Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

LTE-1969-Blaecca-Ford-Osmanthus-Spiral "Database Wormhole Array"

Authorized Response Level:

4 (Severe Threat) N/A (Confirmed Destroyed, Archived)


A composite of various anomalous data, which manifests in online virtual space as a structure in the shape of a hexagonal prism. Within virtual space, its interior contains 4096 regions capable of generating highly anomalous programmatic pathways. The entity is used for communication and movement throughout online virtual spaces by the paranormal religious sect known as the Church of Maxwellism.

It has been confirmed that the anomalous programmatic pathway generated by the entity is an artificial Class B "Information Highway" wormhole, i.e. an information channel wormhole produced by tearing open space; it is used by subjects to communicate between different intranets and virtual storage spaces. The entity's information transfer abilities are capable of establishing contact between two completely unconnected data storage spaces, allowing it to access physically isolated devices. In addition to its use in transferring persons and information, the entity has also been used to deploy tactical computer viruses and steal personal data.

When humans access the entity from the real world, provided that they have a suitable human-computer interface, they can use the entity's data transfer abilities in two different ways. One way is to transfer information between their brain and their avatar's account; the other is to digitalize their physical body, at which point they will completely enter the online virtual space and be able to completely transfer themselves from the entity to any physical location or remain in the server.

It has been confirmed that this was constructed by the Church of Maxwellism in collaboration with the paranormal organization known as the SCP Foundation. The motive for this is unknown.

History and Liquidation:

LTE-1969-Blaecca-Ford-Osmanthus-Spiral initially came to the Coalition's knowledge during an information exchange with the paranormal information organization "Maze", after which movement and information surveillance on members of the Church of Maxwellism confirmed the anomaly's existence. In addition, its location was identified as a Maxwellist base located in the paranormal city of Silicon Universe.

High Command contacted the nearby Oscar Luna Base, dispatching Assessment Team-791 "Ultramarine Orb Elixir" to Silicon Universe to perform preliminary investigation and monitoring on this threat. However, the Assessment Team was exposed on entering the base and suffered an attack. They retreated successfully; however, the possibility of covert destruction was shown to be impractical. When the Assessment Team reached a safehouse in Silicon Universe, they called for backup

The entity was successfully liquidated by Strike Team-2048 "Simple Sudoku" on 2015/04/23, 15:46 local time. Retrieval of relevant information began after its liquidation; the captured Church of Maxwellism members were sent to Oscar Luna Base for interrogation. Requests to the Foundation to provide information obtained by their personnel at the scene are currently being processed.


The following is the observation record provided by Maze, detailing their observation of LTE-1969-Blaecca-Ford-Osmanthus-Spiral. Following the obtainment of this document, the Coalition began investigation of the entity.

Complete Overview of Observed Targets

Basic Information

Codename: Maze-s73-993-Ob Observation Level Asling
Spacetime Marker: (L2) Luna, Silicon Universe, Internet, Data Layer Relevant Designations: (L0) Network Information Transfer Station
(L1) LTE-1969-Blaecca-Ford-Osmanthus-Spiral

Action Plan


(L0) Maintain observation of the object, examine corresponding technology, engage in information exchange with the Church of Maxwellism, use this device to carry out espionage.

Report List


(L0) Maze-s73-993-Ob is a Maxwellist-developed transfer device, composed of code and located in the virtual space of the Data Layer. This device can carry out transfer even when completely isolated from all other networks, and bypasses restrictions such as physical airgapping. This is due to the fact that the device operated by spatial tearing, creating a wormhole. Biological beings can also digitalize themselves using the device, and can then be sent to any physical location or server.

Relevant Groups:

(L2) Church of Maxwellism (Maze-3yy-141-Gr): Uses the device to transfer personnel and data, also sometimes for data theft. It is known that many computer virus attacks carried out by the Maxwellists were carried out with the aid of this device.

The existence of this object means all electronic databases are effectively exposed to this group. With the exception using anomalous computing technology or low-tier and outdated devices, there is no way to prevent access, even with airgapping or firewalls. Surveillance algorithms and attack programs are the only means of countering this device on standard computers.

(L1) SCP Foundation (Maze-005-0d7-Gr): Closely surveilling this device, possessing large quantities of relevant information. At the same time, this organization is, out of all normalcy preservation organizations, the one that has suffered the least attacks through the device. It is thought that there is a relationship at play.

Within the majority of documents mentioning this device, frequent mentions of the "Dreaming Crabapple" and the "North of the North Pole" countermeasures. The exact details of these measures are unknown.

(L2) Global Occult Coalition (Maze-052-77a-Gr): While the Coalition has not yet discovered the anomaly, it has been discovered that 63 large-scale data breaches at the Coalition since 2000 were carried out using this device. Previously, these data breaches were individually investigated as isolated incidents, but the focus has narrowed to the Church of Maxwellism. It is believed that this organization intends to either cooperate or attack it.

