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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

LTE-2020-Goodrick "Saccharide Kaiju"

Authorized Response Level:

3 (Moderate Threat) N/A (Destruction Confirmed, Archived)


LTE-2020-Goodrick's emerging area.


An artificial organism presumably of the Moro1 subtype with gigafaunal characteristics, reaching a length of approximately 150 meters. LTE-2020-Goodrick has annelid features, forming a bilaterally symmetrical body consisting of several thousand metameres. The parathreat appears to have no sensory organs or limbs, moving by gliding, similar to similar non-anelid organisms.

The entity possesses multiple chemoreceptors on the surface of its body, especially concentrated in the anterior section, which would allow it to detect carbohydrate deposits of different types.2. Although the parathreat initially assimilated sucrose and glucose, over time it was able to modify its assimilative capacity to utilize non-edible compounds, such as cellulose, which allowed it to significantly increase its mass and size as well as regenerate sections of its body structure damaged during liquidation efforts.

The surface of the parathreat's body is covered with a viscous substance, composed mainly of water, monosaccharides, colloidal polysaccharides and organic acids. This substance facilitates the movement process and protects its body surface against penetration by objects, making it difficult to use conventional and incendiary ammunition. It should be noted that this fluid is corrosive and toxic, and can kill a subject in a few minutes if covered by it.

Although the parathreat has not shown signs of intelligence and its behavior has not been directly predatory towards humans, it has been estimated that it caused 134 victims, mainly people trapped in structures that it assimilated and that were in its path of movement.

Elan-Vital Energy levels (EVE) produced by LTE-2020-Goodrick remained constant from its primitive form, not increasing proportionally to its increase in size, which would confirm that it did not correspond to a living organism but to a constructed entity. The presence of runic signs on its source box seems to reinforce this hypothesis.

History and Liquidation:

The entity arrived in its primitive form in the city of Bonn on 10/26/2020, where it began to show anomalous properties, being considered a parathreat due to its significant increase in size on 10/29/2020, forcing the initial intervention of Bundeswehr troops3 and later PHYSICS Division teams.

Successful liquidation of LTE-2020 Goodrick was achieved during the early morning hours of November 01, 2020, through the combined use of conventional weaponry, paratechnology and thaumaturgy.


AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:: ST-1520 “Ixion”, ST-6936 “Perseus“ and ST-1535 “Nietzsche”.

Filing Operative: "Reed" 07328456/0749

Mission (Location/Objective): Neutralization of a giant thaumaturgical entity that emerged in Bonn, Germany

Encounter Report/Enemy Description: See detailed report below.

Results: See detailed report below.

Personnel Condition: 20 casualties (16 dead/4 wounded)

Conclusions/Recommendations: N/A

LTE-2020-Goodrick arrived along with 12 similar entities in a shipment of candy (giant sour gummy worms along with chewy candies) at a candy store in Bonn, Germany, on 10/26/2020. It was there that they began to exhibit anomalous properties, mainly mobility, an activity that prompted the intervention of Foundation operatives. Due to the small size of the entities (50 cm in length and about 1.3 kg in weight) and their non-hostile nature, the Coalition allowed the Foundation to carry out containment and concealment work, with its operatives being responsible for the containment of 12 instances.

During the following days there were reports of acts of vandalism in nearby stores and warehouses, causing the loss of about 2000 kg. of refined sugar among other food products, not being possible to arrest those responsible.

10/29/20: During the night of October 29th, the structure of the store where the anomalous entities had been initially found collapsed, emerging from the ruins a vermiform entity of about 10 meters long. After the evacuation of the population, explosive ammunition was used against it, causing the collapse of the nearby ground, thus concluding its liquidation.

10/31/20: Around 23:00 hrs. on October 31, the main grain silo of the city collapsed, emerging from the ruins a vermiform entity 60 meters long and weighing several tons. Due to the size of the parathreat, the country's military forces intervened. After 25 minutes of combat, given the ineffectiveness of the attacks and the multiple casualties caused, it was decided to withdraw the military forces present. Meanwhile, the entity continued to consume the contents of other silos and warehouses, increasing their size to about 75 meters.

11/01/20 - 00:25 hrs: Strike Team ST-1520 "Ixion" arrives in the area to engage the parathreat. Given the inability of conventional weaponry to cause significant damage to LTE-2020-Goodrick, it opts to use a MOAB class thermobaric bomb. The explosion succeeded in slowing down the speed and mobility of the parathreat, which is estimated to have caused significant damage, and additional thermobaric devices were approved for use to complete the liquidation. In response to the primary explosion, the entity begins to secrete large quantities of a viscous liquid that coats its body, rendering further explosions ineffective. The use of a thermonuclear device is evaluated to achieve the completion of the liquidation, a proposal that is discarded by a majority vote of the Security Council, given the large civilian population present and the moderate danger of the entity.

