641-Ragweed, inspect the scene, and restore the contents of the database.
Enemy Contact Report/Enemy Description:
When we arrived at the accident site, we found that everything in the site seemed to be normal, but we soon discovered that something was wrong: the sign at the door was changed to "Site-17", and the sign inside the site was also changed to a sign that we had never seen before— — at least for us. Since LTE-0641-Ragweed was not found before, we checked the monitoring and the system name was changed to SCiPNET.
We found traces of LTE-0641-Ragweed in the surveillance video. We rushed to its location and found that most of the employees were there, and the rest on the chest were the badges we saw before. LTE-0641-Ragweed was there, [DATA EXPUNGED], we stepped forward, tried to suppress his actions with weapons, but, -2 [DATA EXPUNGED], stopped part of the action. In the end, we were lucky enough to control it successfully.
Mission successful.
Personnel Status:
4 Casualties (3 Minor / 1 Fatal)
LTE-0641-Ragweed is not a small threat, Threat Level Immediate adjustment is required, and its destruction should be on the agenda.

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Mental department records that

on May 4, 2018, an unknown green type appeared in the room where LTE-0641-Ragweed was located, and it destroyed LTE-0641-Ragweed, and then the green type disappeared.


<05:07:53> The green type appeared in the room where LTE-0641-Ragweed was located, and -1 expressed surprise at its appearance.
<05:08:11>-1 attempts to communicate with it.
-1: Calvin, what are you?
[? ? ? ]: You know, I'm going to work for the treaty - I signed a treaty with them too.
<05:08:35> The green type raises its gun at -1, and -1 tries to evade in the room. -2 In the room that appears as [DATA EXPUNGED].
[? ? ? ]: This has to be done, otherwise I, or you, will end up like him.
<05:09:02> The green type shoots at -1, -1 is shot, and subsequently loses vital signs.
<05:09:32> The green type begins talking to -2.
[? ? ? ]: I will take over as No. 1 when I go back, and you need to go back too.
<05:10:21>[DATA EXPUNGED]

The following note was found in the room LTE-0641-Ragweed was in.

There will always be a price for breaking the contract Tasks cannot fail.

I'm not usurping, this is what I deserve.


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