Following this, the Coalition reevaluated the data breaches mentioned in the document, eventually confirming its descriptions to be accurate. Through the information in the document and movements of members of the Church of Maxwellism, the Coalition successfully identified the physical location of the entity as a Maxwellist base on the eastern part of Silicon Universe.


AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:

Assessment Team 791

Filing Operative:

"Udonge" 58437033/791

Mission (Location/Objective):

The information indicated the existence of a computer threat entity located in the eastern part of Silicon Universe, which has previously been used to cause data breaches in the Coalition's databases. Our team approached the base where the entity was housed for preliminary investigation and possible operations, including capturing or liquidating the entity.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:

As we neared the location, we decided to leave the vehicle and go on foot. As we reached the building used as a base, we were attacked by the Maxwellists. At first, they came from the south, hitting most of our armor. We hid in a side street, but then a lot of electronically modified Type Indigo entities jumped from the roof and we engaged.

Those Type Indigos were powerful; at least they didn't attack our vehicle. We used EMP grenades and Origin Bullets to protect ourselves, until we successfully returned to the vehicle and escape. But somehow our weapons didn't cause any lasting harm to them. Thankfully, they didn't give chase.


Mission failed. We didn't even get to see the threat entity.

Personnel Condition:

4 personnel injured

Requesting the activation of a Strike Team; even so, I estimate that there is still a significant threat. Before we left, we noticed that not only had we encountered a group of Type Indigo entities, but there were more. Direct attack will most likely lead to a large number of GOC casualties. We may need to use more specialized methods.


After confirming Assessment Team 791's report and receiving imagery from lunar satellite VERITAS, High Command confirmed that the Church of Maxwellism had been using LTE-1969-Blaecca-Ford-Osmanthus-Spiral to dispatch weapons and Type Indigo entities, and used thaumaturgical means to control computers; it is thought this was meant to remove the channels of connection between the entity and the outside world, which in turn is thought to prepare for transmission. As such transfers can be carried out in an extremely short period of time, the strike teams stationed at Oscar Luna Base had no way to complete a raid on this region within the most stringent time limits.

After receiving approval, Strike Team-2048 "Simple Sudoku" was activated.

This strike team's supersapient AIs brought various portable paranormal electronic weapons, successfully reached the server in which the entity was located, and began engaging in counterhacking against the Maxwellist AIs. Once deployed, the strike team also managed to effectively overpower the present Type Indigo entities, gaining control of or paralyzing most of the computer processes. After the continued assault rendered the entity incapable of transferring data, AI workers began the liquidation process.

At the same time, Assessment Team-791 "Ultramarine Orb Elixir" was given new orders to militarily support Strike Team-2048, and once again mounted an assault on the threat entity's location, successfully clearing many members of the Church of Maxwellism that the AI workers were unable to effectively combat. The two teams mounted an attack on both the real and virtual fronts, ensuring the liquidation of the entity could succeed.

However, even if the Maxwellists were being fended off, the liquidation process was not so easy.

Foundation personnel arriving at the scene.

At 1417 hours, Foundation Mobile Task Force 庚午-16 "Corner Case", specializing in electronic and digital technology, arrived at the location without prior notice, and began to attack the GOC assessmente team. At the same time, Strike Team-2048 "Simple Sudoku" was attacked by various Foundation AICs. These AICs attempted not only to drive out the GOC AI workers, but establish information barriers to protect the threat entity, seemingly in order to establish containment or remove the object from the scene.

As the situation had significantly worsened, Oscar Luna Base dispatched further armed reinforcements, but also discovered that the Foundation's Lunar Area-CN-62 had also begun dispatching reinforcements, seemingly to prevent the GOC's operations. After attempts at initiating negotiations failed, GOC and Foundation forces began a small-scale confrontation on the Moon.

To confirm that the Threat Entity has been neutralized, AI worker "Willow" carried a Zhou-Koroman Data Overloader and charged into the isolation zone constructed by the Foundation AICs through a gap. After entering the entity's interior, "Willow" activated every Class B wormhole in the entity and set all of their destinations to its own interior. This action directly caused the information volume of the entire virtual space to rapidly increase. In spite of discouragement from its colleagues, "Willow" directly activated the data overloader, causing the location's information volume to reach the saturation level and begin collapsing within 3 ms.

Under standard conditions, an uncontrolled activation of the Zhou-Koroman Data Overloader will result in a large volume of information scattering into the surroundings. This incorrect method of usage led to these devices being considered a large-scale destructive weapon only to be used in emergencies; a single activation can cause the destruction of a virtual area equivalent to 1/4th of North America's internet connections. However, in this incident, due to "Willow"'s correct assessment, the saturated data was transferred through the wormholes and demanifested; the Foundation AICs' isolation zone also provided some protection. In the end, the threat entity was destroyed without damage to the surrounding data space.