11/01/20 - 01:10 hrs: The parathreat leaves the urban area heading towards the periphery, an area where wheat and other cereal fields abound, possibly seeking to assimilate the plant matter present. The advance of the entity is followed by ST-1520 operatives, while further actions are evaluated.

11/01/20 - 01:25 hrs: The use of paratechnology in the liquidation of the entity is approved. Strike Team ST-6936 "Perseus" in collaboration with "Ixion" troops install a battery of Singular Gravitational Collapse Devices (SGCDs) in the vicinity of the parathreat. The SGCDs manage to remove several hundred kilogram sections of LTE-2020-Goodrick's body before being inactivated by the entity's acidic fluid. The entity manages to access and assimilate the wheat fields, regenerating the sections destroyed by the SGCDs and increasing their length to 100 meters.

11/01/20 - 02:05: The Thaumaturgic Strike Team ST-1535 "Nietzsche" arrives to the scene. They decide to use the ley lines present at the site to channel a thaumaturgical igneous flow, in a new attempt to liquidate the entity. Due to the size of the parathreat, the viscous liquid covering it and the low levels of EVE present, the effect is limited, causing a hostile response to the strike team.

11/01/20 - 02:15: The members of ST-1535 decide to use the large quantity of Curcubita maxima fruits present in a nearby orchard as thaumaturgic energy capturing nodes and catalysts, for the performance of a ritual to invoke an Ex Machina-child-buster entity in response to the parathreat.4 Ixion and Perseus use conventional weaponry as a distraction to protect the members of Nietzsche during the performance of the ritual.5


Location of the avataric corporealization ritual.

11/01/20 - 03:00: Emerges from the orchard floor a humanoid-looking thaumaturgical construct (henceforth called "manifestation") about 50 meters tall, consisting of multiple gourds homogenized with soil, rocks and plant matter. The manifestation lashes out at the paraentity, managing to inflict significant damage on it and provoking LTE-2020-Goodrick's response.

11/01/20 - 03:08: The parathreat manages to stand up and ram the manifestation, crushing it. Although the manifestation continues to struggle for a few minutes under the body of the parathreat, it ends up being assimilated by LTE-2020-Goodrick, which increases its length to 150 meters.

11/01/20 - 03:21: Reality gradient sensors detect a strong local disturbance, followed by the formation of a portal (UTE-2891-Spiral-Ex Machina-child) at about 300 meters height. From within it emerges what has been described as "an arm made of branches, with roots instead of fingers" that descends to the location of LTE-2020-Goodrick and traps it. In response, the parathreat violently twists, spurting large amounts of high-pressure acidic fluid (causing another 6 casualties among the operatives on the scene), and is dragged into the portal.

11/01/20 - 03:28: The entire body of the para-threat disappears inside UTE-2891-Spiral-Ex Machina-stem. What witnesses on the scene describe as "loud noises similar to those made by chewing" are heard moments before the portal closes.


Office of the Undersecretary General
Sender Division General S. MacArthur Recipient General R. Rommel
Subject LTE-2020-Goodrick liquidation and the emergence of a new parathreat
I am pleased to report that thanks to the efforts of our agents and the combined use of conventional technology, paratechnology and thaumaturgy it was possible to eliminate LTE-2020-Goodrick (the Saccharide Kaiju) in the early hours of November 1, 2020.

Although it was not possible to avoid the damage to the city of Bonn and the large number of victims, both civilians and members of our organization, it was possible to prevent the entity from continuing its advance and devastating the next city it reached.

While this incident had a very effective resolution, especially considering the dimensions and characteristics of the paraentity, we have even more questions than we could answer.

First of all, what and why this thing was created? While recognizing that it is a relatively simple exercise for a competent thaumaturge to animate inert matter and endow it with properties that resemble life, it is quite another thing to create a giant monster from a sweet (Yes, because that was the origin) Although most of the body was absorbed by the portal, the fragments we recovered in the vicinity of the SGCDs allowed us to do some chemical analysis and the results were overwhelmingly mundane: it contained gelatin, water, sucrose, food coloring… just as you would assume the ingredients of a common sweet. So what made it so resistant, why was the liquid it secreted so corrosive and toxic, and why did it begin to assimilate substances and grow out of control?.

We asked the Foundation to hand over the other specimens initially recovered and although they did not accept, they have given us access to samples, photographs and reports (they have been cooperative due to their failure in primary containment) and we should also mention that, at this time, the other entities were neutralized; they stopped showing anomalous properties during the dawn of November 1.6

The liquidation of the Saccharide Kaiju leads us to another question and it is the one that causes me the greatest concern. What or as a consequence of what was created that portal from which an entity capable of annihilating the Kaiju emerged? I have consulted with various thaumaturges and the conclusion is always the same: The greatest thing it was possible to create or invoke through the ritual performed by the members of Nietzsche, even in a place with such high levels of thaumatic energy as that orchard, was something like what emerged among the pumpkins.

I take responsibility for the actions of Nietzsche members and am willing to accept whatever disciplinary measures are deemed appropriate, but that does not resolve the question; What came up that night?
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