AI worker "Willow" is confirmed lost.


AOD report from Aida Dorothy. Quartermaster - Sector 15

Quartermasters Division-AOD-1969
Item Designation Title Quantity
1 +1Gen-EMP High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade 14
Note: Used during Assessment Team-791's initial encounter with Type Indigo entities and in their subsequent second attack. Limited effect.
2 +1Gen-MSG Memetic Stun Grenade 9
Note: Significantly effective in paralyzing the Maxwellist forces in the initial stages of the operation; however, later lost effectiveness due to the enemy equipping infohazard-blocking devices.
3 +2Gen-FCSG Faraday Cage Shield Generator 4
Note: One generator completely destroyed; remaining three only required small-scale circuit repairs.
4 AltGen-OB 5.8mm Origin Bullet 431
Note: Primarily used by the assessment team in the later part of the assault. Results significant.
5 +2Gen-ACC Antimemetic Code Chains 24
Note: 6 lost due to attacks on AI workers; 4 unable to be removed from the source code of the Maxwellist defense AI.
6 AltGen-ATCP Anti-Thaumic Code Phalanx 17
Note: Effectively restricted the Maxwellist AI's thaumaturgical control and the thaumic devices used by the Type Indigo entities.
7 +2Gen-SRF Static Recursive Frame 5
Note: Out of the three Maxwellist AIs captured in the frame, one of them was put into a black box state due to some of its code being affected by the frame's functionality.
8 AltGen-ZKDO Zhou-Koroman Data Overloader 1
Note: Successfully used to liquidate the threat entity.


On 2015/05/09, the following communication between the Foundation and the Church of Maxwellism was obtained; the personnel involved have not been identified.

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: … They're really not happy.

[MAXWELLIST PERSONNEL]: [silence, 15 seconds] So you're sure the relations between us have to be broken?

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: I don't think it'll be that bad. But if the situation gets worse, then it might — but at that point, we won't notify you in advance about our operations.

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: Before this, I think we'll still be able to maintain good relations. This component's destruction has certainly hit us hard, but we still hope you can perform better research on relevant technologies — at the same time, we hope you can continue to stabilize the communities scattered across the internet. But we have no way to accept the risk of destroying the entire internet, regardless of whether it's direct or indirect.

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: If you promise to do this, we will gladly allow you to continue using those anomalies. They are unique, and I hope you protect them well, so something like this doesn't happen—



[MAXWELLIST PERSONNEL]: Is being on such a high fucking horse funny to you? You're the Foundation, is this even a surprise to you? Pushing all the blame on this incident to us, and then forcing us to concede even more?

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: Please mind your manners. I think our organization had done all we could at the time. You should remember that we and the GOC nearly had a huge conflict, and how would we bear the responsibility if that were to get out of hand? Or rather, how would your organization bear the cost?

[MAXWELLIST PERSONNEL]: Don't talk that way to us. Why do you bring up the stability and safety of the internet? Why are you scared of fighting the GOC? Don't act like we're idiots who don't know your ulterior motives! Your Chinese Branch is scared of our cooperation being discovered by the higherups of your Site! You're scared of being exposed!

[MAXWELLIST PERSONNEL]: And you still won't cut ties with us, because you don't want to lose the rights to control the internet! It's the same on both sides of the Veil! Yes, we know that in the grand scheme of the internet, we are just a path. But you are looking down on us far too much! We still have some critical anomalies I know you need! Whether or not I tell your higher-ups, whether or not I hand your organization these anomalies, that's all up to us. You hear me?

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: I see this conversation as just you airing your complaints. But this won't affect our official relations.

[MAXWELLIST PERSONNEL]: The fuck do you mean?

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: You must have heard of the "Dreaming Crabapple" project, yes?

[MAXWELLIST PERSONNEL]: I've heard the name, but I don't know nor care what it does.

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: In short, the result will be that every single anomaly you have has already been duplicated in our hands

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: Including this one that the GOC destroyed.


[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: I hope you understand. In future, don't make these inappropriate comments. It'll very likely make our precarious relations fall apart completely. And our relations now, I think, to me, are not as important as you think. Even if you are right, I have to say I'm sorry, but this can't possibly produce any real threat. After all, this matter is only known to you and me, so… Fuck!

[MAXWELLIST PERSONNEL]: You can't possibly…

[FOUNDATION PERSONNEL]: Hang up now! Someone's eavesdropping!

Following this, during diplomatic negotiations with the Foundation's Chinese branch, the Foundation denied involvement in this conversation, the Threat Entity's neutralization, or cooperation with the Church of Maxwellism. As the GOC is also involved in the Dreaming Crabapple project and has not discovered any product similar to this Threat Entity, it has been decided that further investigation into this project is to begin.

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